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Chapter one

"Arry! Efin, je vous ai manqué!" The light voice was followed by a body colliding with Harry before he could even fully turn around. (Harry! Finally, I have missed you)

"Bonjur Fleur. Je vous ai manqué ainsi, tu es superbe, comme toujours!" Harry laughed hugging her back tightly. (Hello Fleur. I have missed you too, you look beautiful, as always)

"Votre langue d'argent a empire. Et vous etes plus grand que moi!" Fleur chuckled not letting him go. (Your silver tongue has gotten worse. And you are taller than me)

"Efin!" Harry snorted. (Finally)

"Erm, don't mean to break up the mood, but do I need to be worried here?" Bill's voice broke in. Chuckling Harry turned his head so he could see the redhead but held onto a blushing Fleur.

"Of course you should be worried, I'm younger, more attractive and speak better French than you do!" Harry grinned.

"Your trading me in for a younger, scrawnier model? How could you?" Bill choked placing a hand over his heart and trying to look heart broken.

"Oh chut you two, you are terrible influences on each other," Fleur rolled her eyes pulling back from Harry to smack his chest and then Bill's arm when he started snickering. Harry threw him a smirk before turning back to Fleur. (shush)

"Comment etes-vous?" He asked concerned. (how are you)

"I am fine Arry, do not worry so much. Come you must meet my family. Maman, papa, zis is Arry," Fleur beamed with pride dragging Harry over to an amused looking couple. Mrs Delecour was as beautiful as her daughter, flowing silver blonde hair fell in a luxurious curtain down to her waist, the sides clipped back with a simple silver clip. Her skin was a glowing white with healthy red flushes in her cheeks. Mr Delecour however was not what Harry would have expected if Fleur hadn't sent pictures of her and her family to him. Mr Delecour had slightly balding brown hair, brown eyes and an unremarkable face, he was 6,3 and had broad shoulders. However his warm eyes and his smile as broad as his shoulders made it easy to see why his wife had fallen in love with him.

"Madame, Monsieur Delecour. C'est merveilleux de vous rencontrer enfin, j'ai beaucoup entendu parler de vous," Harry smiled taking Mrs Delecour's hand and kissing it before shaking Mr Delecour's. (Mrs, Mr Delecour. It is wonderful to finally meet you, I have heard a lot about you)

"Arry, please call us Raine and Aloin. It is wonderful to finally meet you face to face as well," Raine smiled warmly cupping his face and kissing his cheeks.

"Fleur as told us so much about you, we feel as though we know you already," Aloin agreed.

"I'm definitely getting worried now," Bill muttered good naturedly.

"I'm always going to be preferable, I'm not the cradle snatcher stealing away their daughter," Harry said seriously before grinning and dodging the attempted swipe Bill took at his head. Aloin and Fleur started laughing while Raine chuckled in amusement.

"Couzin, are you not going to introduce uz?" a heavy accented male voice requested from the side.

Harry turned to see what had to be the most beautiful man he had ever seen standing with his arms crossed and a golden eyebrow lifted. This boy was the exact opposite of everything Harry was. Where Harry had raven black hair the boy's was golden, Harry's eyes were an intense green while the boy's were an icy blue that looked silver in certain lights, Harry's skin was tanned a deep gold from working outside while the boy's was a identical glowing white to Raine's, Harry was now 6,1 and had filled out though was still more lithe than stocky the boy was 5,6 at the most and slender but with curved hips.

"Bonjour, je suis Lord Harrison James Potter Black. C'est un plaisir," Harry stepped towards the boy before Fleur could say anything and took his hand, bowing over to kiss it before raising again and meeting the boy's enchanting eyes. Pale cheeks were now lit with a fierce blush and most of his confidence seemed to have melted away into shyness. (Hello I am Lord Harrison James Potter Black. It is a pleasure)

"Mon Seigneur. Je suis Lucien, Fleur's cousin. Il est agréable de vous rencontrer," Lucien managed to say averting his eyes. (My Lord. My name is Lucien, Fleur's cousin. It is nice to meet you)

"Just Nice? S'il vous plaît appelez-moi Harry," Harry said before grinning when Lucien looked up at him to let him know he was teasing. It hadn't escaped anyone's notice that Harry still had Lucien's hand in his, Lucien's least of all. (Just nice? Please call me Harry)

"Henri zen," Lucien said uncertainly.

