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Chapter one

"I cannot believe how much homework they are giving us, it is ridiculous. Do they expect us to breathe or sleep at any time?" Blaise hummed to show he was listening to Theo as they made their way to the owlry. Almost simultaneously they froze at the sound of a muffled groan of pain echoing around the corridor. "What was that?" Theo whispered looking around.

"I think it came from over there," Blaise motioned further down the corridor to an used part of the castle. They barely hesitated as another groan came to them, this one louder and more pained. Hurrying they made their way passed various old classroom doors until they reached one that they could hear panting and groaning coming from. Blaise took a breath wondering what they would find before quickly opening the door. What they found was nowhere near what they could have expected. Harry Potter was standing with his side to them, his hands resting on a table as he bent over panting in clear pain, his face was sweaty and flushed, his eyes showing pain.

"Potter? Potter what's going on? Are you ok?" Blaise could have hit himself as soon as he spoke. Of course he wasn't ok. Ignoring the need to smack his forehead at his own stupidity he hurried over to Potter, Theo close behind.

"No…go…way…" Harry mumbled through panting breaths.

"Potter, you're in agony, something's wrong with you. I can't just walk away," Blaise reasoned as he reached the other boy.

"Can't see…no one can…see…OH GOD! I…need Mione!" Harry sobbed, arching and clutching his stomach with one hand.

"Blaise…has…has he wet himself?" Theo whispered. Blaise turned to look at him with a frown before looking at Harry's feet as Theo was. There on the floor was a wet puddle right underneath Harry's feet. Frowning Blaise's eyes widened as things started to click and he knelt quickly to rub his fingers in the substance, it was too thick to be urine.

"Shit. Potter…Harry, are you wearing glamours?" Blaise asked standing and pressing a hand to Harry's back.

"N…Arhg…yes! Yes!" Harry cried nodding furiously.

"Sinomous finite," Blaise said the spell and watched as the area around Harry's flat stomach shimmered, to be replaced with a heavy swollen one. "How long have you been having contractions?" Blaise asked calmly while panicking mentally.

"Since…three…I thou…ght…it was just…backache!" Harry gritted out.

"Ok Theo go get Madame Pom…"

"NO! They can't…know…Mione…find…Mione!" Harry grabbed Blaise's hand and looked at him for the first time, pained green eyes pleading.

"Harry you need medical help!" Blaise said gently.

"No…Pomphrey knows…Dumbledore knows…he'll make me…give it away…" Harry shook his head frantically.

"What? Why?" Theo frowned.

"He can't have…his precious wea…pon carting a…baby into battle," Harry amazingly managed to sound sarcastic while in pain.

"Who else knows?" Blaise asked.

"Just Mione…they would have…" Harry closed his eyes unable to finish.

"They would have aborted it," Blaise finished. Harry gave a short nod.

"Please…just go find Mione…that's all you need…to do…then pretend…you never saw…me," Harry pleaded.

"Alright…Theo go and Find Hermione Granger, don't tell her what's happening in public outright…make something up that Harry needs her help," Blaise said coming to a decision as he started casting high level cleaning charms all around the area.

"What are you going to do?" Theo asked.

"Stay and start delivering the baby," Blaise hoped his sounded more confident than he felt.

"You don't…have to," Harry frowned.

"I'm not leaving you by yourself in labour Harry," Blaise frowned back. Harry stared for a second before reaching behind his neck and unclasping a necklace.

"Give…Mione this and tell…her peaches…she'll come," Harry held out the necklace to Theo who took it before hurrying out the door. They heard the lock click behind him telling them he had locked it. Blaise threw up some silencing charms so no one else would be drawn to the room the way they had before turning and started transfiguring things. He turned a table into a bed frame before changing a newly cleaned teacher's seat cushion into a mattress. His tie became a sheet, his handkerchief a blanket, he balled his robes up to act as a pillow before turning to Harry.

"We need to get you out you robes and trousers and onto the bed Harry," Blaise told him, reaching out to help as Harry nodded and let go of the table. With his arm wrapped firmly around Harry he supported him over to the bed and helped him strip out his robes, top, trousers and finally underwear. Laying Harry down halfway down the bed he threw the sheet over his lower half to allow some idea of privacy.

"How do you…know so much?" Harry asked as he allowed Blaise to push his own robes underneath his back to prop him up slightly.

