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Chapter Twelve

Mikhail watched his lover closely as Harry wrapped his arms around Ron and tugged him into a tight hug. It was the first time they had seen each other in the two days since the attack and the red head was looking the worst of everyone from the ordeal. He shuddered slightly before collapsing into Harry's hug, tears wracking him as he apologised over and over again. Mikhail cast his eyes to the side to allow them some privacy, but he refused to be seperated from Harry even by a room except when absolutely necissary.

He reckoned shock was still going through his system, mixed ith the furious anger at how close he had come to losing his future husband. He had known how much he felt or Harry, he knew how much he wanted him and loved him, the fact that he was giving marriage another chance after so many oaths to himself never to make himsel that vulnerable again proved that. But even he had not realised the extent of his eelings for Harry until he had nearly lost the chance at the future they were beginning to paint together.

"Hows it going?" Remus asked softly as he sat down next to Mikhail.

"Ok, they both needed this I think, Ron more than Harry," Mikhail said looking to where Ron was still sobbing into Harry's shoulder, Harry's own frame was shaking with tears forcing Mikhail to push back the desire to storm over there and take Harry into his arms to comfort him himself.

"Sirius is sulking a little, he did not think that he would be losing Harry so soon, especially as Harry has never really shown any interest in anyone before you came along," Remus said making Mikhail look to the other man who was watching Harry wih a small, sad smile.

"We have a while to go yet, and I will not be taking Harry away," Mikhail finally answered getting a chuckle from Remus.

"Harry has allowed you to stick by him and follow him around for the last two days, he allows you to comfort him. Not to mention the way he looks at you. If you do not propose to him soon, I believe that he will be proposing to you," Remus finally looked at him, Mikhail was glad that he could see only warmth in the werewolf's eyes, he knew that Sirius had been slightly put out by the fact that Harry was allowing Mikhail to stick to him but no one else.

"I love Harry, nearly losing him like that…" Mikhail drew in a shuddering breath and looked at his hands realising he had clenchd them tightly together.

"But you didn't, he's still yours," Remus patted him on the back a little awkwardly.

"But it was close, so damned close! I know his life is dangerous, I know that everything that is going on could end badly But it hadn't really sunk in until now.I was a fool…"

"No, it just wasn't real to you," Harry's voice was gentle, the hand that cupped his face equally so.

"Harry…" Mikhail looked uncertainly at Harry's face to see how he was taking the conversation he had heard, but Harry was smiling at him.

"Its ok," Harry's free hand touched his other cheeks, barely a feather light but there.

"I didn't mean it like…"

"I know how you meant it love. You're experiencd at politics, but this is diferent. You knew what my life was like, but it hadn't sunk in really, not fully until this. Hearing stories isn't the same as living one of them. Mikhail if you…" Harry glanced to Remus who nodded and quickly moved over to where Ron was sitting, wrapping his arm around the youngest Weasley boy. "Mikhail, if you want to, I don't know pull back or…"

"Harry, I am not 'pulling back' I am not stepping away, I'm not giving in on this! Marry me!" Mikhail blurted out as he stood sharply, he and Harry stood blinking at each other as the words sink in for both of them.

"You're upset and agitated, and I upset you more by suggesting that we should 'pull back' don't worry I won't hold you to that," Harry laughed but it held no humour.

"It may have been a spur of the moment question Harry, but it was not something I have thought about a lot lately," Mikhail held Harry's arms gently.

"Mikhail…" Harry breathed in shaking his head.

"Yes it has sunk in the reality of your life and the dangers that you face. But that has not made me want to step back and it has not changed my feelings for you. It has made me realise how much I love you Harry and how much I want my life to be bound to yours. Your life is in danger, and though neither of us want to say it out loud, we both know that mines is as well, I have been of interest to the Dark Lord because of my power and family name, now I have become of extreme interest. Life is short, I wasted years with a woman who the only good thing I had with her was Blaise, I don't want to waste longer dancing around the fact that I want to marry you when I know in my soul, in my magic, that you are the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with and that I will not love another the way that I love you. Harry I want to be with you, I love you. So marry me, please, marry me," Mikhail cupped Harry's face pressing kisses to his lips as he asked.

