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Last Time

"Andromeda knocked?" He choked.

"She's fine," Harry grinned settling back down against the headboard and tugging the tray forward to reveal two cups of tea, a plate of a few slices of toast and jam, a plate of blueberry pancakes and two small bowls of fruit. "Honestly, she told me I was a big boy. There was an embarrassing attempt of her to say something abour protection and silencing charms, but I grabbed the tray and ran for it," Harry shrugged seeing the disbelieving look on Gregory's face.

"She…oh Merlin," Gregory groaned slumping back on the bed covering his face. "Its not funny!"

"It is a little," Harry shrugged taking a bite of his piece of toast. "Once I recover from the embarrassment. At lease there are no hexes,"

"I might be wishing for the hexes when I get home if grandfather firecalled you. I'll have another interrogation waiting," Gregory grumbled.

"Better fill up then," Harry said placing a piece of toast to Gregory's lips. Giving in Gregory bit into the piece of toast before taking it off Harry, pressing a slightly sticky kiss to his lips before picking up his tea cup settling back to have breakfast in bed with Harry.

Chapter Eleven

"Hey," Harry smiled as the front doors to Malfoy manor opened and Gregory smiled at him from the doorway.

"Hello," Gregory reached out and gripped Harry's lapels, tugging him forward sharply and pulling him into a kiss that had Harry's toes curling, his hand gently gripped the back of Harry's neck, his thumb moving in soothing strokes over the skin of his neck.

"You two are sickening you know that," Draco snickered from inside the manor making them pull apart, Harry blushing slightly when he realised that Draco, Lucius, Tiberius and Leandre were standing on the stairway smirking in practically identical ways except for Leandre who was just looking generally amused, his eyes glittering.

"Gregory really, snogging Tiberius's tutor is very uncouth," Lucius smirked wider as Gregory groaned and pressed his fingers to his eyes.

"Leave them alone," Leandre snickered.

"Yeah, that's just really gross!" Tiberius scrunched his nose up in a way that made Harry and Draco chuckle.

"Are you ready to start?" Harry asked Tiberius squeezing Gregory around the waist.

"Yup," Tiberius hurried down the stairs and stopped in front of Harry looking so eager Harry had to smile a little.

"Are you sure that you are ok with us sitting in?" Gregory asked quietly.

"Sure," Harry shrugged easily, it didn't bother him at all, they wanted to make sure that Tiberius would be getting the help he needed, he was also guessing that all of them including Gregory, were curious to see what he could do.

"Harry!" Marcus hurried fairly quickly down the stairs and tugged Harry away from Gregory's side and into a hug of his own. "I hope you don't mind but I added myself to your list of watchers,"

"Of course not," Harry smiled at the old man, hugging him back and receiving a happy smile in return.

"We set up a room through here," Leandre motioned forwards.

"I'll see you before you leave hopefully Mr Potter," Lucius nodded his head slightly to Harry.


"Sorry?" Lucius blinked at him shocked, speechless for the first time since Harry had met him.

"You can call me Harry," Harry said quietly meeting Lucius's eyes. The older man stood still for a few seconds scanning Harry's face before he nodded.

"As long as you call me Lucius," He said before nodding again and sweeping off.

"I think you may have just sent him into shock," Gregory chuckled wrapping his arm around Harry's waist and leading him into the room they had prepared, all the furniture pushed to the side.

"I like to keep Lucius on his toes," Harry smirked leaning up to kiss a laughing Gregory's cheek before he moved to the centre of the room and motioned Tiberius in front of him. The other four Malfoy's moved to stand in the corner of the room.

"What's first?" Tiberius asked eagerly.

"Alright first I want you to fire every offence spell you know at me," Harry said drawing shocked looks from the other five people in the room.

"Erm…" Tiberius shot a nervous look at his family.

"Its ok, I'll defend myself, I need to be able to feel the strength that you have in your spells and the concentration to be able to work out where best I need to help you. Don't worry you won't hurt me," Harry assured him moving ten steps backwards and drawing his wand ready.

"Stuptify," Tiberius shot the first spell which Harry quickly and easily deflected.

"That's not your full strength, shoot them like you mean them, or you'll be wasting both our time," Harry said firmly, and smiled when he saw Tiberius's eyes narrow slightly in determination. The next seven spells were shot quickly and fairly powerfully, though Harry swatted them aside easily.

