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Chapter 1: Starting a new life.

The night was a freezing one; rain pounded on the rooftops. Thunder rumbled throughout the sky. To be caught on such a night would likely result in a cold the next day. Shuichi Minamoto was staring out his window, today was peculiar day.

A regular day at most, until he was walking home that is. He saw someone in the alley that he always walked by. Curiosity got the better of him, so he glanced over his shoulder and walked in. 'It's a boy', he thought, leaning in to get a closer look. The boy's eyes shot open as Shuichi got close.

"Don't touch me." He spat at Shuichi, who was surprised that the boy's voice was so, well, deep.

"Pardon me, but do you live here? Because if you do, it's not very sanitary." He'd asked the boy.

"No, you moron, I don't live here." Said the boy "And get your face away from mine, you creep."

Shuichi just stared at the boy bewildered. "I'm not a creep." He said, hurt in his voice.

The boy just chuckled at this. "You're a creep. You came in here, stuck your face in mine. Then asked a stupid question, that frankly, have no business asking."

Shuichi couldn't believe this, getting talked down to by a street rat was one thing he never thought would happen.

Okay, just calm down. Think about your situation, think of something to ask. He thought.

"What's your name?" He asked the boy.

"I don't hafta tell you,creep." Was the replied answer.

Shuichi frowned at this, the boy had talked fine earlier. Why did he say "hafta" instead "have to"?

"I'm Shuichi, now will you tell me?" He said, though not really expecting a answer.

"Hn." Was what he said.

"Oh come on tell me, please." He whined at the boy.

The boy stood up, and started to walk away. But just as he reached the corner he looked at Shuichi and said, "Hiei," and left.

"Hiei. I see. I will take great care to remember it." Shuichi smiled.

Now Shuichi was sitting at home, wondering, if Hiei was out in the storm or not.

He said that he didn't live there, but... What if he was lying?

What if he really was a street rat? He could freeze to death.

Shuichi was so busy having a mental conversation with himself, that he didn't hear his mother walk in his room.

"Shuichi, dear, I have to go out to pick your father up. Alright?" Shiori told her son.

He jumped at her voice, but calmed himself and repiled "Of course Mother, but don't forget your coat and

your cellular phone in case of trouble. Alright Mother?" He eyed his mother, "of course, Shuichi. Bye now."

She said as she kissed him goodbye. "Goodbye Mother."

He listened for the car to leave before going downstairs. He walked around the halls before ending up in the kitchen. Shuichi didn't know what compelled him to come into the kitchen in the first place, so he decieded to get a snack. What to get? What to get? He thought to himself. Oh, maybe some popcorn would be good.

Just then, the power went out.

"OH COME ON! I just wanted popcorn for God's sake!" Shuichi yelled at the microwave, though it was not its fault. Shuichi stumbled through the kitchen until he found the junk drawer. And groped the inside for a flashlight. "This will have to do for now." He sighed, mother wouldn't be home for quite awhile. "Now I can't even do my homework." He sighed once more. "I can at least go on my laptop."


Hiei sat under a garbage lid. It was a pathetic sight to see, but it works. Well, a little. He was shivering, tonight was FREEZING! How the fuck did people live like this? That is the question isn't it? Hiei didn't live. He survived. Simple as that.

Shuichi was his name, right? Hiei thought, bet he's at home snuggled up with his mommy right now. His teeth started to chatter, so he put his lid down and pulled his cloak closer to his already soaked form.


"S-s-shiiitt." He chattered. He had just ripped his cloak. "Wh-why m-me?" He said to no one. Except the rats. Hiei thought about his day, it was pretty normal t'day wasn't it? Well, 'cept Shuichi that is.

Why did he talk to me? Not like he gives a shit. Just another brat comin' to mock me.

Hiei, he didn't mock you, did he?

Shut it, voice.

No. I will not "Shut it" I'm your inner voice.

A fuckin' annoyin' one.

You made me this way, Hiei.

So what?

Hiei sighed, having a fight with oneself does get tiring. Rubbing his hungry belly he got up to salvage some scraps. Walking the empty streets Hiei found himself back at the alley he was napping at earlier. How'd I end up here? He thought, this is where Shuichi talked to me. Shaking his head he continued to search for food in the trash.

Just about to grab half a hamburger his nose started to twich. "O-oh no," he sneezed. Then proceeded to sneeze seven more times. His body started tremble as he had a coughing fit, his chest heaved with every cough. As he collapsed onto the ground, black obscuring his vison, he saw a light. Must be God killin' me for good. And then everything turned dark and silent.


Shuichi was surfing the web when his parents burst into the house.

"Shuichi! Help me! Your father and I found a boy on the side of road! Help me take him to your room."

Getting up and over as fast as he could, he shined the flashlight down the hall. "This way, Mother, Father. The power went out, watch your step." Said Shuichi. Shiori and Kazuya caried the boy upstairs and into Shuichi's room. Placing the bundle on his bed Shuichi shined the flashlight on the body.

"Hiei?" Shuichi gasped. "Do you know this boy, Shuichi?" Asked his stepfather.

"I-I met him today. He was sleeping in the alley, I talked to him for a few minutes and then he left." He answered.

He couldn't believe his eyes, here was the same boy he met today. Surely this was a coincidence.

"Well, we need to get those soaked clothing off him," said Shiori, "and put something dry and warm on him."

Shuichi nodded, his mother was a nurse. She would take care of him.

"Shuichi, go fetch some of your old stuff, please." She asked her son.

"Of course, Mother." Shuichi walked into his closet. Digging around until he found something that would fit the smaller boy, he walked back over to his mother. "Here you go." He said, handing Shiori the clothing.

Thanking her son, she quickly undressed Hiei, giving the soaked pieces to Kazuya and beginning to dress the boy.

"Shuichi, could you go fetch the heat packs." An order, not a question. Shuichi hurried down the stairs to go grab the items his Mother requested.

Just then the power came back on.

"Thank God," he muttered under his breath.

Finding what the bishounen needed, he threw them in the microwave for minute and half. Waiting for it to finish, Shuichi thought about the boy in his bed.

Why did he lie to me? It's not like I was going to attack him.

But maybe people do attack him.

The first thing he did say was "Don't touch me."

God knows what has happen to him.

The beeping of the microwave brought him back to reality. He jumped at the sound, ripped the door open and ran back up stairs.

"Here they are Mother," Shuichi panted. Shiori took the packs and put them on top of the sheets. Wrapping the blankets around the sheets and Hiei, Shiori checked things one last time before taking a step back.

"This should do for now, I'll check him in the morning and see how he is." She said, "Shuichi, you can sleep in the guest room."

"Okay, Mother." He grabbed his pajama's and book and left the room.

I hope he'll be okay. I have to go to school tomorrow so I won't see him 'till I get back. He thought before falling into a deep slumber.


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