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Chapter one

It is with shock and confusion that this reporter informs the wizarding public that despite all expectations to the contrary Lucius, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy have walked away from their trial completely free. During this war Lucius, Narcissa and Draco's involvement in the war has not been kept secret. Lucius Malfoy was arrested for breaking into the Ministry of Magic with other Death Eaters and dressed in Death Eater robes, leading the attack on the at the time 15 year old boy-who-lived and his closest friends. Lucius Malfoy went to Azkaban for his actions only to be broken out a year later.

Draco Malfoy was known to be on the Astronomy tower with Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape and other Death Eaters the night that Albus Dumbledore was murdered, speculation has even arisen that Draco Malfoy was the one that was supposed to kill Dumbledore. Draco Malfoy's position as a Death Eater was also never in question during this war.

Narcissa Malfoy likewise was a presence throughout the last year of hell as a Death Eater. And yet despite all this evidence and witnesses that gave evidence that they were Death Eaters, the Malfoy family solicitor Mister Nigel Blackcreep managed to put together an amazing defence for them, proving that they had never once been seen casting any long lasting harmful curses, never once had been seen casting an unforgivable and put together the defence that they had acted as they had out of fear not for their own life individually but for the lives of their family members.

However the nail in the coffin for the people that wanted to see Lucius, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy in prison came with the arrival of THE most unexpected and shocking character witness FOR the family. It was with some smugness and knowledge that he had won that Mister Nigel Blackcreep called to the stand Mr Harrison James Potter, the boy who lived, chosen one and defeater of you know who. This reporter can tell the readers that the stunned silence was so loud in the court that Mr Potter's footsteps fairly rang out as he walked to the stand. Dressed in fine wizarding robes and looking every inch the Lord of one of the Ancient Houses Mr Potter took to the stand.

To say that confusion was running through the court by this point would be an understatement. The rivalry between Mr Potter and Draco Malfoy has been well known throughout our world with Draco Malfoy providing damaging interviews about Mr Potter during their fourth and fifth years at Hogwarts. Lucius Malfoy was known to lead the attack in the Ministry of Magic that ended in the death of Sirius Black, Mr Potter's beloved godfather. And so the court was understandably confused as to why Mr Blackcreep who had so far put forward a good defence for his clients to get them a minimum sentence would call forwards Harry Potter as a defence.

And then Mr Potter proceeded to defend the Malfoy family in front of a completely shocked court. He filled the court in on how he had overheard Draco Malfoy talking to a trusted fried about how he was terrified that his mother would be killed if he did not kill Albus Dumbledore, he informed the court of how Draco Malfoy had been unable to commit the act of murder when he had the chance. Mr Potter also told the court how when he and his companions of the last year Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were captured while they were on their mission and taken to Malfoy manor, Draco despite clearly recognising him through the stinging hex Miss Granger had cast to conceal Mr Potter's identity, did not give him away.

He then went on to inform the court of Narcissa Malfoy's act of bravery, how when she had been sent to check his pulse after you know who had hit him with the killing curse for the second time in his life she had lied and told you know who and the Death Eaters that Harry Potter was dead. Allowing him time to recover and act out his plan to destroy you know who for good. This action was at great risk to herself and her husband, who would no doubt have been killed for the treachery.

And finally Mr Potter spoke on behalf of a visibly stunned Lord Malfoy, while having not committed any such redeemable actions as his wife and son had Mr Potter urged the court to understand the fear that Lord Malfoy must have felt towards his own life but more importantly his families lives. Mr Potter pointed out that the Malfoy family motto is 'Family First' and that without a doubt this is what he believed Lord Malfoy had tried to do, protect and guard his family from a mad man as best he could. Putting himself through torture and even being imprisoned so that he could protect them as best he could.

Looking straight at Lord Malfoy Harry Potter spoke the words that shook the court and undoubtedly assured the three their freedom. He told the court that he forgave the family for all previous actions, that he understood in hindsight why they had committed them and that in a form he respected and admired they for the love, loyalty and utter devotion that they had displayed to one another in a time of fear, pain and uncertainty.

It did not truly come as a shock to the court therefore when the Wizengamot declared that the Malfoy family were free of charges of being Death Eaters and were free to return home immediately.

Mr Potter left the court long before any reporters could get to him, staying only long enough to hear the result of the Malfoy families trial.

A month later…

"Master, Harry Potter is in the apparation room for you," The House elf squeaked bowing politely as it popped into the breakfast room causing the fifteen of them to freeze before looking at each other completely stunned.

"Harry Potter? Your sure?" Samuel asked shocked.

"Yes Master, that's what he said his name was," The house elf bowed.

"Invite him here for breakfast," Marcus said peering over the top of his news paper.

"Grandfather, I'm not sure that's the best idea," Lucius argued hesitantly.

