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Three chances

For Doctor Donald Mallard it had been a long week. He was very happy to be sitting relaxed in a chair by the fireplace as he read his book. He soon found his eyelids dropping and he did nothing to stop them.

A couple of hours later he was woken by his phone ringing. "Hello" he answered then was told that he had to pick a certain person up from a bar like he had done five times already this month "I'll be there as soon as I can" he said before hanging up the phone.

He closed the book on his lap then reached for his cup of tea and found it to be cold. He grumbled before standing up and turning off the fire. He then looked at the grandfather clock in the corner of his lounge and was surprised at the late hour.

He soon put his hat and coat on and got into his morgan and drove to the bar.

As he walked into the bar he saw that there weren't many people there, he then recognised a certain silver haired man sitting on a stool at the bar with a glass of bourbon.

"Hey are you Doctor Mallard?" the bartender asked as he cleaned a glass.

"Yes" Ducky said with a nod

The bartender then turned to a dish and took out a pair of keys before chucking them at the old ME. "I took his keys so he wouldn't be tempted to drive himself home, His car can stay overnight and you or he can get it tomorrow"

"Thanks you" Ducky said before turning to walk over to his friend but something the bartender said stopped him.

"When I asked who he wanted to pick him up he said Jenny first, I tried the number he gave me but it didn't work, just thought you should know" he said with a friendly smile.

"She's dead" Ducky muttered and the bartender looked at him in shock "She died a month ago today, this is the sixth bar I've been called too to pick him up this month" Ducky explained and the bartender nodded before Ducky went over to Gibbs.

Gibbs raised the glass of bourbon to his mouth but his friend's voice stopped him "haven't you had enough" Ducky said more as a statement than a question.

"Nope" Gibbs slurred before drinking what was left in the glass.

"How long have you been here?" Ducky asked wondering if his friend had come straight from work.

"I don't know" Gibbs mumbled.

"Come on Jethro I'm taking you home" The older man said resting a hand on his back.

"So you and the bartender tell me" Gibbs said getting up shaking a little as he stood on his legs.

Ducky helped him stay right as he lead a drunken Gibbs to his car.

"You can get your car tomorrow when you have sobered up" Ducky explained as he lead Gibbs in the opposite direction of Gibbs's car.

"I am sober" Gibbs said slurring a little bit as Ducky helped him into the passenger seat of his car.

"No, my dear boy you are not" Ducky said doing up Gibbs's seat belt. Ducky then quickly got into the other side of car before Gibbs had a chance to get out a run for it like he had done the first time the day after Jenny's funeral and his team being split up.

The ride home was filled with silence. Half an hour later they arrived at Gibbs's house.

Gibbs leaned on Ducky as he walked into the house and for once Ducky was happy that Gibbs had left his front door open so they didn't have to worry about keys.

Ducky then sat Gibbs down on the old hardly ever used sofa in Gibbs's lounge.

As Gibbs sat with his heads in his hands Ducky began to make coffee hoping it would at least make him not have as much of a headache in the morning.

"Jethro ,why do you keep drinking yourself silly like this?" Ducky asked walking into the lounge with a mug of coffee and out on the coffee table in front of Gibbs.

"It helps me forget" Gibbs grumbled closing his eyes.

"It may help you forget she is dead Jethro but it won't bring dear Jennifer back" Ducky said very sternly.

Gibbs didn't say anything in return how could he Ducky was 100 present right drinking wasn't going to bring her back and it wasn't helping him to forgetter her; the more bourbon he drunk the more memories of drinking bourbon with her came to mind.

"I must leave or I will not be there when mother wakes up, drink some coffee and try and get rest Jethro" Ducky said putting on his hat and coat before leaving Gibbs alone.

Gibbs looked at the mug of coffee in front of him but didn't want to drink it. He went upstairs and changed into some old clothes before going down to his basement in search for more of his beloved alcohol.

He moved around the dust old basement and just found many empty bottles of bourbon. Gibbs grumbled before looking for his sander.

When he found it he something that had been sitting under it caught his eye. He picked it up and wiped off the saw dust to reveal an old worn picture of him and Jenny in Paris.

He traced her smiling face with his finger before setting it back down where he had found it hoping that he would find it again another time and it would bring a smile to his face as it had done now.

"Nice picture" a familiar voice said from the stairs of his basement.

Gibbs turned and looked in shock "Your supposed to be dead"


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