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Last Time

"My own family couldn't love me," Harry whispered the fear that had always echoed around his head since he was old enough to understand what was going on wasn't normal.

"Yes they do," Gregory said gently. Shocked Harry lifted his eyes once again to Gregory's face. "Remus, Tonks, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Andromeda, they all love you so much, Grandfather loves you already after a few months, and I am pretty sure that I am well down the road towards being head over heels, will follow you to the end of the earth, to the stars and back if you so much as asked. They were wrong, and disgusting, and clearly idiots if they couldn't love you, because it is not a difficult thing to do,"

"I..." Harry choked trying to cover his face again as tears spilt from his eyes. Gregory gripped his wrists to stop him from covering his face and instead leant down to brush his lips over the corners of his eyes, following the tear tracks down his cheeks. Harry pulled his hands away from Gregory's and hesitated a second before he wrapped his arms around Gregory as he buried his face into the blonde's shoulder and started sobbing into it.

"Shush it's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's going to be fine," Gregory gently rocked them as he settled them onto their sides and held Harry close to his body.

"Thank you," Harry breathed out seconds before he finally fell asleep against Gregory's chest, his eyes feeling puffy and raw, but feeling lighter than he had in a long long time.

"I'm always going to be here Harry, always," Gregory's sighed, shifting them into a more comfortable position and making sure they were covered before resting his cheek against Harry's hair and holding him tightly as he fell asleep and through his sleep, protecting Harry as best he could from the memories that they had stirred up that night. His own dreams full of the images of the man he was falling in love with being hurt by those things that should have loved Harry, and the images of exactly what he would like to do to them.

Chapter Twelve

"Harry?" Harry turned blinking slightly confused as he was pulled from his thoughts to see Draco standing in the doorway in his pyjamas.

"Hey," Harry smiled slightly.

"Sorry I was…couldn't sleep I got up to have a walk and get something to drink and saw the fireplace lit, I didn't mean to intrude," Draco rambled a little making Harry look at him closer. He had small bags under his eyes and was looking quite rumpled and shaken.

"You're not intruding. I couldn't sleep myself and I didn't want to wake Gregory," Harry shook his head.

"Do…," Draco started to say before biting his lip and looking unsurely around the room.

"You can ask whatever it is you want to know, come and sit down, it's getting colder," Harry offered patting the sofa he was on.

"I don't come in here a lot, Uncle Gregory wouldn't mind, but it is so much his room it always feels like intruding a little," Draco admitted as he quickly crossed the space to the sofa Harry was on and settled down, tucking his feet underneath himself.

"It makes me feel safe," Harry admitted.

"The room does or he does?" Draco asked gently.

"Both," Harry softly.

"Do you think when…if Gregory and you bond, would you…" Draco started to ask but trailed off looking unsure.

"Would I?" Harry prompted.

"We are all curious as to whether you would feel comfortable living here?" Draco asked.

"Honestly? After everything that happened last year I thought that I would never feel comfortable in this place, I came or Severus that first time, the second time for Gregory, but each time I dreaded it. But over the last two months, sleeping here and spending more time, the good memories and getting to know your family properly, the manor is actually already starting to feel a little like home," Harry admitted.

"You're god for each other you know," Draco smiled.

"Hmm?" Harry blinked at Draco confused.

"I'm the only one that has really known the both of you separate and apart, we may not have been friends but I'm sure you'll agree our rivalry allowed a certain amount of insight into each other. You would come alive when you were with Gra…Hermione and Ron, and later Neville and Luna, when you were playing Quidditch, after our adventures, but you just get this look on your face when you are with Uncle Gregory, there is something in your eyes…" Draco trailed off with a fond smile as he rested his chin on his hand. "And Uncle Gregory, Father used to tell me about what he was like, how confident he was, but I didn't realise how different he was until you got together. He smiles more, his confidence isn't half feigned anymore, he lights u whenever you are together. Though he is a bit creepy that he never takes his eyes off you hardly when you are in a room together. You both seem to know when the other enters the room…I wish that I had something like that," Draco sighed.

"We're still young, you have plenty of time to find someone, I guess I just got really lucky," Harry couldn't help his smile even as he poked Draco in the leg with his foot. Laughing Draco batted is foot away. "Is there someone you have in mind?" Harry asked curiously.

"Maybe," Draco hedged.

"Someone I know?" Harry smiled.

"Perhaps…you won't tell anyone?" Draco asked nervously.

