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Last Time

"How did it go?" Gabriella asked concerned walking over to brush a kiss to Blaise and Harry's cheeks.

"Well," Harry smiled at her.

"They were eating out of their hands, I swear that half the crowd swooned in some places," Remus chuckled as he wrapped his arm around Sirius's waist.

"There was no negativity?" Voldemort asked from his armchair in the corner making Harry jump slightly.

"Geez you're creepy hovering in the corner like that!" Harry choked out resting his hand over his heart dramatically.

"Thank you," Voldemort smirked making Blaise snort quietly and shake his head.

"The press?" Voldemort repeated.

"No negativity at all, there was a comment about the fact that Blaise was in Slytherin and neutral, but it wasn't really negative," Harry shook his head.

"Well now we've made our move, Dumbledore's turn, though he will be having trouble countering this one," Smirked Voldemort pausing by Lucius's shoulder to peer curiously down at Orion.

Chapter fourteen

Harry stopped in the doorway and smiled softly as he watched Blaise rocking Orion and humming softly to him as he moved slowly around the room. He leant against the doorway and smiled at the sight in front of him, the sight of his family.

He had been so scared when he had realized he was pregnant all those months ago, frightened but determined that he wasn't going to do anything but love his child, wholly and unconditionally. He had told Hermione and they had started planning. Both of them had known right from the start that Dumbledore would never let him keep Orion, he had known that he would make him get rid of the baby, and while yes it had crossed his mind for a week, he could never have done it. And he would never have recovered from losing his baby like that.

All their planning had been perfect and exact, they had researched the delivery, planned for any circumstance, except of course Orion deciding that he was going to be delivered quickly and Harry being stuck across the castle from Hermione with no way to get a message to her without attracting attention. And then Blaise and Theo had hurried into the room and what had happened after Harry would never have been able to dream up in his wildest dreams.

He had been so heartbroken and hurt after Rodger, and he had had Orion's safety to think about, he had no plans what so ever of starting anything with anyone for a long time. But seeing Blaise with Orion, seeing the way he looked at him, and the way that he treated Harry himself, he had been falling before he even realized what was going on. And now a faint nightmare situation where he was sure that he was going to have to drag Orion around on the run for Merlin knew how long had turned into perfection for him.

He had his family together, he was living with Sirius and Remus now, he had a mate and their baby, he was becoming closer and closer to Gabriella the woman was so kind and loving to him the more time went on – especially the last week since the adoption when she looked at him and Orion with awe and what he realized was rapidly growing affection in her eyes for him and pure, undiluted love and adoration when she looked at Orion. Hermione was living with them, he had a good relationship building with Draco, the insults that they had exchanged before becoming banter now. He had gained a defecto grandfather if the way Fenrir looked at him said anything. And Voldemort, well, whatever was going on with him was something no one could ever have predicted, but it seemed as though he was forming some part in their lives, what exactly it was had yet to be seen.

"Harry?" Harry blinked and realized that while he had been locked in his thoughts Blaise had realized he was there and had clearly tried to be getting his attention.

"Sorry, just thinking," Harry smiled softly, the warm glow in his chest not diminishing at all as he took in the sight of his family.

"It looked serious," Blaise asked a note of concern in his voice as he shifted Orion into the crook of one arm and reached out to brush his fingers over Harry's cheek.

"Just thinking about how lucky I am," Harry shook his head kissing Blaise's finger tips before wriggling closer to him to wrap his arms around Blaise's waist and press his face into his shoulder.

"I am the lucky one," Blaise snorted shaking his head. "You and Orion, you're everything that I didn't even let myself dream about," Blaise sighed contently.

"We're both lucky," Harry suggested resting his chin on his mate's chest to grin up at him.

"Agreed," Blaise chuckled Harry hummed contently into his mouth when he leaned down to kiss him slowly but thoroughly.

"My Grand-godson is going to be scarred if he has to watch you two doing that all the time," Lucius snorted as he walked into the room. Harry laughed at the term Lucius had come up with as he pulled away from Blaise with one last kiss.

"We weren't expecting you today," Harry smiled at Lucius, Fenrir and Voldemort, the latter two were standing in the doorway waiting while Lucius just meandered in.

"We wished to discuss a few matters with you, iron out some details, things like that," Voldemort explained scrubbing his hands through his black hair in a move that made Harry raise his eyebrow. It was a sign of frustration.

