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Last Time

Harry stared at the body lying at his feet with wide panicked green eyes, the tears falling down his cheeks unnoticed as he stared unblinkingly, not able to look away even if he had wanted to. He couldn't believe it, after everything that had happened, everything that they had been through it had ended like this.

The last twenty minutes were a blur to him, he couldn't remember anything after the green flash, it was all a mass of flashing lights, shouts, panic, pain and instinct, pure instinct.

He was aware of Marcus gripping his face trying to get his attention, he was aware of Draco hovering right beside Marcus, his own eyes red from crying, his cheeks damp, horror lingering in those eyes, eyes that were so like Lucius's.

"Harry!" The slap to his cheek made him blink but he couldn't look away from the blank eyes staring sightlessly.

"Harry!" Lucius ran over to him, kneeling heavily in front of him and purposely blocking him from Voldemort's dead body. Finally with those hands replacing Marcus's Harry was able to look away and he met Lucius's. A sob tore itself form his throat and before he could stop himself he launched himself at Lucius, hugging him tightly as he started shaking heavier. "Its ok, its ok, I'm ok, we're all ok," Lucius assured him.

"He…he…you…" Harry stammered as Lucius held him tighter trying to help ease the shaking in him.

"I'm ok Harry, its ok, you…you stopped it," Lucius assured him.

"He…" Harry pulled back and rested his hand over the scorch mark on the chest of Lucius's robes, feeling the slightly singed flesh underneath but otherwise no other damage done. The golden shield that Harry had wordlessly thrown in front of Lucius before gently blasting the others out the way and furiously firing spell after spell at a suddenly shocked looking Voldemort who for the first time in their history, and probably the first time in a long time bad been casting defencive spells as quickly as he could as the power of Harry's anger and fear seemed to fuel his spells, Harry firing everything he had, all the offencive spells that he, Hermione and Ron had researched over the last year pouring out him without thought almost.

"Lucius! Harry!" Alexander raced into the room right behind Healer Sarris, both of them skidding to a halt and staring horrified and completely stunned at the sight of the Dark Lord's dead body lying on the floor.

"He seems ok, but check him please," Lucius said to Sarris moving slightly to the side. The Healer's training kicking in and even as he gave the body another glance. He started working as many spells as he could over Harry with him still holding on tightly to Lucius and refusing to let go.

"He's in slight shock, and he has a bad burn on his right wrist but aside from that he is fine. The twins are slightly distressed with Harry's panic, but they are completely ok, though there is a shield around them internally," Sarris said quickly to the four hovering Malfoy's and Severus.

"He's ok to move?" Lucius asked.

"Yes, I'll give you a salve for his wrist but its fine to move him now. I would advise moving him to a bed and I will give you a safe dreamless sleep potion, though he can only take them occasionally, they won't be good for the babies," Sarris said stepping back.

Harry was faintly aware of Lucius physically lifting him up and carrying him through the corridors of Malfoy manor, the corridors passing by unseen until Lucius carried him into a bedroom and gently placed him on the bed and started pulling his robes off him as Draco got his boots.

Once they were done he was placed underneath the covers and Lucius stripped back to his pyjamas as quickly as he could before sliding in beside Harry and holding him as close as Harry clung onto him. Lucius took the vial of dreamless sleep potion from Sarris not willing to allow anyone else to give it to Harry and guided him to drink it.

As the world went dark and blank Harry allowed it, welcomed it, he didn't want to think about the fact that he had just committed murder, and that he had done it out of pure panic and just as pure fury at the fact that Voldemort had tried to steal someone else from him, that he had nearly lost the hope and chance that he had allowed in having a family with Lucius. He didn't want to think about the fact that his love for Lucius and his fear at losing him had someone helped him protect Lucius from the killing curse.

Right now he could feel his lover pressed against him, he could feel his babies moving restlessly, and everyone was safe. With that thought the darkness stole his consciousness completely and he sank willingly in his arms, he would deal with everything and the fall out from the events of the last hour tomorrow.

Chapter twelve


It is this reporter's joy to report that the Dark Lord has been defeated once and for all by the young Lord Harrison James Potter. As I am sure all of you are aware due to the report we released yesterday the Lord Potter is pregnant with Lord Lucius Malfoy's child after being spotted shopping with the Lord and Heir Malfoy, as well as Lord Malfoy's brother Marcus. Firstly we would like to announce that aside from being in shock and healing from none fatal injuries he received while battling The Dark Lord, Lord Potter is in good health and the pregnancy has not in any way suffered.

