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Chapter one

Tom stared stunned at the figure standing in front of him dripping water from his soaked cloak onto his expensive wood floors, hair sticking to his pale and drawn face, green eyes were wider than normal with fear and he was trembling faintly, from what Tom would guess to be cold, fear and tiredness if the bags under his eyes were anything to go by.

"Why are you here?" Tom finally managed to ask incredulously having actually been stunned into silence for the last few moments.

"Because I need to talk to you...privately," Harry added eyeing the four Death Eaters that were standing in the office as well. When he caught the look Tom gave him he sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Look I have had a really, really shit seven weeks, I found out some rather frightening news, which you need to hear, and I have just managed to escape from the Order of the Bloody fried chicken where they were keeping me prisoner at their headquarters to spend the last four fucking days making my way here using muggle transport so they couldn't track me down! I'm hungry, I'm tired and do you really think I am stupid enough to come here willingly to kill you when you have an entire house full of followers? Even if I managed to hold a duel with you for longer than five minutes I'm in no state to even think of ways to kill you let alone do it, never mind getting back out. So please, I need to speak with you!" Harry snapped. Tom blinking in surprise at the outburst, not only had the Order of the Phoenix been keeping Harry Potter prisoner for some reason, he had escaped them to come here and tell him something important, had admitted that he was in no state to duel him and was clearly in a state.

"Leave us," Tom waved his hand at the now stunned looking Death Eaters who had probably been expecting him to crucio the teen for speaking to him like that before they scrambled out the room in a rush when he glared at them.

"Would you mind?" Harry asked waving a hand to a chair. Seeing him sway slightly on his feet Tom realised he hadn't been exaggerating about his state and nodded.

"Take off your cloak, it's soaked," He sighed standing and taking the item to hang on his coat rack. Harry looked slightly bemused as he found himself led towards the chair by the fire rather than the uncomfortable looking one in front of the desk but as he was freezing he didn't complain and sat down with a sigh.

"Alright, I have no idea what you could possibly say that led you to come here to speak with me but go ahead," Tom sighed settling into his own chair across from Harry, as Harry opened his mouth to start what was clearly going to be a long story he interrupted. "Make it quick," to which he received a glare.

"Fine see if this is quick enough for you. I'm pregnant, your the dad," Harry spat folding his arms and glaring at the stunned dark lord.

"Your...your..." Tom stuttered.

"Pregnant, yes," Harry finished for him.

"And I'm..."

"The father, yes. There you did take it all in, you are a smart Dark Lord!" Harry drawled.

"Do you take me for a fool boy! Even if you are pregnant which is very rare in males, I haven't slept with you, how on god's earth could I be the father?" Tom roared, anger clearly blazing from him as he stood with his wand in his hand. Harry however sensed that there was something more to this than just anger at the thought of being lied to.

"That's why I was going to take time explaining it and not just saying 'hey I'm up the duff and your daddy number two! Think it'll have your eyes or mine?' but no, you wanted to ruin the perfectly good speech I had planned out by demanding a short explanation, no doubt you would have tortured me if I had taken my time so I told you!" Harry snapped.

"That still doesn't explain why you think I'm the father!" Tom snarled.

"Magic. I am well aware that we didn't sleep together thank you, and no I don't need the birds and the bees I am perfectly aware of how babies are normally made. We however are apparently neither normal nor conventional and are toys to the fates or whoever it bloody is that likes to have a play with my life," Harry huffed rubbing his face.

"Your serious? You mean...you really think I'm the father?" Tom choked sitting heavily on his chair.

"I repeat, escape Order of the Phoenix, four day trip here by muggle travel, hungry, tired , to tell you something. If I wasn't 300% sure do you think I would honestly be sitting in the office of the man who has tried to kill me every time we have met?" Harry asked wearily, leaning back to look at Tom with tired eyes.

"Alright...how...how am I?" Tom asked looking lost.

