Harry shivered as his bare feet padded along the night cooled wooden floors. He tugged Bill's shirt tighter around himself, pulling the sleeves down over his hands as he stepped into the kitchen and found what he was looking for.

Bill was seated in front of the kitchen fire with a glass of whisky in his hand staring at the fire as though it held all the secrets on the world. He had been quiet for a few days since they had destroyed the locket, and this was the third night he had slipped from their bed for hours before coming back smelling of whisky.

Sighing Harry made his way across the room to his partner, when he reached the red head he slipped onto his lap grabbing the glass when it went to slip as Bill started in shock at the sudden appearance of Harry. Sighing again Harry plucked the glass from his fingers while his grip was slackened and placed it to the side.

"What's going on?" He asked softly, reaching up to comb his fingers through Bill's loose red hair, trying to ignore the stirring of arousal that went through him at the sight of Bill's bare chest, and instead focussing on the emotions he could see in those blue eyes he loved.

"What do you mean nothing," Bill huffed pulling his eyes away from those glowing green eyes that were searching through him.

"Something is going on, you have been leaving our bed to come sit down here and drink all by yourself," Harry frowned.

"It's nothing," Bill shook his head.

"It's something, I'm worried about you Bill, don't shut me out. Is it the nightmares? Have they come back?" Harry asked concerned.

"It's the damned locket," Bill sighed dropping his head back, not able to look at the concern in Harry's eyes for him.

"What?" Harry frowned.

"The damned locket, it whispered things into my mind, things I know are rubbish, but I can't stop thinking about them and they are driving me mad," Bill groaned rubbing the heel of his palm into his eyes.

"What did it say?" Harry was worried now, the powerful dark magic on the locket had been disgusting and heavy, and he knew that it was powerful and dangerous even without any training.

"It told me that you would leave me. What do I have to offer you? I'm the eldest son a line with no power or money, no lands or estates. You are going to be a hero, the entire world will be at your fingers and you are going to be able to have whoever you want, do whatever you want. What the hell would you see in a scarred, poor curse breaker?" Bill burst out with enough venom that Harry could feel how much it had been going through his head, gnawing at him.

"I see love," Harry said softly, stroking gentle fingers along the scar underneath Bill's eye to get him to look at him. When he did Bill felt as though his eyes had been locked within Harry's green ones, the firelight making them look as though they were glowing with power.

"Harry," Bill sighed trying to look away but not able to.

"I see love. Love for me, love for your family, there is so much love in your heart Billius Weasley," Harry kissed his cheeks. 'I see kindness,'

"Harry stop,"

"I see laughter and happiness, warmth and safety,"

"Harry..." It was more longing this time as his raven continued to scatter kisses over his cheeks.

"I see the idea of the man I became a little infatuated with when I was fourteen, the man who smiled and accepted the scrawny fourteen years old he didn't know as though he had known him forever. The man that simply smiled at me and made me feel relaxed and part of the family. The same man who now looks at me and gives me hope for my future, the man who has given me everything to fight for,"

This time Bill had to lean forwards to seal their lips together as Harry's words seemed to sink into the black hole the lockets words had left in his stomach and started repairing it.

"I see your scars Bill, I never don't see them, but I see them as your strength, your courage, your goodness and your kindness. Bill you ran into a battle with five Death Eaters by yourself to protect the children they were attacking, and you won. Bill you have never been handsomer to me," Harry smiled so softly and so tenderly Bill had to swallow down anything he was going to say, instead reaching up to cup Harry's face.

"I see the man that when all this is over, I plan to marry and have a family with," Harry finished with a slightly shaky smile but the truth was there for Bill to read anyway.

"I...I would be honoured to be your husband," Bill sighed out leaning his forehead against Harry's, something in him finally relaxing.

"No, I would be the one honoured to call you that," Harry smiled pressing their lips together softly as he slipped his fingers into Bill's hair.

"Can we go to bed now? I think I can finally sleep if I can hold you," Bill asked tiredly.

