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"We'll see you in a few days Severus," Remus smiled standing up.

"Well that was quite the exit," Charlie blinked as they watched the dark figure dressed in a three piece suit hurrying across the restaurant as though the hounds of hell were on his heels.

"Right so, better get figuring out how we're going to smuggle three Malfoys into Headquarters," Hermione sighed.

"I think we may have to enact that twins minor distraction plan," Harry frowned thoughtfully.

"Minor minor, or major minor?" Ron asked thoughtfully.

"Perhaps medium minor?" Hermione suggested.

"I seriously worry about you three plotting world domination - and succeeding!" Remus shook his head, Charlie and Bill staring at them with slight horror and admiration.

"Don't worry I'll keep you as my consort," Harry grinned patting Bill's cheek condescendingly and laughing when Bill growled slightly and tugged him against him in a firm kiss.

Harry sighed and stared at the image in front of him, rubbing his temple to try and get rid of the migraine that he could feel forming there already and it had only been half an hour since they had managed to smuggle the Malfoys into the library. Remus and Lucius were standing shouting at each other, beside them Draco and Ron were also shouting with Hermione going between the two adding her two knuts worth.

'Are you ok?' Harry started before relaxing back into the strong body behind him as familiar hands slipped from where they were on his shoulders to wrap around his chest e sighed as lips pressed to his throbbing temple.

'I was expecting a bit of arguing, but not this,' Charlie raised his eyebrow as he looked at the shouting at each other. Narcissa was standing off to the other side, also watching the fight, she however was looking calm and standing straight though she had a slight frown around her eyes and mouth.

'ENOUGH!' Bill shouted annoyed, startling Harry and Charlie slightly, but also managing to stun the others enough into silence.

'Oh thank Merlin,' Harry groaned.

'What the hell is the point in fighting? We're stuck with each other for the foreseeable future. Fighting and arguing has to stop now!' Bill snapped glaring at them.

'Right, we have set up a privet area for you over here, unfortunately we do need to spend time in here so you are just going to have to put up with each other's presence. Please can we try and do this without continually fighting!' Harry added.

'I'm not the one that started arguing!' Ron snapped glaring at Draco.

'How old are you Weasel! And I did not start anything!' Draco spat.

'It was a good try,' Charlie groaned as they just started arguing again.

Harry ducked the curse that he felt coming towards him, Talia blocking a second with her body, hissing, and cursing quite inventively, in the direction it had come from. Walking passed another aisle of the library collecting more books he dodged a third spell before nodding politely to Narcissa where she was sitting at one of the table reading calmly, a glowing blue shield securely around her.

Bill groaned and rubbed his eyes tiredly before heaving himself up off of the floor. Leaning over he brushed his lips to Harry's, combing his fingers through his black hair and smiling when green eyes blurrily opened. The smile that he was graced with upon Harry realising who it was that had woken him would never fail to warm Bill's heart. Leaning down he pressed their lips together once more.

'Bed,' Bill instructed tugging Harry into a sitting position.

'How long have I been asleep for?' Harry yawned stretching and scrubbing his d through his hair and forming an even worse bed head.

'Only about an hour,' Bill assured him. Harry smiled and accepted his hands to pull him to his feet, using the momentum to press their bodies together, his arms winding around Bill's waist as soon as his hands were released. Bill hummed contentedly as he buried his face into Harry's hair and breathed in the scent of his lover and enjoyed having him close. They had been so busy the last two weeks that it felt as though they hadn't had any time to just enjoy being with each other like this besides when they flopped into bed with each other.

'You sneaky, cowardly, cruel...' Harry groaned into Bill's shoulder at the shouting that reached them before Hermione and Lucius stormed around the corner shouting at each other.

'Bed, now!' Bill growled grabbing Harry and tugged him to the door.

'Here,' Harry scrubbed his eyes blurrily and looked up to find Narcissa standing by his table with a cup of tea.

'Thank you. You're awake early,' Harry commented as he reached for the cup.

'And yet you are up even earlier,' Narcissa actually smiled a little at him.

'I couldn't sleep, I thought I might as well get some research done,' Harry shrugged taking a grateful sip of the tea.

'Hmm,' Narcissa seated herself in one of the chairs with her own cup of tea and book. Harry was a little surprised to find that for the next hour the two of them sat calmly in each other's presence, a comfortable silence between them.

'Harry?' Bill asked softly as he walked into the room. 'Hey how long have you been awake?'

'Only an hour or so, I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to wake you up,' Harry smiled reaching out. Bill grinned and little and slipped their fingers together leaning down to press a kiss to Harry's lips.

'I'll grab a book and get a little research in before we have to go down for breakfast,' Bill smiled before wandering off.

