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Last Time

"I love these!" Lucius said lifting the booties.

"Molly knits lovely things," Harry nodded.

"And we have our baby shopping to do tomorrow, it looks like she has started us off well," Lucius rested the jumper over Harry's knees.

"Its all so small, its hard to believe that they will be this little," Harry breathed out smoothing down the jumper.

"I forget how small Draco was, I got to hold him so little," Lucius sighed. Harry covered his hand with his own kissing his cheek before resting his head on his shoulder and settling back just to cuddle for a while, his fingers unable to leave the blanket and jumper.

Chapter eleven

Harry let out a tired sigh as he relaxed back against Lucius's front, Lucius shifted to get it more comfortable before he wrapped his arm around Harry's chest and hugged him close as Harry tugged the covers over them. Harry let out another deep sigh as he rested his head back against Lucius's shoulder.

"Are you ok?" Lucius asked softly, dropping his hand down to rub Harry's stomach where one of the twins had been shifting and kicking for the last few hours with all the activity that he had been doing during the day.

"I'm fine, just tired," Harry smiled turning his head enough to brush his lips against Lucius's cheek.

"He's busy," Lucius hummed rubbed over where the baby was kicking.

"I think he might be protesting," Harry laughed shifting to get a little more comfortable.

"We got plenty of things though," Lucius smiled looking over to the bags piled in the corner. Harry chuckled as he remembered the shopping trip.

There were two shops on the island that provided for baby clothes, luckily the island had muggle and a wizarding shopping areas so Harry was able to go to the wizarding ones and not raise eyebrows at the facts that he was a pregnant male, which while he was admittedly more slender and smaller than most males he was definitely still male. So they had made their way into the wizarding area and gone into the first shop which turned out to be absolutely massive on the inside. Greece had definitely embraced the idea of minor mass production as opposed to Britain.

"Hello welcome to Bundles and Joy, my name is Roxanne is there anything that I can help you with today?" The witch had seemingly appeared out of nowhere in front of them, her smile too wide and too forced for Harry's taste so he had merely looked to the side trying to decide where they could start while Lucius, Draco and Marcus mass sneered the girl into hiding.

"Where are we starting?" Lucius asked.

"Clothes," Harry said firmly.

"Ok," Lucius amusingly seemed to be stealing himself before he placed his hand on Harry's back and guided him over to the clothing section. Harry stared wide eyed at the rows and rows of clothes, his eyes going back and forth as he tried to take everything in and again decide where to start, Lucius seemed to be doing the same next to him. "Lets just pick what we like and then we can see what we have and don't have," Lucius suggested.

"Ok, come on," Draco took Harry's hand and tugged him forwards towards the first rack, Marcus and Lucius looked from the two of them to each other a little shocked as Harry went with him willingly.

"Lucius!" Marcus hid his snicker poorly as Lucius hurried after his younger lover at his call.

Harry happily picked his way through the racks of clothing, the tiny clothes all so cute and…well tiny. The baskets Marcus and Lucius were holding were rapidly filling up with the clothes that they were all picking, t-shirts, shirts, vests, bibs, trousers, all in ones, pyjamas, jumpers, dungarees - which Marcus and Lucius both protested about but were over ruled by Harry and Draco - tiny socks, hats, scratch mitts, everything was dropped into the basket that caught their eyes.

"Lucius look at this!" Harry grinned holding up a golden brown dressing gown with lion ears on the hood and a lion tail on the back.

"No," Lucius shook his head as firmly as he could manage with Harry holding the damned thing over the bump of his stomach with a happy grin, which quickly turned into a pout.

"Come on, its cute!"

"No, absolutely not," Lucius shook his head more firmly.

"Lucius, please!" Harry pouted harder his green eyes pleading. Draco and Marcus watched from the side amused as they could actually see Lucius's resolve breaking as Harry looked at him pleadingly.

"Its so Gryffindor!" Draco stared a little incredulously as father, his very Slytherin father, actually whined at the 5 foot 5 slender Gryffindor staring pleadingly at him.

"Its cute, and it represents a little bit of me," Harry's eyes started to fill a little and Marcus and Draco watched as Lucius caved.

"Urgh fine, fine!" Lucius huffed groaning and shoving one into his basket and holding it out for Harry to put the one in his hands in as well.

"Sneaky bloody Gryffindor," Marcus muttered catching the smirk on Harry's face as he turned to look at a set of miniature robes.

