Harry laughed as Gabriella ran ahead of them dragging Ginny by the hand to the shop a little further down. Merlin knew how long they were going to lose the two of them in the make-up shop for, but they seemed happy enough. Though Gabriella's face when Hermione had promptly and firmly informed her that she didn't really use makeup and had no interest in it, or learning about using it, well that had been equally hilarious. Lucien had had to press his face into his shoulder to hide his laughter at the nonplussed look on the youngest Delecour's face.

They were in Edinburgh in the shopping centre there for a little bit of a change to their normal shopping so that Bill and Fleur could get their last minute things before they went on honeymoon the following day, also, Harry, Hermione and Ron could get some new robes for their job interviews in two days at the Department of Mysteries.

They were currently sitting outside a cafe waiting for Bill and Fleur to return from wherever they had disappeared to. Bill had shot them a panicked look over his shoulder as Fleur had dragged him off - actually much in the same manner as Gabriella had dragged Ginny away - with a long long long list of things she had decided they would need.

Charlie and Viktor had decided to stick with them considering Charlie had a thing for playing dress up with Harry as it was. Lucien had really seemed to enjoy himself picking out different things for Harry, and the dark-haired man had to admit that he had amazing taste as they outfit he had put together had looked very impressive. Blaise had met up with them declaring that he found it amusing to watch Harry squirm and that Ron had dropped his best friend in it, informing the Slytherin that they were clothes shopping.

Eventually, after a stroll around wandering in and out of different shops, they had decided to take a stop at a cafe and have something to eat while they waited.

"Are you nervous?" Lucien asked softly from where they were sitting on a bench together, Harry's arm around his shoulder.

"A little," Harry knew he was talking about the interview. "I have never actually had a job interview before," He smiled weakly.

"People forget zat even zough you 'av done all zese amazing zings, you are ztill a person," Lucien hummed brushing Harry's cheek.

"Thank you, not a lot of people think about it that way," Harry captured Lucien's hand before he could retreat and placed a kiss to the centre of his palm. "It feels a little silly sometimes, I mean I have faced Voldemort, but it's still nerve-wracking doing normal things as well. Job interviews, courting requests," Harry grinned.

"Were you nervous?" Lucien chuckled.

"Terrified, I was sure that you would laugh and say no," Harry smiled.

"Like I would do zat, you were zo charming and sweet," Lucien leant up and kissed him gently.

"I was still terrified, not to mention facing your family, particularly Fleur," Harry mock shuddered getting delighted laughter from his partner. Ron looked up and smiled softly at the sight of them.

"You will be amazing though, oui, I know it," Lucien said warmly going back to their conversation.

"I hope you, I think I am coming more and more round to this job thing," Harry admitted.

"Oui?" Lucien asked curiously.

"When we were down there in my fifth year it was fascinating, so many rooms and so many different things there. I don't know, the more I think about it, the more it would be amazing to know what they are, learn about them, and work with them. It would not be a boring career," Harry sighed.

"Well zen, you zee what zey 'ave to zay tomorrow, and you make a choice," Lucien smiled.

"You're right,"

"Of course!" Lucien sounded so like Fleur that Harry couldn't help his laughter.

"Do you want something else to drink?" Harry asked Lucien as he stood and grabbed his own empty cup.

"Oh merci! More 'ot chocolate?" Lucien smiled sheepishly.

"Remus has a lot to answer for," Harry shook his head playfully as he leant to give Lucien a sweet kiss before strolling into the cafe.

Lucien turned back to the others and joined in their conversation and betting - they really did have a problem - on how many things Fleur and Bill would come back with. He was laughing and bantering with them as they called foul on him placing a bet considering he was Fleur's cousin and had inside knowledge when he heard someone calling Harry's name inside the cafe.

Turning he blinked when he was in time to watch a smaller blonde placing a kiss onto Harry's cheek before hugging him in a way that definitely did not just seem friendly. And Harry returned the hug with a bright smile on his face, clearly happy to see this person.