"Mikhail you're mad!" Harry shook his head.

"Marry me!"

"Yes," Harry blurted out.

"Really?" Mikhail grinned.

"I…yes…alright…yes," Harry nodded. Mikhail blinked once before he wrapped his arms tightly around Harry as he slammed their lips together spinning Harry around in a circle.

"I love you! So much Harry," Mikhail said between kisses.

"This is crazy," Harry shook his head even as he buried his ingers into the curtain of Mikhail's hair.

"But good," Mikhail nodded.

"Can…can we keep this quiet, for a little while. Everything that has happened…" Harry asked softly when they parted for air a little while later.

"Are…have you changed your mind?" Mikhail asked slowly and Harry could see the flicker of doubt in his eyes.

"No, no! Merlin no. Mikhail in my life there has been so much going on already, so many things have happened, you're the one thing that I have been sure about in my life. Hernione and Ron's friendship I have wondered over, Sirius and Remus's love. The Weasleys love. You though, you've never been a question. It sounds silly and a bit presumptious, but that first day when you took my hand, I knew that you were going to be something amazing to me. When you kissed me that first time, I knew I couldn't run from this. And the first time you touched me and we slept together, I knew I wanted to bind my life to yours. This isn't about changing my mind, there has been so much that has happened and everyone is so…stretched right now, I just I want to have this, to enjoy it for a little while longer," Harry begged Mikhail to understand with his eyes, before letting out a surprised noise when he was tugged into another kiss, this one leaving his toes curling.

"Can these doors lock?" Mikhail muttered against his lips.

"Most definitely," Harry nodded.

"Good, because I'm going to make love to you right now, and I do not want any of the others wandering in," Mikhail huffed already throwing his robes onto the floor.

"But now we've agreed to marry there can be no…penitration," Harry groaned even as he blushed.

"There are many, many ways to make love, that is only one of them," Mikhail smiled a darkly rich smile that had Harry fairly sure he was going to cum in seconds, maybe as soon as Mikhail touched him. But he eagerly surrendered himself to his lover, allowing his touches to wash awaythe remaining chill of the last few days.

"Harry, don't take this the wrong way, but you have a plan when it comes to Vol…vol…voldemort, right?" Everyone in the room looked up at Blaise's sudden question, filling the silence that had been in the room or the last half an hour or so.

"Blaise!" Mikhail hissed shocked while Harry sat blinking at the other.

"It's a question that needs answering Father," Blakise says sotly, uneasily considering that there are eight pairs of eyes on him, the ajority all with the same question in there eyes that he had asked, but not sure they want the answer.


"Its ok Mikhail," Harry wrapped his arm around Mikhail's leg where he was sitting at his feet, smiling understandingly. "He's right, your all putting faith in us, risking your safety for us, you deserve it answered," Harry turned pressing his face into Mikhail's leg as a thoughtul look crossed his face beore he turned to look at Hermione and Ron with a uestion in his eyes, the wordless communication that they managed so easily, and which Mikhail was slightly envious of, passing between them. Harry was sitting with his legs sretched out over Ron's, making sure to initiate physical contact with the red head as much as possible, the haunted look in Ron's eyes seeming to ease with each contact, and something in Harry easing as well.

"Can you give us a couple of days? You aren't the only one that deserves to see this," Hermione finally asked.

"See?" Sirius asked curously.

"Ah, you'll have to wait and see how genius we are," Ron chuckled.

"Not even a hint?" Remus asked, a flash of research curiosity in his eyes making Bill laugh and press a kiss to his temple.

"Nope," Hermione popped her P teasingly.

"Can you get Dante here in two days?" Harry asked Mikhail.

"And why exactly do you need Dante here?" The man himself asked strolling into the room looking beteen them curiously.

"To show you something," Harry smiled standing and accepting the kiss and hug Dante gave him, the one good thing about the whole thing was that it seemed to have broken down something between the two of them, Dante fully accepting him.

"Show me what?" Dante raised an eyebrow as he settled comfortably on the sofa beside Hermione.

