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Chapter Fifteen

Happiness for our Saviour

The newspaper reported only days ago o the shocking revelation that not only was the Boy-Who-Lived with the soon to be Zabini Lord, Blaise Zabini, but they had a gorgeous seven week old baby boy. The news that the Boy-Who-Lived had been pregnant and no one had known stunned everyone and raised many questions.

The image of Harry Potter and Blaise Zabini standing on the steps of Gringotts with their baby son, side by side looking every inch proud new parents. And they left the crowd thirsting for more information than the brief interview they gave, answering only five questions. They announced their son's name was Orion Blaise Zabini Potter, that Harry and Blaise were now together and they hinted at the fact that a bonding was most definitely in their near future, they refused to comment on how long they had been together and that they were not going to sacrifice their privacy, Harry announced that he was not bothered by the fact that Blaise was a Slytherin and the Lord Zabini answered the question as to whether he would be moving to the light side by saying that his place was at Harry's side, the answer to the questions as to whether or not they were in love the crowds hearts were warmed when the answers 'completely' and 'totally' came from the two almost at the same time. And the shocking last question and answer? Who is Orion Blaise Zabini Potter's Godfather, the answer Draco Malfoy.

This small interview left the crowd and the journalists chomping at the bit, wanting to know more information about the family, what happened, how did they get together, what they are like together, what their son is like, and everyone wants an image of the heir and son of two of the oldest houses in our world.

And this reporter can say with some pride and awe that she was given the utmost privalage of being able to interview the young family and get pictures of them. I was invited to Zabini Manor where the, frankly, gorgeous couple are living with their family. Lord Potter and heir Lord Zabini, Gabriella Zabini, Remus Lupin and Hermione Granger, who it was revealed to me as soon as we exchanged our greetings was Orion's godmother. We were also joined by Lord Malfoy and heir Lord Malfoy and Lady Malfoy, who I am told spend most of their time at the manor anyway.

Lord Potter and Lord Zabini greeted me when I stepped into the room, Heir Lord Draco Malfoy was holding heir Lord Zabini Potter and seemed quite content sitting with the baby. The youngest heir Lord in our country it can easily be said is already benefitting from his parent's genes, striking emerald green eyes of his bearer are stunning against the mocha skin of his father.

I was offered a seat by the most gracious Lady Zabini, while Lord Potter and Lady Malfoy themselves poured tea for us all. And then I was granted the information that all of us have been longing for.

The young Lord Potter was in what he believed to be a relationship with Rodger Davies, only to suffer from his first heartbreak when he went to surprise his boyfriend early and found him in the embrace of another. Understandbly heartbroken he fled and turned to his closest friend, Miss Hermione Granger for a support I was informed he could not have done without, even more so upon the discovery only a few weeks later that he was pregnant.

Now the question that all of us have been asking is how no one was aware of the fact that the Boy Who Lived was pregnant, despite spending the entire of his pregnancy in Hogwarts school. The answer to that question was told to me by an extremly grave faced Heir Lord Zabini who was I asked my tentative question slipped his hand into his partners and held on through the rest of the interview. Lord Potter was terrified of what would happen to unborn baby should certain people with expectation towards the Boy Who Lived and the place he held in our world. Lord Potter admitted that he had a moment of considering his situation but quickly realised that he wanted his baby and he and Miss Granger planned to ensure the safety of the baby.

Fearing for the life of his unborn baby Lord Potter and Miss Granger laid out a simply brilliant plan to conceal the pregnancy from even the 'all seeing eyes' of Dumbledore and planned out the delivery of the baby themselves, and then a way to escape into the muggle world where they hoped to disappear and so protect the baby.

But the best laid plans are often dashed by children, and Heir Lord Zabini Potter is no different to this. A very amused Lord Potter leant into Heir Lord Zabini's side as he told me how he had been sending a letter when his contractions kicked in. He managed to make it to an unsued classroom where he was stuck for a good half an hour and his waters breaking while he tried tofigure out the best way to get Miss Granger's help. And it was at this point that Heir Lord Zabini was making his own way to the owlry and overheard the noises of pain that Lord Potter was not able to smother.