"Nonsense, it is breakfast time and we are eating so it is only polite to ask our guest to join us. Plus we have not had a chance to thank you young man for what he did, now bring him here Tiddy," Marcus commanded.

"Grandfather I seriously doubt Mr Potter will be comfortable eating with us," Lucius sighed.

"Then we will have to make him comfortable dear," Carina chuckled. They sat in a hesitant silence for the next few minutes until Tiddy walked back into the room with Harry Potter following hesitantly behind, visibly tensing at the sight of them all sitting there looking back at him.

"Mr Potter, welcome to Malfoy Manor. You of course know my wife and son. This is my Grandfather Marcus Malfoy, my mother Carina, my great-uncle Samuel and his wife June, their son Marcus and his husband Leandre, their children Orlandus, Tiberius and Phoenix. And this is my brother Gregory, my youngest brother Mikhail and his wife Julia," Lucius stood and made the introductions slowly going around the table, each Malfoy nodding to his or her name.

"As my grandson said Mr Potter welcome to Malfoy manor. We all owe you a big thank you for what you did for my grandson, granddaughter and great grandson," Marcus struggled to his feet with his walking stick and walked over to Harry who hurried to meet him. Marcus despite his wrinkles and the fogginess to his grey blue eyes looked just like Lucius, only older with white hair.

"Thank you for your welcome sir, it's nice to meet you. And I only did what was right," Harry said quietly blinking when the old man laughed amused.

"I apologise Mr Potter but considering your fame it is hard to believe the rumours of how humble you are, however meeting you I can see it is all true. Not a lot of people would have done what was right after everything that has happened to you and what my grandson, granddaughter and great grandson have put you through," Marcus chuckled patting Harry's shoulder as the teen turned bright red.

"Potter," Draco said hesitantly as he walked over to them. Marcus gave his great grandson a reassuring nod.

"Yes?" Harry met Draco's eyes unsurely.

"I…I would like to say thank you very much for everything you did, for saving me at Hogwarts and for speaking up for my parents and me at the trial, you didn't have to do that, I owe you so much more than my thanks," Draco said honestly. Amused they watched Harry's blush returning.

"I meant what I said at the trial, I admire the choices you made in respects for the loyalty and love that you showed each other, you made bad choices, but for the right reasons. There's nothing to thank me for," Harry said softly looking at the floor embarrassed.

"There is everything to thank you for. After everything that you have been through because of the dark side, because of our family for you to sit down and try and understand why we did what we did, and then to actually forgive us enough to speak for us. And not only that but you freed us as well as everyone else from that madman," Narcissa spoke gently as she cupped Harry's face much to his clear shock before pressing kisses on either cheek and giving him a light hug.

"Of the three of us I have done you the most damage, and for that I can never apologise enough. I do not believe you will know, but to purebloods children are one of the greatest gifts, be they our own or someone else's, a magic child is sacred. And that includes blood difference. I wish that I had never had to treat you, scare you, harm you as I have over the years. And I truly and honestly mourned the death of Sirius and the pain you clearly felt at his loss. I would have completely understood if you had not spoken for me, I was expecting you speak on my wife and son's behalf when our solicitor informed us you were speaking for us. I do not deserve your kindness or forgiveness, but I will prove that you were not mistaken to do so," Lucius's voice the most open and relaxed Harry had ever heard it, warm and honest instead of his usual cold drawl, he stayed at an acceptable distance from Harry clearly unsure that he would want him near to him. Harry thought over his words before meeting his eyes again.

"My dad died giving his life for my mum and me, what you did was not that much different. I cannot understand some of the things you have done, and yes while I may have forgiven your actions towards me in the past it will be harder to forget them, but I believe you will show you are different now that you have the chance to. May…may I ask you something though?" Harry asked unsurely flicking his eyes away before looking back.

"Of course," Lucius nodded.

"If children are so sacred, why did you put that diary in Ginny's cauldron?" Harry asked in a rush, as he finished and saw Lucius's face tightening wondering whether he was about to be chucked out on his ear.

"I admit that was a rather foolish mistake on my part. The Dark Lord gave the diary into my father's keeping, when they were younger. When he died naturally it passed to me. I forgot about it until Draco's…and your first year. I spent nearly the entire year trying to figure out what it was and could only find out that it was truly dark magic, the darkest I have ever seen. I still do not understand what Dumbledore meant about it holding his memory, but all I knew was it was dark. I thought continuous about what to do with it, I was planning on getting it to the Ministry when I spotted you all in the bookshop. I admit it was a foolish thing of me to do, but I slipped it into the youngest Weasley's cauldron because she was the only one I could get to under the belief she would take it straight to her parents, who would of course realise it was dark and either take it to Dumbledore or the Ministry. I did not believe for a second that she would keep it, or that it would be what it was," Lucius admitted. Harry scanned his eyes for a few seconds before nodding lightly.