"How we're going to defeat Vo…Voldemort," Ron said so firmly they all blinked at him.

"Now this I have to see," Dante nodded.

"We're going to invite Severus and Lucius as well," Harry said, shooting Sirius a warning look.

"Is that a good idea Harry?" Mikhail frowned runing his fingers through Harry's hair.

"We know that you are unsure that they are going to hold their loyalty to us, but they want what we do out of this war, to gt out with our families in tact and out from underneath the thumb of someone who wants to control your life. Severus has been controlled by Dumbledore for years, both of them by Voldemort. They will be loyal to us because we treat them with respect and as equals, because we won't hide things from them, we are using them, but we are allowing them to use us as well," Hermione explained.

"And if we show them that we have a way to defeat V…V…Voldemort that is going to work, they are going to be more loyal to us, because they will pick the winning side," Ron smirked.

"Very well, I will be civil," Sirius sighed.

"It will be worth your while, I promise Siri," Harry grinned shuffling over to his godfather to hug him. No one said anything when Sirius held onto Harry tightly and for longer than a normal hug would have lasted. The incidenet was easing in their minds, but it was by no means gone.

And when Harry settled back down at Mikhail's feet he curled his hand around his older lover's ankle naturally, needing the congtact with him as much as possible as well.

Harry hummed contently as he felt lips pressed to the back of his neck while the darker hands of his lover came into sight, wrapping around his bare chest. Raising one of Mikhail's hand he pressed it to his lips before turning to meet Mikhail's. He let out another hum when Mikhail's tongue licking laguidly into his mouth.

"I have something that belongs to you," Harry said half an hour later as they lay wrapped up together, pleasure still dancing through their nerves.

"What?" Mikhail asked his mind still slightly fuzzy with pleasure as his hands stroked up and down Harry's sweaty back where he was lying on top of Mikhail's chest. He grumbled and reched out for the younger man as he laughingly slipped off of him. "Come back, it can't be that important!" Mikhail complained rolling onto his side, no matter how much he was pouting not willing to miss the view of Harry's naked figure, glowing and flushed in the candlelight from their love making, making his way across the room.

"I think you will change your mind," Harry laughed making his way back over and sliding in beside Mikhail. He was opening his mouth to argue that point, but quickly closed it when Harry opened his hand and showed him what was inside. Flicking his grey eyes between Harry's face and the item in his hands, he reached out slowly and cautiously as though afraid Harry was gong to snatch his hand back. But he just lay smiling until Mikhail picked up the Potter bonding ring from his hand.

"This is…"

"Ah ha. I know I have asked you to wait to tell people, just a little while. But I want you to have this," Harry explained.

"I love you," Mikhail sighed sliding the ring onto his finger.

"Always," Harry sighed settling himself back again Mikhail's body and kissing his chest.

"I will get you the Zabini bonding ring as soon as possible, preferably before we have to part again," Mikhail smiled returning to running his hand up and down Harry's back.

"I'm not going back until after Yule," Harry shook his head burrowing closer to Mikhail.

"What? Truly?" Mikhail asked hopefully.

"Unless I could take you with me to sleep in my dorm room and come to lessons with me…I don't want to be away from you," Harry admitted.

"Good, that saves me from stalking you around the school," Mikhail said getting a laugh from Harry.

"When we bond, you will be able to floo back to our home every evening," Mikhail told him.

"Our home," Harry pressed his smile into Mikhail's shoulder. "I like the sound of that,"

"I think Blaise has an idea something has changed, moved orwards between us. I was informed this morning that he doesn't wish to be a brother before leaving Hogwarts," Mikhail chuckled.

"I make no promises," Harry smirked as Mikhail groaned but rolled on top of him, his touch becoming heavier and pulling a groan from Harry.

Harry smiled as he took Mikhail's hand and led him into the room that they had set up in the Black Manor, behind them Dante, Lucius, Severus, Blaise Remus, Bill and Sirius followed looking around the room curiously, Hary could see the minute they noticed the runes carved into the walls and floor and the insciptions that they had spent endless weeks painting onto all the right places. The entire room practically sang with magic as soon as Harry motioned the door shut behind them and the eight new comers blinked around slightly stunned, clearly not having expected this.

