Chapter one

Harry groaned as he rubbed the growing migraine in his temples, he had no idea what the hell he was going to do now. He had known, he knew the night afterwards, he had felt the change, the change in his body and the change in his magic. He had known without needing to be told, but he still had to check.

He didn't really known how he had managed to get away with this, the Order were guarding him heavily, he pretty much gathered that he couldn't sneeze without one of them knowing. But he had watched them and used his knowledge of the neighbourhood to sneak away. The gap between Mundungus and Fred swapping over where they would normally chat while Dung gave Fred whatever new merchandise the twins needed was the perfect time. He had slipped out the back and through the loose back panel and hurried down the street. He had used the money that he stole from the Dursley's to get a bus and then train into London.

From there he had made his way by memory to St Mungo's, using his hoodie to cover his face he made his way to the right department and embarrassingly got to see a doctor and nurse who had confirmed his suspicions.

"Mr Potter…I take it this is a shock," The nurse said hesitantly patting his back.

"Just a little. You…you can't tell anyone about this right?" Harry said desperately trying to pull his mind together.

"No, we can't tell anyone, we are bound by our magic that we can't release the information of any of our patients. Not to the press, not to anyone," The doctor assured him. Sighing Harry covered his face and thought it over. "Mr Potter, do you want to abort the pregnancy?"

"What! No!" Harry snapped turning horrified eyes onto the Doctor who held up his hands.

"Alright, considering your reaction I had to check. Ok Mr Potter would you like to discuss the details of the pregnancy?"

"I…sure suppose we better had," Harry smiled weakly, settling onto the bed he accepted the pamphlets that the nurse had summoned.

"Alright well, according to my spell you are currently 10 weeks along, that's two and half months. Upon conception your magic formed a magical womb to hold the baby in. This will act completely as a female's womb would. Now Mr Potter male pregnancy is a little more…fragile than a females pregnancy, you need to take care of yourself and so the baby. I will give you a diet plan for you to follow, you also need to avoid stress as much as possible. Now do you have morning sickness?"

"Yes, quite badly," Harry sighed as he flicked through the pamphlets.

"Alright well I can give you for something for that, the potion will help ease it, but it won't get rid of it completely, however it should start easing soon. When you are twelve weeks we will be able to do a scan for you to be able to see the baby and hear the heartbeat…"

"I'll be able to hear the heartbeat?" Harry looked up feeling a jolt of excitement.

"Yes Mr Potter you will. Erm I'm sorry to ask but the father?" The Dr caught his look. "In male pregnancy you are referred to as the bearer, the other the father,"

"Oh…I don't think the…father will be happy hearing about this," Harry hesitated biting his lip with a sigh.

"Ah Mr Potter…I'm sorry but…wizarding law dictates that you have to inform the other father of the baby, either face to face or through a letter," The doctor told him looking uncomfortable. Harry paled and rubbed the migraine that had well and truly settled in. "Alright Mr Potter I think that is enough for today, if you have any other questions please just come an ask me, here is a list of books that will be helpful for you, you can owl order them from Flourish and Blotts or Bundles and they will ensure customer discreetness. I'll send you an owl when your are due your scan. Go and get some rest Mr Potter, it is extremely important for you both. Here's your diet list, I'll see you in two weeks," The doctor smiled.

"Thank you Doctor," Harry smiled weakly gathering his things together and tugging his hood back over his face and slipped out the hospital.

_ Lucius/Harry_

Harry sat in his hotel room reading through one of the dozens of books he had ordered through Flourish and Blotts and Bundles. After ordering the first lot of books he had gotten he had got a catalogue through from Bundles. He had made another order of more books and a few items to try and make it more real for him. After leaving St Mungo's he had hesitated before making his way to Diagon Alley. A quick stop by Gringotts had got him his Potter Lordship ring that meant he could access his vaults from any wizarding establishment. A few quick words with the Goblin he dealt with had given him the address of a fancy but discrete hotel in Mathos Alley just off of Diagon.

He had booked himself in where as promised the receptionist had barely blinked when he gave his name and then had mostly locked himself away in the room with his books once he got them. He ordered room service for food and drinks not wanting to show his face too often in case someone spotted him, he had no doubt that the Order were hunting for him now.

