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Draco vaguely noticed that the Room of Requirement looked different from the last time he had been here. For one thing, there was a writing desk in the corner. Draco frowned; he couldn't for the life of him imagine what that was doing here. Harry only grinned. "The Room really does take care of everything," he quipped. He smiled as Draco looked confused. "I have some notes to make for tomorrow's class," he explained briefly "So while I finish up, I suppose you'll just have to…wait."

Somewhere in the back of his mind Draco was vaguely aware that this was a test of some sort, that Harry wanted him to act like a grown up and accept the inevitable. Unfortunately, the idea of any more waiting didn't really sit that well with him. He'd been waiting for three days and he was about ready to explode. He'd sat through Harry's vicious tormenting and teasing, from the damn strap to Potions class to out in the corridor and quite frankly- it was his turn, damn it! His glare probably said all of this and more, because Harry's voice became stern again.

"Don't forget that I'm in charge, pet. I promise I won't hesitate to remind you if you do."

Draco gritted his teeth and looked away. Harry raised an eyebrow in response. He had been hoping that the Slytherin would have the good sense to obey. Instead, he was sulking like a child, unhappy at the prospect of having his pleasure delayed again. Harry was aware that it really wasn't fair, but then he had never promised to be fair. Draco needed to learn who was in charge and that meant obedience without question. He was far too stubborn to just let go though, and Harry suppressed his own urge to lash out angrily.

He knew he could punish Draco, but sometimes it was better to let the lesson sink in on its own. So he addressed his charge in a cold tone, bordering on indifferent. "You may join me when you're done sulking," he informed the Slytherin, turning his back on him and sitting at the desk.

He didn't acknowledge Draco's passive aggressive tantrum as the blonde stayed stubbornly kneeling at the entrance of the room, refusing to move unless he was specifically told to. The Gryffindor remained silent as well, merely writing and resolutely refusing to acknowledge the brat.

Draco sulked for the good part of an hour, ignoring the slight twinge in his collar. The tightening indicated Harry's growing displeasure with him, but he wasn't uneasy. Somehow, even in the face of Harry's controlled anger, he felt confident in the knowledge that the Gryffindor wouldn't strangle him. Harry had never damaged him, he had never hurt him more than he could handle. He had never punished him more than he deserved.

Draco swallowed slightly, as the feeling of guilt settled in his stomach. He knew he was being…difficult. He had half expected Harry to lose patience and whip him again. Truth be told, he was starting to hope for it. It would be better than being completely ignored with only the hard floor beneath his knees and the constant reminder of Harry's anger around his neck. He reflected briefly on his situation. He could go to Harry and apologize. Or he could sit here and sulk. Harry certainly wasn't going to hurt him, he knew that. On the other hand, having the Gryffindor angry with him made him feel…uneasy. As if something important had been taken away from him, leaving him vulnerable and unsafe. It was hardly a revelation that he needed Harry's presence to feel safe. And the absence of that feeling upset him. Immensely.

Draco's hand traced the collar subconsciously, and the memory of Harry's loving hand in his hair and his warm smile flashed through his mind. The blonde shook his head and sighed. He was mental if he thought he even had a choice.

He crawled forward, kneeling next to his master silently. Harry continued to ignore him but tensed slightly at the slight movement, acknowledging Draco's apology, albeit silently. The scratching of the quill was the only noise in the room. Draco watched him, wondering how displeased the Gryffindor was. He worried his lower lip anxiously, wondering if he should say something, maybe apologize…a few times, he almost did but then he would remember Harry's voice chiding him gently. Patience,Draco. He bit his lip and remained silent, kneeling and head bowed, trying to ignore the nervous flutter in his stomach. Harry would address him when he was ready. Until then, he would have to wait.

Just then, as if sensing his anxiety Harry's hand reached out to stroke his hair and Draco sighed in relief, leaning into the affectionate gesture. Harry bit the inside of his cheek, trying not to smile.

"I'm sorry," Draco mumbled softly, arching into his hand.