He watched as Harry pulled back to say something to the man, who looked to be around Harry's age, before he pulled him into another, longer hug. Lucien could not stop the tightening to his chest, and his sudden shortness of breath as he watched the blonde pull back but twine his arms around Harry's neck before fluttering his eyelashes in a manner that was definitely flirtatious.

His heart felt as though it was constricting when he watched Harry laugh happily and not try and remove the man from his person.

"Hmm, oh Seamus is here, I hadn't realised," Blaise said absently as he followed Lucien's line of sight.

"'oo ees 'e?" Lucien asked managing to sound fairly normal.

"Harry's friend and ex. Honestly, they shagged like bunnies through the end of the war. We thought they might eventually end up together considering how long they had been friends as well, and how much Seamus likes Harry, but guess it wasn't meant to be," Blaise shrugged.

"That ees ze person 'e waz with?" Lucien frowned a little, unable to take his eyes off of Harry chattering happily with Seamus.

"Oh he was with him plenty, honestly they were awful!" Blaise snorted. Lucien felt a little sick as he pictured the two of them together. Seamus was getting closer and closer, and he still had not removed his arms from around Harry's neck, and instead seemed to be getting closer to Harry.

"Oh, when did zey stop zeeing each ozer?" Lucien asked.

"I think about a month or so ago," Blaise shrugged nonchalantly.

"Henri and I 'av only been togezer 2 weeks," Lucien stammered.

"Not much of a crossover period huh!" Blaise smirked before blanching when he caught sight of Lucien's face. Unfortunetly just as he realised the damage that had been done he turned in time to see Seamus dodging forwards and kissing Harry on the lips.

Before he could say anything Lucien was on his feet and storming to the fireplace in the centre of the alley, but not before Blaise had seen the tears in his eyes. Cursing he jumped to his feet and raced into the cafe.

Harry pushed Seamus back startled, shoving a little too hard as the Irish boy stumbled back a good few feet looking confused.

"What the hell are you doing?" Harry asked angrily.

"Come on Harry, celibacy doesn't suit me, surely we can just a little fun, you must be getting tense now too!" Seamus flirted, but he did look a little baffled.

"Seamus I am courting someone! You have to have seen the papers!" Harry growled.

"What? You mean that's true?" Seamus gawped.

"Yes, and your intended saw that he's storming to floo out now!" Blaise said quickly as he raced over.

"Merlin, Harry, I am so sorry! I thought it was just another one of those stories they like to come up with!" Seamus was looking mortified.

"I need to go after Lucien!" Harry shook his head.

"Harry," Blaise called after Harry shrugged off his hand. Blinking at the use of his first name he turned to see the Slytherin looking truly apologetic. "I may have made it worse, I forgot who I was talking to, or that he would not understand my sense of humour, and well..."

"What did you say?"

"I'm really sorry! I..."

"What did you say?!" Harry growled grabbing Blaise by his lapels.

Hermione placed her hand on Harry's back, rubbing gently as she took in the misery on his face. Ron grimaced over Harry's head indicating that the situation had not improved in her absence.

"I had plans for our first date tonight as well," Harry suddenly muttered making both of them jump. He had barely said a word since Lucien had screamed at him through the door to leave him alone and that he did not want to see him. They had followed Harry through the floo as close as possible after Blaise had admitted what had happened. They had left the Slytherin mopping his bleeding lip and nose and hurried after Harry.

The argument that they had had to have with Raine and Alion to allow Harry to Lucien's bedroom door to try and explain what had happened had been impressive. Lucien had apparently exploded from the fireplace mumbled a half explanation to the reason he was sobbing his heart out before he had raced to his bedroom and sealed the door behind himself.

Finally, they had managed to get Raine and Alion to understand that it was a misunderstanding and unfortunate timing, and Harry had raced up the stairs. Only to be met with Lucien refusing to listen to him. Eventually, he had just slumped down onto the floor in front of Lucien's room and had refused to move for the last two hours. Ron and Hermione had been alternately keeping him company either separately or together, leaving him only for one to go calm down the upset family downstairs, who were not wholly convinced that there was not something to the reason Lucien was so upset.