Over the next fifteen minutes Tiberius shot more and more spells at Harry, quite an impressive selection really, he wasn't lacking there. Though it became apparent that as he was going along he was becoming more frustrated with the fact that he hadn't managed to hit Harry once and with the apparent ease that Harry was blocking his spells.

"Enough," Harry called and Tiberius dropped his hands to his knees panting and sweating. "That was good,"

"It was rubbish I didn't hit you once!" Tiberius snapped. He could see the other four shifting a little as though to interrupt but he spoke first.

"Tiberius I have had a hell of a lot more training than you, if you had managed to hit me then you would be ready to take your NEWT's right now and you wouldn't need my help. That was really good, you have good strength into your spells and you have a great knowledge of spells. We need to work on your concentration and deliverance, and get you more comfortable with your spells to get you more inventive," Harry assured him walking over to pat Tiberius on the shoulder.

"Really?" Tiberius asked hopefully, his scowl easing up a little.

"Really," Harry smiled. "Now, come on, we're going to work on your stunning spells, and we need a volunteer," Harry grinned at the four Malfoy's watching who all blinked back at him.

"Uncle Gregory will," Draco smirked before quickly hiding it when Gregory looked at him. "You should help him, it will go down well with him," He whispered nodding to Gregory.

"Of course," Gregory stood and made his way over.

"Ok Tiberius, concentrate and do your best," Harry patted the teen on the shoulder and stood beside him as he pointed his wand at Gregory.

"Stuptify!" Tiberius shouted. Gregory jerked as he went stiff before dropping backwards.

"Ok, that was a good effort but you're flourishing your wand unnecessarily. A stuptify should be a short sharp jab, quick, efficiant it's a spell that you need to use quickly," Harry instructed as Draco woke Gregory up and helped him up. "Ok again,"

"Stuptify!" Tiberius managed it again with a lot less flourish.

"That was better, but still too much. Ok, watch closely," Harry turned to Gregory who was being helped back to his feet by Draco. Draco grinned and hurried out the way before watching eagerly, making Gregory look nervously between them. "Ready?"

"Yes," Gregory nodded, sounding a little unsure.

"Stuptify," Harry performed the spell as sharp and clean as he could. He winced when Gregory was blasted off of his feet backwards a few feet before slamming to the floor.

"I can never get that much power behind my spells!" Tiberius groaned.

"Flourish less and you will, with practise you'll be able to put more power behind your spells," Harry assured him before moving to help Gregory up when he groaned and sat up a little stiffly. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," Gregory winced.

"Sorry, I should have put a mat or something behind you," Harry apologised guiltily.

"I'm fine, you just pack quite a punch," Gregory laughed kissing Harry softly to reassure him.

"Alright, enough snogging the tutor," Leandre called.

"Draco you can replace Gregory as test dummy," Harry called standing ad tugging Gregory to his feet.

"What why?!" Draco pouted.

"Because you knew exactly what was going to happen and set him up to do it," Harry said without turning around.

"Know it all," Draco grumbled good naturedly stomping to the middle of the floor and faced Tiberius.

"Ok, as I did, less flourish, concentrate your power, focus your concentration. Deep breath before you perform the spell. There is no rush, no hurry, take your time, focus," Harry said softly resting his hands on Tiberius's shoulder, when the teen nodded, his face drawn with concentration Harry let go and stood back. Tiberius shot his spell at Draco managing to knock him back a little but not by much.

"That was better already," Harry patted Tiberius on the shoulder as a smirking Gregory woke Draco up.

"It was terrible," Tiberius sighed.

"You need to stop thinking about how good you want and need the spell to be, and just concentrate on the spell," Harry said softly. Tiberius looked at him before nodding. "Close your eyes. A deep breath. Think of nothing but performing the spell." Tiberius sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes, concentration heavy on his features.

"Alright, enough for now, good job," Harry called a stop as Leandre dropped backwards, Tiberius managing to knock him back a few feet.

"I can go for longer," Tiberius argued.

"No, you need to stop now, we'll carry on next week. Pushing yourself too hard for too long is not going to help you. You made good progress today," Harry shook his head.

