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Last Time

"Why did you go against my orders?" Tom asked quietly after a few minutes.

"I wasn't aware that I am one of your followers My Lord," Harry said sharply making Tom twitch a little.

"You know what I mean!"

"Either I am your consort and equal to you, or I am one of your followers and have to follow your orders, you can not pick and choose Tom," Harry sighed.

"You put yourself in danger and undermined me," Tom gritted out.

"I made a choice as your consort to go and talk to someone who has the high potential to be an important member of your circle to try and sort out the issues he is having. If I showed him a little kindness at the same time, well that shows my weakness and not yours," Harry closed his eyes as Tom carried on massaging his temples.

"Your kindness is not a weakness," Tom sighed himself.

"I think I managed to get Draco to understand him position more, and that he needs to start thinking for himself," Harry said after a few moments.

"You could have been in danger," Tom said but there was little to no fight in his tone.

"The cells are magically dampened and the guard blocked them and silenced them for me," Harry argued back.

"Please, next time you want to do something like that…at least tell me or take Rabastan and Rodolphus first!" Tom groaned.

"Tell you or take my bodyguards, got it," Harry smiled a little opening his eyes to meet Tom's exasperated red ones.

"Do not be cheeky," Tom huffed leaning down to kiss Harry gently.

Chapter Thirteen

Harry winced as Burns brushed a salve over the wound and bruise on his cheekbone, the sting bringing tears to his eyes but he did his best to hide it as he could practically feel the panic and worry not to mention anger radiating off of the Dark Lord seated behind him with one hand over the bump holding their son and his other hand firmly resting over Harry's heart.

Burns winced in front of him, his eyes worried when a wince that Harry's couldn't hide had Tom shifting, the rage pouring out of him and focusing on the only person in the room that he could really blame right now, Burns, even if it was nothing to do with him and he was in fact trying to help.

"Tom. Stop," Harry said gently but firmly, raising his hand to squeeze the one resting over his heart. The rage tapered slightly as Tom pressed his face into Harry's shoulder, reassuring himself with the warmth, the life in his lover's body. "How are Rabastan and Rodolphus?" Harry asked Severus as soon as he walked into the room.

Severus was looking more than a little worse for wear, stressed and tired, his eyes had dark circles underneath them and worry had lined his face slightly. He however managed to summon a smile for Harry as he made his way over to the chaise that they were seated on while Burns ran every test known to Wizard over Harry's body.

"They are doing fine, they have concussions that not even magic can fix so they will have to be monitored, but they are fine," Severus reassured him.

"The Cruciatus?" Harry asked concerned.

"Minor damage but nothing that they can't recover from," Severus reassured him.

"They were supposed to look after you!" Tom hissed.

"Tom they were attacked! They did their best to protect me," Harry snapped.

"They should have done better!"

"Tom! Enough!" Harry shouted shifting as though to get out of Tom's grip.

"Harry," Tom's tone was pleading enough that both Burns and Severus moved rapidly towards the door at Harry's indication to them. "When I got to our rooms and you were gone and they were on the floor…" Harry's temper popped like a balloon and he turned himself carefully in Tom's arms, aware of his aching muscles, to cup the older man's face.

"I'm fine, I'm safe and I'm here with you. Its no one's fault but theirs," Harry said gently stroking his thumb over Tom's cheekbone before leaning in to press their lips together softly. "Rabastan and Rodolphus were tortured trying to protect us,"

"I'm sorry I just…."

"You think I'm not afraid of losing this as well? That I'm not afraid of you not coming back from a meeting or something? I'm so used to the good things in my life not lasting that I am waiting for the other boot to fall," Harry shook his head at the guilty expression that started crossing Tom's face. "I told you that I would fight tooth and nail to get back to you, and I did, and I had people to help me as well, I'm not leaving your side,"

"I felt as though my heart had stopped. Harry I've never, there has never been anyone like you in my life, never mind our son. I can't…"

"We're both here, and we're both fine," Harry said soothingly, running his fingers through Tom's hair and fluttering kisses over his face.