"When you attacked Hogsmeade, do you remember firing that spell at me at the same time as Lucius Malfoy's redirected spell hit me?" Harry asked clearly pulling himself together. Tom scanned his mind and then remembered the incident. He and Harry had been duelling for ten minutes when he fired off a spell that injected some of his magic into the opponents body to weaken their magic, his had hit seconds after Lucius redirected spell had and Harry had dropped to his knees clutching his stomach in pain and then Dumbledore had stepped in to duel him. "Whatever spell Lucius used created the opportunity to get me pregnant, your spell achieved it. The scans showed there was nothing wrong with me besides a little bruising to my abdomen so there was no need to do check any further. When I went back to my relatives house for the summer I started getting sick and dizzy, eventually I passed out and my guard took me to Madame Pomphrey, I was far enough along for it to show on a test that I was pregnant, paternity tests show you," Harry explained.

"So...why were they holding you prisoner?" Tom asked trying to focus on getting the whole picture. Harry however chuckled humourlessly.

"You just hit the million pound question there. When they told me I was pregnant and that you were the father I did the only thing I could and fainted, when I woke up I was surrounded by a shield and everyone was staring at me. They had tried to terminate the baby while I was unconscious..."

"WHAT! Is it ok? Is it harmed, you said you were pregnant not that you had been!" Tom roared, pain showing on his face before he could stop himself. He was stunned to silence however when Harry stood, yanked up his top, grabbed Tom's hand and placed it over the small bump that was there. The warm skin feeling firm underneath his fingers as he unconsciously traced it and stroked it.

"The baby is fine, Hermione did a scan for me and checked a few days later. The shield formed when they tried and blocked the spell, apparently my body had decided it rather liked being pregnant and my magic agreed. It protected the baby. After I rather loudly told them how disgusted I was at them they tried to point out that it was your baby, I pointed out it was mine as well, they pointed out you were the Dark Lord, I pointed out that I didn't give a flying one and wouldn't let them kill my child just cause they didn't like where one side of the DNA came from, they pointed out I had a war to fight in and couldn't do that while pregnant with your child, I pointed out I didn't really give one and they could fight their own war. Lets just say they weren't very happy and decided that locking me away in Headquarters and making their opinions known continuously from every Order member was going to win me over. When they started shooting the abortion charm at me randomly I made my decision. Hermione and the twins helped me escape and I made my way here," Harry shrugged.

"Why though? You could have escaped into the muggle world," Tom frowned still staring at the bump.

"Because you deserved to know. Because I don't want to spend my life running and I don't want my child to have that life. Because after the last seven weeks I'm not really sure the light side is so light or that they are the ones that are in the right. Because I am tired and just want to concentrate on making sure my child...our child comes out alive and well, I don't want to fight, I never have, I just want to be left alone," Harry drooped as everything caught up on him. He found himself being guided back to his chair but Tom knelt in front of him and kept his hands stroking the bump.

"Why are you keeping it? Why so determined? You are young, it is partly my child, why?" confused red eyes met his in a vulnerable expression that Harry was sure only he had seen since Tom was very young. Looking down he placed his hand over Tom's cautiously before swelling out his magic, Tom gasped as he felt the tingling of Harry's magic in his awareness but also a faint brush of something smaller, weaker, but still there.

"I feel it, in my body, in my mind. I can feel our child every second, my magic tells me constantly that it is ok, that it's safe. It's my child, a baby, a real baby growing in me. I don't care where it came from or how it came to be, it's my child. I...wanted kids, a family from when I was old enough to understand what one was. To carry my child, to be able to give it life is more than I ever dreamed. I couldn't...the thought...I just..." Harry sighed and dropped his head back.

"What did you expect me to do? When you came here?" Tom asked, his voice completely neutral. Harry didn't bother lifting his head and just sighed.

"I don't know really, I just had to try and hope that the thought of it being your child as well would mean you would at least allow me to give birth to it. After that I wasn't sure, pretty certain it would a big green ending but I had to at least try and make sure it was safe. My magic was getting weaker, I couldn't hold them back any more if they carried on or picked up the amount of charms. This was my last chance," Harry mumbled.

"I'm not going to kill you," Tom muttered back almost petulantly.

"You will when I tell you the prophecy," Harry snorted keeping his tired eyes closed. Because of this he didn't see Tom motioning for Lucius and Severus to be quiet from where they were standing inside the room having entered moments ago.

"And how are you going to tell me the prophecy, it was destroyed remember?" Tom asked slightly annoyed.

"That was just a copy. Dumbledore heard the original and told me it after the whole thing," Harry snorted.

"Alright, go on then," Tom said doubtfully getting up and sitting back in his chair.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives..." Harry recited.