Three days after he had had the confirmation of his suspicions he had spent nearly eight hours painstaking crafting out the letter he legally had to send, he lost count of how many times he had had to rewrite the letter not exactly sure how he was supposed to tell the…father this piece of news exactly. He considered writing to various other people to tell them what had happened, but he knew what the general response to him having a baby would be, not to. So the letters he had started to Hermione, Ron, Sirius, Remus, Arthur, Molly, Bill, the twins and even Tonks were all sitting in various levels of completion after a reason occurred to him why he couldn't tell them.

He had been sticking to the diet plan the doctor had given him, the hotel despite not knowing the reason why were very willing to do meals around the plan. He was currently seated on the comfy sofa that the room held nibbling on cucumber sticks he was dipping in slightly melting lime ice cream - that had got him a slight pause before being assured it would be brought up to him - and reading up on exactly how developed the baby was now when there was a knock at his door. Frowning he set aside the book and reached for his wand, no one should be knocking on his door as he hadn't ordered anything and no one knew where he was.

He realised that he had been sitting in a slight state of panic, and also hoping whoever it was would go away if they heard nothing from inside when there was a series of harder knocks before a scarily familiar voice came through the door.

"Potter! Potter I know you're here! Open the door!" Despite being familiar the voice also sounded exceedingly different to the one Harry was used to hearing, the superiority was missing and the tone was actually flustered and anxious. Looking back he wasn't sure whether it was this difference or just instinct but before he could really think it through he was unlocking the door and opening it to reveal an unusually dishevelled and wide eyed man standing on the other side.

"You…you had better come in," Harry said after a few moments of them staring at each other. Nodding sharply the man visibly pulled himself together slightly and stepped into the room, making his way over to the sofa and sitting down heavily as Harry relocked the door. "How did you find me?" Harry demanded spinning and watching as the book he had just been reading was picked up.

"The baby, no matter how developed is connected to my magic, as the father I just tapped into it, it acted as a tracing charm and brought me here," Came the explanation as though it was obvious. Harry really wanted to sit down right now but the sofa was only two seater and he really didn't want to have to sit next to him right now. "I was shocked, I thought you would be hidden away at the Order Headquarters, it was on a chance that I searched,"

"No one else besides the doctor who saw me knows," Harry sighed. "If you are here to tell me to get rid of it then you have wasted your journey because I…"

"What? You think I would…no that's not why I'm here,"

"Then why are you here Lucius? I told you, you have no duty to either of us, I was required by law to tell you that's all," Harry said warily wondering why he was here, though the explosion at the idea of him getting rid of the baby led him to hope that despite his words he may not be as alone as he was thinking he was.

"Is that what you wish? You do not want me to be a part of the baby's life?" Lucius asked tightly his silver eyes flashing.

"I don't know what you want Lucius, this isn't exactly a situation I think anyone has found themselves in! I'm sixteen, pregnant when I only found out six months ago that wizards could even get pregnant, I'm hiding out in a frigging hotel room from the Order members because they would make me kill my baby, if the Death Eaters see me I'll be in front of Voldemort before you can say kidnap! I'm kind of playing this by ear!" Harry snapped before to his horror feeling tears welling in his eyes as everything hit him. Lucius stared at him for a second before he was on his feet and guiding Harry to sit down, keeping hold of his hand as he perched on the coffee table, somehow making it look elegant.

"I think we started this off wrong, understandable but still wrong. I'm not here to tell you to get rid of the baby, I would very much like to be a part of yours and the baby's life and I came to see if you would allow me that," Lucius spoke softly, his eyes scanning Harry's face almost desperately.

"Don't lie, the baby I can understand but I'm nothing more than a walking incubator to you right now," Harry sniffed without any fire not allowing any hope to flare at the words and the touch.

"Harry! You are not a walking incubator to me! You know what room it was, you heard what they said. 'Good thing that you don't fancy Malfoy and that he doesn't fancy you Harry, that's the room of desire,'. I researched it Harry, anyone who goes in there will display the level of desire they feel for the person most in their heart the next time they see them. Are you truly telling me that I do not want you? Magic does not lie," Lucius smiled weakly.

"Your married," Harry pointed out, blinking when Lucius snorted.

"Yes an arranged marriage to a shrew of a woman, who is a woman, that I touch as little as possible for fear of being frozen. Draco was conceived on our marriage night with potions and we have not slept in the same wing of the manner since, not that we slept together that night she demanded another bedroom right after. I have enough evidence of her affairs to divorce her, I just did not have a reason to care before now," Lucius admitted softly reaching up and hesitating just before touching Harry, his eyes searching to see if it was alright. Sucking in a breath Harry reached up and pressed the larger hand to his cheek, closing his eyes at the touch that had been burnt into his mind from their one time together.