"Merlin, I can't go through that again. I…I love you…so much," Tom caught Harry's face and held him still so that he could press their lips together. It was chaste and gentle, a reaffirming of the fact that Harry was there, in his arms and safe, warm and alive and his.

"I want them punished," Harry said against Tom's lips ten minutes after they had parted and just sat with their forehead pressed together. Tom's eyes flickered open surprised, meeting Harry's and seeing the green set with resolve.

"Anything," Tom smiled running his fingers over Harry's face gently. "Do you think you will be ok being there? It will look the best if you are at my side when they are sentenced, to show our strength and hopefully put off any further attacks,"

"I don't think I want to leave your side again for at least six months," Harry sighed nuzzling Tom's cheek with his nose before settling his head onto Tom's shoulder.

"That's good, because I don't think I can let you go," Tom sighed wrapping his arms around Harry's waist and settling back to watch over his lover and their son while Harry slept. Plans already twisting through his mind.

"My Lord?" Lucius stepped nervously into the room, paler than normal so that he was nearly grey, his eyes blood shot and ringed darkly. The cut on the left side of his cheek was deep and painful looking, and that was it healed as much as Tom's best healers could manage it before leaving it to heal on its own. It would leave a scar.

"Lucius," Tom nodded and motioned to the small breakfast table he and Harry were eating at with Severus and Fenrir on the balcony, enjoying what was likely to be the last sunny weekend of the year. Lucius glanced behind him when Draco stepped into the rooms, looking if possible greyer and more nervous than his father.

"Draco," Harry smiled warmly at the other teen and motioned him and Lucius over again. The two Malfoy's looking more nervous with each step they took, though Harry's welcoming smile did seem to be stopping them from fleeing.

"Have a seat, and help yourselves, Missy had gone slightly over the top," Harry snorted amused at Tom's understatement, the table was groaning practically under the weight of all the breakfast foods.

"My…Lord Harry…I…how are you?" Draco asked nervously, eyeing the scratches and cuts, and the large bruise over his eye.

"I'm fine, we both are. Burns managed to heal everything that he could," Harry reassured the worried teen. "How are you doing?" Harry asked concerned, scanning Draco's face and then Lucius's. Tom's hand slipped over his own on the table but he didn't interrupt, he didn't show any indication that he didn't want them to speak so Lucius answered hesitantly.

"We're…we're fine My Lords, we're erm…there is no damage…the healers patched us up ok…we…My Lords…"

"Lucius it isn't your fault," Harry said firmly interrupting before Lucius could carry on.


"Harry is correct Lucius, this is not your fault. You saved my con…you saved Harry's life and you saved my son's life. Both of you," Tom added. Harry squeezed his hand smiling at him; he knew how difficult it was sometimes for him to show appreciation to other people, to open himself up.

"My Lord's it was…she…"

"It wasn't your fault," Harry said firmly.

"You could have been killed," Draco choked. Harry smiled warmly at him even as it felt as though Tom was trying to break his hand.

"But I didn't, you got there in time, and I am sitting here safe," Harry assured them all.

"I will ask you both to be standing at our sides tonight," Tom straightened, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"Of course," Lucius and Draco said at the same time.

Harry straightened his robes in the mirror, tugging on the lapels and adjusting the way it fell over his stomach a little nervously. The robes were the finest of silks, a rich deep green hemmed with black, there was silver stitching on the back holding the Potter, Black and Slytherin coats of arms. As all the other robes that had been ordered for him were fitted around his stomach and emphasized his seven and a half month old bump.

The door to his bedroom opened making him turn around to see Rabastan and Rodolphus standing in the doorway looking nervous. He made his way quickly to their sides, his eyes scanning them concerned, taking in the faint bruises that wouldn't heal except with time like his own, the faint tremor of their hands and arms.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked concerned walking towards them.

