Prue let out a shaky breath as her flat palm closed the front door shut with a soft 'click'. Her face was one of both surprise and confusion as she looked up at Rax who was stood on the other side of the sofa, hands in his pockets, smiling over at her.

Her eyes looked up from the carpet, wide and focussed. Her eyebrows were raised too as she made eye contact with her husband.

'See?' Rax spoke as he made his way towards her. 'I told you there was nothing to worry about didn't I?' he reached a hand round to the back of her head and pulled out the wooden accessory that was keeping her hair in place, letting it then tumble down and over her shoulders naturally.

'She-…She really…didn't care…did she?' Prue spoke quietly, letting the feeling of great relief flood her. 'Rax, I thought she was going to judge us again, I thought she was going to be strict and harsh like before but-…' Prue stopped. She truly was so relieved that Mrs Wilmot had finally left. The whole time her former headmistress was in her home she felt uneasy and on edge.

'Exactly.' Rax whispered. 'You should have trusted me. Silly.' Rax pulled her into him and Prue finally relaxed a little. 'Now, do you want a drink? I think we both need one.' He chuckled and stroked the back of her head, running his fingers through her hair.

'Yeah, good idea.' Prue stood up straight again and began clearing up the platter dish and glasses from the tension-filled lunch just a few minutes earlier., blowing a piece of hair away from her face as she did so.


'Mum?' Jasmine entered the lounge where her parents were sat watching TV, wine glasses sat on the coffee table in front of them.

'Yes Jasmine?' Prue replied, not taking her eyes off the television.

'I was wondering, could I get a new phone?'

'Yeah, that's fine.' Prue responded half-heartedly, completely transfixed by the TV show.

Rax glanced sideways at her, but said nothing.

Jasmine realised that her mother wasn't totally listening, and tried again. 'Ya know, cos this one's old and kind of slow too. I've seen one that I like, and it's not too expensive really.' Jasmine frowned at Prue as she continued to stare at the TV.

Rax winked at Jasmine and nodded at Prue, sending a secret message to his daughter. He knew exactly what her next idea would be, and this was his way of giving her permission to mess with her mother…just a little.

'So, anyway, I was thinking of dropping out of school too, I mean, its hard to study for exams when you're pregnant and all…' Jasmine tried hard not to laugh as she saw her Father's expression. A small part of her was glad he was in on the joke.

'What?' Prue nearly choked on air as her attention immediately snapped to her daughter. 'You're what?'

'I said, I would like a new phone if that's okay? This one's old and slow and I've dropped it so many times.'

'I'm sure we can sort something out Jasmine.' Rax smiled at her before winking again. 'Leave your mother now, she looks a bit pale.'

Jasmine left the room, a tiny smile on her lips. She'd never have been allowed to get away with something like that before. Maybe her parents realised she was growing up now? Thank God.

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