So...this little ficlet is a sequel to an older one of mine- Cheaters Never Prosper.

If you've read Cheaters... this is a little narration of what happens after the rematch between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

If you haven't read it, it might be a good idea to check it out before reading this one.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it. This chapter is just a prologue- I promise to make it more interesting with upcoming Chapters. Reviews always help ;)


Hogwarts had seen its share of insane Quidditch matches. In fact, 'insane' probably wouldn't cover half the things that had happened on the pitch over the years. It was understandable, of course. Fourteen teenagers on the ground is a substantial risk in itself, but put them on broomsticks sixty feet in the air and you're basically asking for a hell storm.

So it was no real shock that over the years the game had developed an…unsavoury element. Kicking, biting and hair pulling were so common that they were treated as standard practice. But sometimes, players got more… inventive. That's when things got interesting.

Charlie Weasley for instance had once cast a Magnetising Charm on the Snitch and covered himself from head to foot in tin foil. Adrian Pucey had outdone himself when he set a Ravenclaw Beater's broom on fire. And perhaps the most fondly remembered incident was the Duplication Debacle of 1983 when an enterprising bystander had released about twenty Quaffles up in the air leading to an all out Keeper's nightmare.

But even these grizzled professionals would be hard pressed to process the debacle that took place during the Hogwarts Quidditch season of 1997. The rematch between Gryfffindor vs. Slytherin was one to remember and Chester Moore- the season's commentator- was having trouble keeping up.

"Bell's got the Quaffle and she's going for a Reverse Pass. She's passing it to Johnson but oh…an interception! So close! And the Slytherin Chaser…no wait, that's not a Chaser! Malfoy's got the Quaffle! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Seeker with the Quaffle! And Madam Hooch calls for a foul! Good call there!"

Ten minutes later…

"Flint has his eye on the Quaffle, but… oi! A roundhouse kick to the face by Kirke! Ouch! Clearly,the Gryffindors aren't taking this one lying down. Fellow students, we have two fouls in ten minutes. That's a record! The score remains, 20-0- penalty pass in favour of Slytherins."

Thirty minutes later…

"This is not a Confundus Curse, ladies and gentlemen. I believe this is actually happening!

It seems that Malfoy's got tired of Snitch searching. He's tackled his own Beater, for Merlin's sake! He's got the bat…he's taking a swing…and holy Circe! Weasley gets a face full!

Is anyone seeing this? Is ANYONE seeing this!"

Forty five minutes later…

"…never seen anything like it, folks. It looks like both teams are out for blood. Is anyone even keeping score anymore? Flint pleads for a foul on account of being kicked in the …wait!

Potter's making his way to the top! He SEES THE SNITCH! He's going, going and and…ZABINI! You can't tackle Seekers, you bastard! I mean, clear foul play on the Slytherin Chaser's part and penalty for Gryffindor!"

One hour fifteen minutes later…

"You disgusting, evil cheats! You despicable snakes! That's right- I'm talking to you, Bole! Yeah? Well, your mother is…ha! Weasley punches the cheating slug in the jaw. That's going to hurt tomorrow!"

Two hours later…

"Malfoy's got the Quaffle! No… Malfoy's giving the Quaffle to Zabini! We don't do hand passes here! This is Quidditch, not Exploding Snap!

Ginny Weasley intervenes with a well placed Bat Bogey. Oi, she has a wand! And that's a foul for both teams!"

Two hours ten minutes later…

"This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The judges have reached a decision. Yes that's definitely a call out from Madame Hooch. It looks like the match is being cancelled on account of dismal foul play. That's it for this match, folks. That's it for… Flint! You can let go of Weasley's head now!"

Twenty minutes later, Ronald Weasley could be found bellowing in the Gryffindor changing room- his left eye puffed to the size of a grapefruit.

"…cheating, ferret faced snake!" he finished, finally running out of steam.

"What now?" Hermione asked, as she entered the changing room. She had opted not to watch the match and decided to finish her Potions essay in the library instead. Someday, Ron might forgive her. Her attention focused on her still sputtering boyfriend and her eyes widened at the state of his eye. "Did Malfoy do that?" she asked in ill concealed awe.

"He… may have clocked Ron with a bludger," Ginny grinned, not looking the least bit put out about the fact.

"He's a Seeker," Hermione said slowly, in a tone that suggested that after seven years of Quidditch, they should know that.

"He grabbed Goyle's bat halfway and started swinging at anything in his way," Dean grinned "He really wasn't one for rules today, was he? Honestly, twelve fouls in one match? Never seen anything like it" He frowned slightly as he remembered Malfoy's odd behaviour. The Slytherin Seeker hadn't even been looking for the Snitch half the time. His sole aim seemed to have been to cause as much havoc as was possible. And Merlin, had he caused havoc!

"That ferret faced freak," Ron started off again "If I ever get my hands on him…did you lot even see him? He did the whole thing on purpose! And he didn't even try to hide it! It's like he wanted to be caught cheating!"

"Oh lighten up, Ron," Ginny grinned, "At least it was funny. Now can we please go eat? I'm starving"

"Fine," Ron grumbled "But don't think I won't pound Malfoy's face in next time I see the prat. You with me, Harry? Harry?" He looked around, but the Gryffindor Seeker was nowhere in sight.

"Funny," Ron frowned, scratching his head "I could have sworn he came with us."

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