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Chapter thirteen

"I'm scarred you know! Seriously, traumatized! I think I lost about twenty years off of my life," Harry groaned as he dropped onto the bed. He umphed when Hermione flopped right on top of him, Ron wriggling onto the other side and making himself comfy.

"You're getting bonded!" Hermione grinned hugging him tightly.

"I am well aware of that thank you, I was there at the proposal," Harry sniffed but he couldn't help the grin on his face as he hugged Hermione back, conveniently getting a glance of his ring.

"Yeah yeah its gorgeous," Ron laughed rolling his eyes as he rolled over to throw his arm over Hermione and Harry.

"I'm so happy for you," Hermione sighed resting her head on Harry's shoulder.

"I'm pretty happy myself right now," