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Chapter one

"One of you go and get Charlie and Bill for me," Molly called from where she was cooking at the stove. Harry glanced up but Ginny was snoozing by the fire, Fred and George had their heads together whispering and Ron and Hermione were arguing...again. Shaking his head and deciding that he would do just about anything to get away from the two of them he quickly stood.

"I'll go Molly," Harry smiled kissing her cheek and stealing a piece of carrot from her gaining a beaming smile in response before moving quickly out the room as Ron and Hermione picked up yet another level. Shaking his head at the two of them he raced up the stairs stopping on the third floor first and knocked on Charlie's door. "Charlie dinners ready," Harry called.

"Alright Harry, I'm heading down thanks," Charlie called back followed a heavy thump. Chuckling Harry made his way up to the next floor and knocked on Bill's door.

"Bill dinners ready," he called but when there was no response he frowned in worry, Bill hadn't come down for breakfast or lunch. Biting his lip he hesitated for a few seconds before he opened the room and slipped in. "Bill? Are you in here?" Harry asked softly gazing around the dark room.

"Just go away," Harry managed to locate Bill's voice as coming from the bed and walked slowly over to it. The curtains were tightly closed and Bill was huddled under his blankets.

"Bill?" Harry asked softly as he reached the edge of the bed.

"Harry? Just leave me alone, please," Bill sounded weary and lost as he spoke causing Harry to bite his lip before making a decision. Turning he left the room and shot down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Molly is it alright if I take mine and Bill's meal upstairs?" Harry asked softly. Molly turned and looked at him for a second before sighing.

"He's refusing to come out again isn't he?" Molly asked.

"Y...yes. I thought maybe if I just sat with him rather than him coming down..." Harry drew off suddenly feeling silly.

"I think that's a wonderful idea Harry. Thank you, he needs to know that people aren't scared to be in the same room as him. I'll make you up a tray," Molly beamed despite the tears trickling down her cheeks as she pulled him into a hug before bustling away. Ten minutes later Harry stepped back into Bill's room after knocking on the door and fiddling with the door handle while trying to balance his tray. Walking over to the desk he had spotted he placed the tray down before carrying a plate and goblet over to the bed. He placed the goblet on the nightstand and the plate beside the Bill shaped lump before going to get his own meal. Toeing off his shoes he climbed onto the bed and settled down to eat. It took ten minutes but eventually Bill popped his head out of the covers.

"What are you doing?" He asked hoarsely.

"Well, Hermione and Ron are arguing yet again, the twins were plotting something and I thought you could use the company of a human rather than just the bed bugs and spiders in here, so I decided to have my supper in here with you," Harry smiled before taking another bite of his pie.

"I don't want pity," Bill spat.

"Then stop being pathetic," Harry snapped back. Bill blinked at the sparkling green eyes that were glaring at him. Harry had always been quiet and shy around him but that boy was nowhere to be seen and instead a man sat on his bed scolding him.

"You wouldn't understand!" Bill huffed turning his head to the side.

"I wouldn't understand people not looking passed a scar to see the real me? Of people deciding who I am before they get to know me? Of people not getting close to me because of a scar? Nope I understand nothing," Harry snorted starting to eat again.

"I...er..." Bill blinked not sure what to say.

"Your meal will start to dry up soon, you should eat," Harry said softly. Slowly Bill pulled himself to a sitting position and picked up his plate starting to eat while glancing at the teenager by his side every now and then.

