Lucius yawned as he paced around the room, his arms were aching and he was exhausted. Killian was in his arms wailing and letting out unhappy mewls as his little legs tucked in and straightened out repeatedly. Not far away Harry was mirroring him with Maddock in his arms, Killian's twin making the same amount of noise and in the same distress.

Harry looked as tired as he felt, and it had been a long couple of days for them both. The boys had both started teething at the same time, and both of them were miserable with it and in clear pain. Lucius had never felt more helpless in his life as he watched Killian try to shove his little fist into his mouth, in clear discomfort, knowing that there was nothing that he could do to take his son's pain away.

The others had offered to help them, they had all seen how tired Harry and Lucius were, and with Remus and Sirius now living in the manor, they had no shortage of people here. But they had insisted that they could do this themselves, and that they wanted to. Lucius didn't really know for Harry, but for himself he had promised that he would be there for every step of the boys lives, the good and the bad, and he wanted to see every second of it. When they were settled tomorrow he had no doubt that both of them would be more than happy to press their sons on Sirius, Remus or Marcus and grab a nap. But tonight they were here, with their sons.

He let out another jaw cracking yawn as he started humming for Killian, shifting him a so he was resting on his shoulder, and started bobbing again.

Harry lay down and put his feet up on the bed, letting out a groan, quietly, of pure exhaustion. Beside him Lucius was staring blankly up at the ceiling while laying with his arms and legs outstretched. He shifted a little until he could rest his head on Lucius' shoulder before letting out another soft groan. His fiancé reached out and linked their fingers together, pressing a soft kiss to his dark hair.

"I don't think that we have slept in 72 hours," Harry groaned.

"It's their crying, I think it's breaking my heart," Lucius groaned back.

"Their teeth are nearly through, not much longer. Trust us to have kids that teeth early," Harry huffed.

"At least Draco will be coming back next week once this should be done," Lucius hummed.

"I think he is pining," Harry smiled as brightly as he could.

"Have I mentioned how much I love how you are with him?" Lucius turned to look into confused green eyes. "He has no doubts that he is parted of this family, part of your family. You answer every firecall, replay to his daily letters, and write your own to keep him up to date, you send him daily pictures - plural - where I wouldn't have thought about doing it. I love you," Lucius kissed his forehead as well.

"I'm just...happy, I'm not trying to do anything on purpose, I what I want for my family," Harry's sleep deprived brain tried to explain.

"That is what makes it even more better," Lucius chuckled. Harry rolled himself over and draped himself over Lucius' chest, snuggling close to his warm body. Just as they were about to nod off Maddock let out a load wail followed only seconds later by Killian. Both of them groaned and somehow managed to droop further into the mattress before they rolled themselves out of bed and staggered back to the cots.

"I think your son is trying to drop hints," Harry said conversationally as he wandered into Lucius' office looking down at something in his hand. Maddock was lying in a papoose with Killian nestled into his other arm, both boys fast asleep. They seemed to be making up for the sleep that they had lost the week before. Lucius was actually surprised to see that Harry had managed to babynap both the boys. So far they had had to fight Draco, Severus and all the Weasleys for their sons. The Weasleys had moved into the manor with Ron and Ginny back from Hogwarts for the holiday, Hermione was here also, and obviously Draco was home, and Severus had decided he wanted to spend the holiday here as well.

And so far between them and Marcus, Sirius and Remus they had barely had a look in with their sons. Harry paused once he was by Lucius' desk and automatically lowered Killian into his waiting arms.

"What makes you say that? What hints?" Lucius asked curiously as he adjusted Killian comfortably in his arms and then watched Harry perch on the edge of the desk.

"This," Harry turned the things he had been looking at around, and Lucius promptly choked.

10 easy steps to planning your wedding

Our wedding and us

Themes for the perfect wedding.

Plan your perfect wedding.

"Oh Merlin," Lucius groaned.

