A.N I am sure by now you can all tell what I have been doing with my bank holiday weekend, I hope you are enjoying the updates. The blindness is permanent and a cause of the abortion spells, I'm sorry for doing this, but realistically there had to be some consequences to what happened. Hope you enjoy the newest chapter XD

Last Time

He sat there stunned as he read the letter, his heart thudding furiously in his chest as he read the words on the page.

"Bill!" Fleur snapped worried making him realize that he had been sitting there in silence staring at the letter for at least five minutes leaving the others concerned. All traces of their amusement had faded and their faces were drawn with concern and worry as they watched him, waiting uneasly to hear what had put that look on his face.

"Harry went into labour early this morning," He heard himself saying.

"Oh Merlin, are they ok? Harry? The baby? What is it Bill?" Fred and George demanded.

"They are both ok, Harry is fine, tired but ok, and the baby is healthy but…" Bill stopped, his throat clicking as he tried to swallow around the sudden dryness in his throat.

"But?" The three of them demanded leaning forwards, lumps forming in their throats, their eyes filling with tears as they watched Bill's face.

"The baby, he…the spells they…he's blind," Bill breathed out biting his lip.

Chapter Seventeen

"Owe owe owe owe owe owe owe owe owe!"

"Just a little longer," Healer Burns encouraged.

"Owe owe owe owe!"

"Little longer,"

"Owe owe owe!"

"This bloody hurts!" Harry screamed.

"Owe owe!" Tom winced as Harry tightened his grip around his hand even further, enough so that he could feel and hear the bones grinding together.

"This is Lucius's fault! I demand you kill him!" Harry snapped glaring at Tom. Tom thought that it was probably an incredibly terrible moment to think about how attractive Harry was even with sweat covering his face, red cheeks burning with exhaustion and exertion, his bright green eyes burning with fire as they burned into him.

"Harry if I kill Lucius you'll regret it later," Tom patted the hand trying to break his in what he hoped was a soothing manner.

"Ah!" Harry strained off the bed slightly as another contraction hit. "At least torture him!" He demanded.

"We can discuss this when you aren't giving birth to our son," Tom patted his hand again.

"Don't patronize me!" Harry shouted. "Urgh!" Tom tried to ignore the snickering coming from the end of the room or the smirk Burns was failing to hide.

"Harry I think you are going to make Lucius pass out from fright," Hermione smiled rubbing his arm from where she was standing at the opposite side of the bed to Tom.

"Wha' 'appened?" Ron blinked blurrily.

"I warned you, you pass out you stay where you land till you wake!" Burns smirked down at him where he was just sitting up.

"Oh mate, I'm sorry, but that is why more of you than I ever wanted to see! That was really gross!" Ron groaned.

"Then you shouldn't have bloody looked you moron!" Harry hissed. "Ah!"

"Wow, harsh," Ron pouted standing up. "Mate!" He yelped not managing to duck the spell Harry threw at him in time and gawped as his skin turned purple and green.

"Ahhh!" Harry grit his teeth as he pushed as hard as he could.

"You're doing amazingly," Tom gently brushed a cool cloth over Harry's forehead as he dropped back weakly onto the bed.

"You're doing great My Lord, the baby is crowning, a few more pushes and he will be here!" Burns grinned from the end of the bed, ignoring the scraping of chairs as Severus, Lucius, Draco, Charlie and Fenrir shuffled forwards slightly.

"Its freaking hurts!" Harry groaned.

"I know, I know, just a little more," Tom encouraged.

"You're having the next one," Harry huffed.

"I…erm…well…" Tom spluttered paling a little.

"Oh don't get your wand in a knot, I'm just annoyed and in pain, I'm not actually going to make…ah!" Harry lurched forwards as his stomach contracted.

"Owe, what?" Ron frowned when Hermione hit him in the stomach.

"Be a bit more encouraging!" Hermione scowled.

"Go Harry! You can do it!" Ron chanted.

"Owe…owe oh Merlin, Ron stop being encouraging," Harry laughed through the next contraction as Tom blinked stunned across the bed at Ron who was blushing darkly.

"That's it My Lord, a little more!" Burns urged. Tom gripped back as tightly as Harry's hand squeezed his as he gave everything he had into the next push, carrying on even as he felt his body tiring until he dropped back onto the pillows. "The head is out! One more push!"

"I can't!" Harry shook his head weakly.

"You can Harry!" Tom said firmly turning to stroke his free unbroken hand over Harry's cheek.

"I can't," Harry felt tears welling up with the exhaustion running through his body.

"Harry you are the strongest person that I know, you have done everything to get him here, you can do this, one more push, just one more," Tom encouraged pressing gentle kisses to Harry's lips and scattering them over his face.

Harry met Tom's eyes and grit his teeth during strength from the surety in Tom's eyes. He was fairly sure that he was going to injure his neck with the way he tilted his head back but his body forward as he pushed as hard as he could. Tom hid his wince as Harry squeezed his hand tighter than before, instead concentrating on keeping up what he hoped was a litany of encouraging and soothing words as he watched his exhausted lover pushed all the energy he had into the push.

As Harry collapsed back one last time Tom's eyes widened as the sound of one strong steady wail filled the room, everyone's breaths catching at the cry. Burns nodded at his assistant who stepped forwards to take the baby reverently and moved towards the station they had set up to check over and clean up the baby as soon as Burns cut the cord. Leaving the main healer to make sure that Harry was ok.