"You can go check them out," Harry smiled at Bill seeing that he was twitching in place clearly holding himself back from going and looking at the all the different runes and such that they had covered the room with. Harry had never seen Bill move so fast aside from the time that he had eaten Remus's last chocolate bar.

"What is this place?" Mikhail asked softly gazed around the room.

"This is our final plan for Voldemort," Hermione answered drawing their attention away from the room and to the five seated on the floor to their left. Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny and Ron stood and smiled at them, nodding their heads in welcome.

"How do you mean?" Sirius asked wide eyed looking at the six of them concerned.

"Yes we have been planning our political position and working on that side of things. However we have also been working on a lot of other aspects. Including how to destroy Voldemort once and for all," Harry smiled raising Mikhail's hand to kiss the back of it before walking over to join his friends.

"It was Ron who had the idea, and it stemmed from the Department of Mysteries, when Harry faced off against Voldemort believing that Sirius was dead," Ginny started explaining.

"Voldemort possesed Harry but could not maintain that possession because of the pain that Harry was feeling, because that pain was based off of his love for Sirius., his love for us who went with him. And then we thought about our first year with Quirrel when he couldn't touch Harry's skin without burning. Dumbledore told Harry that that was because of the fact Voldemort was linked to his body, the hatred in Voldemort's soul could not withstand the love of Lily's protection covering Harry," Neville continued.

"Which that got us thinking, obviously there were special events surrounding that night, the fact that Harry was the prophecy child, the fact that it was Samhain, even perhaps the fact that Harry's magic was destined to linlk with the brother wand to the one that cast the Killing curse on him then. But the fact of the matter is that it was ultimately Lily's protection that saved Harry, but why. Plenty of other mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends had stood in front of Voldemort's wand to try and protect another, but that made no diference," Hermione took up the next bit before looking to Luna.

"Harry mentioned once to me a while ago that Lily had been particularly good at charms, the strongest witch her age at it, perhaps one of the most skilled that had been seen in the field since litwick himself. And I was thinking, what if Lily had prepared a charm knowing that Voldemort might come for Harry, what if she had prepared a charm that would applify her love for Harry and desire for him to live that would create a shield to protect him,"

"With that theory we then considered that if such a charm could be used as a shield, then why couldn't we turn it into a spell, a curse, an offensive spell however you would want to look at it," Ron smiled darkly. "And so we started researching into spell crafting and then worked it into the theory of how we would create the spell that we needed for this situation. And then finally into what we would need to create this room to practise and perfect it,"

"You've created a new spell?" Remus stared at them stunned and impressed.

"Yes, it is quite simple really, we all link ourselves to each other, focus and anchor ourselves to magic itself and then each cast the spell. Harry is the last one to cast it and only after we pass the results of our own spells to him when it mixes with his own spell when he casts it and amplfies the spell," Hermione explained.

"May…may we see it?" Mikhail asked cautiously.

"Its safe enouigh now yes, but you will need to stand over there and place shields around yourselves, its still not completely stableised yet," Harry explained. The eight viwers quickly moved to where they were indicated and took their time raising powerful shields and ensuing that there were no cracks that any magic would be able to slip through.

The six others had moved to spread across the room, each of them standing over a specific rune and waited until they were happy with the shields their audience had put up. And then all of them dropped their heads and took a breath almost similtaniously and dropped into a meditatie state. Those watching caught their breaths when after a few minutes the sudden feeling of growing magic spread across the room and then Neville's head snapped up along with his wand arm, taking a deep breath he seemed to be concentrating on something before he whispered an incantation and they watched stunned as a deep shade of green started spinning around him from the floor to a good two feet above him, twirling and winding as though a leaf caught in a breeze.

Next Luna's head snapped up adding to the increasing feeling of magic growing in the room. An icy blue magic gathered around her at her whispered incantation standing a good two feet above her. Ginny's incantation raised a turquise green coloured magic around her swirling a little more than Luna's and Neville's had. Ron was next, a deep sapphire blue whipping up around him with a forc of magic that caught all their breaths before it settled into a gentle swirrling. By the time Hermione raised her own dull silver magic the feeling of power was overwhellming, the viewers could feel their own magic pulling and dancing in response to so much power in the room. And finally Harry raised his head, locking his eyes on them as he raised his wand and drew a deep emerald green magic around himself.