"He has circled, highlighted and marked up specific pages. I think he might want to help us plan the wedding," Harry opened a few pages to show him the articles that had been circled, and the massive glowing circle around a specific themed wedding.

"Oh Merlin," Lucius groaned.

"I found them stashed in our room and the nursery," Harry grinned.

"Oh Merlin,"

"At least he is supporting this," He laughed at the expression on Lucius' face.

"There is supportive and then there is this! You realise this means he actually had to go out and buy these, or more likely owl order them in," Lucius groaned.

"Maybe he is right, maybe it is time to start planning?" Harry was obviously trying to be casual but Lucius knew him far too well by now.

"Do you want to start planning the wedding?" Lucius asked, reaching out to put his hand on Harry's knee.

" know, I wasn't thinking about us having a long engagement, but you know with everything else that is going on. And how hard you are working to fulfil the plans that I have started in place, and with the boys being so young and all..." Harry blinked at him when he reached up and covered his mouth.

"Harry, I want to marry you. Nothing else will get in the way of that. Harry, I want to marry you," Lucius smiled standing and pressing a kiss to Harry's lips.

"So...if I gave Draco the go ahead for his not so subtle hints, we could start planning the wedding?" Harry grinned.

"You don't want me as well?" Lucius asked relieved.

"Love, I know that it isn't your type of thing. Draco and I will narrow things down, and then you and I can make the final decision?" Harry suggested.

"Thank Merlin, have I said how much I love you?"

"You know most fiancé's would be offended that you aren't interested in planning our wedding," Harry laughed. His expression making it clear that wasn't serious.

"Planning things like that really isn't my thing," Lucius grimaced.

"I know," Harry laughed leaning forward to kiss Lucius. The older man placed a quick kiss to Harry's nose as he pulled away, smiling fondly at the little squint Harry gave. Maddock did the same thing, and it never failed to warm Lucius' heart.

"Do you want to let the beast loose then, or should I?" Lucius asked amused.

"I will let you," Harry grinned, standing and hurrying to the door. "Draco your father wants to speak to you!" He bellowed.

"Harry!" Lucius squeaked with a faint look of fear.

"See you later!" his dark hair minx waved as he backed out the room, the sound of footsteps coming closer.

"I'm not prepared!" Lucius hissed.

"Are you leaving Harry? Everything ok father?" Draco asked looking between them.

"Yup, I'm going to catch up with Sirius, see how he is doing with the business plans, see you guys later. Have a fun chat. Do not use my son as a shield or distraction," Harry threw the last warning at Lucius before jogging down the corridor giggling to himself.

Now he just needed to see how Sirius, Remus and the twins were getting on with their plans for the joke shop...and make sure they didn't blow a hole in the manors walls.

Ex Headmaster Dumbledore?

The last few months have been an exciting time for the Wizarding world. First Harry Potter is spotted pregnant and baby shopping with the Malfoy family. Then Voldemort is defeated. We then received a little insight into the home life of Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy, and got a hint of the love that is growing between them. We then had the birth of who were arguably two of the most eagerly anticipated babies for a few generations, and got to meet the adorable Maddock and Killian. The gossip and lie mongering of this very paper was overthrown, and finally true and honest journalism was allowed to flourish and the Daily Prophet was able to get back to it's roots of reporting. But now, now we have been hit with another stunning development.

For a little while now there has been concern and worry in regards to the once revered Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, and possessor of a lot of middle names. It has been a quiet whisper and murmur for a little while now, worry that he is not perhaps fair or equal with his treatment of our children. Twice in the last 6 years he has been relieved of duty of being Headmaster, last year escaping from the Minister and Aurors when they were there to relieve him of his duties.

Now though that whisper has gained speed. The obvious rift between himself and Harry Potter has been a curiousness to all, after all last year the two of them stood shoulder to shoulder refusing to back down from the truth that Voldemort was back, despite the abuse and hurtful comments and judgement that they received, again from this very paper. But since the development of Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy's relationship Albus Dumbledore has been glaringly absent from the young man's side.