"Of course, come in," Blaise nodded them forwards while a house elf popped in with tea and coffee for them.

"Is everything ok? You are looking tired?" Harry asked Voldemort, feeling a little concerned at the sight of the man. The Dark Lord seemed startled both at the observation and the question.

"I have been quite busy this week figuring different moves and reactions that Dumbledore might take so that we can interact them, and discussing a few more negotiations for my side," Voldemort sighed taking a seat gratefully.

"Severus will be joining us shortly," Lucius explained before pouting when Blaise passed Orion to Fenrir – who after two more visits since the Blessing still looked at Orion as though he was the most precious and fragile thing in the world. Harry squeezed the elder werewolf's shoulder as he passed him before he sat down beside Blaise.

"How has he been?" Fenrir asked without taking his eyes from Orion.

"He's been brilliant. We've had a few broken nights this week but mostly he's been fine. He's starting to almost manage to lift his head himself now," Blaise told his sort of in-law proudly.

"He's coming along well," Voldemort commented, blinking over Fenrir's shoulder at Orion, who appeared couldn't decide between who looked the more interesting, his eyes flicking from Voldemort to Fenrir and back.

"He has such a serious expression on his face," Fenrir chuckled, stooping to press a kiss to Orion's forehead.

"Our little Ravenclaw to be," Harry laughed.

"The next one will be in Slytherin," Blaise muttered before smirking when Harry nudged his arm.


"Over my dead body," Lucius snorted into his tea.

"I'm sure I can get the House Elves to arrange that," Harry smirked at the man who spluttered before bursting out laughing.

"You plan for more then?" Voldemort asked still peering at Orion.

"Definitely, we want at least a couple of siblings for him," Harry nodded.

"Merlin help us, as though one mini Potter about to be crawling around wasn't bad enough," Severus said dryly as he walked into the room. Harry rolled his eyes good naturedly but stood up to hug the man. As normal Severus hesitated before he wrapped his arms tightly around Harry and squeezed back.

"You have news?" Voldemort asked concerned turning in his seat so he was sitting properly next to Fenrir.

"Dumbledore has decided to encourage the Davies to file for a reversal of the adoption," Severus nodded squeezing Harry even tighter when he froze before releasing him and allowing him to slip down next to Blaise, reaching for his mate's hand. He hesitated for a second before he sat down beside Harry and rested his hand comfortingly on his shoulder.

"We knew it was going to happen, I just…" Harry shrugged smiling weakly.

"I did manage to see the Davies boy, he is not going to win anything in court. He has no idea what he wants, it is his parents that are pushing this. I'm fairly sure the Wizengamot will laugh him out of court if he stands there and says that he wants to be Orion's father, never mind the fact that he cheated on you, is known for having multiple partners at one time, and that due to this being a case involving a child you can request truth charms be placed around the Court. Dumbledore knows this is a weak move, but it is the only one he can make," Severus assured him.

"It's a foolish one with little hope of success. He's become so arrogant that he is making a move that is fairly sure to fail based on the expectation that people are going to side on the matter he agrees with. The law however works with us on this one. Davies doesn't have a leg to stand on legally wise, especially if he does not really know whether he would want to be Orion's father. The fact that we have already performed the adoption, we have little to nothing to worry about," Voldemort sat back in his seat steepling his fingers thoughtfully

"If there is really not much chance of him winning why is he going ahead with it though?" Harry asked nervously.

"Because he has become so sure of his own popularity and influence he's not taking into consideration the fact that the law will work against him. Plus the fact that he is probably fairly certain that it won't make it to court when we are going to ensure that it does," Lucius smirked.

"What do you mean?" Blaise's grip was starting to cut off the circulation in Harry's fingers but he didn't say anything, just held on as tightly and waited to hear what they said.

"He's hoping mainly that he will be able to get a hold of you and 'convince' you that Blaise has done something to you and get you to agree to the reversal of the adoption," Severus snickered.

"He is also likely hoping that the intimidation of having to face off against him and his support will make you agree to the reversal rather than going to court. When instead I am going to be working with the contacts we have in the ministry – including my contact with the Lord Overseer of the Wizengamot and I am going to ensure that it goes to court, where we will win," Lucius explained.

"Going to court will work in our favour?" Harry asked.