"I promise, it will stay between us," Harry said sobering up seeing how nervous Draco was.

"Marcus Flint," Draco blurted out.

"Really?" Harry blinked feeling more than a little shocked.

"He's changed since school, worked on his appearance and well...he was always kind to me and looked after me, not because he cared about my family money or name but because he wanted to make sure I was ok, because he saw through my mask and saw the scared little boy underneath," Draco blushed not meeting Harry's eyes.

"Have you made a move?" Harry asked.

"No," Draco sighed. "I seem to lose all my courage when I see him,"

"Well then, if you are serious as you say you are send him a courting bouquet," Harry suggested.

"What! I can't that would be…"

"He's probably worried that you wouldn't be interested so he hasn't made a move first. You say you can't tell him when you are with him, so send him the bouquet, let him know you are interested. Hermione said that more submissive partners are doing it,"

"I…will think about it, if I decide to…will you…" Draco drew off biting his lip.

"Any help you need just let me know," Harry nudged their shoulders together before standing. "I had better get back to bed, I need to try and get some sleep,"

"Sleep well Harry…and thanks," Draco smiled.

"Gregory won't mind you staying here as long as you need to Draco," Harry assured him, pausing unsurely before bending to hug the blonde. "Night," He smiled before walking out the door leaving a grinning Draco seated on the sofa.

Harry slipped quietly through the hallways before sliding into the now very familiar bedroom. He loved Gregory's bedroom, the soft colours and decadent yet simple furniture, the wide open, airy space after eleven years of sleeping a practically living in a cupboard. He smiled as he stepped up to his side of the bed a looked at Gregory snuggled down underneath the covers. He slipped as quietly as he could underneath the covers and wriggled closer to Gregory before settling down and tugging the covers over his shoulders as he rolled so his back was practically against Gregory's chest.

He smiled softly when he felt a kiss pressed the back of his neck as strong arms wrapped around his waist, a warm body pressed against his back. He closed his eyes and breathed in a warm scent of the night mixed with the warm, spicy scent of Gregory that he was fairly sure he could pick up anywhere at any time now. And as it always did it managed to relax the remaining tension from his shoulders and back as he sunk into the warmth and comfort being offered to him without a word.

"Did I wake you?" He asked concerned.

"I missed you beside me, I woke when I realised you weren't in bed," Gregory assured him, nuzzling gently into Harry's shoulder. "It is completely unfair, in two short months of sleeping next to each other a couple of times a week you have ruined me for sleeping alone,"

"I apologise completely and sincerely for that," Harry laughed.

"Somehow I completely and sincerely doubt your sincerity," Gregory snorted nipping Harry's shoulder to get some more laughter from him. "Was it another nightmare?" he asked concerned snuggling even closer to him.

"Yes," Harry sighed, long having given up trying to hide his nightmares from Gregory after sleeping together had become a habit.

"I wish that I could take them from you,"

"I wouldn't want you to suffer them," Harry shook his head turning slightly so that he could see Gregory's face while still remaining in his arms.

"You have already had to live once through most of them, you should not have to relive them," Gregory frowned leaning forwards to brush his lips over Harry's cheek. Harry rolled over in response to the touch and buried himself into Gregory's chest.

"This makes it better," He admitted. Gregory's arms tightened around him before one hand came up to comb through Harry's hair.

"I wish I could make it all better,"

"You are, gradually you are," Gregory's arm tightened even more and he tugged Harry's hair enough to get him to lift his head so that he could press their lips together in a promise, he smiled softly and pressed back, curling in closer around the strong warmth that offered him a pathway from his past to a future he had never imagined.

"Gregory! Gregory you have a delivery!" Marcus called, hobbling through the corridors at an amazing speed for his age.

"Grandfather! Slow down! You'll hurt yourself!" Lucius said concerned as Marcus hurried into the room.

"Here, they're from Harry," Marcus held the bundle in his arms out to Gregory who blinked confused between his Grandfather and the bundle.

"Harry was here?" Gregory asked.

"Yes," Marcus nodded.

"Why didn't he stay?" Gregory frowned.

"He asked me to pass this to you and tell you that he had some things to sort out before tonight but he would see you then," Marcus assured him before pressing the bundle into Gregory's arms. "Now open that I'm curious as to what all this is about! He said the letter first," Marcus motioned towards the letter stuck to the wrappings as he took his seat, everyone else shuffled forwards in their seats to see, even Mikhail who had to split his attention between Gregory and his month old baby daughter Selene.