"As you should be," Harry noted, his eyes piercing into Draco's "Care to explain your sudden change of heart?"

The blonde mumbled inaudibly and Harry raised an eyebrow. "I'm going to need more than that," he pointed out dryly.

"I don't… like it when you're angry with me," the blonde managed, trying to turn his head away from Harry in the face of his sudden vulnerability. He was impeded by the brunette's hand on his chin holding him into place. Then Harry's lips were on his - firm but warm and gentle, nipping his lower lip and pulling him into a kiss. Draco eyes widened and he opened his mouth, whimpering when Harry's teeth scraped his lips. The brunette held him in place with a hand behind his head and continued to taste him, seemingly intent on devouring him before he was through.

The next second, Harry broke away from him. He looked up expectantly and the brunette nodded and steered him gently, under the desk. Draco swallowed and crawled into the dark space, adjusting himself between Harry's thighs.

"Get me hard again," he ordered shortly. Draco felt his cock twitch despite the strap. The exhilarating mix of humiliation and his own arousal was making his head swim and his responses were slightly delayed.

"Get to it, slave" Harry's voice was stern and unyielding and his hand tightened in Draco's hair making the blonde whimper. He swallowed and murmured a breathy "Yes Master", the last of his urge for control effectively vanishing into thin air.

He undid Harry's trousers, engulfing his semi hard penis at once. He sensed his master was in no mood for teasing and set to work. His tongue worked the shaft skilfully and he hollowed his cheeks around the head, darting across it every now and again. He moaned, and allowed himself a stab of pleasure as Harry swore against the ensuing vibration in his throat.

He was more than eager to make it up to his master for acting like a resentful child and didn't hesitate to exercise the full extent of his skill. Soon the brunette was gritting his teeth in a bid for control and gently, he pushed Draco off. Draco let him slip from his mouth reluctantly.

"That was spectacular," Harry murmured. His head was thrown back and his voice was a low growl that sent shivers down Draco's spine. The blonde's erection was throbbing painfully, begging for release.

"Please Master," he groaned, leaning against Harry's thigh "Please don't make me wait any more…"

"I have no intention to, pet," Harry smirked "If I have to wait anymore, I might just lose my mind."

A second later, Draco found himself being hauled up and all but thrown on the bed. He had barely steadied himself when ropes shot out from the corners and tethered him, effectively binding him. Draco suppressed a gasp. The last time he'd been bound had been for punishment. Was he being punished? He hadn't done anything wrong! Had he? The panic took over before he could calm himself and his eyes darted towards his bound limbs fearfully.

"Do you have any idea how ridiculously easy you are to read?" Harry's drawl served to make him both flustered and excited. But the nervous pangs wouldn't relent.

"M-master, I…"

"You're not being punished, silly chit."


"I told you to relax, didn't I? You're safe with me," Harry cut in reassuringly. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and while he was out of Draco's vision, the blonde could feel his body heat like a distant fire. If the ropes hadn't been holding him down, he would have inched towards that warmth. Instead, he just strained against them, trying to get as close to Harry as possible.

The brunette's hand trailed his chest and travelled upwards (not really the direction Draco was hoping for, but at this point he'd take what he got). He stroked his jaw tenderly and then his hand travelled down to the blonde's chest and he pinched his rosy nipples, teasing the nubs with his fingers until Draco writhed.

With a feral grin Harry dipped his head and lightly skimmed a tongue across the head of his throbbing cock. Draco couldn't suppress a whine anymore.

"Poor thing," Harry grinned "To your credit, you've been far more patient than I expected. Of course, one can't expect to work miracles…" He trailed off and Draco huffed petulantly at the light teasing. Harry licked his cock again and any snappy comments he might have had flew straight out of Draco's befuddled brain. He moaned in desperation, trying his best to keep as passive as possible. He was failing miserably.

"Patience, sweet boy," Harry purred, fingering the leather strap as he did "It will be good, I promise."