"Why don't you sit down and join us for breakfast?" Carina, Lucius's mother if Harry remembered correctly from the introductions smiled warmly at him reminding him of the presence of the rest of the Malfoy family. Though he had known from somewhere that Lucius had brothers he wasn't expecting the family to be this big.

"Oh, I don't want to intrude," He said quickly flushing.

"You wouldn't be, the elves are delighted to have the family back in the manor and have been cooking for double our number, it would be an honour to have you eat with us. We promise nothing is poisoned," Leandre if Harry remembered right grinned. He was clearly one of the none blood Malfoy's at the table, his hair was a chocolate brown colour with matching eyes, his smile much more ready and his manner easier.

"Oh I didn't mean…" Harry flushed deeper.

"Ignore Leander, he is simply teasing, he likes to poke fun at the intimidating reputation we have. Poor Marcus did not know what to do with himself when Leander walked up to him in Hogwarts and asked if the stick up his bum was comfortable or not," A deep baritone voice drew Harry's attention to who he believed was the middle Malfoy brother. While there were distinct likenesses between Lucius and Gregory, there was no way of mistaking this man as anyone but a Malfoy, there were also clear differences as well.

Gregory was broader shouldered than Lucius who was by no means small in that area himself. He had a muscular frame, but not over done, his deep purple robes fitted to highlight his firm chest and stomach as well as accentuate his defined biceps. His hair was more golden blonde than the silvery blonde Lucius and Draco possessed, but he noticed that the younger brother Mikhail also had the more golden shade. His skin was a tanned olive brown instead of the paleness of Lucius and Draco, though he was happy to note that Draco was finally loosing the greyness that he had possessed for nearly two years now. His eyes were a deeper blue and incredibly intense as they locked on Harry and refused to budge, almost making it as though Harry could physically feel the weight of that gaze upon him. His lips Harry noted with a jolt were full and looked sinfully sensual.

"It was even better when he met Samuel, Marcus brought him home for Christmas a year after they had been dating, he just walked over and started chatting to Samuel happily, I've never seen so many Malfoy's gawping in one go," Carina snickered amused breaking Harry from his perusal and praying that no one else had noticed it, he laughed at genuine amusement at the image.

"Uncle Leander and Harry would get on, the Malfoy reputation doesn't hold much sway on him either," Draco said. Harry glanced to the side to see if that was a good or bad thing considering his uncaring of the Malfoy name meant he had quite often told Draco what he thought of him and even hit him a few times. But Draco was looking amused.

"Here Mr Potter, have a seat, please," Gregory motioned to Mikhail who was sitting beside him and everyone shuffled slightly around the round table to make a space for him as Gregory stood and pulled out the chair. Feeling bad that they had had to move to make room for him, and admittedly slightly nervous of sitting next to the intense Malfoy he made it to the seat and sat, murmuring thanks even as he blushed when Gregory tucked his seat in for him.

"Please help yourself Mr Potter, there is much more than enough for everyone," Marcus smiled as Harry sat unsurely for a moment. Feeling slightly awkward and out of place he placed some pancakes and sausages onto his plate.

"Please just call me Harry, Mr Potter reminds me of the reporters," Harry said, unable to repress the look of distaste on his face at the thought.

"Then you will call us by our names in return," Carina nodded. "May I ask how you are?"

"How I am?" Harry blinked at her confused.

"You have had an incredibly stressful few years, I am asking if you are as alright as can be expected," Carina said slowly looking slightly confused. Harry blinked at her a few more times.

"Oh…sorry not many people ask that," He laughed. "I'm…ok, it's just taking time adjusting. Mostly to living in an actual house instead of a tent and being able to go outside," Harry smiled.

"Not many people ask how you are?" Gregory frowned, his attention had been solely on Harry since he had sat down, his gaze still heavy.

"Most want to hear about the last battle or talk about people we lost or about if I'm joining to auror department. Someone even asked me who I thought should be Minister of Magic," Harry scrunched his nose at that one.

"The masses see the hero," June said quietly speaking for the first time, though her brown eyes were warm and understanding. "While you are a person who has suffered for what they now celebrate,"

"I…yes…I guess," Harry nodded with a sad smile.

"I have to ask about your comment of getting used to not living in a tent," Gregory's hand brushing his arm got Harry's attention and distracted him from the slightly depressing thoughts that lingered most days.

"Oh, me, Hermione and Ron lived in a tent for pretty much the whole year, we would apparate to a random location one of us came up with then we would set wards around the tent," Harry explained ruefully.

"Very clever, not staying in one place too long," Marcus nodded approvingly.