"I know," Hermione started rubbing his back again.

"I wanted it to be special. I should have taken him out before, to show him how much he means to me. It shouldn't have been a second thought after everything, but we have been so busy. He's never been on a date, so I wanted to make sure it was special...he's going to miss out on it," Harry frowned.

"Harry, he will come around," Ron patted his shoulder.

"What if he won't listen? What if he won't let me explain?"

"Harry he will, he's upset, he just needs time to calm down," Hermione assured him.

"I'm actually going to murder Blaise, he needs to learn to think before he runs his mouth off!" Harry snarled. "Or even better I am going to chop his bits off and maybe if he stops constantly thinking with his brain down there he will think about what the fuck he is doing and consequences of him speaking shit!" Harry sniffed wiping his eyes.

"He is really sorry Harry, he forgot that he was talking to someone who doesn't know him and the way he speaks," Ron grimaced.

"He was talking to my intended! He should have at least realised at least that talking about it at all in front of him was inappropriate!" Harry snarled.

"Henri," Harry jerked as the door behind him opened. His heart broke as he took in the sight of Lucien. He had clearly been sobbing since he had returned three hours ago, and he looked heartbroken and furious at the same time.

"Lucien! Please let me explain! This is a misunderstanding I promise! I didn't kiss Seamus! I pushed him away!" Harry said quickly.

"You allowed him to 'ang onto you!" Lucien snapped.

"That is just how Seamus is, he would have done the same with Ron or Hermione, he's really tactile! He didn't realise the articles were true about us!" Harry said quickly.

"It is true Lucien, he's incredibly tactile," Hermione nodded.

"You are 'is friend! You would zay zat!" Lucien snapped.

"Ask Fleur! She will remember him from the Tournament! He is always hanging off of people, she will remember him!" Harry said quickly. This seemed to take the wind out of Lucien's sails, and Harry took the chance to step closer to him. "Lucien, I made a promise to you, and I would not break that. I swear! Seamus and I have been done for months, he was who I told you about. The friend that I... had sex with but not a relationship. He isn't interested in a relationship with me either, he's not interested in a relationship at all, Lucien please," Harry reached out and took the younger man's hand.

"You were 'ugging 'im! And ze kiss!" Lucien glared.

"I swear to you Lucien, as soon as he kissed me I pushed him away, and I told him I was Courting! He is mortified, and Blaise is going to be lucky if I don't murder him. That is constantly the way that he speaks, he finds crudeness in anything, and he doesn't think about how it may be taken," Harry was aware of Hermione and Ron sneaking away down the stairs as he spoke, but he was focussed completely on Lucien's heartbroken face.

"'e zaid zat your friends zought zat you would be togezer. Zat you went at eet zike bunnies," Lucien frowned.

"I told you that I had sex with him Lucien, you knew I was not a virgin, but it was nowhere near as bad as he made it sound. He is a friend and that is all Lucien, I don't love him," Harry said firmly, risking taking a step closer to Lucien.

"Henri..." The french teen sounded so lost and hurt that Harry could not stop himself from stepping forward again and wrapping him in his arms. "You do not love 'im?" Lucien cautiously reached out and gripped hold of Harry's shirt.

"Lucien I swear on my magic I don't love Seamus," Harry vowed. Lucien gasped as he felt the magic around them sealing Harry to his words.

"Henri!" He murmured stunned.

"I will vow whatever you want me to, I will vow whatever you need to hear, I swear," Harry said pleadingly. Lucien pulled back a little and took in the frayed state Harry was in, the nerves and tiredness, worry and sorrow written visibly over his face.

"Zere ees no need for zat. I believe you," Lucien shook his head.

"I am so sorry," Harry apologised, gripping Lucien a little tighter as though he would change his mind and move back if Harry let him go.

"Non, eet was a mis...misunderstanding, oui? Eet ees no one's fault," Lucien reached up and combed his fingers through Harry's hair. "Zough zis Seamus will not be kissing you again!"

"No he won't, he knows, he is mortified, he had no idea," Harry promised as he walked Lucien backwards into the room and shut the door behind himself to give them a little privacy.

