So here is the first chapter of Life Goes On! Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

The car fled down the country lanes of The Peak District. It seemed almost silent against the tarmac of the road. But the inside was anything but.

'Luke will you please stop shouting at Ben!' Prue had turned in her seat to stop the two squabbling twins. 'You're sitting in-between them next time Jasmine.' she instructed to her daughter who was too busy on her phone.

'What? Mum! So now I have to sit between the fight? Can't I just sit here and watch it instead?' Jasmine protested.

'No, you are sitting in the middle. No arguments.' Prue demanded and finally managed to pry her sons apart.

Jasmine huffed and looked out the window. She didn't even want to come on the stupid family holiday. It would be rainy, cold and miserable the whole time, and she decided that her mood would match the weather.

'Are we nearly there yet?' Luke whined as they turned yet another sharp bend and he was thrown into the car door.

'Slow down a bit Rax, you're scaring Ben.' Prue whispered to Rax, and was answered by an ungodly wail from her 7 year old.

'Almost.' Rax answered Luke before slowing down and turning into the driveway of a thatched cottage. 'Now we're here.' he said and turned off the engine before getting out of the car and starting to unload the bags.

Jasmine got out the car too and leant up against the outside of it, still on he phone.

'Whoa are you texting?' Rax asked as he closed the boot, laden with bags of clothes and other essentials.

'I'm not.' Jasmine replied.

'Don't tell me you're trying to load the internet out here?' Rax laughed. 'No chance.' he said and kissed the top of her head before making his way into the large cottage.

Ben and Luke were straight in behind him, leaving Jasmine and Prue alone outside.

Prue's phone began making a funky beeping noise and she fumbled in her handbag to answer it.

'Hello?' 'Yes we are.' 'Where abouts are you?' 'No its lovely.' 'Okay, bye bye.'

'Who was that?' Jasmine asked.

'That was Toby. They're coming too.' Prue replied.

'What?' Jasmine moaned. 'You mean now there's more people to sit round a campfire and sing songs with? Oh fantastic! It will be marvellous! Jolly good fun!' she said sarcastically before trudging into the house.

'You wait young lady.' Prue said to herself.


Ben and Luke were in the garden with their dad trying to light the fire. The garden was huge with big fern trees surrounding it, making it feel secluded.

'Isn't it quiet?' Prue said as she stepped out of the backdoor and was greeted with Ben, Luke and Rax doing some sort of ritual tribal dance around the fire that was still just a pile of wood.

Prue couldn't help but laugh out loud. Until she noticed the 'warpaint' on her sons faces.

'What's that?' she said walking up to them.

'Oh, its mud Prue, don't worry.' Rax laughed. 'Do you really think I'd spread poo on our sons faces?'

'I wouldn't put it past you.' she raised her eyebrows as she wiped the mud of her sons faces and watched them run off into the woods behind the garden. 'Be careful!' she shouted and was answered with a 'Yeah!' from Ben and a 'Whatever!' from Luke.

'Already growing up eh?' Rax said as he wrapped an arm around Prue's waist, also watching their sons shrink into the distance.

'So fast though.' Prue frowned.

'Don't worry, there's still plenty of time to make memories.' he smiled and turned his wife to face him.

'If you two are gonna kiss do you mind doing it somewhere else?' Jasmine's voice broke the moment. 'I'm trying to get a bloody signal.' she lifted her phone in the air and walked around the garden for a bit before turning and looking at her parents who seemed to have been watching her.

'Fine.' Rax smiled at his daughter. 'We'll just go the room at the top of the stairs.' he said behind his shoulder as he and Prue walked towards the house.

'No wait! That's my room!' Jasmine shouted and ran past them to get there first.


'Prue! Where's the barbecue?' Toby shouted as he unloaded their bags from their car. 'Surely you've started one up already!' he laughed.

He handed a small pink suitcase to his daughter, Charlotte, and she giggled as she skipped past the two adults and into the house.

'Toby!' Prue laughed and ran to hug her friend. 'How are things?'

'Fine, they're just fine Prue. I see you've now met my incredibly sociable daughter. Charlotte come back here!' he shouted to his daughter who emerged from the door to the cottage, sucking her thumb.

'Come and meet the cleaning lady, she will cook and clean fo us and her husband is the personal servant.' he joked as he bent to scoop up Charlotte in his arms.

'Hello Charlotte.' Prue waved to the little girl who buried her head in here fathers shoulder.

'Oh how they change when people are around.' Toby laughed, shaking his head. 'I'll meet you inside Prue.' he nodded and carried his little girl inside.

'Prue, I must apologise for my husband's jokes, I'm afraid they'll only get worse.' Aimee said as she approached Prue, carrying a large white teddy bear. 'Oh, this is Izabelle, Charlotte can't go anywhere without her.' Aimee noticed Prue's confused gaze.

'That's fine.' Prue laughed. 'My boys were like that once, come inside and I'll help you unpack. Where's Daniel?'

'I think he went off into the woods.' Aimee answered as she picked up another suitcase and staggered towards the holiday cottage.

Prue nodded and helped her struggling friend.


'Ugh!' Jasmine sighed, annoyed. She carried on trudging through the tree roots and bark that littered the forest floor. At first glance Jasmine seemed like the typical teenager, only wanting her phone for company. But she had inherited her Mother's love for art combined with her Father's skill and was always looking for new inspiration. This certain forest seemed tricky to scramble through, but she knew that the perfect idea for a drawing was soon to be found. So she carried on struggling.