"We should be asking you that," Rodolphus laughed a little hysterically.

"We're sorry!" Rabastan blurted out.

"You have nothing to apologise for, you did the best that you could, you protected me. And you were injured doing so," Harry glared at them.


"No!" Harry said sharply.

"How are you both?" Rodolphus asked softly, his eyes guilty as he eyed the bruises on Harry's face.

"We're both completely fine, there is nothing to worry about. Now are you ready to escort me down? We don't want to keep Tom waiting," Harry smiled, turning to the mirror to once again straighten his robes before sighing and giving up. Turning he found the brothers staring at him shocked.

"Our Lord is trusting us to escort you down? He is not coming up himself?" Rabastan choked staring at him wide eyed along with Rodolphus.

"You're my protectors, you did your job, as he has asked that you carry on doing," Harry shrugged stepping out of the rooms and closing the door behind himself. As he started down the corridors the brothers realized he was moving away from them and hurried after him, framing him between them as they watched him with concern and confusion.

"I…My…Harry?" Rodolphus's use of his name made Harry pause and look at them.

"You did everything you could to protect me, you were tortured protecting me, you did everything that you could. You are not to blame and you did nothing wrong, I know that and so does Tom," Harry said firmly reaching out to grip both their hands and squeezed them before releasing and stepping back from them. He waited for the both of them to nod their understanding of what he was trying to tell them before he smiled and carried on down the corridor.

"Thank you," Rabastan said softly making Harry glance at him.

"Thank you?" He asked questioningly.

"We know that you have to have said something to him, he wouldn't have been this calm and allowing about it without you," Rodolphus explained.

"Honestly he wouldn't have been this understanding and accepting before you came into his life, he wouldn't have been this calm before," Rabastan added.

"You have nothing to thank me for," Harry smiled softly. "I just didn't want to end up with Lucius and Fenrir as my body guards," He added with a grin getting the laughs he had wanted from the brothers, their shoulders relaxing a little.

"My Lord," Rabastan and Rodolphus both nodded when they turned the corner and found Tom standing clearly waiting for them. Aside from the way he eyed Harry concerned Tom said nothing which Harry was greatful for. Reaching out he slipped his hand into Tom's waiting one, squeezing it reassuringly. Tom had been so anxious and so worried whenever Harry was out of his sight for the last few days since it had stroked his thumb over Harry's cheekbone before bending and joining their lips together, gently at first before kissing him firmer and holding him as close as Harry's now quite swollen stomach would allow.

"Are you ready for this?" Tom asked softly keeping Harry close.

"Yes," Harry smiled a little knowing exactly what Tom was asking him, was he ready to face them again, was he ready to put on the mask that he would need to wear in front of Tom's people…not even a mask…more assume the role fully.

"Come then," Tom straightened but kept hold of Harry's hand, Rabastan and Rodolphus falling into place behind them as they faced the doors to the meeting hall, all of them straightening their backs almost automatically, especially the Lestrange brothers when they realized they would be escorting them inside.

The doors swung open at Tom's motion and the noise that echoed out at them from inside stopped dead as everyone turned to watch them walking inside, the looks on their faces telling Harry that the knowledge of what happened had spread around the troops. They were halfway across the dais when the roar of applause, cheers and well wishes rose up from the crowd. The Black robed crowd were clapping, stamping their feet and shouting as their Lords made their way to the front to speak to them.

Even though he had the blank, firmly held mask that he wore in public on Harry knew that Tom was pleased with the reaction that they received, and he was standing even more straight back as he and Harry stopped at the front of the dais. Tom waited for a moment before he raised his hand for silence that fell straight away. The crowd shuffled to see them better, mutters going through them when they saw the bruises and scratches still on Harry's face.