"Definitely, you and Blaise are the more suitable parents for Orion. Plus with the support of Remus, the Weasley family, Longbottoms and Andromeda, Tonks and Ted it's going to be a clean sweep," Severus assured him.

"You said there were a few things that you wanted to talk to us about?" Blaise asked Voldemort.

"Yes, I know how much you dislike the press, but I am afraid that we are going to have to use them to our advantage this time and pre-empt Dumbledore, my contact in the Prophet has told me that Dumbledore has been looking to get a meeting in private with the chief editor, my contact can only put off the message for so long before the editor hears about it and takes the interview. We need to get there first otherwise it could do a little damage to our case," Voldemort looked to the side distracted when Orion sneezed cutely and Fenrir started cooing at him.

"Sorry," Fenrir smiled a little sheepishly, but went right back to cooing anyway.

"What do you want us to do?" Harry sighed, though he did manage a small smile when Blaise lifted their hands to kiss Harry's.

"I was thinking a few pictures. One of you both with Orion, one of you both, Draco and Hermione with Orion, maybe a group picture with Gabriella, Remus, Narcissa and Lucius," Voldemort mused.

"Is that all?" Harry asked hopefully.

"I'm afraid not, I think a small, more detailed interview may do some good," Voldemort shrugged.

"Alright, I'll get Hermione to get in contact with Rita, Mr Lovegood will do another interview piece. We'll give the Prophet a group picture, the Quibbler can have the most though," Harry bit his lip thoughtfully. "We can set a meeting up for the interview with Rita somewhere here right?"

"Erm yes...are you sure Ms Skeeta is the right person to write on this, she is known for…spicing things up, not that I think you could make this any spicier," Lucius said cautiously.

"Rita will write exactly what we tell her to write, don't worry about that," Harry waved off the concern.

"How exactly are you going to get Ms Skeeta to write exactly what you want?" Lucius drawled raising an eyebrow at Harry.

"By blackmailing and threatening her again of course. What did you think she wrote that interview with no embellishments last time out the goodness of her heart?" Harry snorted.

"You…blackmailed and threatened her?" Blaise blinked at his mate.

"Yeah," Harry said after looking around at their stunned faces as though he thought they were stupid.

"Not very Gryffindor of you," Voldemort noted.

"Ah, me and Hermione would have made good Slytherins," Harry shrugged. "Hermione did most of the ground work on the blackmailing, plus she really doesn't like that woman and took enjoyment out of every second of it. I'll get her to get in contact with Rita to set up the interview," Harry smiled brightly.

"You scare me a little sometimes, you know that right?" Blaise said amused.

"That a good thing or a bad thing?" Harry grinned.

"Oh good, definitely good," Blaise's eyes flashed with lust telling Harry exactly what he meant.

"Right well…" Severus coughed. "I'm going to go and check in with Dumbledore before I can escape for the weekend," he made to stand but found himself being hugged tightly before he could.

"See you in the next couple of days?" Harry asked.

"Yes…yes of course," Severus smiled before standing and hurrying to floo out.

"I shall go and see Gabriella, I'll see you in a bit," Lucius patted Harry and Blaise's shoulders before wandering out the living room.

"I wish to offer my magic towards your wards, I seriously doubt that Dumbledore will do anything quite so stupid as to try and attack your home, but it never hurts to be as secure as possible," Voldemort said awkwardly.

"Thank you, I shall take you to the warding stone," Blaise blinked shocked at the beyond generous offer from the Dark Lord before standing quickly as Voldemort did. Shooting his mate a confused look back Harry accepted the kiss when Blaise leant down before he led the Dark lord out of the room.

Harry looked back across at Fenrir who was looking unsurely between him and Orion. Unable to help himself he shot Fenrir a mischievous grin before crossing the space between them to perch on the sofa beside Fenrir, making himself comfortable before grinning even wider at the worried looking werewolf.

"So…how long have you and Voldemort been together?" Harry asked impishly before laughing when Fenrir choked and started spluttering.

"How…but…we…erm…its…you see…"

"Don't worry I don't think anyone else has figured it out, and I won't say anything until you are ready," Harry took pity on him.

"We…its complicated and I didn't want to scare Remus away even more than he already was. I was waiting until we were more comfortable with each other before dropping his on him," Fenrir sighed.