"If that is what you wish to call me," Harry smiled kissing his hand once more before letting go.

"Arry! You are ignoring me!" Gabriella pouted.

"As though I would do such a thing," Harry laughed scooping the girl up and twirling her in a circle before placing her down on her feet and hugging her properly.

"I have missed you!" She laughed hugging him almost as tightly as her sister had.

"You have grown as well! You look more stunning than you did at Christmas!" Harry smiled. "Do you have anyone special in your life?" he added wiggling his eyebrows. As expected Gabriella giggled.

"Zere is someone, ee has been courting me since January. Sending me presents and meeting me from lessons to walk me to my next," she nodded.

"And he had braved Fleur's wrath?" Harry asked grinning when Fleur huffed.

"He has," Gabriella nodded still giggling.

"Then he may be worthy of you," Harry chuckled.

"Arry! You make me sound like a dragon!" Fleur pouted.

"You can act like one protecting its eggs….and we should know," Harry shrugged getting a laugh from them all.

"Come, we must 'ead inside. Madame Weasley will wish to say 'ello," Raine interrupted before Fleur could respond.

"What are you all doing out here anyway?" Harry asked as he stepped next to Bill and coincidentally Lucien.

"Things were getting a little…tense in The Burrow, we decided to take a walk," Bill said uncomfortably.

"Oh dear, what's been happening?" Harry asked concerned.

"We av decided to av a ceremonial bonding done in the old ways," Fleur said shortly.

"Really?" Harry smiled.

"Yes. Fleur and her family follow the ways, and you know that I have partially followed them since I was seventeen. We both want to be bonded for life and beyond. I have decided to take up the old ways completely," Bill explained.

"But your mother and father aren't happy?" Harry guessed.

"Zey zink eet is pureblood supremacy," Lucien scowled as Bill actually blushed. Harry sighed and rubbed his eyes behind his glasses asking the spirits to give him strength.

"I take it they weren't very tactful in their arguments?" Harry asked.

"Mum wasn't, dad just sat quietly with a scowl. He's more understanding, but when we run the risk of 'being like the Malfoy's'…" Bill just shrugged, clearly quoting directly from his father.

"We have even ad Dumbledore, McGonagall and several Order members around," Gabriella scowled.

"It is none of their business," Harry said starting to get angry.

"Try telling them that. And to make things better Dumbledore has refused to perform the ceremony if it is of the old ways, and we only have Charlie and Lucien to stand in as the old families out of the seven needed," Bill said tiredly.

"But the wedding is in three days!" Harry choked.

"Zey are trying to back zem into aving a muggle wedding. But I av told zem zey need to stand strong on zis, not to back down!" Raine nodded to enforce her words.

"Eet will be of no use standing strong eef we av no one to perform ze ceremony or only deux of ze seven witness needed," Fleur sighed.

"Alright wait…" Harry stopped as he started working things out. Everyone stopped around him looking hopeful. "You have two of the seven, Charlie and Lucien?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Bill nodded.

"I can obviously take one. Haven't you invited Viktor and Luna?" Harry scrunched his eyebrows together as he tried to remember everyone that had been reeled off to him by Ron and Fleur.

"Oui! So zat is five!" Fleur started smiling looking at Harry hopefully.

"And Neville?" Harry asked.

"Yes! six," Fleur was obvious holding her breath as Harry scanned his brain. Bill also started grinning.

"Susan Bones?"

"Zen we have seven," Fleur smiled hugging him.

"Wait what about the main priest?" Bill asked. Everyone froze as they saw the huge hole in the plan.

"Wait, Henri introduced imself as ze Lord Potter-Black!" Lucien suddenly said.

"Of course! You can do eet! It will be stronger zan Dumbledore doing eet as well! You are a close friend and ze Lord of two houses, plus you practice ze old ways!" Fleur squealed.

"Fleur…oxy…gen! Needed!" Harry gasped.

"Oops, desole!" Fleur giggled letting go of him.

"Will you do it?" Bill asked hopefully.

"Urgh, you think I'm going to be able to so no to that face? It would be like kicking a puppy," Harry sighed before smiling and wrapping his arm around Fleur's shoulders. "I'd be honoured to perform the ceremony, but you do realise that this will be announcing you as part of my house as I'm not a priest?" Harry asked.

