69 years later

Harry chuckled as he watched Mikhail glare petulantly at his walking stick. His once black hair was now completely white, though still long, it was intricately braided today. Despite his growing age his shoulders were still broad and his frame still imposing, though he had a bit of podge around his middle that Harry had found him pouting at in the mirror a couple of time.

"What?" Mikhail huffed seeing Harry looking at him.

"You won't be on that thing forever if you do your exercises," Harry laughed leaning down to kiss him gently. He hadn't wanted to admit how scared he had been when Mikhail had fallen down the stairs and had had to be rushed to St Mungo's.

"I'm getting old," Mikhail sighed dropping back into his chair and looking so upset that Harry dropped all signs of teasing and sat down next to him.

"We both are, it happens,"

"You are still younger,"

"I have always been younger, it has never been a problem before, even when you were courting me," Harry chided him gently. "Where is this coming from?"

"I don't know how much longer I have, I am slow now, and I don't want to do much anymore," Mikhail muttered.

"Mikhail...are you worried I don't want you anymore?" Harry blinked at him.

"I couldn't blame you, I am….OLD!" He snarled glaring at the walking stick again.

"Mikhail," Harry scolded grabbed his face and turning him towards himself so that he could scatter kisses over his face. "Mikhail, you have given me 2 handsome sons and 3 beautiful daughters, we have 10 grandchildren with another one on the way, we have changed the world together, and you changed my life, you have given me a home and family, love and laughter. And you have loved me every single day of our lives together. Mikhail, you look at me every day with love in your eyes, you still hold my hand even though you must have held it a million times by now, and it still makes me feel warm inside. Yes, you're old, and I am more than happy that I got to grow old with you,"

"I love you," Mikhail sighed. "Sorry I have been so grumpy,"

"You are feeling vulnerable, it is understandable. Which is why the kids have bought us a holiday to go away for a few weeks," Harry grinned.


"They chipped in together and are sending us to Egypt for a cruise. The heat will do your leg good, and the break will do the both of us the world of good. We can sit on the sun deck, read, enjoy each other's company and relax. And then in the 4th week we have rented a house and everyone is coming out," Harry smiled.

"When you say everyone…" Mikhail narrowed his eyes at him.

"You, me, our troop. Blaise and Ginny and their 4. Sirius, Remus and Bill with the triplets and the 3 Grandkids. Hermione and Anthony, Ron and Sam with their two,"

"So everyone," Mikhail groaned.

"Don't pretend you don't love it!" Harry teased poking him gently in the side.

"We could fill a bloody theatre by now," Mikhail grumbled.

"Is Papa being grumpy again?" Rigel asked as he and Blaise strolled into the room.

"No!" Mikhail protested.

"Always, it is his age," Harry grinned.

"I am always ganged up on," Mikhail whined.

"Of course you are, Harry is scarier than you," Blaise chuckled as he leant to kiss Harry's cheek.

"Isn't that the truth," Rigel muttered.

"What was that?" Harry narrowed his green eyes on his son, whose own green eyes widened innocently.

"Nothing, only that you were the one we were scared of when we growing up, papa always let us off,"

"See, I told you you were the pushover," Harry snorted.

"Have you told him?" Blaise asked.


"You didn't need to do that," Mikhail said, but there was no heat in his words, instead a small smile formed.

"We wanted to, you guys deserve a break, and we thought it would be good to take a break. I am exhausted after pushing through the last of the creature laws, they have really wiped me out. Two weeks with the family sounds heaven to me,"

"Two weeks with you means 2 weeks with Reya," Mikhail huffed.

"You do realise that is my wife you're talking about, right?" Rigel laughed.

"She is Sirius' hell spawn," Mikhail grumbled in the familiar argument. "Why couldn't you have chosen Jack, he is nice and sweet and calm,"

"Because I'm not gay?" Rigel laughed even more.

"You could be if you really tried!"

"Mikhail!" Harry chuckled nudging his husband gently.

"Of everyone he had to choose!" Mikhail complained.

"He didn't get a choice," Reya snorted as she walked in.

"That is very true, I feared for my life if I said no," Rigel smiled happily at his wife.

"That I can believe," Blaise shoved his brother.

"You don't have a leg to stand on, I know how long it took you to finally convince Ginny to go on a date with you, never mind marry you. I am amazed that we didn't end up just having a double wedding," Rigel stuck his tongue out at Blaise.

"It was painful to watch," Harry sighed.

"Excruciating," Mikhail agreed.


"We love you really," Mikhail assured Blaise with a chuckle.

Harry zoned out a little as the four of them fell into a banter together, reaching out to link his fingers with Mikhail's. His husband automatically accepting the touch, threading their fingers together and squeezing.

69 years of marriage. 69 years of good times, bad time, hard times and most of all the best of times. They had a big family, the squabble were minimum, and they still wanted to spend time with their old dads.

They had changed the world together, Rigel had just finished the job that they had started all those years ago, magical being were now recognised on the same level as witches and wizards and had the same rights. They had made laws fair, and the country and better place to be.

They were still friends with those members of the Wizengamot group who were still alive. Gregory had passed away more than 10 years ago now, Amelia 4. Marcus had passed away just last year. Dante was still going strong, but he was struggling more and more.

But there friendships were all strong, forged in a difficult time. They had all been there for each other through various difficulties, and they always knew that no matter what the others would be there for them.

Dante was leaving his estate and titles to Harry and Mikhail's youngest daughter Lilah, his goddaughter. He had never seen Dante as moved as the day that they pressed their tiny daughter into his arms and then asked him to be her godfather.

No life had been interesting and full. And more than anything, he had had to love of his life at his side through it all. They had had a good life together, a happy life. Mikhail had filled his life with joy and laughter, love and family. He could never have asked for more.

Smiling contently he placed his head onto Mikhail's shoulder and closed his eyes as he listened to Mikhail bantering happily with Reya, honestly, she was definitely his favourite of the partners their children had married.

This was his life. His story had been a good one, and there was still a little space for some more to be written yet.