Harry smiled when he felt a kiss being pressed to his shoulder, turning to see Lucius standing over him looking at the mountain covering Harry's table, everything from fabric samples to menus.

"How is it going?" Lucius asked.

"I never thought I would say it, but Draco and his obsessive qualities are actually a blessing. We will have this pretty much done by the time he goes back to Hogwarts, and then all I need to worry about is paying for everything," Harry snorted.

"Still have with February?" Lucius asked.

"Definitely, I don't want to wait any longer," Harry nodded.

"My sentiments exactly," Lucius grinned leaning in for a longer kiss.

"Are we doing this ridiculous plan or what?" Draco snapped from the doorway breaking them apart.

"Just because this isn't to your taste necessarily does not make it ridiculous Draco, Harry wants to do this as a family so…" Lucius paused in what he was saying as he turned to look at his eldest son and took in his appearance. He pursed his lips so as not to laugh, Harry, however, was not as subtle.

"Are you wearing every single item of clothing from your wardrobe?" Harry snorted between his laughter.

"It's snowing and cold out there!" Draco growled storming into the room, however, instead of his normal grace and poise, it was awkward and clumpy considering how many layers he was wearing.

"Do you have three scarves on?" Harry laughed.

"Four actually! If we are going to be traipsing around in the snow I am not risking catching a cold!" Draco glared.

"How many jumpers do you have on son?" Lucius asked, somehow still managing to keep a straight face.

"...4," Draco sniffed.

Lucius covered his mouth as Harry fell to the side laughing. Draco pouted a little but tried to look as determined as possible.

"Hey are we ready to…." Remus drew off as he and Sirius walked into the room and caught sight of Draco. Sirius blinked twice and then burst out laughing right alongside Harry.

"Its cold out there!" Draco shouted defensively.

"You do remember that we're wizards right Draco?" Remus said fondly, his lips twitching as he handed Killian over to Lucius.

"There are...things called….warming charms," Harry wheezed nodding.

"It's cold!" Draco whined.

"Oh dear Merlin, take Maddock," Sirius snorted through his laughter before anyone else could react Draco snagged his brother and turned with his nose in the air as Maddock's hand found his hair.

"Everyone is nearly ready, we will be in the living room," Draco huffed storming out the room.

"You're cruel," Lucius smirked leaning down to kiss Harry.

"I know. Bill!" Harry shouted as the five of them got into the hallway, Killian giggling and bouncing in Lucius' arms.

"What?" Bill stepped out the library looking distinctly ruffled.

"Put Marcus down and the two of you get ready to go! Five minutes!" Harry warned. There was a squawk from inside the library and Marcus poked his head out looking even more ruffled than Bill.

"How did you know?!" Lucius gawped at his brother who started to look a little sheepish.

"I know everything," Harry smirked making his way to the stairway.

"Harry!" Bill whined.

"You're the ones that started having fun right before a family outing," Harry singsonged.

"Harry!" Marcus groaned.

"5 minutes!"

Ten minutes later Lucius watched amused as Harry came down the hallway herding a messed and embarrassed looking Hermione and Ron. "Come on, seriously, what is it with you lot, I told you what time!" Harry was grumbling.

"Sorry Harry," Hermione coughed.

"Three years! Three years of waiting for the two of you to get your heads out your arses, and you chose today!" Harry glared.

"What do you mean get our heads out our arses?" Ron spluttered.

"Seriously?" Fred and George chorused.

"What?" Hermione frowned.

"Please tell me you're kidding?" Draco raised his eyebrow at them.

"Seriously?" Bill snorted.

"You have to be joking," Sirius shook his head.

"Dears it has been very obvious since you were 12," Molly laughed.

"You….all knew?" Hermione asked slowly.

"Yes," Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Percy, Ginny, Draco, Lucius, Harry, Sirius, Remus and Marcus all said at the same time.

And then Maddock let out a loud squeal and Killian seemed to answer making them all burst out laughing.

