The Fighters for rights

It is the shock and pleasure of this author to tell you that a new movement has started within the Wizengamot to try and move the frankly arcane and disgusting Magical being and creature laws, that keep members of our society shackled and beaten down as though they were nothing more than the animals the Ministry wish us to see them as and not the human being they still are.

A small circle within the Wizengamot seem to be a shining light of hope for those that are abused and discriminated against by our very own laws. Lords Harry Potter, Dante Flint, Mikhail Zabini, Marcus Greengrass, Gregory Boot, Nathanial Heanley-McMillan, Samuel McMillan and Lady's Amelia Bones and Nessa Goldstein have all shown dissatisfaction with the current Creature laws and are looking to amend them to give those that suffer more rights.

Over the last couple of weeks since the accusation that Lord Harrison Potter was kidnapping and holding werewolves and vampires against their will to use as weapons, which as I am sure everyone remembers was met with a blast of contempt from hundreds of magical beings,rumours have been rife about the young Lord. He is known to be very close to Remus Lupin, an old friend of his father's and a known werewolf.

The young Lord was last night caught out with his close friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley by a number of reporters coming out of Gringotts when asked rather rudely why he was wasting him time helping animals, the three young people showed the power and intelligence that have been whispered around them for the last few months. As the daughter of a known werewolf I have to admit I myself took personal pleasure in the verbal rip down the three of them provided, showing that unique closeness that they are known for in the way they each between them argued their case.

The Golden Trio as they are named informed the rapidly growing crowd of the day to day struggles that those discriminated against suffer, they outlined he health difficulties that are too common and often kill those left to fend for themselves with little hope of employment should their 'condition' by discovered. They then gave the startling numbers of just how many children and babies where currently taking shelter in the manors that the Lord has set up to try and protect the innocent being dragged into the war (For a word for word of this argument turn to pages 4,5,6 and 7).

The question of course is where do the other Lords and Ladies come into this. Lord Mikhail Zabini has of course been photographed and witnessed being very intimate in the company of Lord Potter a number of times, though the exact nature of their relationship they still have yet to confirm. But accurate sources have stated that they have all formed a tightly knit group that are making quite the impression and waves through the Wizengamot. When asked about Lord Potter's assistance to the accusations and the subsequent response Lady Bones was quoted saying 'Lord Potter is a level headed, intelligent, kind and strong man who looks after those who society tends to over look, I for one am glad to know that such a person is looking out for the welfare of others and our country,'.

We also have reports that this group gather frequently to dine together, along with Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. With such a powerful group looking out for those that have few voices in our world there is a tentative hope arising of a new and brighter future for this country and everyone in it.

Kiera Drummond

'I did not expect them to link us together when we made that statement,' Harry said lowly as they all took their seats having had to be escorted through the mob of reporters in the atrium by aurors. The group he normally sat with were all looking a little ruffled and shocked, it was unfortunate that the article had gone out the morning of the monthly Wizengamot meeting.

'Well we have been causing a little bit of a stir with some of the laws that we have ensured are at least put to the vote, its no surprise one of this lot ensured that we would be linked together with something,' Gregory smiled.

'But I know your views are not the same as my own, and this is a political minefield right now. I will make a statement saying that while we're friends this is not your battle,' Harry shook his head.

'That would severely weaken you argument, withdrawing our names,' Nessa frowned.

'You're my friends first, I won't use your names to further my own interests,' Harry shook his head.

'Perhaps after the meeting we could come and see one of your Havens before you make such a statement,' Dante placed his hand on Harry's shoulder stepping up behind him. Harry blinked and looked t all his friends who were all of them looking back at him curiously.

'You want to come and see them?' He finally asked.

'The arguments that yourself, Ms Drummoned and the being community have laid out recently have made me realise that I put too much stock in what is 'known' and not what I myself have gathered information on. A terrible lapse in my normal work ethic,' Samuel shrugged.

'I think that was Slytherin talk for, I may have jumped to conclusions I have been spoon fed and just realised, so I would like to find out the truth for myself please,' Nathaniel grinned at his husband who just rolled his eyes fondly.

'We would all like the chance to see what you have created and what you speak about so passionately,' Marcus nodded.

'This place, its there home, their sanctuary...the only place that they can feel completely safe and themselves. I'm not taking you to see them like they are some zoo animals. Should any of you feel that you can not treat them as you would anyone else, I would ask you not to come, or to leave immediately. Otherwise I would be glad to introduce you to the Haven,' Harry nodded. The others blinked a little at the firmness of the first part of his speech, but they all nodded their understanding.