"How do you mean it's complicated, you're mates aren't you?" Harry frowned

"Yes, he's my mate as much as Sirius is Remus'. But we have never fully completed the bond. He…he says he wants to wait until the war is won before we tie ourselves together. Everything is so uncertain and he has nearly died twice now, he knows that if we complete the bond and something goes wrong that I could…."

"It's ok, I know the chances of what could happen to the werewolf should his or her fully bonded mate be killed," Harry smiled sadly.

"Before…I didn't have Remus, or you, or Orion in my life, the chances were if something happened to him I would have followed for sure. He wouldn't…he didn't want his choices to be the cause of that, so he has always refused the full bonding," Fenrir sighed tiredly shrugging.

"I'm sorry," Harry reached out and gripped Fenrir's arm, making no move to let go when amber eyes that were so like Remus' looked at him.

"That's just the way our lives have gone. Things are looking up now, you have joined his side, I have the potential of a family I thought I would never be allowed to be a part of. He…he struggles with love, with affection and feelings. He has them but showing them, allowing himself to feel them most of the time, even with me is hard for him," Fenrir tried to explain.

"What are you saying?" Harry frowned confused.

"You might not want to hear this, not with everything… but you, Orion, Remus, Blaise…you're my family and through me his. He will do everything he can to protect you. Even if he can't show it," Fenrir explained. He blinked confused and a little worriedly when Harry burst out into – admittedly a little hysterical – laughter.

"Sorry it's just in the last couple of months my life has become some sort of twilight zone…erm…."

"I am aware of the muggle meaning," Fenrir smiled when Harry paused.

"Oh right. Well it's just, I'm in love with and want to spend the rest of my life with Blaise Zabini, King of the Slytherin mask, who has adopted my baby son as his own and loves him completely. Draco Malfoy is now godparent with Hermione and I'm pretty sure close to becoming a close friend, the same with Lucius and Narcissa. I am getting on and actually wanting some sort of a relationship with Severus, who I am pretty sure has something forming with my godfathers. Fenrir Greyback, practically the image for the big bad wolf in the wizarding world, is my…adopted grandfather and through him Voldemort has now somehow become my step adopted grandfather and you are telling me he actually cares in his own way and is going to protect us as much as he can. Which is why he is with my mate strengthening the wards on the house," Harry summed up.

"Basically. Yes," Fenrir nodded. "And Severus, Sirius and Remus all smell a little of lust whenever they are together, but I think their relationship is a little too fragile for any of us to say anything just yet," he added.

"Urgh could have lived my entire life without hearing that," Harry groaned dropping his head so his face was pressed into Fenrir's shoulder. He felt the larger man tense, uncertainty practically radiating off of him before he shifted Orion more securely into one arm and reached over to run his fingers soothingly through Harry's hair.

"Everything ok?" Blaise asked concerned about twenty minutes later when he and Tom walked in. Harry was practically dozing on Fenrir's shoulder, the Werewolf himself was in a peaceful state and Orion was fast asleep.

"Hmm, just recovering from the trauma of hearing about Sirius and Remus' lusty smells," Harry wrinkled his nose.

"Harry is aware of us," Fenrir told his mate at the questioning look he was being given. Voldemort's eyes widened and he looked at Harry with what Harry would guess to be uncertainty in his eyes.

"Please tell me you brought it up discretely?" Blaise asked his mate amused.

"Not really, he was a little blunt," Fenrir glared a little at his adopted grandcub when he snickered against his shoulder, showing no desire to move meaning Voldemort and a slightly uncomfortable looking Blaise had to sit down opposite them.

"Is this going to be an issue?" Voldemort asked Harry smoothly, but Harry read the concern in his eyes when they flicked to Fenrir.

"Not on my side it isn't. It's a little poetic I think you two being together. Dark Lord and Alpha Werewolf," Harry grinned.

"I'm not letting you and Hermione watch anymore of those muggle film things," Blaise groaned covering his face at the fact Harry just practically called the Dark Lord and Alpha Werewolf of Britain cute.

"It's a f-i-l-m and why not?" Harry pouted lifting his head a little.

"Because you go all giggly and…romantic when you watch them," Blaise groaned.

"I do not go giggly! Take that back Blaise Zabini!" Harry glared straightening up sharply.