"You all know a little of why we are gathered here today. Your Lord and future prince were attacked by our own. By those who stood before me in this very hall, who knelt and swore loyalty to me and then betrayed me in the deepest of ways, betrayed their Lord Harry in the deepest of ways!" Tom barely shouted but his voice carried over all of them, causing a ruffle and shuffle to go through the hall. A few of the younger Death Eaters even shouted in outrage. "Bring the prisoners to be judged!" He shouted.

The shouts that went through the hall as the four were led forwards from the dungeons, chained with manacles and a collar that would have suppressed even Tom's wandless magic, their hair wild, their skin dirty. As they were led through the crowd they were hissed at and spat on, a few people managed to get a few kicks and hits at them. The four of them looked startled at the reaction they were receiving, just reinforcing in Harry's head the madness that he had been sure enough of before.

When they were dragged in front of Tom and Harry and shoved to their knees their gazes turned to Harry with furious glares and one of them opened their mouth clearly to say something insulting when Tom's magic cracked like a whip through the air, startling everyone in the room, though Harry managed to stay calm on the surface with the exception of tightening his grip on Tom's hand, partly out of shock, partly to try and help keep him calm. The green black swirl of Tom's magic around the both of them in warning and anger, palliable to everyone and having the four in front of them shrink back suddenly scared as they realized the full enormity of their position at the sight of their Lord losing his temper so strongly. Not that Harry could figure out how they could have thought that this would go any other way.

"Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson and Walden McNair you are charged with attacking your Lord and future Prince, of betraying the oaths of loyalty that you swore to me. Of kidnapping, torturing fellow Death Eaters, Physically harming your Lord, of attempting to use the transferal spell that is known to kill 98% of babies and bearers that it is used on. We have unquestionable proof of your guilt in this, you were caught red handed. This is not a trial, this is your judgment," Tom's voice betrayed the fury he was feeling, his red eyes flashing even while his face remained calm.

The shouts that filled the hall were raised almost to the roof as the people reacted to the knowledge of the transferal spell that they had tried to cast, clearly that had not gone around them then. He shuddered slightly at the memory of Narcissa beginning the spell that would transfer his baby into Bellatrix, her mad cackling filled his head and he tightened his hand around Tom's to stop the panic from showing in his face. Tom held on tighter back as he raised his hand again to silence the crowd.

"My Lord you can not! I was doing it for you I was…"

"ENOUGH!" Tom's roar startled everyone, Bellatrix flinched back staring wide eyed at him. The entire hall almost shrank back at the unusual display of pure, undiluted anger from their Lord. Fenrir stepped out of the shadows of the dais to Harry's right growling furiously and continuously as he stalked across the space to stand at Harry's other side.

"I…" Bellatrix squeaked.

"You were doing it for me?!You were doing it for me? You kidnapped my consort, you attempted a spell that considering your magic levels and sanity would have definitely killed him and our unborn son, my heir! You kidnapped and tried to murder the man that I love. You did nothing for me!" The quiet that went through the hall at the words from their Lord's confession of love. Harry had the pleasure of watching the horror on Bellatrix's face as well as Narcissa, Pansy and Walden as they realized the full and total implications of what they had done and what was about to happen.

"You are also charged with attacking those within your Lord's closest and most trusted circle, of torturing those who are your superior, but more importantly your family," Harry spoke softly but was shocked to find that with the exception of a quick almost mass glance to Rabastan and Rodolphus everyone attention was focused completely on himself.

"You are charged with attacking within our home, within our wards," Tom hissed angrily.

"And you are charged with breaking the vows you made to you your Lord, my partner, you are charged with breaking the promises of faith and loyalty you made," Harry drew himself a little taller after speaking out loud to someone other than his friends the place that Tom held in his life. The realization that this group, so loyal to Tom and their cause were looking at him with respect, were listening to his words and were angry on behalf of Tom yes, but himself as well, giving him the strength to stand proud in front of them where he would normally be trying to stay as unseen as possible.

The warmth of Tom's grip around his hand told him that his lover was proud of him, as well as giving him his own strength and support. He raised his hand and beckoned forwards, and Harry watched as Lucius, Draco and Severus stepped from the crowd and made their way up the dais to stand on either side of Tom and Harry, Draco very pointedly moving to stand beside Harry between him and Fenrir.