She had tucked her sketch pad under her top and her pencils in her boot. She didn't want to damage them.

Her feet were constantly snapping twigs and branches that lay on the ground and she was beginning to think of giving up. But as she dodged another tree root, her head lifted and she saw the most amazing sight ahead of her.

Climbing out of a hole in the base of a tree trunk was a young family of rabbits. They were all a toffee colour but one little baby had a white ear that flopped over the side of its head. Jasmine crept closer to the group of rabbits, careful not to scare them away. She knelt down on the dry soil and opened her sketch pad.

After about 5 minutes of trying to draw the group of bunnies, they hopped away and into a meadow way off in the distance of the forest. Jasmine thought of following them, but she didn't want to get lost. So she made her way back to the cottage, hoping it stayed light long enough for her to find it.

She guessed it was about 5.00pm roughly when she noticed the thatched roof and white paint of her family's temporary home. As she lifted her foot to walk towards it though, she heard a sudden noise behind her. It was rustling followed by a loud snap.

Jasmine slowly turned to see…just the same forest. No one was there. She shrugged it off thinking it was just a bird, when she heard another noise. Just a snap this time, but closer than before. She whipped round and saw him. A strange boy, about her age if not a little bit older, he was staring straight at her. She stayed frozen, her eyes slowly drifted to the direction of the cottage before she darted off in the same direction.

'No! Wait!' the boy tried running after her but stumbled and nearly fell, grabbing her ankle and pulling her down with him.

'Get off me!' she shouted trying to break free. His grip didn't loosen, instead he sat himself up opposite her and looked at her again.

This was starting to get freaky for Jasmine.

Why does he just keep looking at me?

'Uh? Hello?' she waved her hand in front of his face.

'Sorry, I'm Daniel.' Daniel held our his hand. She hesitantly took it and shook it. His skin was slightly coarse and she felt a tiny tingle when he let go.

'I'm Jasmine.' she stood up and brushed herself off, watching as he did the same.

'Why are you here Jasmine?' Daniel asked her.

'My family are here on holiday. What about you?' he was about to answer when it suddenly started raining. The sky rumbled with thunder and Jasmine jumped out of her skin. She opened her eyes and realised she was in Daniel's arms. Jumping back from him, she composed herself as it started to rain.

'Sorry.' she mumbled.

'No problem.' Daniel replied and held out his hand for her.

She rose an eyebrow at it before looking at him again.

'Just take it. You wanna get outta this rain right?' he said, his hair beginning to drip raindrops onto his face.

'Fine.' she reluctantly took it and they ran towards the house.

God did Jasmine hate rain…


Prue was in the kitchen laying marshmallows out on a plate when she suddenly felt two arms wrap around her waist from behind. She jumped a little, not expecting it at all, before turning around to face her husband.

'How badly do you want marshmallows?' she raised an eyebrow, popping a fluffy pink treat into her mouth.

'Oh, I love marshmallows.' Rax smiled and used his hand to reach round her and try to grab one off the plate on the counter.

'Ah! No.' Prue smacked his arm and he dropped his hand back to her hip. 'If you want marshmallows so badly, you will have to simply let me get on with what I was doing, and wait outside like the others.'

'Er Honey, its started raining.' Rax said sadly. 'No bonfire tonight.'

'What?' Prue turned round to look outside and found that whilst I had been raining, it had now stopped and it just looked like the grass was damp. She was about to respond to her husband when she realised he had gone. Along with the plate of marshmallows.

'Keith Raxberry!' she shouted grinning and ran outside to be greeted with a scene of 8 people all holding twigs with marshmallows on them, a large bonfire glowing in the middle of four logs with which said people were sitting on.

Rax smiled and patted the log next to him. Prue sat down on the log and took a marshmallow off the plate, sticking onto the end of the twig that Ben handed her.

'Please don't tell me we're gonna sing…' Daniel moaned.

Jasmine glanced sideways at him and laughed a little.

'Oh! Daniel! I didn't even notice you were there my boy. This is Jasmine by the way, I don't believe you've met.' Rax gestured to his daughter sat two people away from Daniel.

Jasmine looked up and met Daniel's eyes.

'No, we've met already Dad.' she said and then looked at the floor again. Why was she so shy around him? She didn't like him did she? No, she'd only just met him! But the glow from the flames did make his hair look- Ugh! Stop it Jasmine!

'When?' Prue asked.

'Earlier, in the forest.' Daniel replied and smiled up at Jasmine before quickly becoming extremely interested in his marshmallow.

'Look Mummy! Look!' Charlotte tugged on her mother's sleeve. 'My mashmallow is gone brown!'

'Its marshmallow Charlotte.' Aimee laughed. 'And yes it has, that means you can eat it now!'

'Yay!' Charlotte sang before taking a big bite out of it.

Look over the scene Aimee could tell it was going to be an eventful week.

'Prue.' Rax said causing his wife to look at him. She laughed a little when she saw the marshmallow in his mouth. She then realised what he meant and giggled.

They were met with a chorus of 'Yuck! Gross!' when Prue bit the marshmallow that was in his mouth and followed it up with a kiss.

Yep, eventful indeed.

So here was the first chapter! : ) Let me know what you thought!