"Well, you'll never be rid of us now. But zat means we're down un witness again. Can you zink of anyone else zat could stand?" Gabriella asked.

"I can't think of anyone else out of the guests," He frowned.

"What about one of your friends? Any of them that would be willing to join a bonding circle that uses the old ways?" Bill asked desperately.

"I can think of one, but it might cause problems," Harry warned.

"Why?" Fleur frowned.

"He's a Slytherin,"

"Do you trust him?" Bill asked.

"Completely," Harry nodded.

"Then come on we need to owl five to ask for them to take part and so they can get ready for the ceremony," Bill practically bounced on the spot as he started pulling Harry and so Fleur along to the front door.

"Ah Harry! How wonderful to see you!" Mrs Weasley smiled walking out the kitchen. "Bill, where are you dragging him? The poor boy has only just arrived!" she frowned as Bill started dragging Harry straight towards the stairs.

"We need to get in contact with the other five for the bonding ceremony," Bill said not looking back at his mother, clearly angry with her.

"What! You…you…even if you have the seven, Dumbledore has said that he wont perform the ceremony," Mrs Weasley scowled.

"Arry az kindly agreed to perform the ceremony," Raine said crossing her arms as she and Aloin stepped into the house.

"What! Harry doesn't follow the old ways!" Mrs Weasley sniffed.

"I have followed the old ways since I was fourteen Mrs Weasley," Harry corrected her softly.

"What! I…wh…"

"I read some books on it when I was preparing for the first task, I celebrated my first Yule that year. I kept my practices quiet until last year. Myself, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Susan Bones and a couple of others have formed a coven," Harry shrugged.

"Impossible! You..your fighting for…"

"I am fighting against someone who is trying to suppress a part of peoples choices and shedding darkness and misunderstanding on people who follow the old ways," Harry said firmly before she could insult them.

"The old ways are followed by pureblood supremacists!" Mrs Weasley spat.

"I am neither a pureblood supremacist, nor am I technically pureblood. Yet I follow them," Harry said warningly.

"Mum everyone is allowed their belief system so long as it isn't pushed into someone else's faces. This is what Fleur and I want, it is our bonding and it will be done traditionally," Bill snapped before storming up the stairs leaving Mrs Weasley spluttering at the bottom.

"I'll write to Blaise, you split the others," Harry said as all seven of them piled into Bill and Charlie's room.

"I shall go and collect ze owls," Gabriella said turning.

"No we need to get these letters out as soon as possible so everyone can start preparing and get here, and so we can find others if necessary. We'll send them by House elf, I know one that will happily do it," Harry argued.

"Henri is right, zis is important, ze quicker zey are informed ze better," Lucien backed him up. Letters weren't passed by house elf unless it was an emergency. This counted. Six letters were swiftly drafted.

"Erm…he's a litte excitable and…eccentric, just to warn you," Harry said after a moment. "Dobby!" he called. Within seconds he had a lap full of brightly dressed house elf.

"Harry Potter sir is being calling for Dobby, Dobby is so happy, Harry Potter sir is wanting Dobby's help!" The elf squeaked excitedly.

"Dobby I need a really big favour. Would you be able to deliver these letters to the people on the envelope for us as soon as possible please?" Harry asked seriously. Immediately Dobby calmed down.

"Dobby is being delivering them right now Harry Potter sir. He is being relying on Dobby, Dobby make sure they's is responding and Dobby is bringing letters back," Dobby nodded before taking the letters and without a second to spare cracked out.

"Ee is…" Lucien bit his lip.

"He is Dobby. Don't worry he's unique but reliable," Harry laughed before delighting in the blush that formed on Lucien's cheeks.

"So Mr Potter Black, you are interested in my future cousin-in-law?" Bill grinned as he plopped down next to Harry in the field he had escaped to to go over his part in the ceremony.

"And if I am?" Harry asked only tilting his head slightly towards Bill.

"I can't think of a better person for either of you. But I need to say, be serious about Lucien before you do anything. He had been hurt a lot in the past. He is attracted to you, I don't think he would cope with being let down again," Bill said seriously, all traces of teasing gone.