"Draco what are you doing?!" Narcissa hissed speaking for the first time as she glared at her son. Rather than the reaction she was clearly looking for, most likely shame and guilt, possibly support for her. Instead Draco met her eyes and looked back showing none of the things that she was looking for. "I was doing it for you!"

"No, you were doing it for yourself, for your own greed and wants. You were never thinking about me, only what you could get from me," Draco responded sharply before looking concerned at Tom worried that he had spoken out of turn, but Tom inclined his head just enough to show his support. Harry watched as Fenrir's face creased a little with indecision before he reached out and placed his hand on Draco's shoulder.

Tom looked confused when Harry looked away from the two with a slightly smirk and a mischievous glitter in his eyes despite the situation but Harry shook his head, still feeling highly amused, and indicated that he would explain to Tom later. When they turned back to face the crowd it was to find Bellatrix glaring at Harry with hate at the interaction between him and Tom.

"This is not your trial, this is your judgment," Tom repeated raising himself and his magic so that everyone in the room could feel him power tingling under their skin, could feel the words reverberating through their body, could feel the hairs on their arms standing on end. "Does anyone else have any other charges to place forwards?"

"Adultery," Lucius barely said the word as he met his wife's eyes. "Of breaking the most sacred of our bonds and vows that two people can make to each other, sworn upon magic,"

"Like you aren't fucking that greasy little…" Narcissa's words were cut off when Harry's magic flared wildly, snapping out at her almost like a whip before drawing back around him and swirling angrily. Severus and everyone else stared at him shocked at his reaction to the insult clearly aimed at the potions master standing at Lucius's side. Even Tom looked a little surprised, but covered it quickly before anyone else could see and fed enough of his magic over their joined hands to calm Harry's magic down.

"I never once betrayed our vows, no matter how much I may have wanted to," Lucius said softly, looking sadly at Severus who smiled a little shakily. Narcissa looked as though she had been slapped in the face as she realized the truth in Lucius words along with everyone else.

"Adultery," Rodolphus spoke up glaring furiously at Bellatrix who sneered back at him.

"Attempted line theft," The voice from the back of the dais had Harry spinning around wide eyed to watch Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Bill, Fleur and Neville walked forwards to stand around them as well. When he turned to look equally wide eyed at Tom he found red eyes that he had come to adore looking back at him with all the love that he knew Tom felt for him even though he found it so hard to say. Things like this only proved it to him.

"As Lord Harry's family of heart we demand our own restitutions against those who sought to harm him and our future nephew," Bill said strongly glaring furiously at the four kneeling on the floor before he smiled warmly at Harry.

No one noticed this however as a mutter went through the room building momentum as they realized what type of judgment exactly was being passed on those who had dared to wrong against their Lords. It was an ancient punishment, and a terrible one that needed a lot of power to fuel it. Enough that only Lords and the Wizarding Kings and Queens of old had used it. Enough that it had almost entirely passed out of practice. It called upon the very essence of Mother Magic, it called upon her judgment itself, and it called upon the knowledge that those being punished had deserve it, otherwise it would turn on the casters. Though of course there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the spell would not work. Their people knew that each and every baby was a blessing, a baby of the lines held by their Lords even more so, not the mention the love that their unborn Prince's existence had caused.

"As lover and father I demand restitution for the lives of my Consort and my son that you so freely played with for your own gain, I demand restitution for the pain, for each scratch, bruise, scar and hurt that my consorts body bears, for the trauma and fright that my love had to take, no matter how strong he is, he should never have experienced!" Tom growled out.

"I demand restitution for the breaking of your vows against my Lord. For your betrayal and for the worry and hurt you have caused him with your thoughtless, greedy, cruel actions. I demand restitution for your lack of faith in your Lord. And I demand restitution for trying to steal the man that I love by stealing my son from my stomach!" Harry spoke calmly but his hand trembled in Tom's.