"I'm suddenly seeing our interactions in the past in a whole new light," Draco snorted before hurrying to Harry. "No, if the babies have our colouring that colour will look terrible on them!"

"They're babies you don't have to worry about colouring," Harry rolled his eyes.

"You can't put them in that!" Draco insisted.

"Oh fine, what colour?" Harry raised his eyebrow.

"Reds would actually go quite nicely, greens and blues, though lighter blues are better, this green will look amazing if they have your colouring but I know a spell that can change it into a shade more suited to them if they have our colouring," Draco rambled as he tore his way through the racks in front of them throwing dozens of outfits of different sizes into the baskets.

"Erm, Draco, Lucius I'm not sure they are going to be able to wear all this," Harry said eventually after they had five basket hovering around them full of clothes.


"Even with two of them we are going to have to change them twice a day before they use all those clothes before they grow out of them," Harry shook his head. "Come on, lets go look at the other things they have," He took Lucius's hand and led him over to a new section of the shop, looking at the piles of clothes bemusedly.

"Bottles and expressors?" Lucius asked.

"Yup," Harry nodded blushing a little as he put the expressor in the basket, he really hadn't much thought about this part. Lucius threw ten bottles into the basket and then an automatic sterilising machine.

"What about one of these?" Marcus held up a cot bumper curiously.

"We need a couple of those," Harry nodded pulling out the list he had made before glaring at Lucius when he laughed. "What?!"

"Nothing, your nesting is adorable," Lucius chuckled.

"Adorable!" Harry spluttered trying to scowl at his blonde lover and failing when Lucius gently kissed him.

"Very, as well as attractive, gorgeous and se…"

"Do not need to hear the rest!" Draco protested loudly shoving one of the bumpers into Lucius's basket.

"You get to escape this, I am going to be traumatised for life!" Marcus complained.

"We're not that bad!" Harry protested.

"You are," Marcus and Draco said at exactly the same time.

"We are," Lucius nodded in agreement making Harry laugh.

"Ok, so we are a little bit,"

"Oh, I will buy these," Draco said excitedly grabbing a red teddy and a green teddy from the stacks of cuddly toys they had. Harry smiled and grabbed a green and silver snake toy before stifling a grin when he saw Lucius stuffing a wolf and a dog cuddley toys into his basket.

"Where next of fearless leader?" Draco asked drolly.

"Play mats," Harry nodded to the aisle across from the toy one.

"Oh I like this!" Draco pointed to one that featured creatures of all sorts playing together and actually moving around.

"This one is nice," Lucius nodded gently pushing one of the creatures and watching as the dragon batted its wings.

"So this one and…oh how about this?" Harry pointed to one that had a star, moon and planet theme, the stars twinkling and with shooting stars, the moon and the planets glowing faintly as they moved around each other.

"Perfect," Lucius squeezed Draco's shoulder as he put the mat they had chosen into their ninth basket. Harry turned away to hide his smile as Draco blinked surprised before smiling at his father, only to be met with Marcus's assessing look.

"Yes?" Harry asked unsure of what he had done to receive such a look.

"You're a good man," Marcus said softly before helping Harry put the other play mat in their tenth basket.

"Oo Harry look at these!" Draco grabbed Harry's hand and tugged him over to the bouncy chairs excitedly making Harry smile wider as he rested his hand over where one of the twins was shifting around. This was part of his new family, Marcus, Draco and especially Lucius.

They had spent another two hours in the shops steadily making their way through every item that the babies might need, and some things he was fairly sure they wouldn't. Though he had to admit magic would definitely make parenting a little easier. While they could use too much magic directly on the babies, specialised spells on objects they used could be done - never fall out dummies.

Harry had had a brilliant day, and while he had found himself wishing that Sirius and Remus and his other family could be there he had enjoyed the shopping trip with the three Malfoy men, although Draco was more than a little scary when he got going, even Lucius had looked at his son with not a little bit of fear as he grilled Roxanne on the merits of certain prams over the others wanting to ensure only the best for the twins - Harry suddenly felt very sorry for anyone who might dare date the twins when they were old enough with the family they had around them. Draco, Marcus, Sirius and Remus were going to be bad enough never mind Lucius.

Harry blinked when Lucius kissed his cheek bringing him back to their bedroom and away from his thoughts. Turning his head he caught the concerned look on Lucius's face so he smiled and cupped his cheek leaning over to kiss him.

"Ok?" Lucius asked.

