"Aurelio? What does that mean again?"
Ichigo yelled as he jumped up from his seat, pushing Cesidio away from him.
"It's your name. Aurelio Sanctis. Why do you think you are attracted to old buildings so much? It's because your soul tries to force it's memories to the surface through any means."
The albino explained, while his expression grew more and more desperate.
He stepped closer to the orangette, opening his arms to embrace the man, but Ichigo pushed him away again and took some steps back.
"I don't buy any of your shit! Lucifer, God, they don't exist and you damn sure aren't an Incubus. All you are is a stalker, psycho and housebreaker!"
Ichigo yelled his last sentence at him as loud as his voice would let him.

While Cesidio listened to his outburst, his expression slowly changed from his desperation to something Ichigo better wouldn't have brought forth.
It was like the air around the albino was filled with rage, that would set on fire at the least thing.
The man closed the distance to the orangette.
When Ichigo tried to punch him, his wrists got caught and held down like he was a weak little boy.
He believed to hear his bones creak of the pressure forced on them.
"Let go, bastard! You're breaking my arms!"
Cesidio came dangerously close to Ichigos face.
He whispered to him with hurt in his voice, while loosening his grip on Ichigo a bit.
"I told nothing but the truth. If you still won't believe my words I have no choice than to prove it to your eyes."

The albino pushed Ichigo back until he nudged the edge of his bed with his calves and toppled over on the mattress.
He towered over the orangette, locking his eyes with frightened amber ones.
Ichigo stared at him, afraid of what he would do, but the albino didn't move an inch until the air around him began to glimmer.
On Cesidios back, large, white, leathery wings spread, shading their forms from the dome light.
His hair grew out by some inches and the sclera of his eyes turned into an endless see of black.
"Admit it. There's more in the world than your eyes are willing to see."
He said and it sounded like there were thousands of echoes all of a sudden, just like they were in a huge building like a church.

Cesidio closed the distance between his and Ichigos faces until even a hair had barely enough room to match in between.
"Deep within your soul slumber the memories from you past life. Let me help awaking them."
With that he locked his lips with Ichigos.
It was a kiss, filled with the longing for a lost one, desperate but not less sweet.
Ichigo struggled at first, trying to kick the albino off of him, but very soon he melted into the kiss, his movements stilled and his fingers clawed into white strands of hair.
He felt strange.
He didn't know the man that devoured his lips right now, but he felt like he did.
Like they had done that a hundred times already and more.

Somewhere in the back of his mind a little voice screamed at the top of its lungs, that he was letting a complete freak take him without putting up a fight.
That he should kick off the bastard and punch him until he lay bleeding on his floor.
Finally, when Ichigo eventually was alerted by the persistent rambling in his head, he pushed himself up, to get rid of the albino, the sight he got startled him.
Cesidio had wandered down to Ichigos chest, now taking his left hand and kissing is knuckles, just like he did in Italy.

"Dimitte me Patris, quoniam ego peccavit."
He murmured and Ichigo understood.
He understood. Every. Single. Word.
His lips parted, forming words in the same language, he didn't know, still now was so familiar.
"Quid fecisti, fili mi?"
Ichigos eyes went wide, as he finally registered that he had spoken in a complete foreign language he never learned at all.
His eyes met Cesidios and a jolt went through his head.

He saw the albino wear these old roman robes again.
Cesidio answered him.
"I am addicted to a servant of God and I can not stop thinking of him."
"God loves and respects all his creations and their feelings. You haven't sinned at all, my son."
The albino snapped his head up, staring in panic at the person standing before him, that was Ichigo at the same time.
"But Padre...When...?"
"When other creatures of god will find out."
Ichigo could feel a smile pull on his lips and pulled lightly on Cesidios arm.
"Get up and kiss me already, demons breed."
On Cesidios face appeared the same smile as he stood up and closed in to Ichigo.
"As you wish, my fallen Angel."

The mirage vanished and Cesidio stood before him, laying an arms around his waist and pulling him close, the smile from the mirage showing on his face.
His wings and the other features were gone, his eyes turned back to their normal color, of golden irises on white ground.
Ichigo lost himself in those golden pools as his heart raced with itself.
No, Ichigo wasn't religious, but he couldn't deny what just happened before his eyes.
'There's really more in the world, than you can see, it seems.'

He pressed his face against the albinos chest, hiding it from his stare.
Ichigo not more than whispered, while more and more memories flooded his mind.
Looking up and grinning at the pale man he said.
"What did you take so long, demons breed?"
Cesidios eyes widened for a moment, before they shimmered with love and affection.
"I had to fight heaven and hell, my fallen Angel."
Ichigo closed in to the pale lips before him, whispering.
"This time, don't disappear without me."
The other whispered back.
"You'd have to become the same as me."
"I don't mind. Now shut up and kiss me already, Cesidio."
With that said, their lips met for a second time, exchanging their mutual feelings.

Waves of soft heat rushed through their bodies, that settled as tickling between Ichigos shoulder blades.
The orangette broke the kiss to take a look at his back, only to find leathery, golden-brown wings grow there.
His hair also got longer, just like it did on the albino when he changed his form.
"W-What is that?"
Cesidio pecked Ichigos temple with his lips, to get his attention and as the orangette turned his head around he told.
"You made a contract with me. Now we are inseparable. Each of us can just live as long as the other does."

"Nos erimus pariter aeternum?"
"Usque ad diem, iudicium."

Ichigo hugged Cesidio, folding his wings around them and the albino did the same with his own.
"Tum assentio."
The orangette said.
Cesidio lay a hand on the back of Ichigos head, pressing it against his chest and kissing the top of the orange locks.
"Amo te, aeternum."

Amor aeterni, de incubus


Dimitte me Patris, quoniam ego peccavit. = Forgive me Father/Padre, for I have sinned.

Quid fecisti, fili mi? = What have you done, my son?

Nos erimus pariter aeternum? = We will be together forever?

Usque ad diem, iudicium. → Until the day of Judgment.

Tum assentio → Then I agree.

Amo te, aeternum. → I love you, forever.


Aurelio = Italian name, meaning 'golden'

Sanctis = Italian / Latin Surname, meaning 'saint'

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