"Tell me," Harry part requested, part demanded.

"His father was Raine's half brother. They didn't get on when they were younger and after Andre turned sixteen he wasn't in contact with the family for nearly eighteen years. He was a pureblood supremacist and was disgusted with the fact that his grandfather had married a veela, he was even more disgusted with the fact that his sister inherited the gene. The chances of it coming through in a female was 45%, the chances of it coming through in a male 20%. Their mother didn't have it, but her and their father were happy that Raine had the gene. Andre wouldn't speak to them. He moved into an area that matched his ideals and married a pureblood witch. A year and a half later Lucien was born, and clearly bore the gene. His mother loved him and showed him affection as much as she dared, but Andre…Andre made sure his son knew what he thought of him, and the only reason that he didn't throw him out was because it would be more of a stain on their name. The children in the area were all of the same ideals as Andre, their parents no doubt forcing the ideas into their heads. Lucien had one friend growing up and was severely picked on. One of the students tricked Lucien two years ago into thinking that he liked Lucien and wanted to be with him…Lucien overheard him talking to his friends on how he planned to…to…to fuck the filthy half blood and then leave him naked in the streets. Lucien told his mother and she finally snapped. She got straight into contact with Raine and Aloin, explained what happened and sent Lucien straight to them. A week later she was dead, suspicious circumstances," Bill spoke softly, sadly. Harry could feel himself fuming. How could anyone treat someone like Lucien like that? He was beautiful, intelligent, perfect.

"I don't have any intention of playing around Bill. I want him, if he wants me then I will be no doubt requesting a betrothal of Aloin and Raine by Yule. I have no intentions of letting him slip through my fingers," Harry said quietly.

"Betrothal?" Bill choked hastily. "He really has managed to get your attention hasn't he? You are sure?"

"I am the Lord of two of the Noble and Ancient Houses. I need to be sure of my spouse, I cannot enter a betrothal without being sure, I cannot date someone I don't believe will be worthy of holding my house with me, bearing my name or my children. I want Lucien Bill, my magic wants him," Harry finally turned fully and allowed Bill to see the emotions raging through his eyes, the emotions that had been choking him since he heard Lucien's voice, set eyes on him. Love, lust, want, desire, joy, fear, confusion.

"You know, I knew. When I saw Fleur, I knew I would marry her, no matter what I had to do, how long I had to wait, I would make her my wife, from the minute I saw her coming into that room at Hogwarts to greet her family before the third task. Luckily she agreed and despite it being quick for most people considering we only started dating a year ago, its right. Aloin told me he saw Raine in a muggle market…he followed her for three hours before she finally asked him what the hell he was doing stalking her and threatened to castrate him if he attacked her or carried on. He asked her on a date, five months later they married," Bill told him.

"So…when you meet them…you know?" Harry asked slowly.

"I believe that the family have been blessed by the divine and have definite mates out there. When their mates meet them, they just know," Bill shrugged.

"Hm. It doesn't matter. I plan to court him either way," Harry smiled.

"Good luck then. I hope your happy. Just dont get distracted during my wedding and bonding ceremony," Bill teased tugging Harry to his feet.

"Dont worry that wont be a problem. I really am honoured to be doing the ceremony," Harry smiled as they made their way back across the fields to The Burrow.

"And we're proud to have you doing it. Much better you than Dumbledore. It worked out perfectly in the end. We're having one last meal before the fasting now, its why I was sent out to get you as well as to give you the warning," Bill rolled his eyes.

"Ah you drew that short straw did you. Well consider me warned, but there's no need for concern. Mm that smells wonderful," Harry groaned as they stepped in through the back door to be hit with a cloud of smells.

"Zank you Arry. We are making a feast to get us zrew ze fasting. All traditional meals from France," Raine beamed happily from where she was standing at the stove.

"How did you chase Mrs Weasley out the kitchen?" Harry asked slightly stunned by the rows and rows of pans and plates and bowls and dishes he could see.

"She's sulking. When none of us responded to her sniping and huffing she stormed off. We're going to have to put up with it as we make the preparations, it will be a nightmare," Bill grumbled.

"Just ignore it, we have more to focus on than that. The preparations for the ceremony are going to keep us all busy," Harry said quietly. "Plus a few more of your family might be on your side than you think," Harry grinned.

