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The air was filled with the sweet smell of berries, and I greedily leaped from one branch to another while stuffing my cheeks full of red, bell shaped fruits. My little stomach had started to hurt, for I had been here for a long while, but until the berries were gone, I would stay.

"Momo!" I turned around, for I recognized enough human blabber to understand the name I'd been given. I grabbed another handful of berries before flying over to my human companion. I landed on his shoulder, and balanced on my hind legs.

"Wow! He's gotten huge!" My white fur stood up as I faced the aggressive girl that always stole my berries. I grabbed my berries, and hide them in my stomach. I scurried to his opposite shoulder for my newly haired companion always stopped her from stealing my food.

"Seems like he hasn't forgotten you." My companion said to the very loud girl. I stuffed the remainder of the berries in my mouth, and curled my tail around my companion's shoulders. The girl made a strange sound that sounded much like what humans did when they chocked, but I'd learned that humans make this choking sound to show amusement.

I switched my nose to make sure that this was the rude girl for that girl rarely made the chocking sound. I smelled the smell of earth and sweat. It was her! She took a step towards us, and I realized that she must be heading towards my berry bushes.

I dove to wards it, and let out a string of warnings by chattering my teeth together, and fluffing my tail up.

However, my alarm was for nothing. She didn't even take another step towards my bush, but walked into my human companion. I've seen her do this many times. Each time, my companion is sent flying through the air as the earth suddenly attacks him from all directions and tries to eat him.

I looked backed towards my berries and to my companion in wonder which one I should protect. My companion was always taking care of me, but these were really good berries. He always took burrs from my fur, but these were really good berries. He always let me sleep against him when I was cold, but these were really good berries!

I pulled my ear in confusion, and made my decision. I leapt forward onto the loud girl's head. I grabbed her ears, and pulled at her hair.

She let out a startled yell, and started dancing around in circles trying to shake me off, but I had wrapped my tail tightly around her head, and was holding on with my back paws. As she started trying to whack me, I bit at her fingers when they came near.

I could hear my companion screaming my given name, and I realized that he must be thanking me. Proud with praise I continued my relentless attack on the girl's colorless hair. The girl hung upside down, and tried to shake up off, but I held on!

I grabbed her ears, and stuck my back feet on her mouth, so as she shook I had nice little hang ons. She was tried to talk, but every time she tried to open her mouth, I batted at her tongue. Finally my companion grabbed me as if to beg me not to kill this poor girl.

"Momo!" he shouted. I scurried out of his very tight and grateful hug, and jumped down on the ground. I shot a victorious look at the very messy looking girl, and knew she wouldn't be stealing my berries every again. I looked to my companion, and chattered proudly.

"What was that for?" The girl's loud voice shook me from my proud state. I flicked my tail, and stared at the ground around me. I swatted it a few times to warn it not to mess with me. "That little…"

My companion went into a series of chocking noises.

"Twinkle Toes!" she slammed into him, and they started to roll around on the ground. I figured I had done enough to weaken the girl, and my companion could handle it. I retreated to a nice bush with the ripest berries to eat well deserved sweets.

I heard as the two humans fought quite loudly behind me. I couldn't tell who was winning, but when I glanced back I saw my companion sitting on her stomach, and doing an attack to her sides. She had turned red in the face, and was making the chocking sound.

I turned back to my berries more at ease now that I knew my companion was handling his own well. I shoved a few berries into my mouth before a little bug caught my attention. It was a small bug with bright green wings.

I snatched it up in my paws, and held it to my mouth. It started vibrating. I yowled, and released it. It flew onto the trunk of a near tree, and rubbed its back legs together. I looked at my paw for bite marks, but saw none.

I returned my eyes onto the bug. I puffed up my furry chest. I knew I could handle a little bug. I dropped down low to the ground, and inched my way forward. The bug remained unaware as I stalked right below it.

I snatched for it, and it jumped out of my reach. I chattered angrily, and reached again. The bug jumped higher up the tree. I jumped up on the trunk, and the bug sped up the trunk. I shot after it expertly, and only ran into a few branches.

The bug ran out on a branch, and opened its wings. Realizing my prey was about to fly away, I jumped. I caught the bug in my paws, and shot down towards the earth. I opened my wings, and landed on a nearby branch.

I shoved the bug in my mouth. It started vibrating, but I refused to open my mouth. I grabbed my head to keep my eyes from shaking. I tried to swallow, but the bug stubbornly grabbed hold of my tongue. I decided to hold it there until he died.

I looked down to my companion to see if he'd saw my epic battle, but I saw that he had not. He had lost to the loud girl! She was sitting on his stomach now, and leaning down to him. I could see that she had her mouth on his.

My fur rose angrily. How dare she try to steal berries that were obviously his if he'd gotten them in his mouth already! Stealing berries from another was a crime! I spit the bug into my paw, and gave a screech.

I dove down towards them, and landed by their heads. I pushed her head away from his with all the strength I had in my little body.

"Momo!" my companion sounded angry, and he had every right to be. His mouth was empty! She had already stolen the berries! I leapt forward onto her face once again, but this time I was determined.

She opened her mouth, and I shoved the bug in it. I jumped away from her. Now she had a bug, and she wouldn't steal my companion's berries. I looked over to my silently chocking companion. What would he do without me?

The loud girl rudely spit out my bug, and screamed, "I left class for this? I'm going back!"

"Wait!" my companion bravely ran after fleeing girl, and chased her away from our berries. I saw him tackle her to the ground, and steal the berries she was hiding in her cheeks. I would have watched him put the female in place had it not been for the way the beautiful berries seemed to be calling my name.

I'm sorry, but I figured that this must be along the lines that Momo thinks along. I always wonder what goes on in his little furry head.