A lot of theories have been created, and stories have been discussed, but finally we heard from Harry Potter himself how he felt he had no choice but to flee from the Headmaster that he had trusted so much, for fear of what would happen to his, then, unborn children. He feared what the Headmaster would do, for the man had made it clear only weeks before Harry found out that he was pregnant, that he had plans for the young man. And that did not include him being pregnant.

With this concerning statement, eyes have turned to how the Headmaster is in school, and it is safe to say that concerns are running rampant. Statements about how the House division in the school actually seems to be encouraged and indeed takes part of it himself. Humiliating Slytherin students, young children, by awarding them the house cup and then removing it from them in front of the whole school. Students that have gotten away with bad behaviour and endangering other students, endangering students within his care.

An alarmingly long list of students who had been hurt while in Hogwarts has come from the Hospital Wing there, students that have been trusted to what once was the safety of one of the most famous schools in the world, only to be harmed while within those walls. Harry Potter himself had an alarming number of visits to the Hospital wing over the years.

In all concern has been raised for the safety of our children while they are under Albus Dumbledore's care, and many are calling for him to be removed from being in charge of Hogwarts.

"What do you think?" Marcus grinned.

"It's perfect!" Bill nodded quickly. Lucius and Harry exchanged an amused glance behind their own papers, while Draco and Blaise blinked between the two before Draco scrunched his nose.

"I like that you made sure our titles weren't used, this humanised us making the impact o what was being said more real," Lucius hummed.

"But?" Marcus raised his eyebrow.

"But, it is a little hammed up," Harry snickered.

"It's news dear brother in law, it's meant to be a little hammed up," Marcus sniffed sticking his nose into the air.

"That's you told!" Sirius laughed.

"I like that you made them use Voldemort," Harry added glancing over the piece again. Marcus really seemed to be enjoyed his part of Daily Prophet editor.

"I thought you might. Wait until I get to print your wedding announcement," He smirked.

"Oh Merlin," Harry and Lucius groaned.

"Oh please let me help with that!" Sirius laughed.

"Of course, I think between us it would be truly tasteful," Marcus nodded seriously, but his eyes were glinting.

"Tasteful my arse!" Lucius huffed.

"Hey! There you are!" Hermione panted as she stumbled into the room.

"What's the matter?" Harry stood quickly along with the others, she looked as though she had jogged the length of the manor.

"Alexander just fire called, Lucian has gone into labour! The baby is on the way!" She panted.

"Merlin, we need to get over there! Lucius summon the gift bag we put together for them, Draco get the boys nappy bags please, Marcus cancel our meetings please, Sirius help me get Killian and Maddock ready," Harry's words cut through the building panic, and they stood blinking at him. "Now!" He said firmly, and they all jumped into action.

"It's wonderful," Hermione smiled as she helped him pull Maddock's jacket on.

"What?" Harry asked confused.

"Seeing you in your element. I know that people told you that your element was while you were fighting or battling. But that isn't true. Your element is while you are with your family, when you are looking after and ruling over them. And it is good to see you in it," She kissed his cheek before hurrying off, leaving him holding Maddock and watching amused as Sirius spent more time cooing and kissing Killian than getting him ready. He guessed she was right, this was his element.

"It's a baby," Alexander blinked as he stumbled from the room.

"Well done cousin, we weren't here because we thought Lucian was giving birth to puppies," Lucius said dryly.

"Leave him alone, he's excited," Victoria laughed.

"Is Lucian ok?" Gabriel asked worriedly.

"He is fine, in you go," Victoria waved him in.

"He wasn't like this with his own children," Lucius snickered looking at his cousin.

"It's different somehow," Alexander shrugged.

"Have they chosen a name?" Harry asked, the two men had been going back and forth between names.

"Arathorn," Victoria smiled. They all turned to look at Harry at the noise he made, and he had to fight to keep his face straight. He had no doubt that Lucian had chosen the name, and that he had not told any of them that the name came from the book of a muggle writer.