Dear Gregory,

Ok I'm not very good at things like this, and Hermione has told me just to say what I think so that's what I will do. It's been six months to the day since you sent me my courting bouquet, and I wanted to do something special for it, including organising my first date or us. So I hope you like your present and that you will join me tonight at the coordinates below. See you tonight.



Gregory smiled thinking back to how nervous he had been six months ago sending his bouquet and wondering whether Harry would be receptive to his advances or not. Setting the letter down on his empty plate so that he could get the coordinates later before he carefully pulled away the bindings on the bundle. He smiled warmly when a bouquet was revealed.

"Oh Gregory they perfect!" Carina gasped.

"Flowering almond for I continue to hope, Red Camellia for you're a flame in my heart, Red Catchfly for youthful love, Red daisies for beauty unknown to the possessor, Daffodils for happiness and Althea for consumed by love, that is some bouquet," Marc patted his cousin on the back as Gregory stared down at the flowers.

"Love…he loves me," Gregory grinned.

"Of course he does!" The entire table responded rolling their eyes.

"There is something else," Narcissa pointed to the wrappings. Gregory eagerly reached forwards and tugged the wrappings further back to reveal something that made them all gasp.

"Yes he definitely loves you my boy," Marcus smiled at his grandson as Gregory ran a reverent finger over the present.

"They must have cost a fortune!" Draco gawped. The tarot deck was exquisite, finally made and soaked in magic that Gregory could feel came from Harry himself even though he could feel that the pack had never been touched before.

"Grandfather can I speak to you in private please?" Gregory asked making his mind up as he picked up the cards and held it close. He ignored the knowing grins from the rest of his family and followed his Grandfather when Marcus just smiled and stood.

"Wow…" Gregory breathed out looking around the area he had been led to.

"You set up something special for us on all of our dates, I wanted to do the same," Harry said from the side, Gregory turned to see his partner leaning against the wall beside where he had apparated into.

"Where are we? Gregory asked looking back at the area awed.

"One of the Black houses, I thought that it would be perfect for tonight. The house is a wreck, the garden however was just what I wanted," Harry pushed off from the wall and stepped closer to Gregory, pulling a flower from behind his back and quickly pinning it to Gregory's lapel. Gregory appreciated the shy blush on Harry's cheeks before he looked down to see a bridal rose there. "It's getting ahead I know, but it is the meaning was perfect," Harry flushed.

"Happy love, do you mean it?" Gregory asked softly capturing Harry hands.

"Yes…I was too nervous to say it face to face first," Harry apologised softly, wiggling a hand free to run his fingers over Gregory's cheek.

"I love you too Harry Potter able to stop himself From tugging Harry not being able to stop himself from tugging Harry against him, the younger man meeting him in the kiss.

"Come on," Harry smiled brightly gripping Gregory's hand and dancing out of his reach, tugging him along the pathway, through a slightly over grown trellis that had glittering fairies fluttering through them. Tiny giggling coming from them making Harry roll his eyes amused and wave a hand at them.

Gregory gasped once again when he saw exactly what Harry had prepared for them. There was a gazebos set up with roses twined around the walls giving off a sweet smelling scent into the air, bobbing around the ceiling were a multitude of small balls of multi-coloured lights bobbing around merrily and providing the only light except for the candles on the small round table in the centre of the gazebos. The table was set up with a white table cloth and two settings for them, their starter already sitting on their plates.

"Master Malfoy," Harry smiled pulling out the chair for Gregory. Sitting down Gregory looked at the plate.

"Is this…"

"Toast and duck pâté," Harry nodded sitting down opposite him.

"My favourite," Gregory smiled.

"I know," Harry smiled teasingly back, nudging him gently under the table with his foot. "Wine?"

"Please, this is absolutely perfect Harry!" Gregory sighed looking around them. The place despite being the massive grounds of a manor felt wholly intimate for them, their own little world. Harry smiled shyly at him tucking his hair behind his ear in a uncertain move.

"You have planned so many amazing dates, I wanted to do something special for you, for this anniversary," Harry admitted.

"Just the fact that we are here, together half a year later, would make this perfect. This just makes it a hundred times more so," Gregory chuckled.

"Half a year," Harry laughed "I can't believe it really,"

"In a good way, or a bad way?" Gregory asked, fairly sure he knew the answer but with a small flash of doubt.