"I call upon Mother magic to see to these claims and judge the four before us! Take them away to the ritual room and lock them in!" Tom cast out his magic, staggering only slightly as his magic slammed out of him and into the wheels being set in place. Harry stood straight at Tom's side as the four were dragging from the room screaming and pleading and fighting with the guards who were taking them away. Once the doors were closed behind them, their shouts still reaching the ears of those inside the hall Tom nodded his head at his followers before he turned and made his way back out the room, Harry at his side, and those on the dais with them following close behind.

As soon as the doors were shut behind them Fenrir was moving to catch Tom as his knees gave way and he sagged, his black hair stark against his paler than normal face.

"You idiot!" Harry burst out, slamming his fist as hard as he could into Tom's arm. Draco, Fred, George, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Bill and Fleur stared open mouthed and slightly horrified at Harry and then between him and the Dark Lord he was glaring out while the others looked a mixture between amused and worried. For their Dark Lord.


"No! Don't you dare Harry me! And not in that tone! You…you…you…idiot! You complete and utter idiot! You didn't have to use that ritual! And you could have warned me about it! A ritual that sucks the magic out of you! And you are just expecting me to be calm about it!" Harry gestured wildly, his magic licking around him indicating his fury enough that Rabastan, Rodolphus, Lucius and Severus all took wary steps back, clearly remembering The Soda Incident as it was referred to. Rabastan reached out and caught Hermione's arm, guiding her backwards out the line of fire with a courteous bow. Fenrir looked a little worried for himself where he was still standing behind Tom propping him up.

"I would accept no other punishment for them for what they did to you, for what they tried to do, to you and to our son!" Tom grit out.

"At your expense?!"

"I had the magic or do you have so little faith in me?" Tom's question was spat out, but Harry could read the genuine fear in his eyes thqt Harry would somehow, could somehow think that he wasn't enough for him. Sighing as most of his anger disappeared Harry rubbed his hand over his eyes.

"Of course I knew you could do it, but did you stop to consider what would be going through my head watching the man that I love performing that spell? The father of my unborn son?!" Harry knew he was hitting below the belt but he had to make Tom see that he had two more people to think about, that he couldn't just go around making those stupid decisions that nearly cost everything anymore. Tom blinked at him looking confused enough that Harry reached out and took his hands.


"I can't lose you," He said softly. "We can't," He placed one hand on top of the bump of his stomach, his green eyes pleading with Tom.

"I'll be more careful. And I will speak to you," Tom promised quietly, levering himself into a fully standing position enough to tug Harry against him, kissing him softly, lightly while holding him close to his body. "I'm sorry," he said softly brushing the hair from Harry's face.

"I'm sorry as well, for exploding like that. I know you were doing it for us, but you scared me. I love you," Harry sighed nuzzling closer to Tom.

"Why don't you take your friends to the living room and have a catch up while I go finish some things up?" Tom suggested after a moment, making Harry remember that his friends were there. Blushing he grinned sheepishly at them, more than a little amused by the varying looks of shock on their faces.

"Will you be long?" He asked, they had barely been from each other's side.

"Not too long. You have a lot to talk about and catch up with. Go on," Tom nudged Harry gently before nodding to Lucius, Fenrir and Severus indicating he wanted them with him. The next thing Harry knew he was being crushed between Ron, Hermione, Neville, Bill and Fleur.

"This is a little awkward," Bill muttered from in front of Harry. "You're pretty huge,"

"Hey!" Harry managed to awkwardly smack Bill's shoulder and then Ron's considering he was laughing, a little hysterically, at the comment.

"Ignore him! You are glowing!" Fleur smiled cupping Harry's face as they pulled away from him and kissing his cheeks.

"Thank you," Harry sniffed pointedly at Ron and Bill before grinning. "Come on, lets go somewhere more comfortable," he started down the hallway before turning to where Draco was standing looking unsure.