From that evening on Harry and Bill started a routine that they settled into comfortably over the next month. After that night Harry returned with breakfast, lunch and supper spending most of the day with Bill as Hermione and Ron decided they were going to attach themselves at the face to each other and seemed to forget that he existed. The two of them spent their time talking, reading, eating or just lying there, if Harry had had a bad night he would doze while Bill pottered around his room. He had also dug out his old sketch pad and pencils and had started sketching again, mainly Harry so that his pad was now full of different images of Harry sitting, lying, reading, thinking, writing, sleeping and eating. Slowly as the month passed on Bill realised that he was becoming attracted to the young teen, after spending so much time with him he realised how mature Harry actually was. They spoke a little about how the Dursleys had treated Harry while he was growing up, Bill couldn't help but feel even more awed at Harry, the fact that he had grown up so loving and caring, so gentle and content when he had been treated the way he had. Bill had to admit towards the end of the month that he was falling for Harry, something which shocked him. Harry was completely different to Fleur, and not only with the fact that he was male. Harry was quiet and thoughtful where Fleur always spoke her mind, Harry had a gentle, humble feel to him where Fleur had been spoilt, Harry stood his ground for something he thought was important but in a calm and quiet manner, where Fleur would sulk until she got her way, Harry was happy just to sit quietly where Fleur always wanted him to take her places or do something with her. Harry was undeniably beautiful, his delicate features, black hair with stunning emerald green eyes, pale skin, petit body and musical voice started to drive Bill mad slowly, especially as Harry slowly started to become more and more comfortable around Bill. Like the first time he fell asleep on Bill's bed he hadn't been able to take his eyes off his sleeping form, all the lines of worry, stress and responsibility faded from his face and he looked so peaceful that Bill couldn't stop himself from drawing him and then just sitting watching him.

"Hey Bill, wake up," Harry laughed as he dashed into the bedroom and landed with a bounce on Bill's bed.

"What? Merlin's balls Harry what time is it?" Bill grumbled sitting up weakly and blinking into the darkness.

"It's five past twelve, my birthday," Harry muttered slightly sheepishly. Bill blinked and then sat up fully.

"Your birthday? Well, happy seventeenth. Feel any older?" he grinned throwing back his blankets and yanking Harry under them.

"Not really. I always stay up to bring in my birthday, when I was little I had no one that would even mention it, so I saw it in myself. Even after I found out I was a wizard and had your family, and Hermione and Hagrid and then Sirius I wasn't ever with anyone to celebrate the day with. This is the first time I've been around anyone besides the Dursleys for my birthday since I was one. I...I wanted to bring it in with you," Harry said softly as he lay his head on Bill's chest and stared up at the canopy of the bed. Bill was slightly startled but he ran his fingers through Harry's hair tenderly.

"I'm glad it's me you want to celebrate it with. Though I think you're nuts for wanting to do so," Bill sighed.

"Why? Because you're a scarred recluse that won't come out of his bedroom or speak to anyone but me in anything but grunts or monosyllables?" Harry asked lightly not looking at Bill who was now gawping at Harry for his frankness.

"Well...yes," Bill managed to get out feeling a little raw for Harry having just said it like that.

"Then your silly, your very handsome and brilliant company, I feel comfy just being with you and hate leaving you of a night time. Fleur was an idiot and an airhead and as much as it scares me to say your mother and Hermione were right, if she couldn't see passed the scars – which make you look very rugged and dangerous by the way – then she wasn't worth a second of your time and doesn't deserve to even be in the same room as you let alone with you. You need someone better than that," Harry shrugged. Bill blinked as he absorbed Harry's words before a small smile crept across his lips.

"Any idea who you think I should be with then?" Bill asked cautiously not wanting to read the situation wrong.

"Hm...a little. Did you know Molly and Hermione have been planning a birthday party for me?" Harry changed the subject as he picked up Bill's hand in his and started playing with his fingers absently while wondering at the difference compared to his own hand.

"Really, that will be nice," Bill said slowly.

"Yes...but it would be better if you came with me," Harry said letting go of his hand and rolling onto his stomach. Bill froze as he stared down at Harry's now glittering emerald eyes and hopeful face.


"Come as my date," Harry asked formally. Bill blinked at Harry and then blinked again.

"You want..."

"I want you to go as my date. I know that I have a large target painted on my back and that I'm..." Harry was cut off when Bill pressed his lips gently to Harry's, almost cautiously to stop whatever he had been about to say.

"Don't speak about yourself like that," Bill murmured pulling away enough that he could speak but so that their mouths still brushed each others.