Lord Potter teased Heir Lord Zanini at this point claiming that his aristorcratic chivilry kicked in as he realised what was happening with Lord Potter and sent Heir Lord Nott, whom was with him, to go and collect Miss Granger while he started preparing ready for the birth. The two of them ended up having to go through the birth together as Heir Lord Zabini Potter was more than ready to be born. By the time Miss Granger and Heir Lord Nott made it into the room Lord Potter had his baby son in his arms.

Heir Lord Zabini's expression could only be described as tender as he looked over at his son and then looked at his partner as he told me that that was the moment Lord Potter had announced the name of his son to his soon to be godmother, Orion Blaise Potter, at the time, his middle name in honour for the man who had stayed and helped the baby and his bearer and delivered him into the world. Heir Lord Zabini then raised Lord Potter's hands to his lips and kissed the back of it before carrying on the story. Lord Potter had admitted why he had hidden the pregnancy ad the fact that he and Miss Granger planned on fleeing into the muggle world with the newly named Orion Blaise. Heir Lord Zabini told me that he had not been able to bear the thought of the fact that the baby and bearer would have to go on the run, and he offered them sanctuary until they could come up with something more permanent at the Zabini manor.

The three of them fled the Castle while Miss Granger and Heir Lord Nott held impressive glamours and trick spells to give the image of Lord Potter and Heir Lord Zabini being on the train to return home. Lord Potter took back over the narrative at this point, telling me that when they reached the manor he had to go onto bed rest for a week considering he had had to run or the safety of his baby so soon ater giving birth. During that time and once he was allowed to move around he and Heir Lord Zabini grew closer and closer, and Heir Lord Zabini fell deeply in love with Orion. Lady Zabini interviened here, commenting on how she had watched the two of them falling more and more in love with each other and doubting that the other could feel that way. But then they both broke when Heir Lord Zabini spent his first time away from the manor since they arrived home and they both realised just how much they felt for each other.

It was the very next day that Lord Potter showed just how invested into the relationship he was when he announced that he would want Heir Lord Draco Malfoy to be Orion's godfather, following the traditions that one parent each chose a godparent, and his choice obviously being Miss Granger. Heir Lord Draco Malfoy added in here as he rocked his godson gently that he had been completely stunned at the suggestion considering his and Lord Potter's history. They both then smiled at each other with a clear companionship before Heir Lord Malfoy carried on that once they had let go of their childish rivilries they had formed a good friendship quite quickly, bonded together for their love of both Hier Lord Zabini, and Orion, whom Draco had fallen swiftly under the spell of, telling me that he adored his baby godson utterly. Avery amused Lord Potter had added that Lord and Lady Malfoy were easily a besotted with his son as his godfather was. At this point while they were all laughing with clear amusement at a shared joke Miss Granger stood and went to sit beside Heir Lord Malfoy with a stuffed stag toy and a blue fleece blanket with stars on it when Orion started fussing, the two of them soothing the baby before settling beside each other with what appeared to be an easy companionship.

Now those of you aware of the the oldest rituals of and spells of our world have probably made the connection as to how Orion can now be the Heir to the Zabini fortune, and as you can see by the pictures with this article clearly Heir Lord Zabini's genetic son, for those that haven't made the connection I will make a quick explainaton, a more in depth one to be found in the back of the paper. Lord Heir Zabini adopted Orion by blood in a ritual that is one of our oldest. The ritual reuires pure intentions and love to work, replacing the blood and genetics of one parent to anothers.

The question is then of course, what about the original biological father? Lord Potter smiled sadly and squeezed Heir Lord Zabini's hand while Heir Lord Zabini, Malfoy and Miss Granger's faces expressed what they thought of the situation quite clearly. Lord Potter told me that while Orion's original biological father had boken his heart, this was not the reason that he had made the choices he has. He explained that he made the choices purely for what would be best for his son. The Original biological Father Lord Potter honestly believes is not mature enough to be a father and would be no good for Orion's care and well being. While he can say without a doubt in his heart that Heir Lord Zabini loves and cares for his son with everything that he has, that he would lay down his life for their son and would give him everything that he needs emotionally. This writer has to admit there can be no doubt o the love that Heir Lord Zabini holds for his baby son, the love clear and unmisable in his face, the adoration and pride he feels written across his features and ringing in his voice.