"I'll just…"

"You as well," Harry motioned.

"Yes my Lord," Draco smirked a little bowing, but there was a trace of respect there. Harry shot Ron a look when he opened his mouth to protest, that to his shock actually worked. He led them through the manor to their evening living room, opening the door and led them inside, allowing his friends to gawp at the amazing room as Rabastan and Rodolphus transfigured enough seats for them all and Harry placed an order for tea and some food for them with Missy.

"Harry!" Hermione spluttered in shock when she caught the House Elf popping back in with their tray.

"Tom treats his House Elves well Hermione, and there is no other way to run this place. Missy likes working for Tom,"

"And for Master Lord Harry," Missy added a little indignantly making Harry smile.

"Thank you Missy,"

"Missy is looking forward to the little prince as well," The House Elf beamed looking excitedly at Harry's stomach.

"Will you be helping with the baby?" Hermione asked uncertinaly looking between Harry and the clearly free thinking, free talking House elf as Harry levered himself into a chair.

"Of course, Master Lords is being wanting to look after baby, but Missy will be being helping as much as she can," Missy smiled handing Harry a cup and a plate.

"Thank you Missy," Harry smiled patting the House Elf's hand. "Ok introductions. This is Rodolphus and Rabastan, this is Ron, Hermione, Neville, Bill and Fleur,"

"Nevi…Neville…" Rodolphus stared wide eyed at the teen before opening his mouth again.

"Harry's already told me that you weren't there. That she incriminated you into it. Its ok. I believed that it was you for a long time, its going to take a while to get used to the knowledge that it was wrong, but I know," Neville said softly.

"If we had known what she was going to do…you were a baby…" Rodolphus shook his head. "We're so sorry,"

"Thank you," Neville said softly.

"Sit down," Harry motioned to the other seats breaking the tension in the air and watching as they all found somewhere to sit. "How did you get here?"

"The…Dark Lord sent a message to us through Blaise Zabini and Theo Knott, they told us what had happened, and that the Dark Lord had offered to transport us to here to see you and stand for you if we could get out the school," Fred explained.

"So of course we did. And as we are separating from the family Bill is the head of family branch, so we told him as well and he came," Ron smiled. "You look really…"

"If you say fat I am likely to hex you black and blue," Harry said dryly as Draco choked back a laugh.

"Good, you look really good," George laughed.

"Everything is ok?" Bill asked concerned.

"We're both fine, they didn't manage anything except a drain on my magic and some cutting hexes," Harry smiled.

"And things with…" Hermione frowned a little looking concerned at the three Death Eaters in the room.

"Things are going really well with us. He treats me really well," Harry said guessing what Hermione was going to ask.

"You shouted at him, you shouted at the Dark Lord," Neville said a little shell shocked.

"And he just let you," Fred added.

"We're partners. Besides I think he likes it when I shout at him," Harry grinned as all of them spluttered shocked.

"Really?" Tom's drawl had Harry laughing as he turned to see his lover standing in the doorway where he knew he had been.

"It's a theory I'm considering," Harry nodded between his laughter as Tom stalked towards him. He had clearly had a pepper up potion or something because he had more colour back into his cheeks and was looking normal in his strength and gait as he walked towards Harry.

"You have a lot of dangerous theories," Tom shook his head bending over Harry and raising his head with one of his long fingers under his chin. Harry just smiled up at him, his eyes glittering as he met Tom's. Shaking his head Tom leant down and kissed Harry again softly until Harry fisted his robes and tugged him down into a deeper kiss before letting him go.

"My Lord," Rodolphus went to stand but Tom just shook his head, gently helping Harry to his feet before he sat down and then eased him back onto his lap. Harry wriggled a little to get comfortable, this made a little more difficult by his worse balance and sore back, but he and Tom had practice now at find the comfortable position quick enough. When Harry looked up it was to find them all gawping at them again making him laugh.