The news of the defeat was brought to us by Salma Foghouse, Press Agent at the Ministry of Magic, but she was followed by Alexander and Marcus Malfoy, cousin and brother of Lucius Malfoy respectably. The two made it very clear that the only reason they were in our offices was to ensure that the truth was told of the Dark Lord's defeat and to ensure that Lord Potter and Lord Malfoy's relationship is not attacked as some have been hinting towards after the announcement of their relationship.

The two gave a brief explanation to us not only of what happened last night, but of the relationship that is now being shared between Lord Potter and Malfoy. We shall begin as they did with the defeat of the Dark Lord.

Last night upon the realization that they had been seen shopping for baby clothes and that their relationship and whereabouts had been discovered they decided for their safety to move to Malfoy Manor, where Lord Malfoy has the most control over the wards to protect his growing family. They packed as quickly as they could before portkeying into Malfoy Manor.

The Dark Lord apparently had guessed that this was the move that they would make for safety and had broken through the wards of the Manor and was waiting for them upon their arrival. Here, Marcus Malfoy showed his distress as he informed us that the Dark Lord had pointed his wand at Lord Lucius Malfoy's chest and had spoken the Killing curse.

Lord Potter displayed the reason that he is the chosen one, and once more the power that must have allowed him to defeat the Dark Lord the first time by somehow managing to form a shield between the Dark Lord and Lord Malfoy, this shield somehow managing to stop a curse that is unstoppable and unblockable leaving no mark on Lord Malfoy, with the exception of a small burn mark right over the Lord's heart that apparently can not be fully healed.

Lord Potter then pushed aside Lord Lucius Malfoy, Heir Draco Malfoy, Marcus Malfoy and Severus Snape who had placed themselves in front of him to try and protect him before dueling the Dark Lord. Marcus Malfoy informed us that the same shield that had saved his brother's life appeared around Lord Potter's stomach for protection while he dueled.

The two men refused point blank to talk anymore about the duel, going so far as to stand to leave when this reporter tried to push the issue, and so all we know is that the two battled with each other in the entrance hall of Malfoy manor for ten minutes before the Dark Lord cast a curse at Lord Potter's stomach, a foul and disgusting curse that it can be easily argued is even more horrifying than the Killing Curse. The Emullio Curse was one designed over 200 years ago by another Dark Lord who believed that all woman kind were possessed by evil and was determined to destroy them before they could come into the world. He designed the curse to boil the unborn foetus or baby in the womb, using the fluid in the womb to boil the child to death.

Lord Potter reacted to the threat and produced another of his shields, which appeared to bounce the spell directly back at the Dark Lord. His spell struck him directly in the chest, and managed to finish the Dark Lord terror over us once and for all.

Marcus Malfoy informed us that Lord Potter went straight into shock upon the result of the battle and only reacted when Lord Malfoy touched and spoke to him. His Healer whom he has been seeing in regards to his pregnancy was summoned and checked the Savior to make sure that he had not been injured. After a clean bill of health Lord Potter was advised to take a sleeping draught and to rest to recover from the shock and strain of what had happened.

He was sleeping when Marcus and Alexander left Malfoy manor, Alexander's family having arrived in the early hours of this morning to give what support they could to their family. They informed us that Lord Potter was with Lord Malfoy and Heir Malfoy were with Lord Potter while he slept.


Marcus and Alexander Malfoy confirmed the suspicions that this paper guessed upon after the sight of Lord Potter and Lord Malfoy shopping together in Greece for baby things, Lord Potter visibly pregnant and the two of them clearly together. Although the pictures that we published left little to no doubt as to what was going on between the two of them, Alexander Malfoy confirmed that Lord Potter and Lord Malfoy are together and that Lord Potter is pregnant, though we were both shocked and over joyed to hear the news that Lord Potter is pregnant and carrying Lord Malfoy's twins.

Twins are a rare blessing within our world, a limited number being born to our people. This news is without a doubt another blessing to add to the unusual pairing of the two Lords. Not only has the Potter and Malfoy blood never been joined together before, an unusual occurrence in itself for two such old and powerful pureblood families. That these two have been blessed with twins is of great celebration to the family we have been informed.