"Come on," Harry slipped off Bill's lap and stood, holding his hand out which was quickly accepted.

Harry rolled easily into Bill's arms when they reached their bed, Bill's arms were a little tight but Harry settled down happily, content to have his lover back in his arms.

"I love you, you know that right? I will never be able to say how much," Bill said softly into the darkness, one arm loosening so he could rub his hand up and down Harry's back.

"I love you too," Somehow those words never lost their sweetness when he said them to Bill. There was so much going on around them, and everyone was aware of the fact that the war was creeping closer, the violence and danger was starting to pollute the air around them. But here, in their bedroom with Bill, in his arms, with his love so open and giving to Harry. He had never felt happier.

"May I ask you something?" Harry asked softly eyeing the man nervously.

"Of course, I will look into anything you need help with in..."

"No, it's not about the war, well not quite," Harry sighed.

"What is it?" The words were demanding but the tone was not and it gave Harry the confidence to speak.

"It's about a will. I don't know how to go about making one," Harry said quietly.

"Harry!" Harry blinked at the panic in Severus's voice.

"I'm not intending to go anywhere, I have every single intention to win this. But I have to be realistic as well, there are people I want to see ok if something does happen," Harry admitted.

"I don't know what gives you the impression I will allow you to go anywhere Mr Potter," Severus said in his most impressive Professor Snape voice. Except it made Harry chuckle.

"I know, you have out far too much energy into keeping me alive to allow me to mess it all up now," Harry grinned.

"Exactly!" Severus nodded sharply.

"But it will put my mind at rest knowing that it is in place," Harry said firmly.

"Very well, you are so much like your mother when you get something stuck into your head," Severus grumbled making Harry smile. "Don't grin at me like that,"


"No you're not," Severus snorted. "I knew it was a mistake agreeing to these 'councils of war' which you have clearly taken as bonding moments,"

"And yet you're still coming here," Harry teased, only grinning wider at the scathing glare he received.

"You're not going to like what I am about to say," Harry said to the point sitting down beside Bill.

"Well its good not the hide anything," Bill frowned at him.

"I want you to hear me out before you start your freak out," Harry continued.

"Go on then," Bill sighed, still looking incredibly nervous.

"I need you to come to Gringotts with me this afternoon. I have had a will put together and as my main benefactor I need you to come with me to sign your acceptance. Normally it's not needed but with me signing over a Lordship it will ensure that your right does not go uncontested as we aren't married yet," Harry knew he was rambling but he could not help it as the growing horror crossed Bill's face.


"Bill please..."

"No, I...no...Harry you can't ask...no!" Bill stammered, shaking his head vigorously.

"Bill I have no intention of losing this fight, I told you I have so much to live for, and I especially do not intend on leaving you. But I have to know that things are in order and sorted out so that I can concentrate properly on the important things on the chance that something does happen,"

"Harry please don't," Bill begged shaking his head.

"Bill, please," Harry knew he was hitting below the belt, but this was important to him. He wouldn't admit it out loud to any of his friends, but going against Voldemort, he was going to fight with everything that he had, but he was more than aware of the fact that there was a chance he would not be walking away from that final battle between the two of them. And he wanted, no needed, to know that Bill was going to be ok, that the Weasley family were. And his money would do that. He might not be walking away from the battle, but he fully intended to take Voldemort with him.

"Fine. But don't ask me to be happy about this," Bill glared at him.

"I know," Harry smiled sadly stroking his fingers down Bill's cheek. His redhead sighed and captured his hand to place a kiss on his fingertips.

Bill was still glaring when they walked into Gringotts but he was holding onto Harry's hand and he was here so he took that as a win really. They both had their hoods up and Harry led Bill straight over to the Goblin that he had seen to put the will together. As soon as the Goblin saw them heading towards him he hopped down from his stool and hurried over to them.

