"Next one,please."
The lady at the reception called.
An orange haired male came to her and she smiled at him.
"You passport, please."
He handed the papers over, forcing himself to smile back at the female.
"Thank you, Mr. ...Kuro...saki. What is the reason for your travel?"
She asked while she read through the passport.
"Business. I'm a freelance photographer."
She nodded.
"How long will you stay?"
"Three days."
The woman looked up, smiling at him again.
"Oh, that's short. Well, Mr. Kurosaki, welcome to Rome. I hope you'll have a nice time here."
She said, while she gave him his papers back.
He took them and left the airport, hiring a taxi.

He handed the driver a sheet of paper with an address of a hotel on it.
"Take me there please."
The driver nodded and drove off.

Kurosaki Ichigo, 30 years old, working as a freelance photographer.
Currently in Italy to take shots for a traveling magazine.
'Maybe I find some nice, historical places.'
He thought to himself, when the taxi came to a halt.
Ichigo payed the driver, before getting out of the vehicle, fetching his stuff and checking in, in the hotel.
As soon as his tings were brought to the room he got, he left again, going to work already.

Not far away from the hotel he caught sight of an old church.
He decided to take a closer look on it, maybe it was worth some shots.
Ichigo didn't know why, but places like churches or temples pulled him to them, like a mouse to the cheese.
It wasn't that he was religious, or believed in gods, demons or those things, because he really wasn't and didn't.
Still those places fascinated him.

Now while he stared at the amazing building, whose bell tower had a roof in the shape of a Mitridae's housing, he wondered about the stories those old stones might be able to tell, and if they would be able to help him with this feeling he got in his chest.
Since he was a child he literally dreamed of being in Italy.
Now that he finally was here, he felt like there was something very important he forgot and needed to remember.
He read over the sign that was placed before the church, to inform tourists about it's history, he only really noticed the name of the building, to deep in his own thoughts.
The church was named Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza. A real masterpiece of human architecture.

"Tu sembra piacere questo luogo molto."
Ichigo, got pulled out of his daydreams and looked to his left.
A man, his age and build, with snow white hair and also pale skin looked at him.
It took Ichigo some moments to get that he had talked to him.
"Um, scusi. Non parla italiano. Do you speak English?"
The pale man gave him a smile.
"Of course. An' fer someone not speakin' my language, tha' was quite fluid."
Ichigo scratched the back of his head, blushing a bit.
"Well, thanks. It's the only thing I learned before coming here. I've been quite surprised with the travel."
"So, ya like old places?"
Ichigo blinked, lowering his arm to rest at his side again.
"Um, yeah. You could say that."
The albino turned his gaze at the church, back to Ichigo, smirking at him.
"I could show ya many more aroun' here."
The hairs on Ichigos neck stood on end when he saw the smirk and glowing golden irises. He felt strange, completely crept out, to be more precise.
"Actually, I need to get a job done...So...if you would excuse me."
The pale man shrugged, closing his eyes.
"Sure. Maybe we'll see us again."
When he opened them again, Ichigo already was on the run and he had to yell at him.
"What is your name?"
Instinctively, Ichigo called back, while he wanted nothing more than get away from the albino.
"Kurosaki Ichigo."

Really the pale man gave him the creeps.
The air around him radiated something unworldly, inhuman.
'No! Get yourself together. Such things don't exist.'
He scolded himself, while the hot water from the shower ran down on his body.
Ichigo had taken some more shots of the city, before he had gone back to his room and got under the spray of water.
Finally after half an hour he stepped out of it, dried himself and dropped on the bed, to fall asleep within moments.

A dream haunted him.
The pale man from before stood in front of him, clad in strange robes and speaking a foreign language.
It sounded similar to Italian, but still was different.
"Vobis demonstro voluptati ut non de hoc mundo."
Suddenly some leathery, white wings grew on the mans back.
He came closer to Ichigo, reaching a hand out to him.

The next morning, the orangette couldn't remember anything of the dream.
There was only a morning boner he was sporting, that could be any evidence.
With a deep scowl on his face he went to the bath.
As soon as he entered the tiled room, a voice seemed to echo from its walls.
"Ipsum ad me et saturabo tua cupiditate."
What had that been?
'Such things don't exist. They don't exist!'
"AHHHH! Damnit! What the hell is going on here?"

Chapter 1


Tu sembra piacere questo luogo molto = You seem to like that place very much.


Vobis demonstro voluptati ut non de hoc mundo = I'll show you pleasure that is not from this world.
Ipsum ad me et saturabo tua cupiditate = Submit to me and I'll satisfy your desires.
Succumbere = succumb (wow, who would have thought that xD)


Mitridae = a sea snail (please look it up on google for more info)
Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza = A chruch in Rome

So my lovely readers I hope you liked the first chapter and look forward to the next.
If you find any faults, be it grammar or false use of the Italian and Latin language, let me know.
I'm always happy when you share your wisdom with me ^ ^.