"Alright, thank you," Tiberius smiled at Harry before hurrying over to his dad.

"That was brilliant to watch, you have a real way with teaching," Gregory wrapped his arms around Harry's waist from behind and kissed his cheek.

"He's got really good potential," Harry shook his head.

"And a great teacher, who also happens to be very sexy," Gregory muttered into Harry's ear making him blush. Harry raised green eyes to Gregory.

"Sexy huh?" He smiled a little.

"Incredibly," Gregory kissed along his cheek to his lips, slowly pressing their lips together as one of his hands cupped Harry's jaw.

"Seriously? You two are going to scar me for life!" Draco grumbled stomping passed them, his hair sticking up in all directions and likely a bruise forming on his bum and back.

"I can afford to pay for your counselling bill," Harry grinned at him making Gregory and Leandre start to laugh, Tiberius grinned smothering his own laughter behind his hand.

"Oh no, you are not engaging Harry in a banter, I am stealing him away to spend at least a little time with my partner before he has to go home," Gregory shook his head when Draco opened his mouth, grabbing Harry's arm and started tugging him towards the door. Laughing at Gregory's enthusiasm Harry trailed after him waving over his shoulder to the others.

Gregory led Harry to the staircase and slipped his hand down Harry's arm to his hand. Leaning over his pressed his lips to Harry's before leading him up the stairs. Again Harry stared in wonder at the hallways and corridors of Malfoy Manor, the rooms that they passed by that had the doors open. Each room was beautifully decorated, so many times when he had pictures Malfoy Manor when Draco had spoken about it or when he thought about where Draco lived and he had imagined a cold, empty, dark place. Malfoy Manor was far from that, warm, decadent colours were on the walls in some places, rich bold colours in others, gentle calm pastels were on some walls. The huge paned windows let in lots of sunlight brightening the place up even more.

"This was my favourite room when I was a teenager," Gregory told Harry leading him into a large cream and brown room, a thick white carpet was on the floor. Three of the walls were covered floor to ceiling in bookshelves absolutely filled with books, the other wall had shelves filled with various divination items, crystal balls, tarot cards etc. In front of a huge set of french windows that led onto a beautiful balcony that overlooked the gardens. A two seater white sofa sat slightly to the right of the French windows and it was to this that Gregory's led him.

"Its beautiful," Harry breathed looking around the room and realising that the wood around the French windows were carved to look like two cherry blossom trees.

"Its the only good thing that I can look back on that my father did for me. I loved reading, and he encouraged my divination. He made this room for me, I spent most of my childhood here," Gregory explained sitting down on the sofa and drawing Harry down as well. Harry sat down and curled against his chest, resting his head on Gregory's shoulder.

"Its really lovely, I could spend hours here," Harry sighed looking around the bright room.

"Could you spend time here at the Manor?" Gregory asked softly. Harry blinked and lifted his head to rest it on his chin onto Gregory's shoulder to look at him curiously, trying to read what he was meaning on his face. But Gregory's protective mask was up and Harry wasn't getting a read from him.

Frowning at this he reached up and pressed his hand to Gregory's cheek, rubbing his thumb gently over his cheekbone, his green eyes searching over Gregory's face until it relaxed a little and allowed through the nerves he was feeling through.

"What do you mean spend more time at the manor?" Harry asked keeping up the soothing motion of his thumb.

"I...I liked the other night and morning, getting to sleep beside you, getting to wake up with you. That was...it was good and I thought, maybe, we could do it a little more often. Here and at Andromeda's?" Gregory bit his lip when he was finished, his grey eyes looking at Harry anxiously.

"I'd like that," Harry smiled lifting himself up to press their lips together gentle, sliding his hand from Gregory's cheek to his neck as Gregory pressed their lips together more firmly, wrapping his arm around his waist and holding him against his body as the kiss deepened when Harry opened his mouth to allow Gregory to slide his tongue against his own.

"Harry?" Harry and Gregory looked up from where they were lying on the sofa, Gregory had his favourite book, the Kalevala, open and was reading out loud for the both of them. Lucius was standing in the doorway looking uncertain but firm at the same time.

"Everything ok Lucius?" Gregory asked.

"I want to talk to Harry, privately, if that's ok?" Lucius asked looking between them.