"Well you definitely have a boy, with a lovely and healthy pair of lungs," Burns grinned as cast the healing spells on Harry that would help him heal a little quicker.

"Healer Burns!" The assistant called, the tone in his voice catching everyone's attention immediately. The Healer glanced at his Lords before hurrying over to assistant and the baby, talking together in low tones before Burns started running numerous spells over the baby. The assistant came over and finished the healing spells on Harry, but he couldn't stop looking concerned at Tom and Harry and over his shoulder at Burns and the baby.

"Everyone you need to leave the room now," Burns said finally turning around after he had carefully swaddled the baby.

"No we…"

"Now!" Burns said firmly, no sign of the joking healer in sight. "Before I throw you out,"

Everyone made their way slowly out of the room casting glances back every few seconds, worry across the faces. Harry tugged himself into a higher sitting position despite his tiredness, his green eyes glancing from his baby to Burns and back again.

"What is going on? What's wrong with my baby?" Harry asked frantically.

"There is nothing to worry about, he's perfectly healthy. But his eyes, I'm sorry My Lords, he's blind," Burns said softly.

"He's…" Harry choked tears filling his eyes as he covered his mouth.

"There are spells and potions that we can give him as he grows to try and give him a little of his sight. But I'm sorry, he'll never have full sight," Burns said softly.

"I…give him to me," Tom held out his arms. Slowly Burns made his way over and placed the small baby in Tom's arms. "Now go,"

"My Lord…" Burns looked concerned from Tom's stoic face to Harry and the baby and back again.

"I do not repeat myself Burns!" Tom snapped softly. The Healer gave them all a concerned look before he turned and also left the room leaving the three of them alone. Harry looked up at Tom's back terrified as Tom looked down at their son. He was exhausted and he felt as though his heart was breaking, he was terrified of how Tom was taking this revelation and he had no idea what this would mean for their son.

"Tom I am so…"

"Stop!" Tom's tone wasn't giving anything away. Harry closed his eyes as the guilt overwhelmed him, this was his fault, he hadn't gotten away quick enough and now his son was going to suffer for it. His thoughts were broken when the bed dipped right beside him, opening them to see Tom sitting down next to him, the baby held tightly to his chest. "He's so perfect," Tom breathed out.

Harry looked up and could see the awe and love written right across Tom's face and shining in his eyes as he looked down at their son, his eyes were even filled up slightly as he gazed down adoringly, he ran a gentle finger over the soft pale cheek.

"His eyes…" Harry choked out getting Tom's attention. He smiled softly shaking his head before he eased the baby into Harry's arms.

"It doesn't matter, he's healthy, he has two arms, two legs, a perfectly healthy set of lungs. His eyes we can deal with, it doesn't make him any less amazing, or perfect or gorgeous. Harry this is not your fault, you carried and gave me a perfect…just perfect little boy, look at him," Tom said softly wrapping one arm around Harry and placing the other ever so gently on their tiny son.

Harry bit his lip and looked down at his son finally, his eyes widening as he took him in. He was perfect and so so tiny! He was scarily small. His skin was going to be as pale as Tom's from the looks of it, he already had a small shock of black downy hair on his head, his cheekbones Harry would guess would be his own when he grew into them, and it looked his he had Harry's own button nose where he had Tom's jawline in the making. His eyes were closed tightly and Harry couldn't stop himself from lifting him to kiss over his closed eyes as tears welled in his own.

He had his son in his arms, despite everything that they had been through, despite everything that they had faced he was getting to hold his gorgeously cute little baby boy. When he had found out he was pregnant he had never dreamed about getting to this point, he had barely been able to think passed getting to safety, And while the last few months he had imagined this moment it didn't even come close to actually having this moment.

"Harry?" Tom asked concerned running his fingers through Harry's hair making the younger man open his eyes and look at his lover.

"You're right, he's completely perfect," Harry smiled waterly, choking out a laugh when Tom yanked him into a firm kiss. "We made something kind of brilliant right?" he said looking back down at their son.

"Perfect," Tom smiled softly looking at his son as well.

"Thank you," Harry sighed resting his heavy body against Tom more, his head sliding naturally to his shoulder.

"For what?" Tom frowned.

"For everything, for taking a chance on me, on this, for making the choices you have from that first night. For loving me, us. For showing me the amazing man that you and the life that we can have together, the three of us," Harry smiled. "Will you take him? My arms are so heavy," He sighed reluctantly. Tom slightly nervously eased their son from Harry's arms to his own.

"Are you ok?" Ton asked concerned.

"I just delivered our son, and barely slept the last two days. I'm just tired," Harry couldn't seem to stop sighing even if he was exhausted.

"Sleep then, we're going to stay right here," Tom reassured him. Harry tilted his head back in request that Tom was more than happy to meet, bending to gently brush their lips together. "I love you so much, both of you,"

"Love you too, and so will he," Harry said even as he was dropping into sleep.

Tom sat there holding his new born son close to his chest as he followed his daddy into sleep, both of them exhausted from the birth, Tom wasn't feeling much better himself, and his hand was aching something fierce, but he was also shot through with adrenaline from the entire thing, and he didn't want to take his eyes from the sight in front of him, the image of his little family, something he had lost hope on of ever possessing was sitting right here in front of him, both wrapped tightly and securely in his arms where he would keep them. Safe and loved.

Now they just needed to agree on a name, and quickly.