"But he reads ze papers non?" Lucien frowned a little.

"He has been my friend long enough to know that 99% of what is published in the papers is absolute rubbish. Honestly according to the papers I have been courted or courting someone probably about 10 times in the last year. He probably though some opportunistic photographer had caught a photo of us that could be misconstrued," Harry sighed.

"Hmm, I am sorry," Lucien sighed.

"You have nothing to apologise for! If I had seen what you had and heard what you did, I would have jumped to the same conclusions, I am just so sorry that you went through this. Honestly, Blaise will be paying for this!"

"Zat I will not argue wiz," Lucien snorted, a small fire in his eyes that once again reminded Harry that the teen in his arms was part veela. "Can we lie down?"

"Yes, of course," Harry nodded quickly.

"I want to cuddle and maybe zleep a little," Lucien said tiredly. He chuckled a little when Harry had him bundled into the bed and was holding him close in seconds, still clearly worried that the blonde would change his mind.

"May...may I kiss you?" Harry asked nervously. Lucien felt a little stab to his chest for the damage this misunderstanding seemed to have made between them. Even though it had been cleared up, Harry was still clearly nervous and walking on egg shells. He had never really asked to kiss Lucien before, and the blonde had enjoyed the contact and comfort, the desire that Harry showed for him.

"You do not 'ave to ask Henri," Lucien shook his head, rolling on top of Harry a little in his arms, and instead of waiting for Harry, pressed their lips together in a firm kiss. Part of him admitted to himself that he was wiping away any trace or memory for both of them of Harry's ex kissing him. The possessive side of him wanting to eradicate the touch and kiss from Harry's lips with his own.

It was a good time later that they were lying curled together, Lucien lying with his head on Harry's shoulder as the dark-haired man combed his fingers soothingly through blonde hair.

"Henri?" Lucien asked sleepily.


"Did you really 'ave a date planned for uz tonight?"

"Yes I did, I am sorry that it has been ruined, I wanted you to have a special night,"

"Can you move eet to anozer night?" Lucien asked softly.

"It will not be the same, I wanted to surprise you," Harry sounded more than a little miserable.

"Henri," Lucien scolded lightly. "Getting to go on a date wiz you, getting to spend time wiz you, getting to 'ave my first ever date wiz you, eet will be amazing. We could 'ave a picnic at ze end of ze garden, and I would love eet!"

"I had something a little more special than that planned," Harry huffed.

"Zen we will do eet anozer night," Lucien nodded firmly.

"Ok," Harry smiled contently as he buried his face into Lucien's hair. The blonde smiled as he heard Harry's breathing even out into sleep only moments later, clearly exhausted from everything that had happened.

"Do you have everything?" Raine fussed.

"Yes, I zink zo," Lucien nodded before smiling and kissing Ginny's cheek. "Merci for 'elping me,"

"It's lucky I knew what his plans were," Ginny laughed shaking her head.

"Ok, right I am ready," Lucien nodded before heading to the floo.

"Lucien!" Everyone turned a little worried as they watched Molly hurry to him.

"Oui?" He asked nervously, relieved as Ginny stepped closer, clearly ready to run interference should her mother cause problems.

"Here, take these for Harry. They are his favourite flower," Everyone stared stunned as she held out a tulip she had clearly just picked from the garden. Lucien reached out and took the flower, seeing it for the peace offering it was obviously meant to be.

"Merci," He was not sure that he would ever come to really love this woman, her first impressions had been awful and she had caused his cousin more stress than should ever have happened on the lead up to her wedding. However she was important to Harry for some reason, so he was sure he would find a way to get on with her.

"Have a lovely evening," Molly smiled before stepping back and allowing him to finish making his way to the floo.

He looked back just before the fire snatched him to see everyone watching him hopefully. They were all a little on edge after the events of the misunderstanding, and the day before had been a little bit tense after everyone dropped the facade that they had slapped on to see Bill and Fleur off on their honeymoon.