"Mm hm, just thinking," Harry smiled. Lucius's eyes searched over his face before he smiled back leaning in to kiss Harry again. Of course that was when their bedroom door slammed open and Severus, Draco, Marcus and Blaise spilled through into their bedroom.

"What in Merlin's beard!" Lucius exclaimed.

"He just burst through!" Draco shouted exasperated. Looking at Severus Harry could clearly see signs of a struggle, not to mention they were all panting as though they had run through the manor.

"You need to see this, Dumbledore knows!" Severus said as Marcus and Draco made another grab for him, holding up a newspaper. Everyone else paused confused before panic shot through them and Lucius quickly summoned the paper to himself and Harry even as Marcus, Draco and Blaise made grabs for it. Harry spread the paper out on his raised knees as Marcus, Draco and Blaise proceeded to crawl onto the bed and sit around them to look at the paper as well. Harry looked at them slightly incredulously before Lucius's cursing made him look quickly at the papers.

'Special Breaking News, Harry Potter Pregnant With Lucius Malfoy's child?

This newspaper edition is being printed to report the shocking and completely stunning news that has been discovered today. As you can see by the pictures at the bottom of this page Harry Potter was seen today in Greece, visibly pregnant, with Lucius Malfoy, who after also being pictured kissing we can guess is the father of the baby.

So the question is, how did these two get together? Is Lucius Malfoy forcing Harry Potter? When did they get together if it is a willing relationship? This reporter has to admit that going by the interactions between Lord Potter and Lord Malfoy, as well the Malfoy heir and Marcus Malfoy there seemed to be a happy relationship between them all. Lord Malfoy and Lord Potter seemed to be very much enamoured with each other, as can be seen from the pictures, kisses and touches were constantly being exchanged between the two of them.

And despite the known hostilities between Lord Potter and the Malfoy heir they seemed to be getting on very well in the shop (also pictured below) were seen laughing and talking together. The four of them were seen shopping in Greece for baby items in Bundles and Joy. A witness to this shopping trip stated "Lord Potter and Lord Malfoy seemed very much infatuated with each other, and very happy about the baby, Lord Malfoy kept touching the bump and they were all very happy shopping for the baby things,"

This of course raises a lot of questions as to what the future now holds for Lord Potter, Lord Malfoy and their baby. Watching them would indicate that they are together, and news of Lord Malfoy's divorce from the soon to be previous Lady Malfoy shocked the wizarding world, but the revelation that now of course the question is will there be a bonding in the future for these two lines that in known wizarding history have never been joined before.

A lot of people would rise the question as to whether Lord Potter is being influenced by magic to be with Lord Malfoy, except it is known that Lord Potter can resist mind magics and experts say that any mind magics are also linked to a resistance in potion control. So this seems to be a genuine relationship between the two. But the idea of Lord Malfoy taking advantage of the struggles of Lord Potter last year are a very valid concern. Has he taken advantage on the young Lord and the emotional turmoil that the last year would have no doubt caused.

Either way it is undeniable that these two are together now and expecting a baby, however unexpected this pairing is. We managed to take a number of pictures of the shopping trip shared by Lord Potter and the three Malfoy's seen below and on the next pages. Pages 4 and 5 are the known history between Lord Potter and Lord Malfoy. Pages 6 and 7 are Lord Potter's immediate history. Pages 8 and 9 are the known history between Lord Potter and Heir Draco Malfoy.'

Harry stared horrified down at the papers before lifting his head to look at Lucius who was staring himself shocked at the papers.

"Dumbledore knows," Marcus breathed out looking up at Severus who was standing staring at where Harry's hand had automatically slid into Lucius's as soon as he saw the headline.

"Yes, he's furious, he sent Moody and Kingsley to the Durlseys to find out when you leave and he is trying to be granted guardianship over Potter to get access to his medical records," Severus nodded slowly.

"What are we going to do?" Harry asked, his voice choking with panic as he looked to Lucius.

"We're going to the manor, tonight, he knows we're here its too dangerous to stay. Healer Sarris will come to us if you still want him to see you. Its ok, its going to he ok," Lucius gripped Harry's hand and waited until his elevated breathing had got back to normal before he uncharacteristically scrambled out from behind him with a look to Draco who took Harry's hand in Lucius's place. Lucius hurried across to the wardrobes and threw them open before starting the spell to get their clothes to pack themselves and then looked back to Harry. "I'm going to pack all the babies things that we have. I'll be right back,"

"I'll organise my house elves to collect everything that you have here, all my things and to get the manor ready for us," Marcus touched Harry's shoulder before also scrambling off the bed and out the room after Lucius.