'You fit well together,' Harry started at the words having completely forgotten that Narcissa had been sitting by him. Looking up blushing he smiled.

'Thank you,'

'I remember when Lucius and I started dating, when he looked at me like that it made me feel as though I had hung the stars and moon just for him,' Narcissa chuckled a little.

'I never expected him to look at me like that to be honest. How long have you and Lucius been together?'

'It will be twenty years next month. He trailed around school after me most of the year, pulling my pigtails, I believe the expression is. Then two weeks into our summer holidays he showed up at our home with the biggest bouquet of roses I have ever seen and a request to take me on a date,' Narcissa smiled softly at the memory.

'Did you go with him?' Harry grinned.

'Of course, my father was beside himself that a Malfoy was interested in one of his daughters. I of course agreed to go on the date, but I made him wait two weeks for it,' The smirk she threw him was so Sirius that it made his chest clench slightly. 'Mr Potter?' Narcissa frowned leaning forwards a little.

'I'm sorry, you just, your smile is very like Sirius',' He managed to say calmly.

'I...this isn't my place, and you probably do not want to hear it. But my...our part in my cousins death... it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Despite our differences in...ideals I loved my cousin, Sirius was always the one that would stick up for me. He used to help me hide at parties when I hated being a part of them. The Dark Lord, he threatened to kill Lucius if we did not do as we did and instruct Kreature. I...There is no excuse I swapped my husband's life for my cousin's...my grief for your own. I know there is no apology that can ever fix that, but I am...truly sorry,'

'I...appreciate...' Harry started when Bill's hand landed on his shoulder and squeezed in comfort.

'I'll go and see if Draco and Lucius are awake yet,' Narcissa nodded.

'Silly question, but are you ok?' Bill asked softly. Harry kept his head down allowing his hair to somewhat obscure his face. 'What can I do?'

'Just...' Harry moved forwards and wrapped his arms around Bill's waist burying his face into his shoulder and allowing Bill's warmth to soak into him, and allowing his scent to sooth him. Neither of them were sure how long they stood there for but finally they pulled back and Bill dropped a soft kiss to Harry's lips.

'Come on lets go have breakfast and pretend again that we aren't hiding the Malfoy's in the secret library,' Bill grinned a little.

'It sounds like a really bad story!' Harry groaned.

'HARRY!' Everyone jumped at the shout that echoed through the library, Ron fumbling to keep hold of the book that had been in his hands. They looked up in time to see Remus racing around the side of the bookshelves looking excited and furious.

'Remus what's wrong?' Harry asked concerned getting to his feet and going to meet the ruffled looking werewolf, noting that Narcissa was hurrying right behind him looking startled and a little worried.

'I am such an idiot! It was looking me straight in the face and I didn't see it!' Remus groaned waving his hands around slightly dementedly.

'What didn't you see?' Bill frowned from where he was still sitting on the floor surrounded by books and parchment, Harry noted with fondness there was a streak of ink on his cheek.

'I know who RAB is!' Remus said excitedly practically bouncing on the spot now.

'Who?!' Harry, Charlie, Bill, Hermione and Ron all demanded nearly exactly at the same time.

'Regulus Arcturus Black!'

'Sirius' brother?' Harry frowned.

'Wasn't he an out and out Death Eater?' Ron asked.

'No, he became disillusioned towards the Dark Lord. I tried to warn him not to be too vocal about his feelings but he was young and brash,' Lucius sighed moving over to Narcissa's side and took her hand discretely.

'Oh Merlin!' Hermione face palmed so hard that they all winced at the collision.

'What?' Ron asked reaching out and touching her shoulder.

'We have seen that locket!' She groaned lifting her head.

'What where?' Charlie, Harry, Bill, Remus and Ron demanded.

'When we were clearing out the house of the dark artefacts here, the locket in the drawing room,' Hermione said frantically.

'Oh Merlin...please tell me we did not throw out the thing that we have spent the last few months looking for!' Ron groaned pinching the bride of his nose.

'It could be anywhere! And how are we going to ask mum where she threw all those things away to, without making her suspicious!' Charlie asked.

'Wait!' Harry exclaimed excitedly.


'Kreature!' He grinned.

'Oh...OH!' Hermione nodded. Narcissa actually startled when Harry spun around to look at her with wide green eyes.

'We need you to summon Kreature here, he's more likely to respond and be honest with you. We need you to ask him if he took a locket when we were throwing things away, it would have belonged to Regulus, you need to tell him to give it to me,' Harry said quickly.

'This item is important?' Lucius asked, his blue eyes gleaming slightly.