'Lord Dante, if you have finished chatting I believe it is time to start?' Dumbledore's voice stopped anything else from behind said, and made Dante's eye twitch.

'He's been worse than ever lately,' Mikhail hissed, absently massaging the back of Harry's neck as they all watched a clearly fuming Dante stomp over to his chair beside Dumbledore.

'His attempt at revealing the sanctuaries and making me look like the bad guy fell flat, he's pissed,' Harry shrugged slipping his hand down to rest on Mikhail's thigh, his thumb absently rubbing over the Zabini bonding ring on his ring finger which only he and Mikhail could currently see.

'It was a weak move in the first place,' Mikhail huffed.

'He was hoping that while I was still affected by with Ron I would not fight back or be out in public for a while,' Harry shook his head, not taking his eyes off the old man. He did however squeeze back when Mikhail's hand tightened around his own.

'I believe Dante is testing the theory as the whether its possible to make someone spontaneously combust from glaring,' Amelia smirked. Dante was in fact glaring a hole in the side of Dumbledore's head who was beginning to wriggle uncomfortably as he tried to make his way through the opening comments.

Harry glanced across the room and caught the eyes of Lucius Malfoy, the Lord's face was as impeccably blank as ever, however his eyes were twinkling in amusement.

The meeting progressed slowly with smaller matters of untangling laws that had been affected by the recently passed 'war time laws' as the paper had named them, and one unfortunate case of an old law that had been neglected to be removed from government and had resulted in a witch claiming she was within legal right to remove her cheating husbands penis and stick it permanently to his forehead, as she had done it within her family grounds, in front of her Lord - her father - while wearing her clan tartan. Her husbands rather mournful statement had forced them to smother laughter as all he hd said was that he had found it unusual she was wearing her family tartan that day as she normally despised the colour on her.

Finally though they came to the bit Harry had been waiting for, and he felt his friends anticipation raising as he shifted in his seat and straighten his shoulders, in fact Gregory shuffled out of the slouch he had been in and perked up eagerly. Dante up front lessened his glare and instead hopeful eagerness shone in them.

'A request has been annonomsly made to place wards and detectors around the doors and entrances to these hallowed halls to detect any sign of memory and mind interference, any behavioural controlling spells, curses, charms or potions, and to detect any portkeys or dangerous items hat may be carried on the persons of any of us here,' Dumbledore read out.

'That's ridiculous, this person is accusing Lord's and Ladies of ancient Houses, of what? Attempted murder within these halls?!' One Lord shouted out amid the outraged cries.

'Surely you also see the logic in this as well though, it is not an accusation I think but a concern for the most powerful place within our Government,' harry stated, it appeared that he had made enough of an influence that when he spoke people listened, if just to hear what argument he would make.

'You're agreeing with this?!' Lady Henmer asked softly, no accusation in her voice.

'I am yes,' Harry didn't need Mikhail's squeeze to his hand, or Dante and Lucius's warning looks to tell him to tread carefully. Instead he merely stood in front of them all, gaining everyone's attention and a hush from the din his words had caused.

'The Wizengamot recognises Lord Harrison James otter-Black as holding the floor,' Dante said quickly before DUmbledore could say anything.

'My dear Dante in this matter I do not think that showing favouritism towards friends is quite appropriate,' Dumbledore said gently, but the hush that fell over the hall was echoing as every eye turned to Dumbledore with mixtures of anger, incredulousness, shock and disbelief in them.

'Lord Dumbledore, you did not just speak to me like that, address me so informally during a council meeting and accuse me of showing favouritism towards a member of the council,' Dante's words were as cold as ice, but his eyes were filled with fire and a shark like grin was on his bared teeth.

'I...' Dumbledore started to say but closed his mouth, seemingly unable to come up with a way to cover his mistake.

'I will call restitution towards myself from Lord Dumbledore for his words and insult towards my honour, reputation and integrity towards my position within our walls,and the insult towards Lord Potter-Black that he would use our friendship towards hs own gain,' The room flashed blue as the words of a LOrd of an Ancient House sank into the magics there.

'Perhaps D...Lord Flint you would like to explain under oath of truth why you agreed to give Lord Potter-Black the floor then?' Lady Vance said, gaining the incredulous looks from the room.