The six of them held their magic for a few more beats before the magic around the other five of them flew towards Harry and seemed to get absorbed into his own. They watched as he staggered slightly with the force of the magic, but then with a deep breath he steaded himself and pulled the magic under his control, the swirling becoming more fierce around him. And then he released it.

They all gasped and bowed as the spell washed over the room, mainly aimed at the corner they were standing in, the feeling of love that made up the spell almost overwhellming them. They could feel the love that the group felt, they could feel the power of it crashing over them, all the love pulled otgether into the spell. Any doubt that they had felt that you could make an offensive spell out of love disappearing.

The six casters all staggered and visibly weakened as soon as the spell finally faded, sitting down on the floor panting to catch their breaths.

"That was amazing!" Dante breathed out as they broke down their shields, hurrying over to group with the rest of the others.

"The more we cast it the stronger we get, the better at it," Ron explained.

"That was amazing," Blaise shook his head as he reached down to help Ginny to her feet.

"I think of you, Blaise, the family that we can have together as well as the others and Sirius, Remus, Bill," Harry murmured to Mikhail as his fiance helped him to his feet with his hands wrapped firmly around his waist.

"It was reathtaking, I could feel you," Mikhail laughed a little breathlessly at the admittion.

"I believe we have definitely backed the right side," Lucius spoke neutrally, but his eyes were slightly wide, and he could not keep the expression of awe from his face.

"We're going to beat them," Ron said surely, looking better for the first time since the incident a week ago.

"We believe you," Severus nodded after looking around them. Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around Mikhail tighter.

"Do I even want to know how you three got out of school?" Severus asked as they undid the charms on the room that locked in the magic.

"Probably not," Neville answered for him, Luna and Ginny with a smile.

"The six of you are unbelievable," Remus laughed while Sirius followed their red headed lover around the room where he had one back to inspecting the runes.

Harry blinked when he found himself crushed into Blaise's arms.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Blaise breathed out.

"'Or 'at?" Harry grumbled out into Blaise's shoulder as he struggled to manage to get a breath.

"For not breaking his heart," Blaise chuckled finally letting him go.

"He told you, I thought it would be another couple o days before he finally plucked up the courage to," Harry laughed. They had agreed two days ago that Mikhail should tell Blaise first, then they would tell the others.

"I thought he was going to have a heart attack, or at least a stroke while he was telling me," Blaise smirked.

"Neither of you are amusing," Mikhail grumbled as he stalked into the room.

"Now we just need to tell the others," Harry smiled.

"Tell us what?" Remus asked absently as he wondered inside. As ever Sirius and Bill were close behind, though the two of them appeared to be wrestling each other, something Harry very much did not want to think about.

"I asked Mikhail to marry me, and he said yes," Harry told them.

"Harry…." Sirius choked before passing out.

"Maybe I should have broken that a bit gentler," Harry said cheeerfully as Mikhail groaned and burried his face in Harry's shoulder. Remus was igoring Bill who was trying to revive their other lover, standing blinking at Harry and Mikhail instead.

"Huh!" He managed to say, still blinking at them, Harry smiling wider back before walking over and wrapping his arms around the werewolf. "Congratulations cub," he sighed into Harry's hair, seemingly getting over his shock.

"Thank you, he makes me happy Remi," Harry assured the werewolf.

"I know, anyone with eyes can see that," The werewolf chuckled kissing Harry's cheek before making his way over to shake a hesitant Mikhail's hand as Harry went over to Sirius as the man gave a small groan. Grinning down at the other man he laughed when Sirius gave a groan but tugged him down into a tight hug, laughing even harder when Bill squashed himself on top of them and joined in the hug.

"Please excuse me," Remus nodded politely to Mikhail and Blaise before swiftly making his way over and threw himself onto the top of the pile to the groans of the others as he cackled evilly.