While the two Malfoys refused to talk about how the two Lords came to be together for the conception of the twins, they did say that the two are clearly deeply in love with each other and very happy together. Both of them are over joyed with the knowledge of their twins and are awaiting their birth eagerly.

This reporter asked of the relationship between Lord Potter and Heir Malfoy, which in the past has been publically known to be a fiery and argumentative one, the two men smiled slightly at each other, before informing us that the two had resolved their issues with each other and have become good friends to each other. They also told us that Heir Malfoy is excited and looking forward to becoming a brother and is awaiting the arrival of the twins with as much excitement and eagerness as that of the proud parents to be. They also told us that Heir Malfoy is happy to see his father so in love and happy with Lord Potter.

The two informed us that the marriage between Lord Malfoy and the soon to be previous Lady Malfoy had been arranged, and it was not happy one at all for Lord Malfoy. They refused to give any details, but the insinuation that Lady Malfoy had cheated on Lord Malfoy was not difficult to decern in their talk. The breaking of bonding vows in such a way a terrible thing to imagine, and understanding why the Lord has taken such steps to remove all titles and privileges from the woman, a move we are sure everyone will agree with.

The two cut our interview off with them there saying that they had given as much information as they were willing to at this point and needed to return to their family, They said that Lord Malfoy agreed that the papers will be kept informed of the progress of Lord Potter and whom will no doubt be the two most eagerly awaited babies that Wizarding Britain have seen.

Marcus and Alexander Malfoy also requested that Lord Harry's condition be taken into consideration and stated that the family wished for peace and respect of their privacy during this time, to allow the young Lord his space and to give him the respective he deserves as a person and not as the icon our world has created him to be.


As mentioned above the Press Agent of the Ministry came to us to inform us of the defeat of the Dark lord not long before the two representors for the Malfoy family entered our offices. They wished to release a short but official statement announcing the defeat of the Dark Lord by Lord Potter. They said that they wished to offer their thanks to him on behalf of the Ministry and Wizarding Britain and wished him all of the best health and safety.

Albus let out a scream of fury as he threw the paper in his hands across the room before sweeping the plate in front of him off of the table and to the floor with a clatter as well.

Those around the table shared wide eyed looks at the display before them, some of them in pure shock, both at the reaction and the news of the last few days, others partly in shock, partly they had expected this temper tantrum from the old man. The knowledge of just how far out of reach Harry had slipped stopping him from being able to keep up the grandfatherly façade.

"I need him under my control now!" Dumbledore hissed furiously before freezing when he spun to meet the eyes of those seated around the table, clearly remembering where he was and who he was facing. "Malfoy will have more control over him now, he is shutting him away and locking him inside Malfoy manor under the excuse of privacy! Not to mention what the Ministry will do to the poor boy, he is being emotionally manipulated as it is, Lucius will use this, use Harry to elevate himself further through the Ministry!"

"You're right sir! We have to protect Harry!" Ron nodded, gaining shocked looks from those around the table who had been aware of Harry and Lucius. Even though they knew Ron supported Harry and Lucius, they found a flicker of doubt going through their minds with how earnest Ron looked.

"It is good to know that I…Harry has people who are truly loyal to him and care about him," Dumbledore smiled at the young man.

"We only want the best for Harry, we want him back with us and safe," Hermione nodded, clicking onto what Ron was doing after he nudged her leg under the table and looked at her pointedly.

"And we know you only want what's best for him. What can we do sir?" Ron asked.

"I will think about the best way to handle this, and to try and get Harry back with us. Excuse me," Dumbledore was still flushed with the embarrassment of so nearly revealing himself the way he had that he flooed out of the kitchen as quickly as possible. The others followed until it was just the group left that had already known about the babies, Harry and Lucius.

"What the hell was that?!" George hissed furiously at the two.

"Just because Voldemort is gone, doesn't mean that Dumbledore isn't any more of a threat to Harry than he was before. If anything he is even more so, he can't use the danger of the Dark lord trying to kill everyone he cares about to hurt Harry as a way of keeping him under control. Not to mention that this is going to give Harry a lot more freedom and influence of his own. Dumbledore will want Harry at his side and under his control as quickly as possible, which means he is going to be more ruthless about it!" Ron said quickly, his worry evident on his face and as he scrubbed his hand through his hair.