'Of course Lady Vance, and I shall add you into my charges towards Lord Dumbledore,' Dante said pleasantly before raising his wand. 'I have given Lord Potter-Black the floor because he has proven on numerous occasions since his introduction to our ranks to have intelligent, refreshing and new points of view towards matters that would otherwise be over looked, matters that the majority of this room have agreed with once they have listened to the argument that Lord Potter-Black has put forwards. I wish to hear why Lord Potter-Black believes that this will be a good ide, considering that these changes will after all affect him just as much as the rest of us,' Dante's voice was piercing, the light glowing from the end of his wand indicating is words were only the truth.

'I myself am very interested in hearing what Lord Potter-Black has to say, Lord Flint is correct, he has shown amazing intelligence and insight into matters that perhaps our older minds from the safety of our manors fails to see,' Lady Knott spoke from Harry's right. 'And I can not be claimed to be a close friend of Lord Potter-Black's,' She added with a smirk to Dumbledore.

'Lord Potter-Black,' Dante nodded to Harry.

'Thank you for you words of support both of you,' Harry nodded to them before straightening. 'It is during these times that what passes in these halls and the judgements that we make can affect the entire survival of the Wizarding Britain. The matters we discuss inside these halls and the choices we make decide laws that could and do affects the war that is happening within our country. For that reason alone our minds and decisions have to unfailingly be known to be our own, and as much as the protections of our Houses and Ancient Blood protects us, as much as our Magic helps us fight off most controls Voldemort is an intelligent and deadly enemy that created one of the strongest mind controlling spells out there. There is no certainty that he could not find some way around our protections and gain a way inside these halls. It is only with the combined force of our magic and the ancient magic of these halls that we can truly assure ourselves and the outside world that we have done everything to ensure that the laws being made within here are not being influenced towards to will of others. We have a duty to the people of Wizarding Britain to ensure that the trust an faith they place within our hands for deciding the laws of our country are not unfounded,' Harry said softly, but he had the entire Hall hanging off every second of his speech.

'Lord Potter-Black is right. This is not about the pride we have in our mind magics being slighted. This is ensuring the safety of our country and its people who trust us and look to us to pave the laws we all abide by,' Amelia stood herself proudly.

'If we have nothing to hide, if we have faith in our mind magics, then what is the harm of extra security measures?' Lord Ogdin stood himself.

'These times are not ordinary, and so the decisions that we make can not be the normal ones we would make either. We are at war, this has to be acknowledged within these halls and met accordingly,' Mikhail stood gracefully at Harry's side.

'And once this war is over should any feel that the measures are not acceptable any longer the matter can be raised among us once again,' Lady Knott nodded.

'We already appear to have more than enough agreements to take this to the vote. Those for...Those against,' Dante called. 'That is 90:10 for the use of these measures on our halls,'

'A second matter we need to discuss is the rules and regulations regarding Dark Magic, there is a massive call for higher regulations and clapping down on what dark users can and cannot do with it,' Dumbledore ploughed on, but nearly everyone noted his snapping, furious blue eyes and the way his glare was directed at Harry. At his words however a rustle went around the room, and Harry was witness to the most extreme reactions he had seen in here yet.

'You can not put down rules and regulations on something like the balance of magic, that would be catastrophic!' Mikhail said firmly.

'Dark magic is being used and misused constantly right now, we need to activate the most basic laws of our world and place controls on how it is used,' Dumbledore said firmly.

'No, you are talking about putting shackles on the use of Dark Magic,' Harry shook his head.

'You're talking about activating something that has not been used in nearly 900 years, something that will change the very fabric of our world, you are talking about changing the balance, something that has never been done before!' Amelia shook her head. The words coming from the women who was known for being absolute in the rightness and justice against Death Eaters seemed to shake a lot more of the Lords and Ladies, and the murmuring just picked up even more volume.

'Only a few months ago you were passing the right for Aurors to use more force because they were out there being attacked by darker and more powerful spells, this is giving our Aurors a better chance to survive and arrest these criminals,' Lady Jones sneered at their little group, contempt clear on her face, and the faces of the group around her.

'And for those whose magic is naturally leant into the dark side? For those of us who are grey and will also be affected? You are not just talking about naturally clamping down on the magic of Death Eaters and Witches and Wizards that use their magic for evil, you are talking about clamping down and putting shackles on the magic of Witches and Wizards who live and abide by the rules!' Marcus frowned.

'You are talking about persecuting two thirds of our world, punishing them for who magic has dictated their nature to be,' Nessa shook her head.