"It was actually Hermione's idea. Everyone may be calling me the hero, but me and Ron wouldn't have lasted five minutes without her," Harry chuckled.

"There was never any doubt when you didn't show up for months who was keeping you hidden," Draco snorted.

"My, Draco was that a compliment? While insulting me and Ron I think," Harry grinned. Draco looked at him quickly looking slightly worried but rolled his eyes when he saw the amusement.

"What, I got extreme vindictive pleasure knowing that he was being thwarted at every move by an 18 year old muggleborn witch," Draco grinned viciously. The family all tensed slightly only to relax when Harry burst out into laughter.

"Oh, I'll have to tell Hermione and Ron that one, it never occurred to us that way," Harry said through his laughter.

"How are your friends?" Samuel asked. "There has not been much about them in the papers,"

"Oh they're in Australia at the minute tracking down Hermione's parents," Harry said lightly.

"Tracking them?" Narcissa asked curiously.

"Oh, Hermione wiped their memories to forget about her and their names before making them believe that they were moving to Australia, where she had arranged a house and practice for them. However she didn't include a memory for them not to like to travel and they decided to have a wander across Australia before settling. Her and Ron are on their trail," Harry chuckled.

"Very inventive, I would very much like to meet this Hermione," Marcus said, amusement dancing in his eyes. There was silence for a few moments while everyone took some food or drink.

"Can I ask how far along you are?" Harry asked Julia who was sitting next to Mikhail, the bump of her stomach clear now it wasn't hidden by the table. She fairly beamed happily at him as she nodded.

"I'm five and half months now, a little girl," She grinned.

"The first Malfoy girl in nearly five generations," Lucius added with a smile.

"I'm sure she is going to be spoilt to death then," Harry smiled at June. "Congratulations, to both of you,"

"Thank you. We believe that the Weasley's will be expecting their first member of the next generation, and that your father's friend, Lupin, had a blessing of his own," Mikhail commented.

"Oh yes, Fleur is due in a month, Remus and Tonks had a baby boy two weeks before the battle. Teddy. They asked me to be godfather," Harry knew that he grinned goofily every time he said or thought it but he had fallen in love with Teddy upon site.

"I don't think they have to worry about babysitting, ever," Leander chuckled seeing the grin.

"Remus joked they were going to have to search me before I left the house," Harry admitted sheepishly.

"May…may I ask how Andromeda is doing?" Narcissa asked hesitantly sobering Harry up instantly.

"She is…she is…coping. Her husband died earlier in the year, but with everything that has happened I don't think she really had time to accept it, and she was distracted with Tonks' pregnancy. But its hit now, she is struggling but it helps to have Remus, Tonks and Teddy in the house I think. She'll be alright," Harry answered honestly.

"I did not know about her husband…I realise that this is an awkward question to ask you, but I would rather you were honest rather than try and spare my feelings, though I do not deserve that. Do you think she would talk with me?" Narcissa asked. Harry sat thoughtfully for a moment before speaking slowly.

"I think it would be a long process, but if you write to her I believe she will respond, it may be a while of writing first before actually meeting each other again, Andromeda has practically wiped any Black family from her mind," Harry felt bad at Narcissa's wince but she nodded understandingly.

"Thank you," She said softly.

"The best way into her good books would be to send a present for Teddy with your letter, she has an incredible soft spot for him," Harry said cursing his easy heart. "I'm sorry but I will need to be going soon," Harry sighed as he looked at the clock.

"Of course, what is it we can do for you Mr…Harry," Lucius corrected at the look he got.

"It's actually about Headmaster Snape, I am partitioning for him to have his portrait made and hung in the Headmaster's office. I was hoping I could add your name to the list," Harry said quietly. The Malfoy's all stared at him slightly stunned.

"May I ask why you are doing that for him. Yours and Severus's relationship is no great secret," Lucius asked.

"He saved my life more times than I can count or probably know about, all the time he worked so hard for the light side at his own risk, going so far as to kill his mentor for it, he was a great man and he deserves to be respected," Harry said firmly.

"We will all sign," Marcus said firmly. Harry smiled weakly but thankfully and pulled out the form he had with him. One by one all twelve Malfoy's signed their name.

"There are a lot of light names on there already," Gregory commented.

"They all owe him their lives," Harry huffed.

"I have a feeling you can be very persuasive when you want to be," Gregory smirked, somehow it was unlike the usual Malfoy smirk, Gregory's made his heart speed up. Feeling his face heating up as well he stood as he tucked the parchment away safely.

"When I want to be yes. Thank you very much for breakfast, it was lovely to meet you all," Harry smiled. There was a chorus of various replies, Marcus telling him to come back any time and to bring Hermione sometime, before he was able to leave. A pair of sea blue eyes locked on his back and stuck in his mind.