"Never. You giggle, a real giggle as well," Blaise smirked before dodging out the way of the stinging hex Harry threw at him. "You giggle more than Hermione I reckon," he teased before darting out the door, Harry hot on his heels leaving the two older man blinking after them as they listened to Harry throwing hexes after his mate down the corridor.

"How long before they realize they left the baby in here with me and coming running back?" Voldemort asked dryly.

"I don't think that is going to be an issue," Fenrir smirked at him, adjusting his hold on Orion to settle him back into the middle of his arms.

"Please tell me you did not lead him under the illusion that I care," Voldemort sighed

"Sorry My Love, your secret is out," Fenrir said amused.

"How many times do not call me that where people can hear!" Voldemort hissed but there was no fire behind his words

"I hardly think Orion is going to tell anyone," Fenrir snickered.

"If he is anything like his bearer then he will live to make my life as difficult as possible," Voldemort rolled his eyes sitting back with his arms crossed in what he had hexed Fenrir for calling his pouting pose.

"Now now, is that anyway to talk about your…how did Harry refer to it. Oh yes your step adopted grandson," Fenrir smirked as Voldemort stared at him horrified.

"Oh Dear Merlin, I knew getting involved with you and your whacky family was going to be the end of me," Voldemort huffed, scowling when his traitorous mate just started laughing.

Blaise laughed when Harry tackled him from behind. He gripped his smaller mate's hips before rolling them sharply so he had Harry underneath them. Both of them were panting from their run, both of them grinning at each other. Blaise barely had time to let out a startled noise when Harry reached up and yanked him down into a hard, hungry kiss.

"What…about if…someone…" Blaise muttered through their kisses as Harry's hands slipped into his robes and under his shirt.

"All…busy…come…on," Harry coaxed running his nails with just the right amount of pressure over Blaise's back, gaining a growl from his mate before their lips were slammed firmly together. Sealing their lips together he slid his hand into Harry's hair and tugged it back a little to get the right angle to deepen the kiss. Harry groaned underneath him, his fingers anxiously tugging at buttons and robes until Blaise found them being yanked off of him.

"I think…you…are over…dressed," Blaise mumbled nudging their noses together once he had leant up to help Harry yank his robes off fully. He reached for Harry's buttons and quickly had him stripped out of his robes and shirts. The moan that he got from Harry when his lips brushed over his stomach, tracing a rapid path up to Harry's nipple.

Harry made a hungry noise in the back of his throat before he gripped Blaise's hair and yanked him up to slam their lips together again, savouring completely in the taste and feel of Blaise against him. He loved Orion more than anything in this world, but Merlin they didn't get enough time for this.

As their kiss became messier, involving more teeth, Blaise yanked Harry's trousers open and pulled them down, his lips moving down Harry's stomach, over his hips, over his thighs. The sound of Harry's gasping and moans had Blaise biting gently into Harry's thigh before he muttered the spell he needed, and then pressed his index finger to Harry's entrance. He lifted his eyes to Harry's face, question clear in his eyes. And his answer was given when Harry pressed down carefully onto Blaise's fingers.

Aware that his mate could still be sore Blaise went slowly and carefully at first. But of course his green eyed minx would put a nail in that coffin by reaching his hand nimbly down into Blaise's trousers and stroking him in hard, firm strokes while growling out 'more'. After that Blaise couldn't be responsible for his own actions, though Harry certainly did not seem to be displeased by the proceedings.

Blaise pressed his face into Harry's shoulder as his hips started thrusting forwards, pushing himself into Harry's grip harder and harder as he felt himself starting to lose control the tightly wound chord in his stomach tightening and tightening until it snapped suddenly and in a haze of pleasure. He was aware of calling out Harry's name, and the sound of Harry's pleasured groan in his ears, but it took him a few moments to return to himself, his body trembling and shivering with pleasure.

It was Harry's almost pained mewl and wriggle that made Blaise aware of the fact that Harry was still hard and waiting. He managed to force his body weight onto his elbow before he started moving his fingers again, hard and fast inside of his mate, quickly having Harry gasping for pleasure again as he honed in on Harry's prostate and battered it mercilessly. Just as Harry's voice was reaching a tone that Blaise recognized now to meaning that he was close he heard a loud bang of the door opening and moved so his body was blocking Harry's from view.

"Oh Merlin my eyes!" Draco's yelp yanked Harry and Blaise apart.

