Harry smiled as he watched Blaise grab the little dark skinned girl around the waist and throw her into the air, he smiled even wider when the laughter that came back to him was purely his husbands, that rich unreserved laugh that had become more and more common over the years that they had ben married. He knew however that if he was closer he would be able to see her emerald and whisky eyes glittering brightly and happily in a way his had since that day he had met Blaise properly.

He turned back to chopping up the items for his salad, pausing every now and then to check that Orion was doing his assigned task properly, he loved that his son had inherited his love of cooking from him, and he spent hours in the kitchen teaching Orion and just getting to spend time with him. Not that their other children didn't enjoy cooking, but Orion had the real taste for it.

The meal they were preparing was a big one too, all of their family were going to be together for the first time in a while, their lives were all so busy it was always difficult to see each other. But the one thing he could say was his little make shift family had stayed close, and they were always in and out of each others homes, popping into work places for visits or meeting up for meals when they could. The group that had gathered around them to celebrate Orion's adoption and blessing had been in their lives over the years since, and they always would be.

"Harry!" Hermione beamed as she stepped into the kitchen, hurrying over to him and stepping into his hug.

"Harry this is looking amazing," Theo was close behind his wife, accepting his own hug with a smile.

"It smells amazing too," Draco hummed stepping into the room with Neville trailing after. Though they had been married with Merlin knew how long Neville still looked at his husband with a trace of awe, as though he couldn't believe that the other man had actually said yes.

"Of course it does, my gorgeous cub and grandson working together, how can it not!" Sirius boomed sweeping Orion from the hug Hermione was breaking his ribs with and tugged him into his own hug.

"Hey hands off my godson!" Draco groused. "I was here first!" He sniffed and hugged his godson himself.

"This is lovely, but if you want to eat we need to finish up, go beat your chests outside, Blaise is out there with Gabriel and the kids," Harry shook his head.

"Are we being kicked out already?!" Ginny snickered bouncing inside and tugging Luna behind her, the blonde haired woman rolled her eyes at her wife's exuberance and adjusted the smile toddler on her hip

"Of course we are, and if we want some of Harry and Orion's yummy food we need to do as he says," George and Fred swept right through the kitchen and started herding people out the door.

"They have missed your cooking, its all they have talked about for weeks," Angelina rolled her eyes at her husband and his brother, Danielle Fred's wife just shook her head as she gave Harry a tight hug.

"Its like a mad house," Orion muttered amused as he went back to cooking. They got peace for maybe another fifteen minutes when Remus, Severus, Fenrir and Voldemort swept into the room.

"I was expecting to see Sirius pestering you in here," Remus grinned amused as he hugged Harry and then Orion tightly.

"He tried but he got dragged outside, your husband is currently playing with the kids outside I think," Harry laughed.

"How he manages to stay so energetic and childish I have no idea," Severus sighed.

"You decided to marry him," Voldemort snorted kissing Harry's cheek.

"Its amazing you haven't gone through more houses than you have," Fenrir nodded from where he was holding Orion tightly, the dark skinned grandson hugging back just as tightly.

"Three houses blown up isn't that bad," Severus grimaced.

"I knew him dragging you into the potions making for the twins and his products was a bad idea," Remus shook his head mournfully.

"It was quite a clever plot of Sirius' really, if he had said that it was experimentation and blown things up Severus would have killed him, get him involved and when things blow up its fine, because he's part of the experiment too," Lucius sniggered walking in.

"And here is me being the idiot who encouraged it, thinking it would be a good idea for them to finally work through the last of their animosity with each other, well that sex hadn't killed anyway," Remus grinned as Harry groaned mournfully at the last comment.

"Young ears!" Narcissa scolded covering Orion's ears, making them all laugh.

"Alright out, we're nearly done!" Harry demanded waving them all on.

By the time they had finished everyone else had arrived, Molly and Arthur, Bill, Fleur, Charlie and his partner Darcy, Tonks and Kingsley, Andromeda and Ted and all of their rabble too. That of course wasn't including Hermione and Theo, Neville and Draco and Ginny and Luna's able who had already been here for the sleep over the night before.