Harry looked up and met Severus's confused eyes, the dark haired man looking uncertain for the first time since Harry had ever met him. Looking to the side he saw Draco and Blaise watching their head of house concerned.

"You two need to go pack," Harry said softly gently pushing Draco towards the edge of the bed.

"Harry…" Draco said unsurely looking at Severus who grimaced visibly at the suspicion in his godson's face.

"I'll be alright, Severus will stay with me. Lucius wants to get moving quickly. Go and pack," He urged.

"We'll be ten minutes," Draco said partly in reassurance to Harry, partly in warning to Severus.

"We'll be fine," Harry smiled. Both he and Severus watched Blaise and Draco leaving the room before they be almost silmultaniously looked back to each other.

"I don't trust you," Severus said almost straight away.

"What reason do you have not to trust me that does not contain the sentence your father. We are talking about me, Harry, not James," Harry said sharply glaring at the potions master.

"I…" Severus started before pausing as he scanned his mind.

"You have watched me over my years at Hogwarts, trying to catch me out but it means that you know me. You know that I don't use people's emotions against them, that I would never. You saw into my head, you saw my experiences of family, you know the love I have received in my life. Is it really that hard for you to believe that I want to be able to have a family with Lucius, to try and be happy with him with our children?" Harry asked.

"You love Lucius," Severus sneered.

"Completely," Harry answered, smiling a little at the dumbfounded look on Severus's face when he tried to find a lie in Harry's expression and couldn't.

"He's a Death Eater,"

"He's a man. A man that deserves to be loved, a man that can love me, love our children, a man that I can see living a happy life with. The man that I am in love with. The war has decided enough of my life, I am not going to allow it to steal this from me. I've lost enough to hold everything that I have as close to me as possible and not let go, and I want Lucius and these babies more than I have wanted anything else in my life," Harry said firmly.

"I don't understand," Severus scowled.

"I'm not asking you to understand. I'm asking you to listen and trust me, to accept that this is what I want and that Harry is good for me, probably the best thing that has happened to me aside from Draco," Lucius said from the doorway. Harry blushed when he realised that Lucius had heard his rant, but the heated and yet soft look Lucius gave him made him smile warmly at him.

"How did this even happen?!" Severus asked exasperated as Lucius crossed the room and held out his hands to help Harry wriggle to the edge of the bed, grumbling most of the way.

"Ah, Room of Desire, exactly what it says on the tin," Harry snorted as he finally reached the edge of the bed. Lucius grabbed his boots from the end of the bed and knelt down to help him into them. Both of them turned to look at Severus however when he suddenly burst out laughing.

"That's a story not to tell the babies," he snickered.

"Oh trust me, we won't be," Harry agreed.

"Only you two would manage to conceive twins and get together in a room in the Ministry that induces desire in each other," Severus said still chuckling.

"I believe Ronald is sincerely glad that he didn't end up in the room with us as he nearly did," Lucius nodded standing from putting Harry's boots on and helping him to his feet.

"I have seen enough of them snogging all over the place, I can not image how traumatising that would be," Marcus said dryly walking back into the room.

"Hardly all over the place!" Harry blushed snagging a passing robe and tugged it on over his pyjamas.

"We're ready, and it is. Its amazing one of you hasn't passed out from oxygen deprivation yet," Draco said walking into the room with Blaise.

"Not quite that bad," Blaise shook his head. "But close," he grinned when Harry muttered 'traitor'.

"Are we ready then?" Lucius asked looking them over.

"The elves will be taking our bags to the manor, I have the portkey," Marcus nodded holding up the glass figurine in his hands.

"Ok, will you be alright?" Lucius asked Harry concerned.

"I'll be fine," Harry nodded knowing that they didn't really have much of a choice.

"Alright everyone touching," Marcus held the figurine up from them all to gather around, Lucius wrapping his arm firmly around Harry's waist and holding on with his free arm. Harry sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes as soon as his finger was touching the portkey trying to prepare himself for the experience.

He grimaced as he felt the pull behind his naval when they took off. By the time their feet slammed back to the floor his stomach was once again rolling and Lucius's arm was all that stopped him from crashing to the floor.

"Ah Lucius, I would like to say that this is a pleasant surprise, but I'm afraid it isn't," The hissing tones found Harry quickly shoved to the back of the group, Draco and Blaise standing directly in front of him, then Lucius, Marcus and Severus as shields.