"Ron is right. At the minute the best thing we can do for Harry, Lucius and the babies is to keep an eye on Dumbledore and watch out for whatever plans he is making," Hermione nodded.

"I just want to be with Harry," Sirius groaned covering his eyes as he felt tears whelling in them.

"Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Hello?!" The shouts had them all standing and running upstairs in a hoard to the drawing room where a head was floating in green flames. Despite the green flickering around them the person was undoubtedly a Malfoy. "Oh thank Merlin, I have been trying to floo through for the last three and a half hours," the man sighed relieved.

"Who are you sorry?" Remus asked politely but demandingly.

"I am Darius Malfoy," The younger man nodded to them all as a whole. "Lucius asked me to try and get into contact with you as soon as it was safe, I linked a ward to the secrecy spell he mentioned a while ago you had cast on everyone who was aware of the situation, and had to wait until everyone who was not under that spell had left," Darius explained.

"How is Harry?" Sirius asked desperately.

"He's still under the dreamless sleep, it should start wearing off in the next hour or so. Physically he is fine, he has a nasty burn on his right wrist but it is already starting to heal under the balms Sarris gave to him, other than that he is fine. The babies are both safe as well, Sarris gave all three of them a complete check and bill of health, and he is coming back this evening to make sure everything is still ok. He went into shock afterwards, Marcus said that he would only react to Lucius, but he should be ok. Lucius and Draco are with him now, they'll be there when he wakes up," Darius assured them.

"How is Lucius?" Hermione asked concerned.

"He's fine…amazingly fine. The…the Kill…the curse left a burn mark on his chest that won't heal, Sarris thinks it will scar. But aside from that….nothing. He's worried for Harry and how he will react when he wakes, but he will do everything he can to be there for Harry," Darius's voice was shaky when he spoke of how close it had come to losing who was an uncle to him.

"We're glad Lucius is ok," Hermione smiled warmly at him.

"We're working on a way to get you through for a meal or something tomorrow, it will do Harry good and I am sure you will all want to see him. Harry mentioned that one of you is a ward breaker?"

"That would be me," Bill nodded.

"Perhaps you can try something your end as well. The poke around that we have had at your wards indicate that they are tracked for if someone floos out," Darius frowned.

"Dumbledore, for the Orders safety he claimed," Molly snorted.

"I'll figure something out this end if you work on it yours," Bill agreed.

"Wonderful, Harry misses you, being able to see you properly will do him some good," Darius smiled slightly.

"Thank you," Remus said gratefully.

"I had better go, but I will see you tomorrow, you can floo me in Malfoy Manor if you wish to discuss the wards and any ideas, or just to check on Harry," Darius informed them before pulling away.

"Lucius will make sure he is ok," Arthur reassured Sirius, Remus, Hermione and Ron mostly, though the others were all wearing the similar expressions of wanting to dive into the fireplace after the Malfoy.

"I know, lets just work on breaking these wards to get to see him. There has to be something in the Black library, and we will have to think up a diversion for Dumbledore to stop him coming here and finding us all gone," Sirius straightened his shoulders looking determined.

Harry felt as though his mouth was full of cotton wool when he woke. Though when he really thought about it his head had a similar feeling. He was over hot and yet shivery at the same time, and his wrist ached. He was feeling drained and weak, and his brain wasn't quite pulling things together properly. He groaned as he shifted in bed, his hand automatically going to stroke over the growing bump in his stomach to make sure everything was ok. A foot or an elbow digging in greeted him.

"Harry?" Lucius's voice sounded so concerned and scared that Harry forced himself to crack open an eye when he could quite happily had rolled over and gone to sleep.

What he saw had him fighting even more. Lucius's eyes were ringed with shadows, and slightly blood shot. His face was pale and worry was written strongly across his features and in his beautiful eyes. Turning slightly when he heard a noise on his other side he was met by the younger image of Lucius, the expression almost identical. Draco was looking as tired and as concerned as his father as he looked down at Harry.

"Luc….Lucius?" Harry voice cracked as he tried to say his lover's name, shifting restlessly as he tried to get the heavy feeling out of his limbs.

