"Doctor." Amy called one morning (Amy presumed it was morning, being on a time machine you lost the concept of night and day, you just slept when tired or when the Doctor told you to go to bed.) She was in the vast Tardis wardrobe with the Doctor looking through the wide variety of clothing.

"Yes Pond?" The Doctor asked sticking his head round one of the railings, a fez sat precariously on his head. Amy rolled her eyes than continued with her question.
"Where do you get all your hats from?" She asked grabbing the offending item of clothing off the Doctor's head and flinging it behind her. They both knew it would be impossible to find it again, even though the Doctor practically lived for the impossible. The Doctor pouted at Amy.
"A hatter of course, best hatter in the universe in fact. So much so he even goes by the name Hatter, not even I know hi real name." The Doctor explained. He then disappeared around the other side of the rack and started to rummage around for something.
"You mean the Hatter as in Alice in Wonderland Hatter? I loved that book when I was a kid." Amy said.

The Doctor smiled both at finding what he was looking for and Amy's comment. He pulled out the object and placed it on his head. Amy rolled her eyes when he reappeared from around the rack. It was another fez.

"The very same. The book's actually based on a true story." The Doctor replied, walking past Amy and checking his appearance in the mirror. He straightened his bow tie and made his way down the corridor.

"Oh, come on." Amy said grabbing the Doctor's sleeve and pulling him back to face her. "So there's a planet called Wonderland, with a time conscious rabbit and a floating cat?" She asked hands on hip.
"Well, no." The Doctor said wriggling out of Amy's grip.

He walked into the console room, Amy only seconds behind. "See." She sighed, believing that she had won this argument.
"It's called Dexilsis 7928, Wonderland sounded better. The Cat was a hologram and the rabbit... well it's kinda self-explanatory." The Doctor continued now whizzing around the console.
"`Self-explanatory` how?" Amy asked, now standing at the foot of the stairs her eyes trailing the Doctor and he whizzed around the console.
"Ah Pond, the word there is self!" The Doctor said timing his speech the moment he walked past Amy, allowing him to poke her on the nose.
"You! You're the white rabbit?" Amy said in disbelief.
"Why do you sound so surprised?" The Doctor said his sarcasm evident.
"You truly are a fairytale." Amy murmured.
"Come along Pond. How would you like a trip to Wonderland?" The Doctor said then pulled the bright yellow lever.