"Why is it we live in a manor but people still manage to find us at the worst moments!" Harry snarled.

"I'm going don't worry!" Draco blushed turning and practically running from the room.

"I was so close!" Harry whined thumping his head back onto the floor before gasping a yelp when Blaise's fingers moved again inside of him, quickly picking their rhythm back up and catching Harry's arousals interest again. With a groaned shout of his name on Harry's lips, Blaise watched as his head snapped back revealing his pale skin his Blaise's eyes. His breath caught in his throat as he took in the sight of his mate laid out like this before him.

Harry groaned slightly as his tingling body calmed down, turning blindly into Blaise's lips when he pressed his against Harry's cheek. He hummed happily as he wrapped his heavy arms around Blaise's neck and held onto his mate as they lay exchanging lazy kisses.

"I love you," Blaise sighed

"I love you too," Harry smiled.

"Ready to face the music?" Blaise asked after a few moments chuckling when Harry groaned.

"No! I need at least another twenty minutes of afterglow and snuggling while Great Grandpa Fenrir bonds with Orion," Harry pouted.

"Don't pout," Blaise glared.

"Why?" Harry grinned

"You know exactly why, I can't resist you when you pout like that,"

"Which is why I pout,"


"You love it,"

Gabriella pressed a kiss to Orion's head as she held her Grandson close to her chest, watching anxiously as Harry tried to calm her son down. Orion was shifting anxiously in her arms, he was clearly picking up on his father's anxiety and anger, his little hands were fisted in her robes clenching and unclenching.

Remus and Sirius were on either side of her, watching the proceedings anxiously. Sirius's hand was gripping and ungripping furiously, Gabriella was sure that it was only Remus' hand on the back of his neck that was stopping him from storming out and doing something stupid. She watched worriedly as Blaise paced furiously in the room, his expression furious, his magic cracking around him like a storm. Harry's expression was anxious, broken and concerned, and she wished that she could point out to her son that his mate needed him right now, that he was scared. But she knew it would do no good, she knew her son's temper.

"Blaise!" Harry's voice was pleading as he reached out for Blaise again but flinched when Blaise shoved passed him making him lose his balance. "Blaise!" Harry snapped. Thankfully this snapped his mate out of his temper as he realized what he had done.

"Harry…" Blaise looked guilty as he stepped back to Harry, finally seeing the strain around his eyes and the worry in them.

"Blaise please calm down…Orion," Harry looked over to their son where he was shifting restlessly and clearly agitatedly in his grandma's arms.

"I'm…Harry…" Blaise growled frustrated in the back of his throat as he took in Sirius, Remus and his Mother all looking at him, watching him giving into his anger.

"Blaise, it's ok," Harry grabbed his arms and turned his back to the three of them before reaching up to grip Blaise's face. "It's ok. We knew this was coming," Harry said soothingly.

"We knew that he was going to file for the revoking of the adoption but this…" Blaise grit his teeth furiously.

"So Dumbledore is taking it a step further, more fool him. He's not going to win this. Blaise think, no one is going to be able to prove that we aren't the best and loving parents that Orion could ever want, especially not with magic. Lucius, Draco, Fenrir, Voldemort, they aren't going to let him be taken from us. And this! This is going to blow a hole in Dumbledore's image and his reputation. He accuses us of being unfit parents and supports his right to full custody of Orion. When it comes out just how much he doesn't want to be a father and how unfit he is as opposed to us who love Orion with everything that we have. He will be ripped apart!" Harry said fiercely.

"I can't lose him," Blaise said quietly, brokenly.

"We aren't going to lose him Blaise. Besides that I am fairly sure that the offer to…remove him from the picture still stands with Voldemort," Harry grinned managing to startle Blaise into laughter as he had intended.

"I'm sorry," Blaise sighed dropping his forehead to Harry's as he slid his arms around his smaller mate's waist.

"You love our son and are angry at the idea that someone is trying to steal him away from us. You have nothing to apologise for," Harry snorted scratching his fingers through Blaise's hair to sooth him even more.

"I'm not letting him be taken from us," Blaise said softly.

"No one is taking our son from us," Harry said so surely and so firmly, his green eyes flashing dangerously and reminding Blaise of just how powerful he really was, sending a shiver down his spine and calling to something inside his own magic.