"I didn't get to finish," Harry grinned cheekily.

"I know you and I can wager a good guess as to what you were going to say," Bill rolled his eyes.

"Bill?" Harry asked softly.

"Yes?" Bill smiled as he cupped Harry's cheek.

"Do...do you like me like...you know like me like me," Harry asked hesitantly turning into the shy and uncertain teenager again. Bill wondered if he had balled up all his courage to just get as far as they had knowing that Harry didn't have a lot of experience when it came to romantic matters. But it didn't matter, now that Bill knew Harry wanted him he didn't plan on letting him go.

"I like you like you Harry. A lot. I just wasn't sure how you felt about me. I'd love to go to your party with you but under one condition," Bill said seriously. Harry glanced at him curiously nodding. "I want you to go out with me, officially, no hiding it," Bill said before laughing as Harry launched himself at him. Wrapping his own arms around Harry's slender waist he hugged him close. "Shall I take that as a yes?" he asked.

"Yes. I'd love to go out with you," Harry grinned leaning up to look down at Bill. At first whenever Harry would look at him dead in the face like this Bill would turn his head away, but after being shouted at, glared at, sulked at and having things thrown at him he realised that his scars really didn't bother Harry and it was his reaction to them that upset the teen. Slowly not really sure who was moving their lips met again but this time the questioning was absent from it and all that was there was lust, attraction, affection and something else that Bill couldn't quite put his finger on before he lost himself in the taste of Harry and the feel of his lips moving sensuously against his own. Harry's slightly plumper lips felt like heaven as he stroked them tenderly with his tongue requesting access inside and his heart jumped as Harry hesitantly granted that access but seemed at a loss as to what to do. It was at this point that Bill realised just how innocent Harry was and he pulled him closer as the implications of Harry choosing him shot through his mind. Slowly as not to shock Harry Bill stroked his tongue along the roof of Harry's mouth before moving to memorise his teeth, tongue and back to the roof, taking his time and savouring the taste of Harry. Bill felt as though he was a starved man, feasting for the first time in months and placing each taste to memory in case it was a dream or stolen away from him. The feeling of Harry's body pressed against his own, fitting seemingly perfectly into the contours of his own body, one of his legs was pressed against Harry's side, his hand seemed to just fit right on the base of Harry's back, his other hand cupped the back of Harry's neck – his fingers playing with Harry's hair. Cautiously Harry brought his own tongue out to play with Bill's, becoming more confident as Bill teased him playfully until the kiss became heavy and needy, the both of them pressing as close to the others body as they could manage. Not able to take anymore Bill flipped them over so that he was hovering over Harry, their lips still attached and moving against each other's hungrily. Harry had Bill's hair fisted tightly in his hands as he raised his hips and thrusted upwards not really sure what he was doing but seeking to ease the pressure that was building in his groin. Bill gasped at the sudden friction and couldn't stop himself from thrusting back down into the cradle of Harry's hips revelling in the soft mewling sound Harry made. He couldn't believe the level of trust that Harry was placing in his as he lay under him. When they pulled apart Bill couldn't stop the thrill that went through his body as he looked down at Harry and took in his flushed cheeks, full, red kiss bruised lips, sparkling emerald eyes that were more alive than Bill had ever seen them which in turn sent a thrum of contentment through his chest. He couldn't stop himself from leaning forwards and placing light, teasing kisses on Harry's lips smiling as Harry grumbled and followed him up to capture his lips properly again.

"Bill, please," Harry groaned as he wriggled underneath the redhead needing something more.

"Are you sure Harry? I don't want you to regret anything," Bill sighed against Harry's lips as he held him still with one hand on his hip.