'Not to mention you are deigning to over rule and presume to know better than magic itself. The balance is there for a reason! Our world is created, lives, breathes, exists with the balance of Light, Grey and Dark. If you try and control that, if you try and take that balance then you are changing and shaping the very fabric of our world in your hands, and none of us have the right to even consider doing that!' Mikhail said firmly, getting a lot of nodding heads in return.

'You would say that, you're grey,' Dumbledore spat out before looking a little mortified when he realised how childish that insult had been.

'And?' Harry asked green eyes flashing as he looked at Dumbledore, meeting his eyes.

'We are taught the balance from our childhoods! Have you learnt nothing from the very start of education! The four Houses. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, grey houses predominantly, Slytherin the predominant Dark House, Hufflepuff the predominantly Light House. We are taught right there that there is a balance that must be maintained,' Dante nodded.

'This will turn into another witch hunt over our world, worse than it already has been. People with Darker inclinations to their magic have already been being arrested as Death Eaters, even though their personality clearly give that they would not be,' Nathaniel agreed softly.

'This will be put to the vote, those that agree...those that disagree...98:2 to this not being passed!' Dante called throughout the hall. Harry was very much aware of the dark glare of the blue eyes on him, and when he turned to look at Dumbledore he felt a shiver go down his spine.

He had been causing too much damage for Dumbledore's side recently, been over ruling and winning against him too often, ad Dumbledore was beginning to lose his temper. He and the others were going to have to sit together and plan this one carefully, they were going to have to be intelligent and act quickly to work around this and work what was coming to their advantage. They had already been caught out once, they had been blindsided and it had nearly taken everything from Harry. He was not going to allow that to happen again, he was not going to allow Dumbledore that chance to get that close, to cause that potential amount of damage again.

No. Harry narrowed his eyes and stared straight back, blue clashing against green, all pretence between them now gone. Harry was not going to allow Dumbledore to destroy and take everything that he was fighting for. He was not going to allow Dumbledore to take or damage his family. It was time for them to step up their game. And the one good thing about the incident that had happened between himself and Ron was that Dumbledore had become surer of himself again, he had gained a confidence, a false confidence against Harry and his side. He was now underestimating them. And Harry would make sure that he would regret it. He had more backing, more allies than Dumbledore imagined.

Mikhail squeezed Harry's hand making him break the stare and turn to meet those storm eyes he loved. He ran his finger over the ring, his ring, on Mikhail's finger and smiled softly at him, reassuring him. He squeezed back and leant slightly into Mikhail's side as he listened to the arguing still going on around them, the anger and shock of such a suggestion still causing waves throughout the room. And when Dumbledore looked up ad looked around he blanched when he realised the reaction to his suggestion had caused.

It was also very clear that there was not going to be any other work or choices made today, everyone was too shocked, too riled by what had happened. This session had already been longer than any of the others Harry had attended. And Dante seemed to reach the same choice for he stood and started the closing words to seal the magic and their choices within the Halls, the papers that had been being written throughout the session sealing themselves and sending copies to the relevant Departments that would need to know the choices and changes that they had made.

Harry stopped in the atrium, and turned to face the others as they stepped around himself and Mikhail. He could see the uncertainty around them, he could see the nerves but at the same time he could see the curiosity and the intelligence in the group he had picked, and he knew that that was the best way to getting him to understand.

'Are we going?' Nessa asked softly.

'I'm just waiting for confirmation from Ron and Hermione that its ok to go there,' Harry slipped his fingers through Mikhail's.

'How?' Gregory asked curiously, looking around as though expecting to see one or both of Harry's trio.

'We have a way of staying in contact with each other, no matter where we are,' Harry smiled tilting his head slightly as they all honed in on him. Grinning as he felt the warmth on his wrist he shifted and pulled out his portkey. 'Ladies and gentleman, are we ready?' He asked.

They crowded around each other, all of them reaching out to ensure that they had a finger on the portkey, it took a little shuffling considering they were having to allow room for Dante and Mikhail's large, broad shoulders, Nathanial's...growing figure, Samuel's broad frame, not to mention the number of them. Finally though everyone nodded indicating they could feel the hum of the portkey's magic and that they were all connected.

'Safety,' Harry murmured and they disappeared from the closely watching eyes in the Ministry.

'Harry,' The warm voice had Harry smiling and stepping into the hug of Marion, the matriarch of the larger werewolf pack that they had managed to move in. She was a fantastically wild looking woman, wild brown hair was fly away in an attractively uncaring manner, her brown eyes were filled with fire and life. She moved with a predators grace and power, lithe and lightly muscled. She was an imposing figure. And she swept Harry into a tight hug with a warm welcoming smile.