As the interview was brought to a close I asked the two new parents what their hopes for the future were, cheekily hinting as to whether we would be seeing a bonding in the near future. Lord Potter smiled widely even as he blushed while Hier Lord Zabini smiled as he looked at his love, the answer clear without anyone saying anything, especially as Heir Lord Malfoy, Miss Granger and Lady Zabini shared amused knwoing looks, and Lord Maloy snorted while smirking amusedly. Lord Potter shyly admitted that his dreams for the future were to have a couple of siblings for Orion, and for them to set up a happy home together for a family, Heir Lord Zabini clearly agreeing with who is undoubtedly going to be his future husband.

As I stood to leave I was honoured with the image of Orion being passed into Heir Lord Zabini's arms, the young baby looking tiny but undoubtedly completely contented and secure in his father's arms, Heir Lord Zabini not even blinked when the lapels of his robes was grabbed onto and his son started sucking on it. The look shared between Lord Potter and Heir Lord Zabini as they looked at their son and then each other sang of love and contentness, it could really leave no doubt in my mind as to the feelings the small new family feel for each other and the strength o the bond the three of them possessed, but then when the rest of their family stepped behind them, Remus Lupin - One of Lord James Potter's closest friends- wrapping his arm proudly around Lord Potter's shoulder and hugging him close - the power and unity there would make even the strongest witch or wizard hold their breath, the unit around Orion being undoubtedly one befitting that of the future heir binding together two of our Oldest and most powerful Houses and bloodlines that have never been brought together before. And I believe I speak for us all when I say I am very much looking forward to seeing the Heir that these two strong and impressive wizards, with clearly a lot of love to give, will raise.

Harry smirked as he lowered the paper, glancing to Hermione before holding his hand up for a high five she quickly granted. Looking around the table he saw the others blinking at the article, the pictures he was already planning sending a request to Rita or some proper photos to put into Orion's album they were very good. There was a woosh of the fire as the fire turned green and then Voldemort emerged and Fenrir followed close behind him, Voldemort was wearing a smirk that had they not been allies now would have actually been incredibly scary.

"Perfect!" He declared holding up the paper that was still in his hands.

"We thought so," Hermione said primly before her and Harry started laughing.

"Remind me never ever to underestimate you," Blaise said dryly running his fingers gently through Harry's hair as he agusted Orion who was stretched out on his chest with his head resting on his shoulder sleeping.

"I'm the son of the Marauder's sweetie, I will do much more than make you sleep on the sofa," Harry smiled sweetly kissing Blaise's cheek while Sirius laughed so hard if it had not been for Fenrir's steadying hand he would have fallen off his chair.

"I do not thik its Hary we need to be concerned about in this relationship, I think we should e more concerned for poor Blaise," Remus snickered.

"Oh Harry I love you more and more each day, you are so utterly delightful," Gabriel sighed through her laughter as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind and kissed his cheek making Harry beam up at her.

"I just love you more and more each day," Blaise said softly as his mother moved to seat Voldemort and Fenrir at the table, hooking his ankle around Harry's as the other smiled warmly back at him.

"So, I wonder how furious Dumbledore is," Sirius smirked as he settled himself on his seat steadily again.

"Absolutely fuming, he threw his chair out his tower window and took Minerva's hat off with his bowl of lemon drops," Severus said as he stepped into the room. This resulted in another round of laughter from round the table.

"Here is to getting one up on the old bastard!" Remus smirked quite evilly in a way that made Fenrir blink with pride at his cub. They all raised their glasses with smiled to toast the comment.

Roger Davies: A danger to our youngest Heir Lord?

This writer released an article earlier on this week concerning the newest Heir Lord to our world and someone who has been the biggest talk and source of curiosity for an heir that has been seen for a very long time. As was explained Heir Lord Zabini blood adopted Orion, Lord Potter expressing that he did not believe that Orion's original biological father would be good for his son.

In the interest of fairness I decided to seek out Roger Davies - the original biological father of Heir Lord Zabini-Potter - to get his side of the story and find out his thoughts on the matter and the events that have happened. I will admit I am glad however that in this situation the concerns expressed by Lord Potter seem completely founded and I admit I was fairly horrified by the end of the interview.

Firstly when asked about the relationship between him and our beloved young saviour I was treated to a man who had clearly had no interest in the feelings of the young teenager, expressing that he had had several to ten other partners while he had been with Lord Potter - he could not in fact remember! That he had known Lord Potter believed they were exclusived and he had encouraged that belief because he had enjoyed the attentions of the Boy-Who-Lived and that he was with someone so famous.