"I want you Bill, everything, anything. I won't regret anything," Harry smiled gently as he brushed a light finger along the scar running down Bill's right cheek before leaning up to kiss him again. Bill smiled happily against Harry's lips before moving to drive Harry as mad as he could until the teen was writhing underneath him gasping and panting. When he entered his first finger into Harry's virgin entrance Harry let out a loud mewling noise and thrust down on the finger. Bill couldn't stop himself from kissing Harry again and adding a second finger. This time Harry tensed but he kissed back as passionately, Bill slowed down and started to prepare Harry slower already feeling a little guilty for hurting him but Harry was wriggling and thrusting down again. He scissored his fingers inside Harry as he started to nibble Harry's neck causing his breath to catch and him to mewl. When Bill removed his fingers after adding a third and fourth Harry let out an annoyed groan and thrust down trying to get him back. Bill chuckled huskily as he added lubrication to his hand before slicking up his cock.

"Last chance to back out Harry," Bill panted as he leant over Harry's body.

"I'm not backing out, now if you don't fuck me I will hex you!" Harry groaned yanking Bill towards him. Bill smiled and kissed Harry tenderly as he lined himself up and slowly started pushing into Harry's stretched and fluttering entrance. Harry gasped as the head of Bill's cock pushed through the ring of his muscles and slipped fully into the tight heat of Harry's body.

"Merlin Harry, you're so tight, so hot," Bill groaned and he held himself still to allow Harry to adjust to him. Harry felt a slight burn but it was quickly overrun by the hot, possessive, filling feeling of having Bill inside him. He wrapped his arms and legs tighter around Bill's neck and waist before tightening himself around Bill's cock pulling an involuntary thrust and groan from the redhead. "Minx," Bill chucked before he pulled back and thrust deeply back into Harry's body causing them both to gasp. Bill set up a steady rhythm, getting faster when Harry pleaded for him to do so. At some point his hair had come out of its normal ponytail and was hanging down around them in sweaty tendrils, Harry had one hand fisted in it, his head was tilted back as he groaned and panted out his pleasure, Bill found himself thrusting harder and more desperately at the noises Harry made, the sound of flesh slapping off flesh resounding through the room making him hotter and more aroused than he had, he felt his body falling closer and closer to the edge. As Harry let out a small scream and gripped Bill's shoulder tightly letting Bill know that he had hit Harry's sweet spot. Grinning mischievously Bill thrust shallowly against the same spot pulling gasping yells from Harry. As he started thrusting deeper than before Harry's body easily matched the pattern he set up and they moved together desperately and hungrily, their lips met and they kissed passionately but sloppily, the mere need to be as close as possible driving them. Bill hit Harry's prostrate three times before he felt his body tightening around his cock, Harry let out a yell completely throwing back his head as he felt the spring in his abdomen snap and his orgasm washed over him in a heady rush of black and white, Bill managed only a couple more thrusts as Harry's walls rippled around him before he felt his orgasm pulled from him as well. He grunted as his hips moved shallowly as he emptied himself into Harry before collapsing weakly on top of him. They lay panting and clinging tightly to each other as their sweaty bodies cooled down. When he could finally move Bill rolled to the side so that he wasn't crushing Harry before reaching out and pulling Harry into his side. They lay silently just absorbing the warmth from each other's bodies and enjoying the afterglow until Harry shifted so he could lay his head on Bill's chest and throw his arm across Bill's stomach.

"So, any regrets yourself?" Harry asked softly.

"Absolutely not. Any yourself?" Bill smiled down at Harry's content and glowing face already knowing the answer.

"None, are you still coming to my party then?" Harry grinned teasingly.

"Hm well, now that I have had the best part..." Bill drew off teasingly before laughing when Harry whacked him. "The answer will have to be yes. I plan on telling everyone that I snagged the most gorgeous, kind, intelligent, brilliant guy in Britain," Bill said seriously before laughing when Harry scrunched his nose and blushed.

"You need to get your head checked. Mm, I'm tired now," Harry smiled even as he yawned tiredly.

"Then go to sleep Kitten. It's your birthday I think you can sleep in as long as you like," Bill said softly as he started running his fingers through Harry's hair.

"Kitten?" Harry snickered.

"You're like a cat, as well as cute and agile. So kitten yes. Now go to sleep you have a big day later," Bill laughed pulling him closer. Harry smiled slightly as he settled down against Bill's chest.