Gabriella had not been sure who to be upset at, and so had just chosen to be annoyed about the fact that she had had to intrude in with Ginny and Hermione without notice to the other girls as she had been locked out of their room. Raine and Alion believed Harry after he had explained everything, again, and even Fleur had backed him up about how tactile Seamus was, but they were still upset that Lucien had been so upset. Everyone else had just clearly been worried about what would happen between Harry and Lucien and had been watching nervously.

Not to mention that Harry, Ron and Hermione had been growing steadily more nervous about their interviews at the Department of Mysteries. It had been a long day, and Lucien had felt a stab every time he had caught green eyes watching him nervously or cautiously, even though he knew it had just been a misunderstanding and no one was at fault Lucien wished there were someone to blame, something that could be done to show Harry that he truly did not blame him. And then he had had his idea.

Landing outside the fireplace in the Ministry Lucien smiled at Mr Weasley who was waiting a little bit away in front of the bank of fireplaces waiting for him. Beckoning him over he led Lucien to where Hermione and Ron had agreed to bring Harry to meet him. Harry, of course, had no idea.

And the look on his face when he saw Lucien standing there, clearly waiting for him, warmed Lucien's heart. Smiling brightly at Harry Lucien swept over and wrapped his arms around Harry's neck, leaning up on his toes to press a kiss to Harry's lips. He hummed happily when Harry wrapped his arms around his waist and drew him in closer, deepening the kiss just a little.

The look of confusion on Harry's face when they parted and he realised that Hermione, Ron and Mr Weasley had disappeared was amusing.

"Zis ees for you," Lucien said holding the tulip out to Harry.

"Thank you," Harry blinked taking the flower, his smile getting a little bigger.

"And you can tell me 'ow eet went, at supper," Lucien nodded.

"Supper?" Harry asked.

"Mm hm, Ginny 'elped me and rearranged our date for tonight," Lucien smiled.

"Really? But..." Harry said slowly.

"I don't know where we are going Henri, eet ees still a surprise," Lucien smiled. "Ees this ok?"

"This is brilliant, are we booked in straight away?" Harry asked.

"Oui," Lucien nodded. "Henri," He caught Harry's hand as he turned to the apparation point.

"Is everything ok?" Harry asked confused turning back.

"Oui, I just wanted to zay, you look very 'andsome," Lucien smiled shyly as he played with the lapels of Harry's official robes. The smile that Harry gave him warmed Lucien to his toes.

"You look quite handsome yourself," Harry said a little huskier, bending to kiss Lucien gently.

"Can't get away from us huh Potter!" An amused voice called parting them.

"Mr Hartridge," Harry smiled seeing the man standing close to them. "Mr Hartridge this is my intended Lucien Delecour, Lucien this is my new boss, Mr Hartridge,"

"I knew you would get ze job!" Lucien beamed proudly. "A pleasure," He bowed a little to the smiling man in front of them. He was...plain looking, to be frank. There wasn't anything that made him stand out, besides a flash of something in his eyes that made Lucien and Harry both think that this man could be very dangerous when he wanted to be. Indeed Lucien felt as though the man had searched his soul with one glance.

"Ah Mr Delecour, I have heard a great deal about you today, it is a pleasure," Mr Hartridge bowed back.

"Ze pleasure ees mine," Lucien smiled.

"Do you have plans tonight?"

"We are actually going for our first proper date," Harry nodded.

"Ah, do not let me stand in the way. I hope that you have a good evening. I shall see you next week Harry, Mr Delecour I look forward to meeting you again," Mr Hartridge nodded before drifting off and disappearing into the crowd.

"He did that about four times this afternoon, I hope he teaches me how he pulls it off," Harry shook his head.

"Congratulations Henri," Lucien beamed.

"Merci," Harry said a little bashfully. "He didn't actually seem all that interested in the fact I was Harry Potter. He was really interested in my training and what I could actually do,"

"You are well trained and 'ave amazing magic Henri, of course, 'e was interested in you," Lucien smiled as they carried on towards the apparation point.

"I have a really good feeling about this job," Harry smiled happily. "And now, for our first date," He turned and pulled Lucien close before apparating them out.