When asked what he would have done had Lord Potter come to him and told him he was pregnant the Heir Davies then shockingly expressed that he would have encouraged Lord Potter to terminate the pregnancy, and when asked as to whether he actually wanted to be Heir Lord Zabini-Potter's father he answered that he did not know.

At this point Lord and Lady Davies hurried over to their son and started to drag him away, Lady Davies givng an extremily nervous laugh whil;e looking both angry and incredibly flustered, announcing that this had all been a shock to their family and that Heir Lord Davies was just very shocked by the events that had happened. She tried to deflect from his damaging words by saying that Lord Potter had had no right to keep the news of him expecting from Heir Lord Davies and that he and Heir Lord Zabini had stolen their grandson and son from them. When I pointed out Lord Potter's fear for his son's life and her own son's words of termination, the Lady seemed to become mad, actually drawing her wand and firing hexes at me! It was only in my luck that some of duty auror's happened to be near by, Auror Shacklebolt and Tonks quickly restrained Lady Davies and took her back to the Ministry where I was later informed that she had been charged with unlawfull assault, hexing without cause and firing dangerous spells in a public place. She is looking at a hefty fine for her actions and criminal charges going on record.

Faced with these as family, it is with no doubt in my mind that Lord Potter made the best actions for his son, and that the unending love and care Heir Lord Zabini and Lady Zabini have for their son and grandson respectively is the best thing for the youngest Heir Lord in our world. I can only be thankful that the young life is protected and well loved within Zabini manor with his family.

Harry and Hermione were leaning on each other laughing hysterically, so much that Harry actually had tears coming from his eyes while Voldemort, Fenrir, Blaise, Sirius, Remus, Severus and Gabriella gawped at the two evening editions of the daily prophet that they were gathered around.

"That went…even better than I…thought!" Harry choked out wiping his eyes before he descended into laughter again as he caught sight of a smirking Kingsley dragging a furious Lady Davies away who was fighting like a mad woman in his grip, the incriminating photo sealing the article.

"You knew about this?" Blaise gawped at them instead.

"I merely suggested that Rita may want to catch Roger and ask him a few questions as to his thoughts on the matter before the 14th of July," Hermione said primly brushing out the skirt of her dress before she decended into laughter again.

"14th…just before the truth curse you placed on him runs out," Sirius snorted in understanding, they knew he was right when Harry and Hermione started laughing even harder.

"I believe you will find that when we go to trial, this article will have already had quite a lasting impression in the Wizengamot's minds before anything si even said," Harry snickered. He let out a yelp that swiftly turned into a moan when Blaise crossed the space between them in three quick strides and snatched his mate up, spinning him in a circle before slamming his lips to Harry's in a hungry demanding kiss.

"You my…little, fierce…delightful, gorgeous…scary, amazing…clever, wonderful…mate are…simply…breath taking," Blaise muttered between kisses, Harry grumbling in displeasure of him breaking the kiss, even for compliments, reaching up and gripping Blaise's hair and tugging him down into a firmer kiss.

"Parents in the room!" Gabriella called out amused when the kiss began to get a little too deep and hands were wandering a little too far south.

"And Great grandparents!" Fenrir huffed.

"Sorry," Harry grinned unrepentantly.

"Simply brilliant, the both of you," Sirius laughed placing a smacking kiss on Harry and Hermione's cheeks.

"Clever, very very very clever," Remus chuckled delightedly hugging them both.

"I am suddenly even more glad for the baby Lord, I dread to think what you two could have done against me," Voldemort smirked looking completely amused, even as he quickly patted Fenrir's shoulder who was still looking a little disturbed.

"BRILLIANT!" Draco laughed as he tumbled out the fireplace, the flush on his cheeks looking as though he had been laughing for quite a while. "You two are brilliant!" He shook his head.

"You liked it?" Harry smirked.

"I loved it! How did you manage to get Kingsley and Nymphodora down there though? And know that she would attack?" Narcissa chortled as she brushed the soot from her skirts, Lucius snickering flooed in right behind her.

"We didn't, they just happened to be going passed when she decided it would be a good idea to attack Rita in the middle Diagon alley, it couldn't have gone any better than if we had planned it," Harry grinned.

"Planned it more you mean?" Blaise snorted.

"Well, yes more," Harry conceeded smirking.