"Who?" Bill frowned.

"Harry!" Ginny beamed bouncing into the room to hug him. "You've been causing trouble!" She added in a sing song voice. Fleur, Lucien, Gabriella and Alion stepped into the room behind her.

"It wasn't my fault this time," Harry pouted.

"Ah ha, Bill's as much to blame for mum's high blood pressure this time," Ginny grinned at her brother.

"Dinner is ready...will you be joining us Ginerva?" Raine asked unsurely.

"Better had if I'm going to start the fast, never did do well at them," Ginny shrugged.

"Zank you," Lucien flushed as Harry pulled out his seat for him and guided it back under him before sitting quickly to his left.

"You follow the Old Ways Ginny?" Bill asked stunned as his sister slipped into a seat next to him.

"Yup. Joined Harry's coven last year. You don't really think he would have something like that and not have us a part of it do you?" Ginny chuckled.

"Its not my coven, its our coven," Harry sighed as he poured Lucien a glass of wine and then his own. Lucien blushed again looking cautiously at Harry but thanked him softly. Ginny blinked at the interaction before chuckling and smiling widely.

"Ah ha, keep telling yourself that. Its your coven," Ginny snickered. One look at her told Harry he was going to be grilled for details later on.

"Wait, so if your in the coven then Ron…" Bill asked hopefully.

"Is facing a three day fast for you! You had better make sure this wedding is bloody good," Ron huffed stomping through the back door.

"Have fun?" Harry grinned mischievously before taking a sip of his wine calmly as Ron flopped into the seat opposite him and shot him a deadly glare.

"Next time you need to have someone delegate between you and the Goblins send Hermione! They had my brain doing cartwheels within a minute with all the facts and numbers they were spieling off," Ron groaned rubbing his forehead.

"Aw poor thing, next time maybe you'll be more sympathetic towards Harry having to deal with being the Lord of two houses," Ginny laughed.

"Aside from giving you a migraine everything alright?" Harry asked.

"Its all in order, they'll be seeing to your special request within the week and will send an owl to inform you when its dealt with," Ron said, his tiredness disappearing. Harry nodded his thanks.

"Thanks for that mate," he smiled.

"No problem," Ron groaned not able to sulk for long.

"Ze food iz served," Raine smiled waving all the dishes and pans towards the table and then sat on Lucien's other side.

"Wow…this looks…wow," Ron sighed breathing in deeply the smells.

"Worth going onto a fast for?" Ginny grinned.

"Bring it on," Ron nodded before digging in along with the rest. Harry made sure to take a little bit of everything to have a taste of it, while he noticed Lucien took a little bit of only five dishes. Sensing that he was being watched Lucien looked up and flushed when he caught Harry watching him. Harry smiled warmly at him delighting in the small one he got back.

"Do you not like everything here?" Harry asked softly using the pretence to lean closer to Lucian.

"Non, I prefer white meat, red not too much," Lucian shrugged. When Harry looked he realised that Lucian indeed only had vegetable and chicken dishes on his plate, ignoring the beef and lamb ones.

"How old are you Lucian?" Harry asked the question he probably should have asked Bill while he had him alone.

"I am fifteen," Lucian replied hesitantly, scanning Harry's face confused at the question. Harry however just smiled happily nodding as he took another sip of his wine. When he looked up Ron caught his eyes and asked a silent question. Harry nodded minutely getting a chuckle from Ron.

"Ok, that was just creepy!" Bill drew their attention to the fact that everyone else at the table had caught some of the exchange.

"What? With Hermione and Ginny around us guys need a way to talk without fighting to get a word in edgeways," Harry shrugged grinning at Ginny's annoyed huff.

"So Ronald was speaking to ze Goblin's for you 'Arry?" Raine asked curiously.

"Yes, unfortunately until today I was under Dumbledore's rules for my 'safety'. I needed a request in with the Goblins this morning so Ron kindly went for me. That and I wanted him to see what it was like trying to deal with them," Harry chuckled. "On that matter, Ginny the shopping trip has been planned for tomorrow," Harry turned to her.

"Harry you don't have to…" Ginny started protesting.

"Ginny I have all that jewellery sitting in my vault unused and collecting dust. You, Hermione and Luna will look through it and if you find something you like that matches your wedding robes you will take them," Harry said mock sternly but his face showed he was serious.