Ron was of course missing, no matter how many years had passed it still felt as though he was missing from their group. But even after everything had happened, and Voldemort was in control, Dumbledore shamed and locked away, he had continued to ran and rave against Harry and Blaise's relationship, getting only worse when Hermione proposed to Theo. He had never been able to accept the change in dynamics, and he had never been able to accept that his family supported Harry's choices, and more than that understood them completely. They didn't really know where he was right now, he moved from city to city quite frequently as one dead end job after the other passed by when he was sacked for his still terrible temper. To be honest they had all given up trying with him as well, he had not accepted any of the chances they had given him, more than he deserved.

The table that was laid out in the garden was simply massive, and as the food was spread over it loud conversations and laughter, friendly arguments and banter started up as the family all caught up with one another. It was home. Harry just sat back for a few moments and took it all in.

He thought back to the little boy in the cupboard who had imagined what it would be like to have one or two family members that loved him, he tried to imagine what that little boy would think if he could see this, if he could see all the people sitting here at his table, filled with love and laughter. He could not have asked for ore than a blessed life, and he could not have been more blessed than to have to love of his husband in his life.

Their start had not been easy, and though after Dumbledore things had gotten a lot smoother, they still faced the ups and downs of married life and of being young parents. But through the arguments and the long tired days, through the times when they thought they would never agree with each other on a matter, their love for each other had never wavered. And their family had grown.

Harry smiled at his nearly all grey haired husband, his own dark hair not fairing the better for the years, though it still managed to be a birds nest. At 54 they were both still in their wizarding prime, but the last year or two they were starting to age a lot faster. Harry liked to jokingly blame it on the fact that their five grandchildren drove them mad, soon to be six.

"Dad?" Speaking of, Juliette their middle daughter, who was due to pop any time soon touched his arm from her seat next to him. He smiled and took her hand patting it.

"Just having a think that's all," Harry smiled.

"You haven't touched your food!" Violet their youngest daughter agreed from a little further down the table.

"Leave him alone, he's allowed to jut sit back and relax after cooking all of this," Micah their second youngest rolled his eyes.

"Oh and what was my part in preparing the meal? Standing their and looking pretty?" Orion huffed, despite being 38 he still could not resist squabbling with his siblings, and from the eye roll his wife Felicia shot Harry from beside him she was thinking the same.

"Of course not, everyone knows you were just the test subject, I got all the good looks," Gabriel sniffed, their second oldest sticking his nose up in a way that was so Draco it was scary.

"Oh please, we all know I'm the best looking one," Sakura their third oldest sneered.

"Dear Merlin, how did we survive raising them?" Harry asked watching as their six children squabbled about who was the best looking, their own children and spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends watching on with bemusement.

"I have no idea but I think we deserve a medal for it," Blaise snorted.

"They're all pretty perfect though hey," Harry smiled resting his head on his husband's shoulder and curling his arm through his.

"You have been pretty thoughtful all day, is everything alright?" Blaise frowned concerned.

"I'm fine," Harry smiled reassuringly leaning forwards to kiss his husband gently. "Honestly its just having everyone together after too long and having all the grandkids and great nieces and nephews last night, I guess it just has me thinking about the last thirty eight years together," Harry shrugged looking back over their table.

"And?" Blaise smiled.

"I could not have asked for a better life Mr Zabini-Potter," Harry grinned.

"Good, because I can not think of anything more perfect than this," Blaise sighed wrapping his arm around his husband's shoulders and hugging him close.

"Dad! Papa! Who is the best looking one!?" Al their kids demanded practically at the same time turning with pouts to look at their parents.

"Well do you want the honest answer?" Blaise hummed thoughtfully. Harry looked at him concerned as this could end out in all out war if he actually gave an answer.


"Well it has to be your dad, he is the best looking, handsomest, cutest, most gorgeous one out the whole family!" Blaise answered smirking widely at the answering groans and moans and make retching he got.

"Eww gross, come on haven't you guys been married long enough to be over all the gross stuff!" Violet complained.

"Never!" Harry swore before tugging Blaise into a firm and hot kiss that his husband eagerly returned, to the laughter of their friends and family, and the groans and complains of their children.

Yes life was perfect.