"Congratulations, I am really happy for the two of you," Harry smiled. "But this is family time and important and if you two decide to disappear off to fool around I will hex you both celibate for the next month, same goes for you two! No sneaking off!" He added pointing first at Ron and Hermione and then Bill and Marcus.

"Yes Harry," They chorused.

"Right then! Let's get going, we need three trees!" Harry beamed leading the way out the doors and to the now snow-covered forest. The manor grounds were beautiful during the summer, it was equally beautiful during the winter.

Harry had fallen in love with it the minute the snow had started falling. It was like going into another world, a real winter wonderland. Entering the forest with everyone around him laughing and talking to each other as they started scouting around for their trees.

He smiled as he watched Ron take Hermione's hand as she led the way through some trees, the two of them smiling happily at each other. Bill had his arm around Marcus' shoulders the Malfoy not looking particularly happy about stomping about in the snow but looking quite happy with where he was. He was talking away and Bill was nodding and listening intently. Harry didn't think either of the new couples would be finding their trees.

"You're supposed to be tree hunting, you look far too in thought for that," Lucius said into his ear making him jump a little.

"You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Harry laughed.

"You should have been paying attention," Lucius kissed his cheek.

"I am," Harry huffed.

"You weren't," Lucius teased.

"I was surveying the area before diving in there," Harry argued as Lucius wound his arms around his waist and pressed his warm chest to Harry's back.

"If I had surveyed the area before diving in there, we wouldn't be here right now," Lucius said, Harry choked and then burst out laughing.

"Please tell me that you don't have our son with you still, his ears are too young for that!" Harry choked out.

"They wouldn't be here either if I hadn't explored your area," Lucius was smirking, Harry could tell. "And no, I don't still have Killian, Molly snatched him off me for some bonding time,"

Harry turned and wrapped his arms around Lucius' neck, his green eyes shining with amusement and love. His lover bent down and pressed their lips together, cupping the back of his neck and kissing him lovingly.

"Ok no! If I am not allowed to make out with Marcus you aren't allowed to make out with your Malfoy! You've been together way longer and had much more time to make out!" Bill shouted.

"I am a Malfoy, I do not make out William!" Marcus protested. "And do not say that where your parents can hear!"

"It's not fair though!" Bill whined.

"Dear Merlin, we'll stop kissing," Harry huffed.

"But Marcus!" Bill whined jogging after his Malfoy as he stomped off through the snow.

"I love you," Lucius kissed his cheek.

"I saw that!" Bill shouted.

"Just find a tree!" Harry shouted back.

"Come on," Lucius laughed taking Harry's hand and leading him further into the forest.

An hour later they were all seated in the living room, clutching pleasantly warm cups of hot chocolate and looking pleased at the three trees standing in the room.

"So how are we decorating them?" Draco asked curiously as he happily warmed himself back up.

"I was thinking one tree for Weasley decorations, one tree for Malfoy ones, and the main one for the new decorations we bought the other day representing our combined family?" Lucius suggested as he sat Maddock up to wind him.

"I love that idea," Harry smiled laying Killian ack in his arms and pressing his bottle to his mouth.

"Definitely sounds good to me," Sirius nodded.

"Sounds perfect," Arthur agreed

"Who knew the Malfoys were such big hearts," Ron grinned at Lucius clearly teasing him.

"We hide anyone that could possibly tell in the dungeon," Lucius shrugged.

"It is scary because that could possibly be completely true," Fred and George snickered.

"Definitely Alexander," Harry and Draco said together before starting to laugh.

"Ok, before we do anything everyone gather around, I want a family picture for the Daily Prophet, our family to yours sort of thing," Marcus ordered.

"I would like a copy of that please," Harry said once the picture was taken with everyone crowded in and smiling at the camera.

"Done," Marcus kissed his cheek before wondering over to Bill.

Harry laughed when Ron grabbed him around the waist and lifted him up so he could loop the decoration over one of the branches.

"Left a bit," Percy instructed and Ron shuffled to the side. "There!"

"This reminds me of third year when we decorated the tree in the common room," Harry hooked the decoration on and then slipped down to the floor.