"Yes that's fine," Harry interrupted Gregory, standing up and bending to kiss Gregory softly before he made his way to the doorway and to Lucius. He could feel his nerves bubbling in his stomach, he had no idea why Lucius would want to speak to him privately, especially right now, but he covered them as best he could and met Lucius's when he reached him.

Lucius nodded his head to him and then to Gregory over his shoulder before he turned and led Harry a little down the hallway to the room next to Gregory's room. Harry stepped into the sitting room, this one holding a lot of reds and silver, following Lucius to the black and silver leather sofa sitting in front of the fireplace, sitting down he took a breath before looking at Lucius expectantly.

"I wanted to talk to you," Lucius started before frowning and looking down at his hands he brushed a piece of lint from his robes.

"Ok," Harry said slowly.

"I wanted to say something about you and Gregory," Lucius said quietly.

"Lucius I understand that you'll be worried about us but..."

"I'm not worried," Lucius shook his head.

"Oh...erm..." Harry stammered not sure where this was going now, he had been sure that Lucius was going to warn him not to hurt Gregory, or that this was something about Lucius being concerned that he was going to hurt Gregory.

"While I may have been acting to protect my family as best I could, you were in effect my enemy for a while, you were also the only chance of survival along with Dumbledore that I could really see for us. So I watched and listened and learnt about you. And I know that you wouldn't use someones emotions against them, especially not far enough to accept a courting offer from Gregory. Any doubts that I may have had were wiped when I saw the way that you look at him, you wear your heart on your sleeve Harry, and your heart is definitely invested in this," Lucius smiled.

"I don't understand what you wanted to talk to me about then," Harry frowned a little, though the blush covering his cheeks made Lucius smile a little wider.

"I wanted to say thank you to you. For giving him a chance, for seeing passed everything that has gone on between us. You had every reason not to trust Gregory and not to look at him twice, especially right now when I am pretty sure you could have anyone that you wanted. Choosing Gregory will not be the easy choice and it will not be met with a lot of agreement from the public. I...what I am trying to say is, I am thankful that you did not allow our past together, no matter how understanding you have been about the reason behind the choices I have made, to influence how you looked at Gregory," Lucius said, uncharacteristically shaky in his speech.

"I...I'll be honest, the first day I came here for Snape, there was something about Gregory. When we met for the second and third time what ever pull we had between us get even stronger for me. When he sent me the flowers and necklace, I will admit that for a moment I did consider how the public would take us being together, how my friends would, but my closest friends told me that they would be happy for me as long as Gregory made me happy and that he was what I wanted. I...I haven't made a lot of choices for myself, I haven't thought about what I want a lot in my life. In this I am willing to be selfish. Gregory is who I want full stop, and as long as I am what he wants no one is stopping us from being together," Harry looked up once he had finished to meet Lucius's eyes, the sparkle in them complimenting his smile and suddenly making Harry see how alike he and Gregory actually were.

"He has made a very good choice," acting on impulse Lucius leant forwards and briefly hugged Harry who floundered for a second before patting Lucius a little awkwardly on the back. "We have not seen him this happy in a very long time. Thank you,"

"You have nothing to thank me for. He makes me happier and feel more wanted than I have ever known," Harry admitted awkwardly.

"Come I had better return you to him before he attempts to eavesdrop through the doorway," Lucius chuckled making Harry laugh as well, if a little shocked at the sign of a sense of humour coming from Lucius.

"You are really not going to tell me what Lucius said?" Gregory complained as Harry tugged off his shirt wriggled into a pair of his pyjamas.

"Nope," Harry grinned making his way to the side of the simply massive bed.

"Not even a hint?" Gregory pleaded, watching Harry crawl up onto the bed and over to his side.

"It was nothing bad, threatening or the like," Harry offered sliding underneath the thin silk sheet they had decided was all they needed for the night and leaning over Gregory's half reclined form to kiss his shoulder.

"Fine I give in!" Gregory huffed dropping flat onto his back.

"It only took you what? eight hours?" Harry laughed.

"I'm persistent," Gregory snorted before letting out a whoosh of air when Harry dropped on top of him.

"Its a very attractive trait on you, if not a little annoying," Harry smirked before bursting out laughing when Gregory's fingers dug into his side and started tickling.