"When?" Draco whined helplessly, making Harry chuckle. He responded with a quick kiss to the blonde's lips and murmured a quick incantation. The ropes disappeared at once, and he turned Draco over, trailing kisses down his arse cheeks, his tongue darting now and then to taste the sensitised flesh. Draco shivered slightly and bit his lip to stop from moaning. His attempts proved utterly useless as Harry chose that moment to stick his tongue into Draco's entrance and thrust forward. The blonde gasped and bucked into the intrusion, unable to resist anymore.

Harry responded with a sharp slap to his arse and Draco whimpered an apology. "S-sorry…" he gasped as Harry's warm breath ghosted the reddened flesh.

After what seemed like hours, the brunette seemed to finally take pity on him. He muttered a quick lubrication spell and trailed a finger down Draco's entrance, thrusting it in without much warning. Draco groaned at the intrusion but bucked into it enthusiastically. The finger was replaced by two and by the time it was three, Draco was a quivering mess. Words failed him and gasps of sheer arousal were all he could manage by the time Harry was done preparing him.

Harry withdrew his fingers at an agonizingly slow pace and Draco keened miserably as he felt the emptiness. Harry smirked and crawled over him, draping his body over Draco's and planting a kiss on the top of his head. "Open your mouth," he ordered. Draco did as he was told, starting in surprise when Harry fit something cold and hard in his mouth. "Hold it," he ordered.

Draco felt around the toy tentatively. A scarlet red dildo; not as thick or wide as Harry, but certainly substantial enough to stretch his lips. It grazed his throat but he held it obediently, trying not to think too much and just let Harry do what he wanted. However, its purpose remained completely unclear to him.

"I told you I'd make this good," Harry smirked. "Now, lick."

Draco stared at him in confusion and the brunette smacked his thigh again, making him yelp. "I am not in the habit of repeating myself, Draco. Now do as I say."

Draco tongued the toy hesitantly and almost gasped as he felt a tongue swipe at his own cock. The dildo nearly dropped from his mouth, and he just about managed to hold it steady. His shock must have been evident because Harry laughed.

"A little variation of the spell I used in Potions class, the other day. Do you remember?"

Draco vividly recalled the teasing flicks to his body as Harry had licked his quill. He had barely managed to keep control then and he wasn't doing so well now either. Was this…the same spell? He was almost bordering on disbelief and to test the dildo, he licked it a little more forcefully this time. The jolt through his groin almost unsteadied him and with a flash of clarity, he realized that he was essentially pleasuring himself. The idea was so foreign and at the same time, so erotic that if it hadn't been for the damned strap still tightly bound around his cock, he wouldn't have been able to hold back.

Harry grinned and held the dildo delicately in his fingers, thrusting it in and out of Draco's mouth, occasionally instructing the blonde to lick it, to swirl his tongue around the shaft, across the head, over and over. Draco complied, feeling every single lick on his cock- feeding his fire, building up to a pleasure that was so intense that he was afraid he'd just come screaming, strap or no strap. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough and despite his almost frenzied state, he couldn't find release while he was still restricted by the leather fastening. Soon he was moaning desperately, his grey eyes screaming with need and turned towards Harry beseechingly. The brunette smirked as he placed the toy back carefully in his pet's mouth and positioned himself behind him.

I seem to recall you didn't think much of this spell then. I take it you've changed your mind?" As Harry talked him through, he thrust into Draco's prepared hole and the blonde groaned. The vibrations in his throat immediately wrapped around his cock and the Slytherin nearly passed out. Harry's barely controlled his own hiss as Draco's heat sheathed around him, tempting him to near insanity. With a superhuman effort he managed to control his own urges and addressed the blonde.

"Suck on it while I fuck you," he ordered, rocking his hips slowly. Draco could only manage a shaky nod as Harry began to thrust back and forth, sending a completely different jolt of pleasure to his loins. He licked the dildo in earnest, whimpering and groaning and rutting as Harry's slow fucking sent sparks down his spine. His own ministrations had him teetering on the edge, and he would have been screaming in ecstasy had that cursed strap not been holding him back. Draco was almost hysterical with need and it didn't help that his master- normally so passionate, bordering on brutal- had taken an agonizingly slow pace. Draco couldn't hold back the moan of protest anymore.