"Hold on I'll get you some water," Draco said anxiously, actually scrambling off of the bed as fast as he could. Harry wrapped his arms around Lucius's neck and helped as much as he could when Lucius wrapped his arms around him and helped him into a sitting position. However he didn't let go of Harry when he was resting against the pillows, instead he buried his face into Harry's shoulder, holding onto him as tightly as he could without risking hurting him.

"Please, never, ever, ever scare me like that again!" Lucius muttered into Harry's shoulder. Harry buried his fingers into Lucius's hair, combing through it absently as his other arm wrapped around Lucius's shoulders when the man's hands went to cup his stomach. The memories from last night started trickling into his mind, before coming in a rush. He had nearly lost Lucius, he had nearly lost everything.

"Here, I will go and tell the others that you're awake," Draco pressed the glass of water into his father's hands before leaning over to press a kiss onto a surprised Harry's forehead. "Thank you," He whispered before he turned and left the two of them to some privacy.

Harry gulped down the water from the glass Lucius helped him hold with trembling fingers, only sated from the dryness in his throat when Lucius had refilled the glass twice more. Once he was finished Lucius set the glass onto the bedside table and wrapped Harry into another tight hug.

"I thought I had lost you," Harry breathed out after nearly twenty minutes of them just lying in silence, hugging the other close to them, Harry's hand was resting on the side of his stomach while Lucius massaged the swell of Harry's stomach soothing both of them.


"I'm so sorry," Harry was a little startled when he burst into tears. Lucius shuffled further up the bed from where he had been resting with his head on Harry's stomach. He cupped Harry's face gently, brushing the tears away gently.

"Harry what are you sorry for?!"

"This, all of it, its my fault, you were nearly killed because of me, because he's obsessed with me," Harry started crying earnestly as he gripped Lucius's robes. "You and the babies would be safer without me, better off!"

"Harry! Never, ever say that again! There is nothing better for the three of us than having you with us. And will not let you leave my side Harry! You nearly lost me, but I nearly lost you last night as well. I had to watch you dueling him!" Lucius said angrily, shaking Harry's shoulders lightly, his frustration and anger clear.

"I can't lose you Lucius, and I can't lose our babies, I don't know if I could have…if he had…" Harry shook his head as his hand drifted across to pull aside the Lucius's robes to reveal the burn mark on his chest that he had just been able to make out, He brushed his fingers over it gently, it was mostly healed, but the burn was still deep and dark.

"Its proof of how strong you are, not weakness," Lucius shook his head lifting Harry's hands to kiss his fingers, reading the expression on Harry's face.

"Its proof of how much I love you…when I saw the spell I just…I couldn't, I couldn't lose you. I realized how much I love you, with everything I have. Its how much I love you," Harry removed his fingers to stroke them over the burn again. When he looked up and met Lucius's silver blue eyes, he was met with shock, joy and the knowledge that Lucius was completely overwhelmed by the information.

"I can't lose you either, please, never make me go through that again," Lucius sighed dropping his forehead to Harry's. "I love you so much Harry," Lucius sighed kissing Harry. It seemed that once he started the blonde man couldn't stop. His kisses become hungrier and hungrier, and Harry definitely wasn't complaining, he was meeting Lucius kiss for kiss, holding onto Lucius's broad shoulders tightly and kissing back just as hungrily, sucking needingly on Lucius's tongue when the blonde pressed it into his mouth to taste his younger lover.

Harry gripped tightly onto Lucius, pressing himself against as much as he could as he kissed him back, running his fingers into Lucius's hair and tugging on the locks firmly. Lucius wrapped his arm around Harry before parting their lips when oxygen was definitely becoming an issue.

"Bond with me," Harry breathed out against Lucius's lips.

"What?" Lucius pulled back blinking at Harry.

"Bond with me, not like right away but, we can start planning," Harry said a little more nervously now, his green eyes scanning Lucius's face.

"Harry are you sure? You aren't doing this just because of yesterday?" Lucius asked.

"Well sort of but not in the way that you are thinking. It made me realize how much I love, that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, its made me realize that my life without you…I want us to be a family, completely in every way, you, me, Draco, the babies, Marcus. I want to be bonded to you," Harry said firmly gripping onto Lucius's robes.

