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Sam's breathing hitched as Blaine's lips brushed against his. He knew Blaine had a crush on him, had known it for ages. What he wasn't so sure about were his own feelings.

He'd been so sure he was straight - he'd never paid any attention to other boys, not specific boys, not in that way. He'd only ever noticed girls.

But there had always been something about guys in general that he'd been drawn to, so much so that he'd considered the possibility that he might be bisexual. He'd never fallen for another boy, though, or even found one specific boy attractive, and so recently he'd begun to think that that was unlikely. He was Sam, Sam-I-Am, and he just. Liked. Girls.

Blaine threw a spanner in the works, though, without even realising it. He was undeniably attractive; beautiful, even, with olive-toned skin, golden-hazel eyes and dark curls that contrasted so well with Sam's light brown hair, blue eyes and rosy complexion. He was small and Sam was tall, but they fit together like matching puzzle pieces.

That caused problems, though. It wasn't that Sam was afraid of what people would say, not really: he was happy the way he was and he wasn't going to let other people's opinions change him. And he'd like to see them try and beat him up. No, what scared him was how Blaine made him feel. It was all so new and strange, it was hard to define.

He'd had crushes on girls before, of course he had, but this was nothing like that. It was so much more real, but he couldn't put a name to it. The tightening in his chest, the fluttering in his stomach, the way he always sought Blaine out, wanting to be near him all the was different, unexpected; he didn't know what it meant (but he thought he was beginning to understand).

In his confusion, he'd turned to Blaine: even though he was the cause of Sam's uncertainty, he was still his best friend, and he'd been in the same situation. So Sam had turned to Blaine as they sat at their desks doing homework and asked him, "How do you know when you're in love?"

Blaine had laid down his pencil and turned in his chair to look at Sam. He'd remained silent for a moment, the tips of his fingers pressed against his forehead, and then he'd said, "I don't know. I really don't. All you can do is...take a risk." The next thing Sam knew, Blaine had leaned forward and kissed him.

Sam stiffened as Blaine's lips pressed against his. He wasn't sure how he felt and he didn't want to hurt Blaine. But then he realised felt good, having Blaine's mouth move against his own, soft but insistent. He wanted more of this, more of this feeling; and so he decided to do as Blaine had said and take a risk. He closed his eyes and kissed Blaine back.