Ten minutes later Harry cried uncle having spectacularly lost the tickle fight considering the only ticklish place he had managed to find on Gregory was his feet and had found that he himself was apparently riddled with ticklish spots. He was lying on his front with Gregory straddling his thighs, the hands that had been tickling him with all the persistence Gregory had claimed were now stroking up and down his sides soothingly. Gregory leant forwards and brushed a kiss over the back of Harry's neck making him sigh contently and rest his head to the side to allow Gregory more access.

He tensed up sharply however when Gregory's lips moved down to where he knew the first of his scars started on his back. He jerked to sit up but Gregory shushed him, his hands never stopping their soothing stroking motion. He relaxed reluctantly into the mattress underneath him, the feeling of Gregory's lips tracing the path of every scar on his back feeling relaxing and giving him the feeling of being worshipped and loved exactly how he was. But he could practically feel the question hovering on the tip of Gregory's tongue, the question he knew was coming.


"Don't, please don't," Harry closed his eyes, clenching his hands into fists.

"Harry, there are two many scars and some are too old for the things that happened to you at Hogwarts," Gregory carried on.

"Gregory, please," Harry pleaded. Gregory turned Harry over and brushed his fringe out of his eyes making him open them, the pain in the green clear and made Gregory's heart clench.

"Harry, trust me,"

"I do," Harry groaned painfully, lifting his hands to cover his face.

"I am not going to think any different of you Harry. But I have to know, Harry, this looks like abuse," The silence after his words confirmed everything for him, and he lifted his hands to ease Harry's away from his face. The shamed blush on Harry's cheeks making fury and sorrow wash through him like a wave. "Who?"

"My uncle. My aunt sometimes. My cousin didn't leave scars but he broke my arm once," Harry said shortly turning his eyes to the side as tears welled up.

"Look at me Harry," Gregory said softly stroking Harry's face gently. Harry finally balled up his courage enough to meet Gregory's eyes terrified that he was going to see disgust in his partners face. "You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of Harry, those...those animals hurt you, that is nothing to do with you, you were a child. It changes nothing between us Harry, except for me to know that you are so much stronger, and brave and...more than I thought,"

"I'm the saviour of the wizarding world, and I allowed my muggle family to abuse me," Harry snorted, a tear rolling down his cheek as he looked away from Gregory again. The older man firmly tilted his face back towards him.

"You were a child in the care of people that were supposed to love and care for you, you didn't let them do anything to you. Harry, you have nothing at all to be ashamed about. I can understand that family are completely different to fighting against the outside world," Gregory shook his head.

"My own family couldn't love me," Harry whispered the fear that had always echoed around his head since he was old enough to understand what was going on wasn't normal.

"Yes they do," Gregory said gently. Shocked Harry lifted his eyes once again to Gregory's face. "Remus, Tonks, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Andromeda, they all love you so much, Grandfather loves you already after a few months, and I am pretty sure that I am well down the road towards being head over heels, will follow you to the end of the earth, to the stars and back if you so much as asked. They were wrong, and disgusting, and clearly idiots if they couldn't love you, because it is not a difficult thing to do,"

"I..." Harry choked trying to cover his face again as tears spilt from his eyes. Gregory gripped his wrists to stop him from covering his face and instead leant down to brush his lips over the corners of his eyes, following the tear tracks down his cheeks. Harry pulled his hands away from Gregory's and hesitated a second before he wrapped his arms around Gregory as he buried his face into the blonde's shoulder and started sobbing into it.

"Shush its ok, its ok, its ok, its going to be fine," Gregory gently rocked them as he settled them onto their sides and held Harry close to his body.

"Thank you," Harry breathed out seconds before he finally fell asleep against Gregory's chest, his eyes feeling puffy and raw, but feeling lighter than he had in a long long time.

"I'm always going to be here Harry, always," Gregory's sighed, shifting them into a more comfortable position and making sure they were covered before resting his cheek against Harry's hair and holding him tightly as he fell asleep and through his sleep, protecting Harry as best he could from the memories that they had stirred up that night. His own dreams full of the images of the man he was falling in love with being hurt by those things that should have loved Harry, and the images of exactly what he would like to do to them.