"Draco?" Harry asked quietly.

"He will come around, he has always wanted a brother or sister but Narcissa could not wait to give birth to him to be rid of him, another child was not a possibility," Lucius shook his head angrily, his touch gentle still as his thumb almost unconsciously it seemed brushed Harry's cheek.

"So we do what now?" Harry asked tentatively.

"Well first I believe we get you out of this…how was it you put it…ah yes 'frigging hotel room', my brother has a home in Greece would you like to go there?" Lucius asked before frowning at the look on Harry's face that he couldn't quite translate. "If you do not wish to then there are other places we can go? I thought you might appreciate going somewhere private but I will…" He blinked a few times causing Harry to laugh when he pressed a finger to Lucius's lips to stop the slight ramble.

"Its not that its just…no one has really ever asked me if I want to do something I generally just get told," Harry admitted quietly. Lucius cupped his face making him meet his eyes.

"Harry I'm not going to order you around, we are equals, whatever relationship you want from me we will make the choices, unless I truly think that it is for your safety," Lucius promised causing Harry to laugh lightly at the end addition. "What? Yours and the baby's safety are my number one concern,"

"Thank you, so Greece? I have never been out of the country before," Harry said thoughtfully.

"Then we are definitely leaving the country. Now my brother has a lovely home out in Greece on a small island with a village close by. But I also have a home in Italy and one in France that Narcissa knows nothing about so we will be perfectly safe, it is your choice," Lucius explained sitting back as he spoke. Harry looked thoughtful as he picked his bowl back up and nibbled on a cucumber stick absently. He had been getting his body used to having regular snacks as advised and he had barely started eating when Lucius knocked. "I take it you are having cravings?" Lucius asked amused distracting Harry.

"What?" He asked confused.

"I did not think that cucumber and ice cream are a normal mixture, unless it is a strange muggle custom?" Lucius smiled making Harry's breath catch at the sight.

"Erm…yes it's a craving, started yesterday, the doctor said to go with what I fancied as it was my body telling me I needed it. Oh…I can have a scan in a week to see and hear the baby, if we leave the country will that be a problem?" Harry bit his lip.

"Harry I'll be getting you a private healer, the best I can find, they will come to us," Lucius chuckled.

"Oh you don't have to do that I can…"

"Harry you and the baby are going to be getting only the best from now on, you are just going to have to get used to it," Lucius said firmly. Harry blushed and tried to look away but Lucius cupped his face again. "Harry I am not just around for the baby. I have not been able to stop thinking about you since that day, I would very much like to have a relationship with you, for us to be a family,"

"A family…I like the sound of that," Harry smiled widely, one hand gripping Lucius's wrist the other moving to rest of the bump his stomach had formed. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you either, and not for obvious reasons,"

"So you will give me a chance?" Lucius asked hopefully.

"Don't hurt me," Harry said seriously telling Lucius everything in those three words.

"Never intentionally, and I will do everything in my power to put it right if I mess up unintentionally," Lucius vowed before brushing their lips together sealing the promise. Harry sighed into the kiss and pressed closer to Lucius, wrapping his arms around his neck as they kissed gently, promises, feelings and plain hope being exchanged between them in the kiss. Slowly Lucius pulled back but pressed several light kisses to the lips he had dreamed of.

"And I'll never intentionally hurt you," Harry whispered just loud enough for Lucius to hear against his lips, his green eyes flicking up to meet startled silver ones that softened and revealed what he had suspected. "Greece sounds nice," Harry said after a few moments of just looking at each other. It took Lucius a second to click on before he smiled.

"Greece it is then. Do you want to wait till tomorrow or go now?" Lucius asked.

"I'd rather go now, I would rather lessen the risk as much as possible of the Order finding me," Harry sighed.

"Ok, finish your cucumber and ice cream and I'll pack your things," Lucius smiled kissing Harry softly against before standing and pulling out his wand. By the time he finished directing all of the things Harry had unpacked back into his trunk Harry had finished his snack and had piled all the books he had bought onto the table and placed the bag of extra things he had bought. "What's all this?" He asked coming back to sit beside Harry on the sofa, the trunk shrunk in his pocket.

"Things I have bought, the Doctor advised the books and Bundles sent me an owl order catalogue so I ordered a couple of other things," Harry said blushing slightly making Lucius curious.

"May I?" Lucius asked picking up the bag. At Harry's nod he eagerly looked inside raising an eyebrow he pulled out the three items and lay them on his lap. A pair of tiny white baby booties, a green bib with a cute white snake on it and a yellow fluffy cuddly bear.