"My cousin went into labour at my house last summer. Only me and mum were there and because of a storm the floo had gone down. Mum told me what to do and went to get a healer. They arrived back just as she was about to give birth so I was allowed to stay and watch. Luckily I have a good memory," Blaise grinned as he went to the end of the bed.

"Thank you," Harry gripped his hand tightly. Smiling Blaise gripped it.

"You're welcome," he said softly. Harry's grip tightened and his face screwed up as another contraction hit. "Shit, Harry do you need to push?" Blaise asked.

"Y..yeah…" Harry whimpered.

"We don't have time to wait for Granger Harry, we need to do this now," Blaise said shakily.

"Oh God…what if…something's wrong? What if…"

"Harry, the baby is going to come out fine. But we need to deliver it. I'm right here ok? Now are you ready?" Blaise spoke firmly but gently, gripping Harry's hand. Harry sucked in a breath and visibly pulled himself together, giving a firm nod.

"Alright, on the next contraction you need to push," Blaise instructed going to the base of the bed and lifting the sheet. He could see the pressure on Harry's entrance and knew it wouldn't be long. "Can you imagine Dumbledore's face? His golden boy's baby being delivered by a Slytherin?" Blaise grinned and got a pained chuckle from Harry.

"I think he…might choke…on his damn…lemon drops…" Harry snorted.

"Though Snape's reaction would be equally amusing," Blaise said thoughtfully before smirking, Harry outright laughed at this.

"They could…rock in…the corner…in horror…together…oh its coming!" Harry started panting again.

"Alright, deep breaths like this…and push!" Blaise watched as Harry sucked in a breath before screaming as he pushed hard. "That's it Harry, you're doing amazing, breathe, that's good. Keep going," Blaise kept up a stream of encouraging chatter for the next twenty minutes as Harry pushed and groaned and yelled until finally "The heads breaching Harry! One good push, come on! You're doing amazingly, you can do it, push!" Blaise watched as Harry gave one of his biggest pushes yet despite clearly being exhausted and pushed the head out. Blaise reached a hand out to cup underneath the head as Harry dropped back as the pressure was released. "One more and your baby's out," Blaise coaxed. Harry nodded and gripped the sheets before letting out a hoarse scream and pushed his baby free. Blaise quickly snatched up the baby and cast a cutting charm on the umbilical cord before clamping it. He cast a light cleaning charm on the baby's mouth and waited for what seemed like hours before the baby let out a loud wail. He sagged in relief before hurrying round the bed. Harry looked up at him with tired green eyes. "You have a baby boy," Blaise grinned placing the baby on Harry's bare chest.

Harry sucked in a breath as he gaze down at the small, pink being mewling and kicking in his arms. A tuft of black hair sat on his head, and after a check Harry made sure all ten fingers and toes and both ears were there. He barely noticed Blaise going back to the base of the bed to make sure the after birth was delivered as he stared at the small person in his arms.

"Hey baby, I've been waiting to meet you," Harry smiled rubbing his fingers along his son's cheek gently.

"He'll be hungry, are you breast feeding?" Blaise asked quietly, not wanting to interrupt. Harry nodded as he guided his son's mouth to his swollen nipple and after a little coercion with help from Blaise, watched as he latched on.

"Oh…wow…" Harry smiled at the feeling.

"He's beautiful," Blaise smiled reaching out hesitantly before brushing a hand over the baby's head.

"Thank you…I can't ever…thank you so much," Harry grabbed Blaise's hand as it retreated, careful not to jostle the baby.

"You're welcome," Blaise smiled shakily back. Just as he finished speaking the door burst open and Hermione and Theo burst in, red faced and panting only to stare at the sight in front of them. "Close the door," Blaise instructed when neither of them moved for a moment.

"Oh Harry I'm so sorry, I was looking everywhere for you! Is everything ok? The baby?" Hermione hurried over to peer down at the suckling baby.

"Aunt Hermione, meet Orion Blaise Potter," Harry smiled up at his friend. Three throats caught at the name.

"Harry…are you sure…" Blaise stammered.

"I would have given birth alone if you hadn't found me, you helped me bring him into the world, I'd be honoured if you let him carry your name," Harry said shyly.

"I…I…" Blaise was horrified to feel himself choking up so he just nodded instead.

"Orion for Sirius?" Hermione asked leaning down to brush a smooth cheek.

"Yes. He may not be best pleased when he finds out but I want to give him Sirius's middle name," Harry smiled down at his son sadly.

"Congratulations Po…Harry, he's cute in a pink, wrinkly way," Theo said thoughtfully breaking the sadness in the air.