"Fine…fine, pushy," Ginny sighed smiling at him to show her thanks.

"Gabriella you are more than welcome to look through the jewellery as well to see if there is something you like if you don't already have something bought," Harry added looking to the younger girl who perked up slightly looking to her mum and dad.

"If 'Arry is appy for you to look eet eez fine wiz uz. We brought her grandmozza's necklace wiz us but eet is old, if you are sure you don't mind?" Raine looked at Harry.

"I really don't. I have all this women's jewellery in the vault just sitting there, it will be nice to let them see the light of day on a beautiful lady," Harry said glancing to Gabriella who giggled happily.

"Lucian will you join us shopping as well?" Harry turned in time to catch Lucian frowning slightly at him and Gabriella before his expression became blank.

"Eet is alright I would not want to eempose," He refused to meet Harry's eyes as he spoke.

"You would be far from imposing, I would like your company tomorrow," Harry clarified deciding to throw subtlety to the wind. Everyone else started up conversation quickly trying not to show they were listening as well. Lucian glanced at Harry through his fine eyelashes before glancing to Gabriella again.

"You will av enough company, you do not need mine," Lucian said hesitantly.

"But it is yours that I would like the most there," Harry said firmly meeting Lucian's eyes.

"Eef you are sure?" Lucian bit his lip making Harry's mind turn to mush for a second.

"I am very sure," He said once he pulled himself together.

"Oui zen, zank you," Lucian turned shy again, quickly picking up his glass to drink from it as Harry beamed at him. The rest of dinner was filled with happy, continuous conversation paused only for them to receive and read the acceptance letters from the other participants for the ritual via Dobby. Ron, Harry and Ginny keeping everyone amused with stories of the D.A and their friends. They told of sneaking around school with the coven to practice and celebrate.

"Eet ees terrible zat you haf to ide zat you practice," Aloin shook his head.

"It will come out after the wedding. But before now while I was still counted as a minor it was easier to keep it hidden. Now I am in control of my estates fully and will be able to fight back when the papers start slamming me," Harry shrugged as he relaxed back into his seat and stretched his legs out comfortably.

"Eet is unusual for a muggle born to practice ze old ways, but you zay your friend eez?" Gabriella asked curiously.

"Hermione studies everything to death to find out as much as she can about it. When Harry first found the Old ways and started reading to understand them she was worried, but she couldn't turn down the opportunity to study something she hadn't heard of before. I admit my reaction was… less than impressive. It was the real reason we fell out, not because I believed Harry put his name in the Goblet. But Hermione talked to me about what she had found and actually explained the Old ways to me. We both agreed that the traditions, the rules and the way was something that appealed to us," Ron answered honestly.

"The Old ways have been tainted with the majority of pure bloods siding with Voldemort over here. Not to mention the fact that you have places like Hogwarts that chooses to celebrate Christmas over Yule, Halloween over Samhain, to try and make the muggle borns feel more comfortable," Bill shook his head.

"But then they don't actually provide any support or real knowledge beforehand for muggleborns or muggle raised before entering Hogwarts," Harry snorted.

"You knew nozing of ze wizarding world?" Lucian asked shocked.

"No nothing at all. I didn't know I was magic, I didn't know why I could do odd things. The Dursley's certainly didn't tell me, they prayed every day that I wouldn't be a real wizard. I knew nothing of being a Lord of the Potter House before the summer just before I turned fifteen," Harry sighed automatically focussing his attention in on Lucian.

"What do you need to shop for tomorrow?" Raine asked steered to conversation back to happier things.

"I need to pick up my robes, and of course the girls will be looking for jewellery," Harry thought out loud.

"I need to pick out some shoes to go with my robes as well," Ron grumbled.

"I need to find a belt to go wiz my robes, zo going tomorrow will be helpful," Lucian added softly.

"I'm sure Harry can help you find something," Ron grinned before yelping as Harry kicked him under the table.

"I would be glad to help you," Harry turned to Lucian as though nothing had happened causing Lucian to smile shyly again.

"Zank you," he nodded.

When Harry got into Ron's room that night he was accosted by Ginny and Ron before he could even get his shrunk trunk out his pocket.