"This way please," He pointedly mentioned no names for which Harry nodded his thanks. The two of them trailed after the goblin through winding corridors Harry had only seen once, a week ago when he was here to write this will. He was a little startled when he realised that Bill knew his way around these maze like corridors, for some reason it always caught him by surprise when he caught glimpses of the man's life outside of the world Harry knew him from. It was a little intimidating when he remembered that Bill had a job and a life that he knew practically nothing about. It made him aware of the differences between their ages. He couldn't help but make him wonder what they would do when all this was over and he still had a year left in school.

"Harry?" Bill asked concerned, underneath the shadows of his Harry could see those blue eyes, full of love and warmth for him.

"It's nothing," Harry smiled squeezing Bill's hand. They would be fine.

"Alright Mister Potter, Mister Weasley please take a seat this will take only a few moments. Mister Weasley you will not be familiar with this type of procedure, Mister Potter has wanted to ensure that the Will will be completely incontestable. Considering your families standing within our community this is a reasonable and advisable move to make," The Goblin said s he shuffled papers into place, not even making eye contact.

"Why is it so unusual? Surely Lords and Ladies assign different family names to be their heirs and beneficiaries all the time," Bill frowned. Harry winced already knowing the answer to that having asked himself.

"It is normal when a Lord or Lady name an heir not related for them to perform a blood adoption instead. As for naming beneficiary, it is highly unusual, if not unheard of, for a Lord to name someone who does not belong to one of the other Houses,"

"Harry!" Bill spluttered turning to Harry.

"Do you really think I care?" Harry snorted.

"No, you always do things differently," Bill smiled shaking his head.

"Ok, so basically you are both signing you magic, blood and intent into this document, proving that you are both completely understanding in this situation and willing," The Goblin instructed.

"Ok," Bill nodded. Harry smiled weakly when his lover shot him a look that clearly said he was still not happy about having to do this.

"Ok, Mr Potter has already signed and declared his side of things, so if you will sign your name with the blood quill, tap this spot with your wand please Mr Weasley," The Goblin shoved the large document across the desk to Bill.

"How much!" Bill choked. "Harry you need to give some of this to others I..."

"I have. That's your share to run things and to make sure you have a good life. The Potter estate has been lying unspent but with its business still running fine, apparently my grandpa was a good business man, he assigned all the companies over seers to ensure that should anything happen during the war the businesses would still be looked after," Harry explained.


"I love you, I just...I need to do this please," Harry pleaded.

"Fine," Bill groaned his eyes flicking over the end figure of net worth again and muttered a faint 'bloody hell'.

"Ok I shall place this within the Potter family vault and a copy will be placed onto file should it be needed upon your death. Thank you for your..."

Harry and Bill watched confused as the Goblin blinked down at the document before proceeding to poke at the document and scribble some notes down on a pad on his desk.

"If you could stay here please," The Goblin said as he hurried out of the door. The two of them left in the room blinked after the rapidly departing Goblin before looking to each other confused.

"Have you ever seen a Goblin run before?" Harry asked.

"No...On your adventures you haven't done anything seriously illegal have you? Only I don't fancy being arrested," Bill asked slowly.

"Hey! It was your signature that caused this!" Harry laughed hitting Bill's arm.

"Wonder what it's all about," Bill said wrapping his arm around Harry's shoulder. They had to sit for another half an hour before they found out. Harry blinked confused when Bill suddenly straightened and tensed dramatically as the door opened and three Goblins walked into the room.

"Bill?" Harry whispered looking between his lover and the Goblins.

"That is the head of the bank Herdic Gringott," Bill whispered back. "I haven't ever met him and I have only seen him from a distance once!"

"Mr Weasley, Mr Potter we apologise for keeping you waiting. Now I just want to confirm some details. Mr Weasley your father Arthur Weasley is the eldest of his brothers?" Herdic asked.

"Yes," Bill frowned looking at Harry concerned.

"And you are his heir," Herdic nodded.