'Uncle Harry!' Harry pulled back and scooped the little bundle of energy that raced towards him, capturing the little werewolf mid air and swinging him up into a hug, nuzzling into the soft brown curls.

'Hey there trouble, have you been behaving?' Harry grinned.

'Of course he hasn't,' Marion snickered as the little one pouted.

'Marion, this is Mikhail Zabini, Marcus Greengrass, Amelia Bones, Nessa Goldstien, Gregory Boot, Dante Flint, Nathanial Heanly-McMillan and Samuel McMillan. Everyone this is Marion the Alpha of the Welsh pack, and this little trouble maker is Philip. And this is Haven,' Harry motioned around, and they realised that a number of people had stepped out into the entryway to see who had arrived.

'Well if there is no one injured then I am not needed. Lord Potter,' A small man nodded sharply before stomping off.

'That is our resident healer who seems to think that he has to promote the stereotype of the sharp and abrupt healer with a terrible bedside manner,' Marion snickered.

'Not to mention he's vicious with his spells,' Another muttered.

'This is Lye, he is the leader of the Banff pack,' Harry shifted Philip onto his back and lifted him a little higher.

'So Ron and Hermione mentioned something about them wanting to see the Haven,' Marion said a little stiffly.

'Considering they are currently being hailed as the fighters for rights, yes they want to see what it is they are supposed to be fighting for,' Harry grinned.

'We're not freaks to be shown off,' A teen scowled from the crowd.

'I know that, and so do they. They just want to see the work we're doing here, what the Haven is about,' Harry smiled softly pressing his hand to the kid's shoulder.

'Harry would not bring people here to gawk at us, you know that,' Lye said quietly, but his voice seemed to travel around the room.

'The haven is your home, your sanctuary, I wouldn't bring people in that would threaten that. These people are my friends, good friends,' Harry assured them all.

'Well lets start the tour then,' Lye nodded his head. The others blinked at Harry's word being taken so easily considering the growing hostility that had been in the room. But at his and Lye's words it seemed to ease massively.

'Ah Lord...Harry. Would you come and have a look at the research rooms, we apparently have managed to blow another hole right through the wall,' A sheepish looking small woman waved to Harry, blushing at all the attention to herself.

'Another one, good Merlin, are you sure you're not making weapons here?' Harry laughing. 'Lye, Marion, would you two be ok doing the tour, I'll catch up with you when I can,' Harry asked.

'Of curse Harry,' Lye grinned ruffling his black hair. Harry stuck his tongue out at the laughing Alpha before dodging forwards to kiss Mikhail. Hurrying off with the woman who was already talking a mile a minute about the research they had been doing.

'We will finish our tour with the research rooms, once you get Harry in there it is impossible to get him back out,' Marion brought their attention back to her and Lye and when she motioned forwards they followed her down a hallway.

'The lay out of the house is pretty simple, Harry has divided each of the top floors for a pack, with our own bedrooms, dormitories for the kids and teenagers, some of the adults have had to start sharing rooms but Harry has plans to expand the mansion a little and he is on his way to opening another Haven. With the income that is coming off the estates now it is already on its way to becoming a self sustaining thing, which of course we have Hermione's brains to thank,' Lye started explaining.

'How so?' Dante asked, his business mind ever turning over.

'Well firstly Harry has put those of us with the expertise in charge of all of his estates and businesses, Harry is busy with everything that he has to do so we organise everything for him and then he looks everything over and makes the final decision. We have doubled the Potter-Black profits between us all in the last few months,' Marion explained.

'And you don't mind running his estates for him?' Amelia frowned.

'Harry has given us all a home and safety, more than that he trusts us to run his estates and business where most people wont even let us be their cleaner, he's giving us a chance to use our skills. Also Harry is pumping money into the Haven's, the least we can do is make sure that he doesn't bankrupt himself helping us,' Lye shrugged.

'We have a lot of respect for Harry, if we can help him out in return then we will,' Marion said a little sharply. 'The lower floor is for all of us where we can mix, as we said the top floors are for our separate packs, including a communal place for us,'

'How many of you are currently here?' Nathaniel asked gazing around in interest.


'So many,' Nessa breathed out.

'We're coming from far and wide across the country to find safety, more and more every day. Some of us are sending our children and hoping to follow. The Haven...its a chance none of us have hoped for,' Lye smiled.

'What is the research labs?' Mikhail asked.