'It's the difference between the life and death of your wife and son,' Hermione spat out. She blinked when Harry touched her shoulder, turning to look at him confused but he was looking at Narcissa, Lucius and Draco where he had joined his parents.

'The reason Vo...the Dark Lord didn't die that night when I was a baby has nothing to do with his powers or how strong he is. He performed a ritual, it split his soul into seven pieces. That thing, isn't human, that's the reason he came back looking as he did, a newly created body that reflected his soul, twisted and broken. That thing will never be satisfied, he will always want more blood, more pain, more death. When the world is burning, he will still hunger for more. You might think that you can take the locket, get through our wards and go back to him and get back into his graces. But you have spent time with me, you have seen him, do you really think that those graces will last? Is that what you want to pledge your life to, your son and wife's? And trust that the next time he has a hissy fit he won't kill one or all of you?' Harry asked softly.

Lucius blinked at him shocked, but Harry just met his gaze and looked back at him determinedly.

'I don't want anything to do with him,' Draco said softly, not meeting anyone's eyes as he stared at his feet.

'We have made our choice,' Narcissa said firmly.

'This is important,' Harry said softly.

'Kreature,' Narcissa called placing her hand on Lucius' chest to stop him from saying anything further.

'Mistress is being calling Kreature,' The old house elf squeaked excitedly.

'Kreature did you take a locket that used to belong to Master Regulus?' Narcissa asked bending down a little to look at House elf better.

'Yes Mistress,' Kreature said slowly looking at Narcissa cautiously.

'We need you to bring us that locket Kreature,' Narcissa said firmly.

'Master Regulus is being telling Kreature that he is not to let anyone take the locket, he is telling Kreature to destroy the locket. But Kreature can't be destroying it so he is hiding it, but then nasty mudbloods and half bloods be trying to throw it out so Kreature be rescuing it!' Kreature squeaked wringing his hands together.

'Kreature, that locket is important to defeat the Dark Lord, we can finish destroying it as Regulus started trying to do and stop the Dark Lord, but we need that locket,' Harry said.

'You is being destroying it?' Kreature asked wide eyed.

'Yes,' Harry nodded.

'Nasty man being taking it from Kreature!' The House Elf wailed making them all groan.

'What nasty man?' Bill asked rubbing away the migraine that was wanting to form.

'Nasty smelly man, he be taking lots of mistress' things!'

'Mundungus!' Charlie and Remus sighed.

'Mundungus Fletcher is part of the Order of the Phoenix?' Lucius asked raising his eyebrow.

'To be fair no one actually has any idea who recruited him,' Remus shrugged.

'Kreature, bring Mundungus here,' Harry ordered.

'Harry!' Hermione protested as Kreature popped out with a vicious little grin.

'Black out the area around us so he can't see we're in the library,' Harry said quickly already placing the spells.

'I'll put secrecy spells around so that he can't tell anyone that we're working on this or what we talk about,' Bill himself was already working quickly. 'Charlie put up the spells that we used to use when we...brought someone home,' Bill coughed as Harry turned to look at him raising an eyebrow.

'Do you want us to move out of sight?' Narcissa asked.

'No...can you stand behind us and so that intimidating, aristocratic 'you're all beneath me' look that you do?' Harry grinned.

'That's not a look, it's a state of being,' Draco sniffed adopting the exact look Harry had been thinking, before smiling a little startling a laugh from Harry.

'Master Kreature is bringing smelly man!'

'Hey! Hey! What is the meaning of this' Mundungus spluttered before blanching when he saw the glowers he was receiving from those around him. He flinched when Bill waved his wand and then yelped looking as though he had wet himself when a blue flash of light surrounded him before sinking into his chest.

'I believe that he may need to change his underwear,' Lucius sneered.

'M..M...Malfoys!' Mundungus stammered.

'They're working with us,' Remus smirked.

'We have something to ask you Mundungus, now you have one chance to answer, and not give into your normal instinct to lie. We advise that you tell the truth, the...results if you do not will not be pleasant,' Hermione said softly.

'One chance Mundungus,' Harry dropped his arm and allowed Talia to slip free of his wrist, flicking an enlarging spell on her as she raised herself up. Mundungus' eyes widened and he started shivering as he took in her large form glittering dangerous in the lighting that Remus generously provided. Her rose quartz tongue flicked out tasting him as she lunged closer making him shiver in fear.

'W...w...w...what d...do you w...w...w...want to k...k...know?' Mundungus squeaked.

'You stole a locket from this house, one that looks like this one. I want it back!' Harry hissed out dangerously, his green eyes flashing as he glared at Mundungus dangling the fake locket in front of the thief's face.

'I didn't...its...its...in my house,' Mundungus choked out as they all glared at him.

'Kreature go and get the locket, and get anything that you see that belongs to this house,' Harry ordered.