Harry gasped stunned when he was slammed against the wall of their bedroom as soon as he came out from the bathroom, bracing his hands against the wall as Blaise pressed himself firmly against Harry's back while his lips attacked Harry's neck, his hands sliding underneath Harry's sleep shirtand tugged it off. Harry thought to protest that he had only just gotten dressed in the thing, but as Blaise's warm hands stroked over his skin, his teeth attacked the now tingling skin of his neck and Blaise pressed his hard length to Harry's arse words failed him, and he could only let out a mewling groan and pressed himself back against Blaise, shuddering at the growl he received.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you are when you are being all evil and plotting?" Blaise mumbled into the skin of his neck while he tugged the shirt off completely and then made very quick work of Harry's sleep pants so they dropped around his ankles.

"Blaise," Harry groaned, the feeling of being completely naked while Blaise was pressed still fully clothes against his back sending a small thrill of pleasure right down to his toes.

"So sexy, so cunning and devious, my mate," Blaise hummed before wrapping his hand around Harry's arousal pulling a loud groan from Harry as he wrapped his hand around Blaise's thick wrist. Blaise smirked into the pale neck flushed with red before starting a rhythm that would drive Harry mad with pleasure.

"Am I interupting another plotting session? I admit I am intriged as to what you two might come up with next," Voldemort said dryly as he walked into the living room to find only Harry, Hermione and Orion there, Orion sleeping peacefully in his daddy's arms while he and Hermione sat side by side on the sofa looking deep into discussion.

"You are actually," Hermione laughed as she stood and bowed her head politely to Voldemort, motioning to the chair next to the sofa.

"I was joking, you are truly plotting?" Voldemort raised an eyebrow as he glided over to the chair and seated himself quickly, looking with interest between the two of them.

"We have been thinking about Dumbledore's inner circle, and how best to get to them," Harry explained as he crossed his legs underneath him and rested his arms on them.

"Oh? And what have you come up with?" Voldemort asked intrigued.

"The best way to bring Dumbledore down is to bring down his circle around him, and in so doing to discredit him, most of his power is within his popularity, remove that and he is much easier to defeat," Hermione explained as she settled back beside Harry.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Voldemort leant forwards eagerly.

"Actually we have Lady Davies to thank for this idea, we should send her a fruit basket or something in thanks. We're going to work a few charms and spells, perhaps a couple of potions and then are going to let them hoist themselves on their own petard," Harry smiled viciously.

"Explain?" Voldemort demanded eagerly.

"Witches and wizards set up wards to cover their homes that stop outside magic and intruders getting into their homes. Except for one type of magic, a type of magic we have discussed before, a type that is often overlooked and forgotten," Hermione smirked. Voldemort frowned trying to think of a type of magic they would mean.

"House elves," Harry provided.

"House elves that will carry truth potions to lace the food of the Order with, charms that encourage truth and anger to be hidden around their houses, and then watch as the Order bring themselves down," Hermione explained.

"As simple as that, you believe it will work?" Voldemort frowned.

"Its so simple that they would not consider it./ Dumbeldore will be suspicious now that I have joined your side, especially with the naming o Draco as Godfather to Orion and the closeness that we allowed to be shown to Lucius and Narcissa in the papers. Dumbledore will be expecting a direct attack, something more public and physical, he will not be expecting us to do it this way. Which is exactly why it is the best way to go," Harry smiled.

"And we have two of the best people to set the charms living in this house," Hermione laughed.

"Sirius and Remus are master pranksters, if they can't create these charms and ensure that they are not found then Fenrir is actually a puppy," Harry snorted.

"And Dumbledore himself?" Voldemort asked. Harry smirked and reached into his robes for something before throwing it at Voldemort. The older wizard caught what he saw was a pouch and frowned down at it before opening it. He blinked confused when he reached inside and pulled out a….

"Lemon drop….you have done it then?" He asked suddenly understanding.

"Lemon drops laced with as powerful a truth potion that Dumbledore won't detect and some in there to make his temper a little more frayed. He as much as the Order are going to bring themselves down," Hermione nodded.

"Then I believe we should sit back and watch the fireworks," Voldemort said settling back into his seat with a deep sense of satisfaction, the smirks on the faces of the two Gryffindors sitting opposite him helping settle the feeling of confidence growing inside of him, and the feeling of hope that had been rapidly increasing since Lucius requested his meeting with him to 'explain a tricky situation'.