"I…Harry are you sure?" Lucius asked. If it wasn't for the huge smile that was beginning to form on the blonde's face Harry would be worried that Lucius didn't want this. However the look on his face and his eyes, paired with that smile, told him that Lucius wanted this, and how much he wanted it.

"Completely, I want to be bonded with you. Not right now, we have enough on our plates with the babies, and the blow back last night is going to cause, I don't want any darkness hovering over our bonding. But I want that in our future," Harry smiled combing his fingers through Lucius's hair. Lucius closed his eyes and leant forwards resting their foreheads together again.

"Yes. Always yes," Lucius laughed hugging Harry close to him, his excitement and happiness showing as he scattered kisses over Harry's face.

"Father? Harry?" Draco asked as he entered the room before letting out an exasperated and amused noise as he caught sight of them on the bed. "Really?!"

"We're getting bonded!" Lucius laughed.

"Huh?" Draco blinked at them shocked.

"Not right now, but we will," Harry grinned at the expression on the teens face.

"I…congratulations…" Draco said weakly. Lucius looked at Harry who nodded in understanding, letting go of his…fiancé to let him off the bed and make his way over to his son. Lucius gently pulled Draco into the room by his shoulders, peering down into his son's eyes in concern.

"Are you going to be ok with this?" Lucius asked softly.


"No Draco, I don't want to hear about what you think I want, are you going to be ok with this?" Lucius shook his head.

"Its just…really quick. Everything, its all changing so quickly. The Potters are the opposite of everything that we stand for, me and him hate each other, you hate him. Then he's pregnant, you're together, you're divorcing mother. And then 'the babies' have suddenly become my brothers and I actually like Harry, and you are happier than I have ever seen you, and you and I…I feel so much closer to you than I ever have and like I always wished we would and I know its mostly down to Potter. But now…I want you to be happy, and I don't think that this is a bad thing at all. But its all so quick," Draco ranted rubbing his hand through his hair.

"Draco, we aren't talking about next week. Harry wants to wait until after the babies are born and all this has settled down. This is just…agreeing to a commitment," Lucius smiled before shocking them both and tugging Draco into a hug.

Harry smiled at the two from the bed, watching as Draco froze for barely a second before he wrapped his own arms around his father and hugged him back tightly. He slid as quietly as he could to the edge of the bed and slipped out, padding his way across to the bathroom, desperate for a shower.

Lucius wasn't sure how long he and Draco just stood there hugging each other. It had been something that he had wanted to be able to do for so long but hadn't been able to, now, having his son in his arms, and hugging him back…Lucius couldn't stop the wide happy smile that felt as though it was stuck on his face when they finally pulled apart.

"Where is Harry?" Draco asked panicked when he turned towards the bed and found it empty. Lucius turned before rolling his eyes and patting his son on the shoulder to calm him down.

"He's in the shower," He nodded towards the bathroom where they could hear the sound of the shower. "He apparently decided it was a good idea to get up himself and shower while we were distracted," Lucius sighed.

"Is he going to be ok by himself? Healer Sarris is here, that's what I came to tell you," Draco asked concerned.

"Harry?!" Lucius called through the door slightly worried.

"I am fine, I'll be a few minutes I just need to clean up," Harry shouted back.

"I…" Lucius turned to Draco motioning towards the bathroom door, not feeling right to just leave Draco after the last few minutes.

"Its fine, I will go and tell Healer Sarris that Harry won't be too long, make sure that he is ok," Draco smiled at him. "And Father?"

"Yes?" Lucius turned to Draco.

"Congratulations, I am happy for the both of you," Draco smiled warmly before he turned and left the room.

"Thank you," Lucius sighed contently before he opened the bathroom door and slipped inside. The shower cubical was already heavily misted, the condensation filling the bathroom rapidly. Lucius made quick work of sheading his clothing, before sliding open the cubical door.

"Lucius?" Harry squeaked when his lover stepped into the shower with him. Lucius just wrapped his arm around Harry's waist, his hand loving stroking over the bump of his lover's stomach as he gently pressed their lips together.

"Healer Sarris is here, lets get cleaned up and go to see him," Lucius said softly already reaching for the body wash. Harry closed his eyes and allowed his head to drop back as it felt as though Lucius was worshipping his body as he washed every inch of his body with gentle, soothing strokes.