"Tom this is Ron, Hermione, Neville, Bill, Fleur and Fred and George," Harry made the introductions.

"I appreciate you coming here for Harry," Tom nodded to them. Harry pressed his hand over Tom's where it was resting on his stomach.

"Thank you for allowing us the chance to be here and to see Harry," Fred said so seriously that it caught Harry off guard, he looked at the normally jokey twins and his other friends and saw the honest relief to be here with him, to be able to see him.

"We also come baring presents," Hermione grinned dropping her arm shoulder deep into her hand bag and started pulling out various wrapped presents as Fleur did the same.

"Zis is from Maman and papa, zey send zere love. And zis is from Gabriel," Fleur said levitating over presents.

"And these are from us, we were going to start posting them but now we get to give you them in person," Ron said excitedly.

"Thank you," Harry breathed stroking his hand over the presents piled on his lap.

"Well open them! Impromptu…"

"Baby shower!" the twins grinned.

Harry ripped open the first one pulling out a beautiful sea green baby blanket that was silk soft as he ran his hands over it. A cute teddy bear, stuffed lion, collection of baby books, pair of little white booties, several all in ones, some pajamas, a baby bumper and some bottles.

"Thank you so much," Harry couldn't stop touching all the tiny items of clothing and other things reverently.

"Yes, thank you all, they are lovely," Tom himself was fingering the baby blanket.

"Have you seen the size of the booties!" Harry turned a little in Tom's lap to show him the booties. Tom tapped one of them with his finger, the awe clear to Harry even while he looked fairly blank faced.

"We have to get going, before someone realizes we are missing. But before we do go, we can tell you that there have been inspectors around the school and Dumbledore will be being announced before the wizengamot in three weeks," Bill smirked.

"Really?" Harry leant forwards eagerly.

"And he is not looking forward to it!" Ron laughed.

"I have a request for you while we are on this line," Tom said softly catching their attention. "I wish to pull Severus from the Order, Dumbledore is becoming suspicious and he is looking for Severus to take Harry, he will realize sooner rather than later that Severus isn't even trying. Can we rely on you for information from within the Order? On a permanent basis?"

"We would be more than happy to do that. The sooner they come down, the better," Bill said firmly after a few exchanged glances.

"My thanks, and I hope you know that you have a place here whenever you wish it," Tom said formally.

"Thank you. And thank you for looking after Harry," The unspoken 'and for loving him' hovering in the air.

"Urgh!" Harry groaned as he heaved himself onto the bed and flopped back against the pile of pillows.

"Are you ok?" Tom asked concerned coming out of the bathroom and looking at Harry with concern.

"I'm alright, just tired and a little sore," Harry smiled patting the bed for Tom to join him. The Dark Lord prowled towards the bed, sliding on top of the covers and over Harry to kiss him hard and deep, Harry groaned and arched into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Tom's neck and pressing back almost as much.

"I was so proud of you today. You stood as a Lord yourself, as my consort," Tom smiled softly brushing his fingers down Harry's face.

"I want to do you proud," Harry sighed biting his lip nervously.

"You do that and more," Tom shook his head, kissing Harry again.

"Thank you for bringing the others here, I didn't realize how much I wanted to see them,"

"I would do anything to make you happy, you must know that by now," Tom smiled down at Harry causing that damned flip in his heart that he got every time he saw it. Harry reached up and brushed his fingers tenderly over Tom's face. "Now you need to sleep,"

"We both do," Harry yawned. They shuffled around as they both got underneath the covers and settled on their sides, Tom pressed tightly against Harry's back holding him close, his nose pressed into Harry's neck breathing in the soothing smell of his lover, knowing that he was here safe and in his arms.

"Love you," Harry muttered sleepily, already more than half way asleep. This made Tom smile even more as he pressed a kiss to Harry's shoulder listening to his deep breathing as he settled into sleep.

"I love you too," he murmured before settling into sleep himself holding his lover and unborn son close.