'Its where we are researching potions and healing charms to help ease the pain of the transformation and make the healing process quicker. In the long run it will help us maintain job for longer, perhaps be able to hide what we are better, should Harry's work against the creature law not succeed,' Marion answered.

'You don't think he can do it?' Dante frowned.

'We have every faith in Harry and his skills, it is the wizarding world we have no faith in,' Marion said sharply, her eyes telling them exactly what she thought as they roved over them.

'We have all suffered at the hands of the wizarding world laws here, and the judgements of people who take no time to learn anything about us,' Lye said a little more tactfully.

'Hey sorry, I got caught up,' Grinning Harry bounced over to Mikhail taking his hand when Lye knocked onto the or of what looked like an impressive potions lab. 'These are our hard working potions masters and healers. Sorry you can't go in but their in the middle of a delicate stage,'

'What are they brewing right now?' Lye asked scrunching his nose up after sniffing the air.

'Another healing potion, they think this one can speed up the healing after the transformation, its more for the kids. That smell would be the wolfsbane,' Harry teased.

'Braver men and women than me,' Marion huffed placing her hand over her nose.

'What did you think?' Harry aske as they made their way back towards the entrance to the Haven.

'Those kitchens are bloody scary!' Gregory chuckled.

'There are a lot of hungry werewolves to feed, though Simon makes the most amazing steak pie that you have ever tasted!' Harry laughed.

'Its very impressive and you seem to have everything working quite smoothly here,' Dante hummed.

'We're almost ready to open up the next Haven to release a little of the pressure on this one, that should make things a little better,' Harry shrugged.

'Thank you very much for showing us around and explaining things to us,' Amelia said to Marion and Lye, bowing her head slightly, and clearly stunning the two alphas.

'You're welcome,' Marion nodded back.

'Thank you for taking the time to actually understand,' Lye nodded.

'Its been very interesting, and a pleasure to meet you all,' Nessa added to the werewolves who had gathered in the hallway.

'That was very interesting, thank you for taking us Harry. Any help that you need you have my assistance. And my name will be staying as one of those supporting you in this project,' Dante said as soon as they landed back in the Ministry atrium. The others all nodded their agreement to his words, not much else needing to be said.

'I would like to offer my help with the children as well, Marion and Lye were saying you are having a lot sent ahead of their packs, some of them they said are likely to be orphaned, I could help with settling them,' Nathaniel offered softly.

'That would be amazing, wolf packs find it a little easier to bond but it is still difficult, and happening on levels we're just not used to,' Harry sighed. 'We are expecting three teenagers and five small children on Friday, if you would accompany me to the Haven to greet them and settle them in that would be amazing,'

'Just send me a time,' Nathaniel smiled.

'I'm so proud of being the one you chose,' Mikhail sighed as he pressed his face into Harry shoulder as soon as they aparated back into the manor.

'Hmm?' Harry turned wrapping his arms around Mikhail's shoulders and burying his fingers into his long hair.

'What you have achieved there, helping all those people, you're an amazing person,' Mikhail said, awe tinging his tone and eyes.

'It wasn't just me, Hermione, Ron, Remus, Sirius and Bill were all huge parts of it as well,' Harry shook his head.

'But its all come from your heart, that much is clear. You're an amazing man Harry James Potter, no matter what you like to think,' Mikhail kissed him deeply before he could argue, pressing everything that he felt for the young, amazing man he was going to marry into the kiss.

'I love you,' Harry sighed leaning his forehead to Mikhail's as they parted.

'So I need your help planning something,' Harry said softly leaning back and laying his head onto Ron's thigh.

'What's that?' Remus asked automatically lifting his book as Harry lifted his legs to put his feet in his lap.

'I need help planning a bonding for this Yule. Without Mikhail finding out,' Harry said. There was silence in the room before Sirius, Bill and Hermione started shrieking and flapping, each of them emphasising that there was only two weeks to Yule.

Remus was shaking with laughter down his end of the sofa clutching his side, and Ron while chuckling leant down to kiss Harry's forehead.

'I'm glad you're so happy,' He said softly to his best friend.

'Thank you, I love him, and I don't want to wait any longer than I have to. And if anyone can plan a bonding on a time limit and make it perfect its the Golden trio, the Marauders and the man who can tame two Marauders,' Harry grinned.

'You're lucky we love you and that you're a charmer,' Hermione huffed before summoning a massive role of parchment, her 'planning and scheming' face already in place when she looked at him. 'Alright we're going to need...'