"Yes," Harry reached across and took Bill's hand as the Goblin scribbled something onto his sheets.

"Right Mr Weasley I have something of news for you, and I won't be blunt about it, I am sure that you are aware that my time is very limited," Herdic said as he sat himself down behind the desk. Bill just nodded silently. "Wonderful. It would seem that the signing of Mr Potter's Will, which links you into our system so that upon the event of Mr Potter's untimely death you would be able to access his vaults without being hit by any of the nasty security guards that stand over our oldest vaults. This signature revealed an inheritance that is yours but has not been linked correctly to your line. It would seem one branch of the family died off but did not leave any form of Will. This automatically should have passed onto your great great great Grandfather, but it appears as though he was suffering from a severe mental health problem and while he signed the forms, forgot about them," Harry blinked at the Goblin, when he said blunt he meant it! He was not mincing his words.

"Right," Bill said when it was clear his response was required.

"Wonderful, now this claim has lain dormant within the bank for while as the information has obviously not been passed on. While it is our responsibility to look after the affairs of the vault it was not our responsibility to hound you to make you aware of it. We sent out the required three letters before waiting for one of you to come into the bank. By signing the Will we have been alerted to your inheritance and can begin putting it into place. You can start the claim as Lord Heir, but your father will need to come in to claim it officially. Now any questions?" Herdic spoke practically in one breath before looking at Bill who just blinked back.

"Erm, what is the Inheritance Bill and his family are claiming?" Harry asked when it became clear that the redhead wasn't able to respond. Herdic looked to Bill who at least managed to nod.

"The inheritance is of the Gryffindor/Slytherin line," Herdic said.

"Bill!" Harry squeaked in panic as his lover sucked in a deep breath and then hit the floor in a dead faint.

"Well here is all the paperwork and a listing of all of the items in the vaults, a list of the business owned by the family, and the paperwork to start the process of officially claiming the inheritance. Thank you for your time," Herdic reeled off, placing the paperwork in a neat folding in front of Harry before walking off.

Harry stared after the retreating Goblins from where he was kneeling on the floor in front of Bill before shaking his head. Merlin wait till the others heard about this!

As it turned out fainting appeared to be a Weasley male trait. Mr Weasley had hit the floor before any of them had been able to get a cushioning charm underneath him, Ron and Charlie had followed not long behind him. Harry was sitting beside Bill rubbing his back where his lover was still looking a little pale, Mrs Weasley was opening and closing her mouth completely stunned.

"Are you sure?" Ginny wheezed.

"Very," Harry nodded.

"But...but...but...have you seen how much...this is...oh Merlin..." Mrs Weasley managed to say before bursting into tears. Harry patted Bill once before hurrying over to tug the matriarch into a hug. "We'll never have to worry again, this will...will...ch...change our lives! We...we can get R...Ron new graduating Robes and b...buy new clothes for them...we won't have to save for food...Arthur won't have to work as hard!" She sobbed out.

"No one deserves it more than you," Harry smiled hugging her tightly.

"Oh Merlin, this much...I never dreamt!" Mrs Weasley managed to say before promptly bursting into tears again.

"We'll need to go down and sign for it, make it all official," Mr Weasley said a little woozily as he crawled back onto his chair.

"Maybe you should put your head between your knees," Harry suggested seeing the man was swaying slightly.

"Oh I can't believe it, Arthur!" Mrs Weasley sniffed making her way over to her husband. The older man smiled as he hugged his wife tightly kissing the top of her head.

"Everything will be ok now Molly dear, everything will be fine,"

"How are you doing?" Harry smiled as he sat back down beside Bill.

"Still feeling a little shaky," Bill gave a wobbly smile.

"Think that might last for a little while, Lord Heir," Harry chuckled, still feeling a little shell shocked himself.

"Oh dear Merlin please do not say that!" Bill groaned making Harry laugh and pat his back again.