"Most definitely a very good way," Harry reached across to squeeze Gregory's hand. "Half a year ago I didn't think I would be sitting opposite a man that I love so much, with a future together that I am looking forwards to. I can never thank you enough for giving me this," Harry said softly.

"You have no idea how much you have given me Harry, the thought that I would be sitting opposite a man that I love so much, and that loves me despite everything, I had given up hope of ever getting this,"

"I guess we're both happy with where we have ended up then," Harry said lightening the atmosphere. It worked and they both settled back with smiles on their faces as they started to eat.

"This is delicious Harry," Gregory hummed with pleasure, taking another huge bite almost straight afterwards.

"Do you like it?" Harry asked with a tone of vulnerability that made Gregory pause mid bite and blink at his partner.

"You made this?!" He choked, all sense of Malfoy decorum and ingrained manners of not speaking with your mouth full flew out his mind as he realised why Harry was looking so nervously at him.

"I wanted to do something special," Harry shrugged.

"Have you made the whole meal?!"

"Yes," Harry smiled bashfully at Gregory who was sitting staring awed at him.

"No one has ever home cooked me a meal before," Gregory admitted.

"Then it's a good thing I have done all your favourites. And that I have something to blackmail you with in the future," Harry snickered before all out laughing when a piece of toast hit him in the chest.

They had finished their shepherd's pie with cheesy mash - Harry had been slightly stunned and relieved when Marcus had told him that that was Gregory's favourite meal, he had been preparing himself to make some fancy meal that he had likely never heard of - and it had only endeared him even more to his partner. And they had moved onto their puddings, chocolate fudge cake, Harry had moved around the table so that they were practically side by side, shoulders pressed together. Harry had his legs over Gregory's thighs as they sat eating from the same plate.

"This has been absolutely amazing," Gregory sighed pressing a sweet tasting kiss to Harry's lips.

"Not finished yet," Harry shook his head, sliding to his feet and holding his hand out. Wondering what else there was Gregory locked their fingers together and followed Harry. He watched confused as the table slid to the side leaving the space in the centre of the gazebo. "Will you dance with me?" Harry asked as a soft music welled up from all around them.

"I would love to," Gregory nodded moving with Harry to the centre before sliding his arm around Harry's waist to hold him close before they started swaying gently together, moving simultaneously. Harry wasn't sure how long they danced for, they were neither of them willing for the night to end or to let go of each other.

The music carried on, some songs Gregory was familiar with, others that he thought had to be muggle, but Harry had picked ones that he knew Gregory would enjoy and he had not failed. Finally Gregory felt the words burning in on his tongue, the magic of the night urging him on so that the peace of their moment together wore to a point he had to stop. Harry lifted his head from Gregory's shoulder where it had been resting for the last half an hour at least. Smiling reassuringly Gregory took and small step back before sucking in a deep breath and then dropped to one knee.

"There are so many pretty words and promises that I could make in this moment, but I would like to think that you would already know them and know my feelings towards you. So I will keep it simple. We have spent this last six months together and I would be the happiest man alive to get to spend the rest of my life with you. So Harry Potter would you do me the great honour in marrying me?" Gregory breathed out, nerves biting at him as Harry stared down wide eyed at the simple but beautiful ring that he had pulled from his pocket.

Harry let out a completely indescribable noise before he tackled Gregory onto the floor slamming their lips together before tugging away before Gregory could even begin kissing him back to scatter kisses over his face.

"Is that a yes?" Gregory asked weakly.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" Harry chanted between kisses. Laughing just a little hysterically Gregory wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and flipped them over pressing their lips more firmly together before giving Harry a taste of his own medicine and pulled away too quickly. However Harry felt the complaint dying on his tongue when Gregory gently gripped his wrist and slipped the ring that he had luckily managed to keep hold of through Harry's tackle onto Harry's ring finger. Both of them sucked in a deep breath as the magic swelled around them from the ring sealing their promise together.

At Malfoy manor the whole family paused and looked at each other before grinning and cheering, the family magic swirling around them acknowledged the extension of their family. Andromeda, Remus and Tonks sat up straighter even as Teddy let out a delighted giggle, the three of them grinning before they realised exactly what they had felt even as the family magic carried on dancing and twirling over their skin.

Back in the gazebo Harry and Gregory were completely unaware of their families rushing towards their fireplaces to floo each other and basically have a good gossip. They were completely wrapped up in each other, Harry was wrapped tightly around Gregory, their lips sealed tightly in a kiss as they held each other close, the ring on Harry's finger glittering in the lights still hovering overhead.