"Can we pop in? We wont stay for too long, they will want some time together," Lucius asked.

"Of course, head in," Victoria smiled.

Harry, Lucius, Draco and Marcus walked into the room where Lucian was lying on the bed looking tired and glowing. He was holding the newest little Malfoy close to his chest. Gabriel was kneeling on the bed next to Lucian gazing down at his nephew, and Darius was standing over his brother's shoulder looking proud as he couldn't take his eyes away from his son.

"Congratulations," Lucius said leaning over to kiss the cheeks of Lucian, Darius and Arathorn.

"How are you doing?" Harry asked, mimicking Lucius.

"Tired, sore and so happy," Lucian laughed.

"We finally get to hold him in our arms," Darius' smile looked like it would hurt.

"Hey Killian, Maddock, this is your cousin," Harry and Lucius gently tilted their sons so that they could see Arathorn. The three of them stared at each other, and the next thing they were yabbering a little in baby talk. Harry smiled sweetly lifting Killian back into his arms.

"We will see you really soon, look after yourselves," Harry kissed Lucian and Arathorn's cheeks before turning to leave.

When they looked back Lucian was smiling and waving at them, but Darius was oblivious as he held his baby son close to his chest and stared down at him.

"Is he cute, was he cute, I bet he was cute," Sirius cooed as they walked back in.

"Yes he was very cute, of course he was, he is a Malfoy. By the way broody much?" Lucius snorted as he lifted Maddock higher on his shoulder while walking passed.

Harry snickered as he walked passed a bright red Sirius, and a matching Remus, to go and change Killian.

"So Severus popped out, but before he left he heard word from Hogwarts somehow, about Dumbledore," Remus coughed, clearly trying to change the subject.

"The papers?" Marcus asked mildly, but there was a glint in his eyes.

"Yes, he is in St Mungo's," Sirius told tem brightly.

"Oh please tell me that he had a heart attack," Harry snorted as he started putting a new nappy onto Killian.

"Nothing that great I am afraid. Almost as good though. He started throwing a temper tantrum when he read the papers and started cursing everything in sight. McGonagall stepped in to try and stop him,"

"No!" Harry gasped.

"Yes!" Remus laughed.

"No!" Harry started cackling.

"What?" Lucius frowned.

"How bad is he?" Harry asked eagerly.

"Bad! She cursed him black and blue, he's lost the last real base he has at Hogwarts. She has been faultering when it comes to Dumbledore, now though..." Remus cackled.

"Yes!" Harry high fived Sirius.

"Not long now!" Draco smiled satisfied.

"Well I had better be getting down to the papers, I am feeling a new article coming on," Marcus hummed practically skipping to the door.

"I think he just had a wet dream," Sirius said making Lucius and Draco splutter. Harry and Remus were laughing as much at their reaction as the truth of Sirius' words.

"Well, life is getting interesting, isn't it," Harry smirked tugging Lucius down for a kiss.

"Very, though it has been since you first stepped into my life," Lucius smiled sweetly at him, wrapping his hand around the back of Harry's neck and pulling him in for another sweeter kiss.

"Oh for Merlin's sake! I am taking my brothers before you scar them!" Draco huffed snatching the boys and storming across the room.

"Do not use our displays of affection as an excuse to steal my sons!" Harry shouted.

"You will scar them!"

"Stop making excuses for kidnapping!" Harry huffed. "And what are you laughing about?" He turned on Lucius.

"Love you," Lucius kissed him making the dark haired man huff.

"It's still kidnap even if he is their brother," Harry grumbled.

"He has to go back to Hogwarts next week, let him have his time with them," Lucius smiled hugging Harry close.

"Fine," Harry grumbled.

"Come on!" Sirius snagged Harry's hand and tugging him to the door.

"What are we going to look at?" Harry asked curiously.

"I got some wedding magazines and I have done a planning board!" Sirius said excitedly.

"What? Lucius! Help!"