Harry raised his eyes as he battled down the nausea rolling through his stomach, not really helped by the distressed movements of both the twins, to meet the furious red eyes of Voldemort glaring at them all before he raised his wand and pointed it at Lucius. Harry knew what was coming before Voldemort even opened his mouth to say the two words that haunted Harry's nightmares.

"Avada Kedvada,"

Harry stared at the body lying at his feet with wide panicked green eyes, the tears falling down his cheeks unnoticed as he stared unblinkingly, not able to look away even if he had wanted to. He couldn't believe it, after everything that had happened, everything that they had been through it had ended like this.

The last twenty minutes were a blur to him, he couldn't remember anything after the green flash, it was all a mass of flashing lights, shouts, panic, pain and instinct, pure instinct.

He was aware of Marcus gripping his face trying to get his attention, he was aware of Draco hovering right beside Marcus, his own eyes red from crying, his cheeks damp, horror lingering in those eyes, eyes that were so like Lucius's.

"Harry!" The slap to his cheek made him blink but he couldn't look away from the blank eyes staring sightlessly.

"Harry!" Lucius ran over to him, kneeling heavily in front of him and purposely blocking him from Voldemort's dead body. Finally with those hands replacing Marcus's Harry was able to look away and he met Lucius's. A sob tore itself form his throat and before he could stop himself he launched himself at Lucius, hugging him tightly as he started shaking heavier. "Its ok, its ok, I'm ok, we're all ok," Lucius assured him.

"He…he…you…" Harry stammered as Lucius held him tighter trying to help ease the shaking in him.

"I'm ok Harry, its ok, you…you stopped it," Lucius assured him.

"He…" Harry pulled back and rested his hand over the scorch mark on the chest of Lucius's robes, feeling the slightly singed flesh underneath but otherwise no other damage done. The golden shield that Harry had wordlessly thrown in front of Lucius before gently blasting the others out the way and furiously firing spell after spell at a suddenly shocked looking Voldemort who for the first time in their history, and probably the first time in a long time bad been casting defencive spells as quickly as he could as the power of Harry's anger and fear seemed to fuel his spells, Harry firing everything he had, all the offencive spells that he, Hermione and Ron had researched over the last year pouring out him without thought almost.

"Lucius! Harry!" Alexander raced into the room right behind Healer Sarris, both of them skidding to a halt and staring horrified and completely stunned at the sight of the Dark Lord's dead body lying on the floor.

"He seems ok, but check him please," Lucius said to Sarris moving slightly to the side. The Healer's training kicking in and even as he gave the body another glance. He started working as many spells as he could over Harry with him still holding on tightly to Lucius and refusing to let go.

"He's in slight shock, and he has a bad burn on his right wrist but aside from that he is fine. The twins are slightly distressed with Harry's panic, but they are completely ok, though there is a shield around them internally," Sarris said quickly to the four hovering Malfoy's and Severus.

"He's ok to move?" Lucius asked.

"Yes, I'll give you a salve for his wrist but its fine to move him now. I would advise moving him to a bed and I will give you a safe dreamless sleep potion, though he can only take them occasionally, they won't be good for the babies," Sarris said stepping back.

Harry was faintly aware of Lucius physically lifting him up and carrying him through the corridors of Malfoy manor, the corridors passing by unseen until Lucius carried him into a bedroom and gently placed him on the bed and started pulling his robes off him as Draco got his boots.

Once they were done he was placed underneath the covers and Lucius stripped back to his pyjamas as quickly as he could before sliding in beside Harry and holding him as close as Harry clung onto him. Lucius took the vial of dreamless sleep potion from Sarris not willing to allow anyone else to give it to Harry and guided him to drink it.

As the world went dark and blank Harry allowed it, welcomed it, he didn't want to think about the fact that he had just committed murder, and that he had done it out of pure panic and just as pure fury at the fact that Voldemort had tried to steal someone else from him, that he had nearly lost the hope and chance that he had allowed in having a family with Lucius. He didn't want to think about the fact that his love for Lucius and his fear at losing him had someone helped him protect Lucius from the killing curse.

Right now he could feel his lover pressed against him, he could feel his babies moving restlessly, and everyone was safe. With that thought the darkness stole his consciousness completely and he sank willingly in his arms, he would deal with everything and the fall out from the events of the last hour tomorrow.