"I needed some things besides the books to make it real, I don't want to buy too much in case it jinxes it but I wanted some things," Harry rambled blushing a darker shade of red.

"I like them, the bib especially, and we have plenty of firsts that we can buy together," Lucius chuckled rubbing the soft fur of the bear.

"I wanted it to have something of its daddy, when I saw that I couldn't resist. You have done this before, at least you'll know what we need," Harry smiled at Lucius before frowning when he saw the look on his face.

"Narcissa hired someone to buy all the things Draco would need and a house elf looked after him when he was born. Between her and my father's plotting I had very little to do with Draco until he was nearly eight," Lucius admitted quietly talking to the bear. Reaching out Harry cupped Lucius's ace and turned him to face him.

"We shall buy all the things the baby will need ourselves, and I refuse to have a house elf raise my baby," Harry scowled but his eyes glittered playfully.

"Everything ourselves?" Lucius asked starting to smile.

"Yes everything, either through catalogue or going shopping ourselves," Harry nodded.

"That sounds perfect," Lucius sighed cupping the back of Harry's head and kissing him deeply. Harry closed his eyes in happiness and sank into the kiss allowing Lucius's tongue access when he ran it along the seem of his lips. Lucius ran his tongue sensually into Harry's mouth teasing his tongue with his own and enjoying the chance to kiss and touch Harry as he had been dreaming about since their first time together before pulling back with a lingering light kiss. "You taste delicious," Lucius sighed against Harry's lips causing Harry to laugh.

"I will taste of a mix of cucumber and lime,"

"And you, delicious," Lucius smiled pressing another kiss to Harry's lips before reluctantly pulling back. "Are you ready to go then love?" Lucius asked.

"Yes, how will we get there?" Harry asked standing and moving to pull his shoes and coat on.

"My ring will allow us to apparate through the wards with you, all Malfoy properties are blood warded. We'll go there and then I will owl the hotel to tell them you have left as well as my solicitor to start divorce proceedings, he has been waiting for me to do so for years," Lucius explained as he shrunk Harry's books and the bag and slipped them into his pocket.

"You're sure that you want to do this?" Harry bit his lip as he finished pulling his coat on and looked at Lucius unsurely.

"Harry, you are offering me a chance of happiness, of a proper family, of love as opposed to a cold, lonely, unwanted marriage to a woman I have never been attracted to, have never liked who has no personality and did not even wait until we were married four months before she started cheating on me," Lucius said firmly walking over to Harry.

"But you said Draco was conceived on your…oh," Harry frowned slightly looking at Lucius sadly.

"Do not pity me Harry," Lucius turned away feeling humiliated having never confessed this to anyone out loud.

"I don't pity you Lucius, I would never do that. I feel for you that you had such an unhappy marriage and I'm angry on your behalf and disgusted at her. I'm also completely stunned that she could cheat on you, that anyone could," Harry smiled taking Lucius's hands.

"Harry…" Lucius paused before suddenly wrapping his arms around Harry and kissing him fiercely and passionately, his tongue slashing into Harry's mouth and turning the kiss slightly wet but no less knee buckling. Harry let out a small gasp before gripping the top of Lucius's arms and kissing back as best as he could. Finally Lucius pulled back and looked down amused Harry blinked glazed green eyes at him.

"Wow…whatever caused that tell me and I'll remember not to use it against you in public," Harry breathed out not letting go of Lucius's arm for fear of doing something embarrassing like swooning.

"You…are…perfect," Lucius split each word with a kiss to Harry's lips.

"Not really but thank you," Harry chuckled stroking Lucius's cheek tenderly.

"You are. The thing I fear most of having another relationship, though any type of relationship would be better than what I have lived the last sixteen years, was that I would be cheated on. Though I may be admittedly slightly possessive and jealous with you you just set my mind at rest," Lucius smiled down at Harry.

"I don't believe in cheating Lucius. And knowing what I know now, I would especially never hurt you like that!" Harry said firmly.

"Thank you. I want you to know that despite everything I have had very few lovers, just when the loneliness became too much and you…you are the first I have truly felt for and desired so much. Even without the baby I would want a life with you, I just thought I didn't have a chance," Lucius admitted.

"That makes two of us," Harry chuckled.

"Come love, are you ready?" Lucius sighed hugging Harry's body against his own.

"Ready," Harry rapped his own arms around Lucius and closed his eyes at the feel of apparation.