"You just willingly told me the Prophecy that I spent a year trying to get and Order a year protecting, just like that. A Prophecy that by all rights should lead me to kill you if I want to win," Tom said incredulously.

"Except I'm throwing in the towel. Right here, right now I swear on my magic that I will never raise my wand against you unless it is to defend myself or our child, I will never willingly kill you or fight against you for the rest of my life. If I break this vow then may my magic be taken. So mote it be," Harry said softly before meeting stunned red eyes. "Prophecy null and void, I have no desire to kill you or use 'the power the Dark Lord knows not' which by the way is a really shit line because no one has any idea what the fuck it is including Dumbledore so don't feel left out," Harry shrugged before closing his eyes again tiredly clearly not having noticed a gobsmacked Lucius and Severus.

"You...you do realise what you just did right?" Tom asked stunned.

"I just gave you the war, yes well aware of it thanks. I'm pregnant not confunded, I told you I don't want to fight. And I especially don't want to fight for the side that locked me up and threw abortion charms to get rid of the child that I clearly wanted. I just want to give birth to my child, bring it up preferably but I'm not counting my eggs," Harry snorted.

"By Merlin your serious!" Severus choked out not able to be quiet anymore. Harry yelped and jumped to his feet before swaying dangerously as a bout of dizziness hit him. Tom slipped an arm around his waist and lowered him back onto his chair before touching his forehead.

"I'm fine, I don't get sick. Why...how long have they been there?" He frowned at Tom who actually looked guilty.

"From when I asked what you expected when you came here. They are my second and third in command. I'm sorry I deceived you but they needed to hear this as well," Tom sighed wondering about why he felt guilty about keeping their presence from Harry.

"Now that he is aware of our presence, my Lord from what we just heard it sounded a lot like Potter is pregnant with your child," Lucius asked cautiously.

"Yes he is," Tom sighed grabbing the blanket from the back of his sofa and throwing it over Harry who looked shocked but snuggled under the warmth anyway, going as far as to toe off his shoes and tuck his legs under.

"Not to be rude my Lord but...How the bloody hell did that happen?" Lucius choked.

"It's your fault really. Hey, maybe you should be godfather," Harry chirped up smirking at Lucius's stunned look at his announcement.

"Perhaps he should be," Tom snickered softly at the look on Lucius's face.

"I'm not explaining again, m' tired, you can do it," Harry mumbled snuggling down under the blanket and closing his eyes, clearly ready to sleep. Tom blinked at him shocked before shaking his head and motioning for Lucius and Severus to sit down before he explained it to them.

"I was trying to throw a barren hex at the traitorous Black whore who is fucking the werewolf...but apparently I need to research my phrasing," Lucius added slightly sheepishly.

"Good, next time make sure you get it right and actually hit her," Harry mumbled from his blanket.

"Why's that, I thought you cared for their pet werewolf?" Tom frowned.

"That was until they were both at the forefront of the ambushing me at random moments to kill my baby. They both even burst into my bedroom in the middle of the night frequently. They were also both very vocal on what they thought of me for wanting to carry the Dark Lord's child, there was something thrown in there about my parents being disappointed in me, what they did for me, giving their lives for me and what I was choosing to do with that life. By the time I left Fangless had moved onto how they would be rolling in their graves and how much they would hate me. So please, do your best," Harry snorted opening tired green eyes. Tom frowned before stepping forwards and lifting Harry from the chair. The teen yelped and quickly wrapped his arms around Tom's neck. "Are you chucking me out?" He asked disbelievingly.

"What? No, I'm putting you to bloody bed! Your exhausted and have clearly been through a horrible experience at the hands of people that were supposed to care for you. Your going to sleep safely for the first time in what sounds like seven weeks and we will finish this tomorrow whenever you wake and have eaten. I'm not going to kill you, now or when the baby has been born. But I expect you to stay here at the mansion, we'll discuss the details when you are feeling better," Tom sighed.

"Alrigh..." Harry mumbled.

"When you wake in the morning click your fingers for a house elf, they will bring you something to eat and show your were the bathroom is, once your done they will bring you to me," Tom instructed. By this point Harry's head was lolling against Tom's shoulder as tiredness took over his body completely.

"Alrigh..." Harry mumbled.

"Go to sleep Harry," Tom sighed realising that he was too far gone to really be listening anymore.