Harry grinned as he watched the party, Bill and Charlie appeared to be trying to out drink each other on firewhisky, Harry was fairly sure he would be attempting to drag his redhead lover up the stairs in a few hours, but he did not have the heart to call a stop to him enjoying himself.

"You know what this means don't you?"

"Dear Merlin! Remus!" Harry gasped clutching his chest as it felt as though his heart had just tried to thump through his rib cage.

"Sorry," The werewolf grinned sheepishly.

"I should think so, I am too young for a heart attack!"

"How much have you had to drink pup?" Remus asked suddenly amused.

"Hmm, just a few glasses," Harry peered into his empty glass curiously. "Do I know what it means anyway?" Harry asked looking back to Remus who for some reason snickered a little.

"The Gryffindor/Slytherin heir," Remus said pointedly, clearly deciding to get back to the point.

"Yes I know. Let him enjoy this for at least a moment before we point out that we are going to have to go hunting through Merlin knows how many hundreds of years worth of items, family heirlooms and money,/not to mention trying to come up with a reason why we need Arthur to accept it ASAP and to let us in, but not come with us," Harry sighed.

"It had occurred to you then," Remus said making Harry look at him dryly.

"Harry!" Ron burst out of the partying crowd red faced and looking panicked.

"What's the matter/" Harry and Remus asked worried.

"Hermione got talking to George about something the Muggles do called a table dance, and I'm not sure but I really hope that that it isn't what it sounds like!" Ron burst out. Harry and Remus stared at him for a second before they raced across the room to where they could see Hermione climbing onto the kitchen table.

"I love you," Bill sighed.

"Yeah I love you too you big lug," Harry smiled.

"No! No, no I really love you!" Bill insisted.

"And I love you," Harry laughed.

"No no no I realllllllllllly love you," Bill snuggled into Harry's neck.

"Well I will realllllllly love you even more if you keep moving your legs," Harry grunted heaving on his much taller lover to get him up the last few steps. "Thank Merlin we chose your bedroom and not mines to inhabit,"

"You smell pretty," Bill hummed.

"I'm fairly sure I smell of booze," Harry laughed.

"No you always smell pretty," Bill shook his head.

"Alright charmer come on," Harry heaved Bill up the last step and stumbled the last leg as quickly as he could.

He winced as Bill's hand clunked off of the bedside cabinet as he rolled him onto their bed, looking up warily the shrugged when he realised the alcohol was clearly killing any pain he might have felt. He'd blame it on the hand wrestle he had with Hagrid if he asked in the morning.

"Harry?" Bill said sounding quite mournful making Harry look up concerning with Bill's shoe in his hand.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, seriously hoping that Bill wasn't about to throw up.

"I don't think I'm up for sex," His lover sounded so mournful Harry couldn't stop himself from bursting out laughing. "What?! Bill whined.

"Love I know that with the amount of alcohol you have had I doubt you are going to be able to get it up for about a week,"

"Hey!" Bill huffed. Harry smiled leaning down to kiss his affronted lover.

"I'm undressing you so that we can get comfy in bed," Harry assured him.

"Oh...don't think I can help," Bill groaned flopping back onto the bed.

With a lot of shuffling and rolling Harry managed to get Bill naked, exhausted he managed to strip himself as quickly as possible before rolling into bed himself.

"Mmmm," Bill sighed happily as Harry rolled into his arms.

"I love you," Harry kissed Bill's chest right over his heart. "And I am so happy for you, no one deserves this gift more than anyone else,"

"You are the best gift I could ever have received, this one, this is for my family," Bill slurred already nearly asleep. Harry stilled in his arms before looking up at his lover with wide green eyes completely shocked. Bill equated him to a greater gift than the inheritance of the Gryffindor/Slytherin inheritance.

Shuffling closer he tightened his arm around Bill and pressed his nose into his neck, breathing in the scent of his lover, closing his eyes he soaked up the feeling of being pressed naked against Bill, and knowing with all his heart and soul he was loved as much as he loved this man, this amazing man.