"I can believe that you were causing trouble even at that age," Lucius kissed his cheek and held out another ornament for his love to take.

"Sirius! I swear if you drop me!" Remus complained as Sirius levitated him off his feet to reach the highest points.

"I got this for you," Harry dug into the box of ornaments and held out one to Lucius. His partner looked at the ornament and snorted before he burst out laughing as Harry happily at him.

"I love it," Lucius laughed taking the ornament from him. The little green snake winked at him and flicked his tongue out at Lucius. "Is it flirting with me?"

"I think it is," Harry snorted.

"I will never get used to that sight," Sirius shook his head.

"What sight?" Harry asked curiously.

"Lucius Malfoy actually laughing," Sirius grinned showing he didn't mean it maliciously. Remus yelped as he dropped at least 4 feet before Sirius concentrated and levitated him back up, the glare he received however hinted that Sirius probably shouldn't let him down for a while.

"I don't think I will ever get used to that sight either," Harry smiled lovingly at Lucius.

"Me laughing?" Lucius asked confused.

"Yeah, it's amazing that I get to see it," Harry smiled leaning in to kiss Lucius...only to find something in his way. "Is that a book?" He blinked confusedly.

"Marcus!" Lucius turned to look for his brother and found him fairly close smirking at them.

"This is family time, me no kiss you no kiss," Marcus smirked.

"Have you hexed that book?!" Lucius glared.

"Yes, yes I have!" Marcus said proudly.

"Take the hex off," Lucius growled.

"No," Marcus said brightly.

"Take it off!" Lucius drew his wand.

"I might extend it for a week," Marcus hummed tapping his wand against his lips.

"Marcus," Lucius warned before he was taking off after his brother who was cackling like some evil mastermind.

"Well that's them gone for at least half an hour," Harry sighed shaking his head fondly as he undid the hex on the book and catching it before he fell to the floor.

"Are they going to kill each other?" Hermione asked concerned.

"Probably, the Malfoy family have great Necromancy spells though so don't worry," Harry said brightly. He managed to keep a straight face for a few seconds at the growing concern on a few of his family's faces before he burst out laughing.

"That was cruel Harry," Draco snickered as he hung a lion ornament onto the tree and scowled at it when it yawned and stretched before curling up like a cat. "You're a lion not a domesticated feline!" he poked it and with a huff, it stretched up into a growling position rolling his eyes.

"Your faces, you actually believed me," Harry laughed. It didn't last long when he yelped as Sirius tackled him from the side and started tickling him.

Harry sighed contently as he dropped against Lucius' side and snuggled in while cuddling Killian close, reaching out to run his finger across Maddock's forehead where he was snoozing into Lucius' chest.

"It looks really good," Percy smiled looking at the three trees set up around the room. Each tree was quite different in its own way, the Weasley one was full of homemade decorations and Harry had enjoyed going over each and every one with Molly who was able to tell him which child had made which ornament and how they had been made. Lucius had laughed at him when he had turned to him with a pointed expression and promised next year they would start making decorations as well.

The Malfoy tree was full of beautiful and elegant and expensive looking decorations that had made Ron and Arthur look like they were about to have a heart attack every time they picked one up, there had been a lot of teasing about the fact that there were no gold or red decorations in amongst the bunch.

The Malfoy-Potter-Weasley-Black-Lupin-Granger tree, or MPWBLG as the twins had shortened it to, was the centrepiece and was an explosion of colour and fun and just a mixture of all of them. They had had fun going out altogether to the Christmas decoration shop and choosing new decorations, picking out not just what they liked themselves but what they thought represented others in their family. Hence the mixture of fun decorations in there as well.

Harry loved it, it was glowing with flickering lights that looked like fairy lights, Percy, Sirius and Arthur had created, Remus, Marcus and Bill had charmed candles onto the tree as well, to Lucius' horror Hermione and Harry had run into the muggle world and bought tinsel, but he had reluctantly admitted that it looked nice.

The room was just them, his family.