Harry grinned and removed the dildo from his mouth, chucking it aside carelessly. "Something to say Draco?" he grinned, a dark smile playing on his handsome features. Mercilessly, he thrust into the blonde and wrapped a hand around his cock, stroking it gently. Any eloquent phrases that were coming forth from Draco had dissolved into unintelligible gasps. The blonde was a mess. His hair was tangled, his body was covered in a thin film of sweat, his eyes were dark and glazed over and his mouth was moving soundlessly. He was the picture of sin and Harry loved every second of it. Eventually though, Draco managed to put some semblance of a plea together.


"Really pet, how am I supposed to understand any of that?" he grinned, as the blonde fought to just string words together.

"Merlin, I…Harry…please let me…I can't…please! Please!"

"Who owns you, pet?"

Draco groaned but by now, he was too far gone to protest. "You, Master," he gasped as Harry thrust again.

"And who is in charge here?"

"You are! Just you …you own me, Master. I'm yours! Just please…please let me come!"

With a grin, the cruel brunette relented. With a muttered incantation, he removed the strap from Draco as he thrust savagely into the blonde, quickening his pace as he did.

"Harry! Harry Harry Harry…" Draco moaned, incapable of saying anything else anymore

"Come for me, viper"

The combination of the blood surging to his penis and Harry finding his prostate was all it took. Draco howled as he finally, finally found release. Like an animal in heat, the Slytherin bucked into Harry's hand, coming so hard and so fast that his vision blurred and his eyes rolled back in his head. The last thing he was aware of as he passed out was that he was still chanting Harry's name.

When Draco came to, he was vaguely aware of a few things. He was lying on a warm, muscular chest and a hand was stroking his hair affectionately. It was a nice way to wake up- he felt safe and warm and protected. He stayed that way, semi conscious simply enjoying the steady rhythm of Harry's heartbeat and the wonderful feeling of safety, of having someone look after him.

"For a minute there, I actually thought I'd killed you," Harry's voice was somewhere around him, and he was pretty sure the smug bastard was grinning. He sure as hell wasn't going to get up and check though.

"It wasn't for lack of trying," he managed to mumble, settling further into Harry's chest.

The brunette tightened his hold, his whole being surging with a feeling of immense tenderness and protectiveness for the petite blonde nestled in his arms. He ran his hands gently down Draco's body- his limbs, his chest, his back- checking for soreness or careless injuries. When he was satisfied that the blonde was unharmed he settled back as well, allowing himself to relax and enjoy the feel of the heated, taut body next to him.

Draco sighed and Harry gave him an enquiring look "This is probably my favourite part. Just… lying here with you," the blonde mumbled shyly. Harry felt his heart warm a bit. Draco was rarely forthcoming about his feelings and this admission-however small- meant more to him than he could say.

So he grinned and opted for teasing instead. "Really? So it wouldn't be the earth shattering orgasm that made you lose conciousness?"

Draco smirked. "That was all right, yes" he drawled, protesting with a yelp when Harry pinched his thigh.

"Brat," he accused, but his tone was indulgent.

"Sadist," Draco retorted.

"Well I suppose I can't argue with that," Harry shrugged. "But hopefully, I made my point" He gave Draco a meaningful look and the blonde blushed.

"You did," he answered quietly "You're in charge. I-I wont forget."

Harry nodded and kissed his cheek. "See that you don't. I'm also hoping that you'll learn to control your…baser urges after this"

"You're a fine one talking about baser urges after fucking the daylights out of me," Draco shot back.

Harry smirked. "I was actually referring to that little impatience problem of yours, but I like the way you think."

Draco raised his eyes hopefully. "I don't suppose you're up for round two?"

"Already?" Harry chuckled, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Draco grinned, getting up and straddling the brunette. "Sometimes Master, impatience isn't such a bad thing."

And considering the events that took place over next twenty five minutes, Harry couldn't help but agree.


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