Lucien stared around them awed and completely baffled as they walked out of the apparation room and he took in their location. He turned to Harry when his intended stifled a laugh and instead smirked at him.

"I know zat we are not in Paris, even you can not apparate uz zat far in un jump!" Lucien looked around them. They were standing in a perfect replica of the Eifle Tower, and looking out the windows Lucien could see Paris spread out underneath them.

"It is a themed restaurant, the scenery changes every half hour to a different iconic location from around the world," Harry explained. "It is pure luck it is currently Paris,"

"I 'ave 'eard of zese restaurants! Henri zere ees a seven-month waiting list for any of ze restaurants!" Lucien gawped around them.

"I may have used my fame to get us in here on short notice. I have promised that they can put into their publications that we had our first date here," Harry looked a little mortified that he had used his name. "I wanted to make sure that tonight was special for your first date, and I figured taking you somewhere where I can show you the world could work,"

"Henri, you get enough grief from your fame, you may as well get zomething good from eet too and make eet work for you. Zis ees amazing! I am zo 'appy I get to do zis wiz you!"

"Lord Potter-Black, Master Delecour," A beautiful dark haired lady swept up to them with a slight bow.

"Lady Hollens," Harry said wide-eyed himself now.

"I know we promised no fuss, I promise this is the only fuss you will receive tonight, please follow me to your table," She swept through the restaurant leaving them to follow.

"Isn't she ze owner?!" Lucien whispered.

"Yes," Harry nodded as they followed her.

"Here we are, I hope that you have a lovely evening," Lady Hollens smiled motioning to their perfect table.

"Thank you very much," Harry said as he seated Lucien before taking his own.

"If I may make a suggestion?" She waited for them both to nod. "We do a sharing selection menu, starter, main and dessert you will be brought a sharing platter with selections of meals from all over the world. It is very exotic and romantic for a first date,"

"That sounds wonderful," Harry nodded after a glance to Lucien. "Could I request that there is a limited amount of red meat thought please?"

"Of course, I shall place your order. We advise that you stay for 3 to 4 hours to get the most out of the restaurant, there is a maximum of 6 hours however," Lady Hollens told them.

"A maximum?" Harry blinked.

"Someone managed to take up a table for 13 hours, so we have had to set a maximum I am afraid,"

"That is no problem thank you," Harry said trying to fight down his amusement.

"Please enjoy your night Lord Potter-Black, Master Delecour," She bowed a little again before sweeping away.

"Eet ees strange," Lucien said thoughtfully turning to watch her leave.

"What is?" Harry asked curiously.

"I am used to being looked down on, I am used to people dismissing me because of what I am. And even after my sire threw me out, people zen judged me because I was disowned, or even ztill because I waz 'alf creature. But now, people are treating me wiz respect, calling me Master Delecour..."

"People should not be respecting you just because I am courting you," Harry frowned.

"Zat ees just ze way zings are, eet ees just ztrange," Lucien shook his head before smiling at Harry so brightly and so happily that Harry mentally shook his head at how sweet and...pure Lucien was, despite everything that he had suffered.

Before either of them could say anything more the scenery around them smoothly changed, and suddenly they were in what looked like a Carribean restaurant, in the middle of the sea looking out the windows at far crystal blue waters, white sands, and the floor underneath their feet turned to glass and they were suddenly looking down to watch the sealife swimming around. It was breathtaking, and everyone around the paused and also looked around at the change.

"Henri, zis ees wondeful!" Lucien laughed happily reaching out to take his hand. And suddenly nothing else mattered but him and Lucien.

Harry smiled fondly as he watched Lucien's head tilted back in laughter.


"Oui!" Harry nodded. "Severus was furious! He couldn't see the funny side of it for a few moments, at least until he saw me," He groused.

"Waz... 'ow bad waz eet?" Lucien managed to smother his laughter down to snickers to ask.

