Another birthday fic. this case ficlet I guess.

Adam moaned as he was pulled out of sleep.

"Happy birthday baby," Jay whispered as he leant forward far enough to kiss Adams lips gently. Adam moaned and raised his hips, bucking gently into Jays soft thrusts. Jay smiled gently, making sure to roll his hips slowly as he thrust into his boyfriend. Adam moaned, reaching up to wrap his arms around Jays neck.

"Love you Adam," Jay whispered. "Love you so much." Adam whimpered and pulled Jay down for a passionate kiss. For once they were in no hurry, enjoying the journey as much as the ending. Adam was quite happy with his boyfriend just gently making love to him.

"Oh Jay-Jay…"Adam cried out, wrapping his legs around Jays hips. Jay thrust once; twice more and Adam came, Jay following him over the edge quickly. The younger blonde pulled out and walked into the bathroom, coming out with a wet washcloth and wiping Adams stomach gently. Adam purred, arching up into the touch. Winking at him, Jay walked out the door, coming back in a few minutes later with a tray.

"Aw Jay," Adam giggled. "You didn't have to." Jay grinned, setting the tray down over Adams lap.

"Someone as pretty as you deserves to be spoilt," he argued. "And you deserve to be spoilt just for being you." Melting under Jays words, Adam leant up for another sweet kiss.

"Love you baby," he said, pulling back. Jay smiled and sat down beside him, slinging an arm across his shoulders. Adam curled into Jays side as he ate, occasionally feeding Jay bites of the food or just kissing him gently.

"Presents?" he asked once he was done, looking at Jay with an adorable pout. Jay laughed softly, kissing the top of Adams head before leaning over and pulling a small wrapped box out of the nightstand drawer. Adam reached out for it eagerly, taking it out of Jays hand and tearing into it quickly. He didn't even notice Jay moving to kneel beside the bed until he opened the small jewellery box and gasped.

"Jay…" he whispered. "What's this?" Jay reached out to take the flat band from the box, rubbing his thumb over the single diamond set in the gold band.

"I love you," he said. "And nothing will ever change that. Marry me?" Adam teared up and nodded, holding his left hand out while his right went to cover his mouth. Jay slid the ring on his finger, leaning forward to kiss the longhaired blonde.

"It's beautiful," Adam admitted once Jay had his arms around him. Jay kissed the back of his neck.

"You wanna call your mom?" he asked. Adam bit his lip and nodded, already reaching for his cell. His mom then Trish. He needed to tell his bridesmaid about his engagement. She would kill him if she wasn't one of the first to know.