Sirius, Remus and Marcus had also gotten together and bought between them the twins their first ornaments, Killian had a little snowman with his name written down the front with each letter as a button, Maddock's was a reindeer with a little scarf that had his name on it as though it had been sewn on. Harry was a little embarrassed to admit that he had filled up a little when they handed them to him and Lucius.

He sighed again and rested his head against Lucius' shoulder, feeling him press a kiss to Harry's forehead. They were all full from their Christmas Eve meal which Molly had turned out en mass for all of them, and had been as ever amazing. Draco seemed to be in a food coma where he was lying on his back in front of the fire on the rug groaning happily to himself.

Everyone was talking happily amongst themselves in little groups, Hermione was happily reading a book while leaning against Ron, something that she had dug out of the Malfoy library and had clearly been dying to read all day despite being happy to take part in the family activities.

"Happy?" Lucius asked him quietly as they watched Sirius and Marcus play an ever more competitive game of exploding snap.

"Infinitely," Harry hummed contently.

"Today was something that I never imagined being able to have," Lucius admitted hugging his sleeping son closer to his chest.

"I love you," Harry smiled shifting Killian and bouncing him as he fussed a little. "I don't think that I have ever looked forward to Christmas so much," Harry sighed.

"And we have plenty more to look forward to," Lucius smiled happily.

"I wouldn't mind adding at least three or four more kids though," Harry said thoughtfully and then grinned when Lucius choked on air.

"Everything ok?" Charlie asked amused.

"Fine," Harry grinned.

"Mm-hm," He grinned amused at Harry and gave Lucius a small look of sympathy before dropping his head back against the sofa, closing his eyes and seemingly falling asleep.

"Three of four more…." Lucius said thoughtfully before leaning over to kiss Harry. "That is something I could be convinced about,"

"Be convinced hey?!" Harry said with mock outrage.

"Yup, it might take some convincing though,"

"Not around my nephews!" Marcus called from across the room.

"What?" Harry and Lucius both huffed.

"I can tell by the expressions on your faces what you're talking about. Not around my nephews!" Marcus narrowed his eyes on them.

"But we're discussing giving you more nephews," Lucius smirked.

"Didn't need to hear that!" Draco whined.

"Me either," Sirius, Remus and Arthur added.

"You're planning on more?" Molly beamed.

"Keep popping them out Harry, it will get mum off our backs!" Bill gave him the thumbs up.

"Don't speak about your nephews like that!" Molly glared at him.

"Sorry mum," Bill grimaced but the minute Molly's head was turned he grinned at Harry and gave him the thumbs up.

"I reckon Harry could break the curse and give me a little sister," Draco mused from the floor. "If anyone can it's going to be him," He yawned.

"I agree," Marcus nodded.

"He does like breaking all the rules," Ron snorted.

"Hey!" Harry pouted.

"In a good way of course,' Hermione said without looking up from her book.

"Is there a good way to be a rule breaker?" Percy blinked.

"Speaking of rule breaking, Severus will be coming tomorrow won't he?" Harry asked Lucius.

"Yes, all this really isn't his thing, but he can't turn down actually coming on Christmas day,"

"Good. I know he's been busy helping McGonagall re-organise Hogwarts but he needs to relax a little as well," Harry nodded.

"There is a hell of a lot of work to do," Lucius sighed.

"Well, good thoughts, it is being done finally. And that man is facing so many lawsuits that he is probably praying for Azkaban," Harry smirked. "You clever, brilliant man," He leant up to kiss Lucius.

"Well, thank you," Lucius said with mock modesty, enough that Harry snorted, completely amused, there was nothing modest about Lucius, no matter how much he loved him he could admit that.

"What is this?" Draco blinked confused at the present in his hands. Harry looked up and realised that he had gotten to Harry's present to him. They had been opening their presents for an hour now, and to the Malfoy's minor horror Harry and the Weasleys had insisted that they do it while still in their pyjamas.

"It's a suggestion, they are books on how to set up an events coordinator business in the muggle world, specialising in weddings. It's not something that the wizarding world has, but it is something that I think you would be amazing at, and if anyone can create a new career in this world, it's you," Harry rambled looking nervous as Draco shifted through the books and didn't say anything.