"I was wearing a tight red dress with black heels, makeup that was worse than Aunt Muriel from Bill and Fleur's wedding," Lucien fell into snickers again, covering his mouth as he tried not to be too loud. "Severus had a much more tasteful number, kind of Spanish salsa number, lots of frills, a very delicate pair of black heels I am fairly sure Ginny was jealous over,"


Harry sat back and watched Lucien with a smile. They were currently seated in Egypt with a view to Abu Simbel, they had had a wonderful meal where they had had fun trying different and new things. Harry had even managed to get Lucien to try some beef wellington, which he had enjoyed. They had enjoyed every second, and any lingering awkwardness left over from their misunderstanding had washed away as they had talked and enjoyed each other's company.

"What?" Lucien smiled.

"It is nice it just being the two of us, without worrying about someone else walking in on us," Harry said setting back comfortably in his seat.

"Eet ees, I 'ave really enjoyed tonight Henri," Lucien tangled their feet together under the table, popping a small slice of strawberry tart into his mouth and licking his fingers in a way that made Harry groan.

"You drive me mad," Harry shook his head.

"Good," Lucien smirked a little before taking one, long, deliberate lick to get the remaining jam from his fingers.

"You are playing with fire, tease," Harry huffed, shuffling as he became a little uncomfortable in his seat as his trousers tightened.

"Good," Lucien repeated.

"You are awful for my blood pressure!" Harry bemoaned.

"I thought eet was expected for an intended to affect your...blood pressure, oui? Otherwise, there are no children," Lucien fluttered his eyelashes.

"Lucien!" Harry laughed.


"You look it," Harry shook his head at the grin he was getting. He really did love this playful side of Lucien, but it really was awful for his blood pressure.

"Zo did 'e say what eet was zat 'e is wanting you to do?" Lucien asked curiously. They had moved through to a lounge area that was similar to the main part of the restaurant, but instead, they were seated on a comfortable sofa, the scenery of New York at night viewed from the Empire State building.

"I am not really sure. Mr Hartridge mentioned about trying a few different things and apprenticing in different sections to see what fits best," Harry shrugged.

"Zat will be interesting," Lucien said enthusiastically.

"Yes, apparently there is a good deal of movement between sections as well. I always worried that I was going to get bored if I became an Auror as I originally planned," Harry admitted.

"Ron and 'ermione?" Lucien asked.

"Ron is pretty much in the same boat as me, but they are fairly sure that they want Hermione on researching and investigation," Harry nodded. "That was not a shock," he added with a chuckle.

"I am glad zat you are zo... enthusiastic about zis Henri. I know a large part of your consideration of zis was to make our courting, easier," Lucien sighed as he moved to rest his head on Harry's shoulder.

"It was a part of it yes. But not just in the way that you were thinking, a good part of me was being selfish about it," Harry admitted.

"Selfish?" Lucien scrunched his nose at the word, unable to really associate it with Harry.

"Yes, selfish," Harry chuckled. "I did not want to be parted from you, or risk someone else running off with you. This way I can see you most weekends, though Mr Hartridge did say that the first couple of months can be very intensive,"

"Zere ees no one else. And we will manage. I am looking forward to 'earing all about eet," Lucien assured him.

"Good, and along the way, we can go on more dates like this. You could show me France?" Harry suggested.

"I would love to! I can show you my favourite places, and plan some dates of my own," Lucien grinned.

"That sounds like a plan," Harry hugged his blonde closer to himself, closing his eyes as he breathed in the now familiar scent of honey and lemon. "Thank Merlin we are wizards,"

"Hmm?" Lucien looked up from where he had been appreciating the feel of Harry holding him close to look at the man in question.

"If I had to court you the muggle way we would no doubt have had to have a chaperone. As it is our Courting vows protect us both from stepping too far, and so we are trusted to be allowed out by ourselves,"

"You are right, I can not imagine zis wiz tante watching our every move," Lucien snickered.

"Maybe we should take them some of that cheesecake home though," Harry mused.

"You are zuch a charmer Henri," Lucien teased shaking his head. Around them, the restaurant scene changed again to Venice, sunlight glittering off of the water in the canals. However, Harry and Lucien didn't notice that for a few moments as they looked at each other. The whole of their futures laid out before them, both their hopes for the future laid out before them.