Prologue: One Wish

By: Starlight Rose

Disclaimer: CCS is all Clamp's. Just using their characters.

A.N. I felt like polishing up a few of my old stories. This being one of them since this in truth was my first fanfic. I'll likely be doing similar to Heart's Treasures to smooth out a few details here and there. If you've read it already don't bother re-reading, I likely won't change THAT much.

A somber young man of around eighteen stood in an austere room containing only a long table with five hooded figures seated behind it. He awaited the judgment of the group of hooded figures before him wearily. His head was downcast, causing his brown locks to brush against his intense amber eyes. His face was badly in need of a shave as brown hair formed a rough beard along his jaw. His clothes were tattered with several rips and tears cutting their way across the coarse green cloth. Traces of dried blood stained the fabric in more than one place, but the most noticeable patch of blood was a still fresh stain on the sleeve. The boy clutched the stain tightly, willing the pain of the wound under the sleeve out of his mind, concentrating solely on the group before him. He bit his lip with impatience, straining hard not to utter a sound and disrupt the figures.

Oblivious to the boy, the group of five hooded figures conversed amongst themselves. Before them sat a green stone glowing with some mysterious inner light. Touching the stone lightly the figure at the center of the group closed her eyes and concentrated. Feeling the authenticity of the magic the stone before her was emitting she smiled and passed the stone to the robed figure to the right of her. The figure received the stone and nodded, feeling the magical energy within the stone and passed the stone on to the person next to him. The stone was passed around till all the figures had examined it. Slowly the central figure rose out of her seat and addressed the boy, "Li Xiao Lang, you have completed your training and succeeded in the tasks and tests set before you, thus earning the right to ascend to your rightful place as the leader of the Li Clan. Do you accept the position and responsibility that is your right by birth and by skill?"

"I accept the position and responsibility granted to me by the Council of Elders." Xiao Lang answered firmly raising his head to look directly at the figure.

"Come forward then to receive the symbol of your rank and the object of your quest." The figure commanded removing a silver pendant from around her neck with one hand and picking up the green stone with the other. Xiao Lang obeyed and walked to stand before her solemnly. Placing the pendant around the boy's neck the figure declared in a strong voice as the other figures joined her, "We the Council of Elders declare that you, Li Xiao Lang, have earned the undisputed right to ascend to your position as the leader of the Li Clan. Let this pendant, worn by the great Clow Reed himself, be the symbol of your power and let this stone, the object of your quest, be a symbol of your efforts. In all matters regarding the clan you now hold supreme power. As the new leader of the Li Clan you are granted one wish from the Council of Elders before taking up your position. What is it that you wish for?"

Finally the moment that he had worked so hard and long for had arrived. Xiao Lang could now ask of the council the one thing that he had wanted for eight years. In a strong clear voice he answered, "I wish to return to Japan."

Startled gasps came from a few of the robed figures. The central figure silenced them with a wave of her hand before addressing the boy again but this time in an amused tone, "Why do you wish to return to Japan? There are many things that await you as the head of the Li Clan. Do you not think it is inappropriate to ask for a vacation so soon?"

"I have some unfinished business in Japan."

"Is that your only wish?"

"Yes." Xiao Lang replied firmly. He had wanted this for so long. He was not going to back down now that he had finally reached his goal. For the past eight years he had been training for this purpose alone. He trained hard and did whatever was asked of him not for the power that Clan Lead brought him, but rather so he was no longer tied down by the duties that came with his position as heir. He had only wished to return to Japan and take care of his unfinished business, but he could not do it until he had finished his training and successfully completed the tasks set before him. In the months he toiled searching for the object of his quest he never despaired because had to reach his goal.

"Very well then. You have one year to complete your task. Use that year wisely my dear grandson." The figure sighed before exiting the room.