"This is…."

"Yes?" Harry asked shakily. It had been a risk, but one he had hoped would go well.

"This is absolutely amazing Harry, thank you," Draco placed the books carefully down and made his way to Harry to wrap him in a tight hug.

"I am never playing poker with you," Harry breathed out.

"Sorry about that," Draco laughed. "Here, this is for you," He grabbed a neatly wrapped present and held it out to Harry, looking more than a little nervous himself.

"Oh thank you," Harry took the present and sat down to unwrap it, noting it felt like a tin.

"Cookies?" Ron asked confused.

"Are these…." Harry started smiling as he looked at Draco.

"The cookies you taught me to make, handmade, cooked by me with no help!" Draco nodded. "Is it...ok? I thought that it would be nicer than something I bought because you're aren't really big on…."

"It is perfect, thank you!" Harry squeezed him tightly.

"Thank you for everything you have done for my father, for this family, for helping us make a home together, for giving me two little brothers that I love more than anything, for giving me this. And for believing that I am a better person than I gave myself credit for," Draco whispered into Harry's ear.

"Thank you for being my family," Harry whispered back squeezing Draco even tighter.

"My turn!" Marcus shoved his present for Bill at his partner, causing a laugh as Bill fumbled to grab it with the sudden move, helpfully taking the attention from Harry and Draco.

"Harry?" Lucius caught his hand as Severus and Hermione picked up the boys and followed after the rest of the family leaving the two of them alone. Severus was looking slightly grumpy in his green jumper with a silver snake on the front wearing a Christmas hat, but he seemed to be enjoying himself, and he snuggled Maddock a little closer as the baby rubbed his face into the soft fabric of the jumper.

"Ok, so that was very planned," Harry blinked as Hermione grinned at him brightly before she closed the door behind herself.

"I have a special present that I wanted to give you, without the others here," Lucius explained.

"Are we having sex?" Harry asked curiously.

"No, I didn't ask them to give us time so that we could have sex….though…." Lucius stopped himself looking thoughtful.

"You have already given me presents though," Harry said. Lucius had bought him some beautiful presents.

"This one isn't so much something that I have bought," Lucius shrugged withdrawing papers from his dressing gown robes and handed them to Harry.

Confused Harry took the papers and opened them, quickly noting that they were official Gringotts papers before he started reading over them. His eyes widened when he took in what he was reading.

"Lucius….these are…"

We are already engaged and thanks to Draco and Sirius we are well on our way to having the wedding planned. But it's our first Yule together and with the boys, and I wanted to give you something important," Lucius rambled a little and Harry blinked as he realised just how nervous he was about this.

"Are you sure about this Lucius, we aren't even married yet," Harry asked nervously.

"I am sure. I want you to know that I am in this the whole way. That I love you, and trust you, that what I have with you is real. Narcissa never had access to this, I trust you," Lucius smiled at him, and Harry could see all the love that he held for him, but more importantly all the trust that he held for him.

It was so different from the man who had come to his hotel room that day, wounded and hurt, untrusting but hopeful. He was so different, they both were, so much had changed and the future that they were looking forward to was everything that Harry could have dreamt of.

"If you aren't sure about combining them we can change it," Lucius said obviously confused by Harry's silence.

He was so different from the scared teen that had sat in that hotel room and felt so alone, who had seen nothing but loneliness for himself and his baby. Now he was a man, he was an adult with two beautiful sons, a loving fiance soon to be husband, and so much family around him, so much love and happiness.

He took the papers over to the table and quickly picked up the pen and signed his name underneath where Lucius had already signed, officially and completely binding their houses together. Right now their vaults would be merging and their names would already be combining to read Malfoy-Potter.

He held the papers out to Lucius who completely ignored them and instead wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled him into a deep and lingering kiss. He gently cupped Harry's cheek and pulled him even closer as Harry wound his hand into Lucius' hair.

They weren't perfect, their difficulties weren't over. But this was their life.

And he wouldn't have it any other way.