"Thank you Theo and thank you for getting Hermione," Harry smiled at the other teen.

"Its fine, though I think I may have completely stunned Professor Snape and Parkinson. They were right by Granger when I ran up, dangled your necklace in front of her and practically yelled peaches before we both raced off," Theo snickered. "Oh here by the way," He pulled out the necklace and handed it back to Harry.

"It's beautiful," Blaise said as he fastened it around Harry's throat for him again. Harry smiled and lifted the emerald shaped heart so he could see it.

"My dad gave it to my mum for their first anniversary. I only just got into my family vaults this summer and found it," He told them.

"Can I ask, why peaches?" Theo asked looking between them. Hermione and Harry laughed before Hermione answered.

"I'm the only one who knows about the pregnancy…well knew. We researched how to deliver the baby, with the idea that I would do it, then a few weeks ago we realised that we would need a code word or something for Harry to give me as he couldn't outright say, I'm in labour if we were at the table or something. So it had to be something no one could make any link to. Harry craved peaches all through his pregnancy, so peaches," Hermione shrugged.

"Here," Blaise grabbed the blanket he had transfigured and gently took Orion from Harry to swaddle him before handing him back. "What are you going to do now?" he asked softly.

"Escape, there are tunnels leading from the castle to Hogsmeade. The plan is to rest until I get my strength and then run for it. We have a muggle flat rented," Harry sighed.

"This is going to seem suspicious I know but…you could come to my manor. My mother and I are neutral, and once we explain she would have no issues with you staying. We have more than enough room," Blaise offered hesitantly.

"Why? Why would you help us?" Harry frowned. "It's one thing when you find me alone and giving birth but…"

"No one should have to worry about their child being taken! No one. You deserve a break and to go somewhere safe. They would most likely find you somehow in the muggle world. I delivered him, I want to make sure your both safe!" Blaise said firmly. Harry eyed him for a few moments before his face lost its suspicion.

"I'm not used to anyone but Mione helping, just because they want to help. Are you sure? If anyone finds out it will be hell, and they're going to find out," Harry warned him.

"My family has managed to stay neutral in this war and the last, we don't flaunt it like the Malfoy's but we're a strong and powerful family. We can protect ourselves and you," Blaise smiled sadly at Harry's confession.

"I…if your sure?" Harry asked.

"I'm sure Harry. Granger you and Theo will need to get on the train this afternoon with illusions of me and Harry to make sure suspicion isn't risen. Theo will give you my address, you are welcome to come and stay as well," Blaise turned to Hermione.

"Harry needs time to recover, it might work better if we don't disappear. They watch me until they tell me I can go to Headquarters, that will be a few weeks to a month, if we keep their suspicions down then I can get to Headquarters and tell Sirius and Remus…" Hermione planned out loud. "That will be better than telling them through letter, they would likely freak out and we can't predict who would be near them to read the letter or to reason with them from telling Dumbledore,"

"Do you know how to set up a floo connection undetected?" Theo asked after a few minutes of silence as they took this in.

"No," Hermione frowned.

"I have a book that will tell you how to do it and I think Blaise has a never ending bag of floo powder. You'll need to stay at your house until you can get to…Sirius and Remus, but you can make floo calls from your house to talk to Harry and check on them both," Theo explained quickly.

"It's not that I don't trust you…" Hermione blushed realising her worry had been clear to them.

"Its fine, we understand. Really," Theo chuckled.

"The only problem is making it seem Harry is staying at his house," Hermione sighed.

"If you take illusion me over to the Dursleys, speak to them and offer them £1000 to make it seem like I'm there and not tell anyone I'm not, tell them I won't ever be back they'll do it," Harry said tiredly. Blaise and Theo frowned at the implications of his words. "Take the money from my trunk,"

"Alright, we have a plan. Harry needs a couple of hours rest and some potions that we brewed for this before he can move though," Hermione turned to the Slytherins.

"I need to go, unobtrusively pack. We'll be back within two hours, I'll write and send a letter to my mother pre-warning her," Blaise stood and after one last look at Harry and Orion left with Theo.

"He seems rather taken with you both," Hermione grinned at Harry as she helped him lie down properly, Orion resting in the crook of his arm.

"He delivered him, of course he's taken," Harry grumbled glaring at her.

"Alright saying no more. Here take these, then sleep," Hermione fished the potions out of her bottomless purse before settling back to watch over them.