'Hey you can't...no one wanted them!' Mundungus squeaked as Harry spun around glaring.

'They belong to this house! You have no right to steal them to sell for your greedy means, you keep your twitchy fingers in your pocket in this house or I will make sure that Talia pays you a little visit,' Harry smirked nodding to Talia who played her part wonderfully hissing and launching at him.

'He definitely needs a change of underwear now Father,' Draco snorted turning away disgusted.

'Kreature is having everything Master,' They all blinked at the sheer amount of things that Kreature had brought back with him. He turned to look at Mundungus fury in his eyes.

'These were definitely not part of the things that we were throwing out,' Bill said sharply lifting a silver teapot and some silver spoons.

'I...Sirius wouldn't have minded!' Mundungus tried.

'Take him away Kreature,' Harry turned away as Kreature carefully placed the locket into his hands.

'Drop him in the river,' Bill added.

'With pleasure masters,' Kreature flashed vicious teeth before grabbing Mundungus' ankle and popping out.

'Is it it?' Hermione asked hopefully.

'It feels like it,' Harry nodded carefully handing it over to Bill who dropped it onto the table with a grimace and started running tests on it while the others took the spells down.

'Master is you being needing anything else?' Kreature asked popping back in.

'No you can go back to Hogwarts...Wait, here you should keep this,' Harry snatched the fake locket and held it out to Kreature. The House elf stared wide eyed before taking the locket reverently holding it close to his chest. He nodded before popping out of the room. 'What?' Harry asked seeing the looks he was getting.

'Never mind,' Hermione laughed patting his cheek.

'Well it's the real deal,' Bill grimaced lifting the locket back up with the tip of his wand.

'I'll put it with the others,' Remus sighed.

'Ok, so one more down,' Ron smiled a little.

'Ok, I think we need to concentrate on researching and finding one item at a time now that we have narrowed down the amount of things that we need to search for,' Hermione suggested.

'Maybe focus on the necklace? That's likely going to take longer, and we can carry on researching the places that he could have hidden them,' Bill nodded as he stroked his hand along Talia's side. Harry slipped his arms around his waist and pressed a kiss to his cheek as Talia twined herself around them.

'Ok?' Harry asked softly running his fingers through Bill's hair.

'I feel gross after touching that thing,' Bill grimaced.

'Thank you for doing it,' Harry touched his cheek still seeing the shadows in Bill's blue eyes from touching the evil in the locket. 'How about we go downstairs, you have a shower and we spend a little time just together?' Harry asked.

'Honestly that sounds amazing right now,' Bill sighed shuddering slightly as the feeling of the locket went over him.

'Hey,' Bill smiled holding his hand out. Harry smiled at the sight of his partner. Bill had showered first before Harry decided to take one as well. Bill had decided to just tug on his sleep trousers, his red hair darker than normal as it was still wet and tugged up into a ponytail.

Harry noted his drawing pad resting on his knees already as he watched Harry crawl onto the bed.

'Feeling better?' Harry asked throwing his leg over Bill's careful of his sketch pad.

'Cleaner, less icked out,' Bill shrugged. 'Can I draw you?'

'Of course,' Harry blushed but lay down next to Bill allowing him to shuffle so he could see him clearly as he started sketching. He found that the rhythmic scratching of Bill's pencils actually soothed him as well as he lay reading the fiction book Hermione had gotten him for his birthday.

It had been a hell of a long few weeks with everything that had been going on, the constant fighting with the Malfoys, having them close, looking at Narcissa and knowing that she was the one that set the wheels in motion to Sirius being killed and knowing she regretted it. He was worried about Severus, he was worried about his friends. And even though they were another horcrux closer, they were still at something of a dead end and was going to take a longer to try and find the next few.

But lying here with Bill was apparently just what the healer ordered. He felt himself relaxing as he closed his eyes and just soaked up Bill's presence next to him

'Harry? Have you fallen asleep?' Bill asked amused as he realised Harry hadn't moved in a little while.

'Hmm,' Harry just hummed snuggling closer into the duvet. Shaking his head fondly as he looked at his young lover snoozing in the sunlight Bill couldn't help leaning forwards and brushing gentle kisses over Harry's face and across his lips. He smiled and pulled back when he felt Harry trying to respond to the kiss even though he was clearly still nearly asleep.

'Hmmm, love you,' Harry sighed as Bill stroked his fingers through jet black hair. Bill at blinking at Harry as what felt like a volcanic eruption exploded from his heart through his body.

'I love you too Harry,' Bill sighed happily. Putting his drawing to the side Bill slipped down the bed and curled himself up behind Harry, wrapping his arm around Harry's chest and holding him closely.