"Thank you," Harry sighed contently after Lucius washed his own body quickly and then led Harry out where he proceeded to dry Harry off as well. Though he did protest when Lucius tried to help him dress, rolling his eyes at the over protective wizard he quickly tugged on his clothes.

"What's wrong?" Lucius looked up from pouting as he dressed himself at the sound of Harry's grumbling.

"My clothes have gotten stupidly tight again," Harry huffed tugging at his waist line which was indeed looking a little on the tight side.

"I'll have the House Elves find your next size up," Lucius comforted him, kissing him briefly unable to help himself before they finished dressing.

Harry looked curiously around the hallways as Lucius led him downstairs through the corridors of Malfoy Manor. Dozens of paintings of blonde's with the occasional other hair colour thrown in, peered down at them curiously from their frames, some with undisguised curiosity, some waved happily to him, a few others called out their congratulations on the babies and welcomes to the family. The decorations were luxurious and expensive looking as Harry had expected, the warmth and feeling of home still surprising to him.

"I had the House elves do a little redecoration, remove some thing and add others. We can make it more ours, anything you want, any colours you don't like or would prefer just tell me," Lucius said a little anxiously.

"I…" Harry said uncertainly looking around the large corridor.

"Its our home," Lucius said firmly making a large ball of warmth spread from Harry's chest to the tips of his fingers and his toes.

"Ok," Harry nodded in agreement.

He paused slightly, holding tighter onto Lucius's hand outside the room the others were clearly in when he heard the voices of Alexander, Darius and Victoria inside the room. Lucius looked back concerned before squeezing his hand supportively….then tugged him into the room.

"Oh Harry!" Victoria was a flash as she made her way across the room and pulled Harry into a tight hug. "I am so glad that you are all ok, I'm so glad, and thank you so much!" She rambled. Harry blinked when Alexander moved from inspecting his cousin to gently nudging his wife out of the way to run his hands over Harry concerned, making sure that he was ok.

"Harry you are looking much better," Healer Sarris said relieved making his way over to the group. Almost straight away he started running his wand over Harry, casting various spells to make sure that all three of his patients were fine.

"Is everything ok?" Harry reckoned that aside from taking everything that they had thrown at him so far in his stride so well, the man definitely deserved a pay rise for putting up with performing a checkup so calmly, professionally and well with six Malfoy's breathing down his neck, Darius moving even closer as he spoke.

"All three of them are fine. I want you to take things easy for the next week or so Harry, no apparating and as little magic as possible. Your body went through a lot of stress and panic not to mention using a lot of magic, your blood pressure is a little high, but nothing at all to worry about,. The babies are absolutely fine, no signs of distress," Sarris reassured them all. Shooting Harry an amused look.

"How are you feeling Harry?" Darius asked concerned.

"I'm feeling pretty ok actually….is that bad?" Harry frowned suddenly realizing that feeling content after killing someone maybe wasn't the best thing.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!" Victoria insisted so strongly that Harry had to believe her, the nodding of the rest of the Malfoy's and Sarris making Harry let out a breath nodding himself.

"I will be getting back, I unfortunetly have a large patient list today, but I will be back tomorrow morning just to make sure everything is still fine. Oh and thank you," Sarris said softly to Harry before he turned and flooed out of the manor.

"Now, come sit down, we'll explain the moves that we have made to get this until our control with the press and the moves that we are going to make afterward," Alexander said calmly leading the group to the sofas.

"We know how much you dislike the press, but right now the best thing we can do is to get them under our control and singing our tune, for your safety and to stop Dumbledore trying to get you under his control by doing the same thing," Victoria assured him when he grimaced at the thought.

"Will I have to do interviews?" He sighed.

"Maybe one or two, just enough to see that you are well and not being held prisoner by us. Aside from that though we will sue the excuse that you are pregnant and have gone through a traumatic experience and need peace and privacy right now," Marcus reassured him.

"And we will be there with you for every step," Draco gripped his shoulder. "Especially considering you are father's fiancé now as well as carrying his sons," he smirked as the entire room erupted with spluttered exclamations and questions. He rolled his eyes at the amused and unrepentive looking blonde, trying to stifle his own amusement, at the sight of Lucius trying to gain control of his family to explain.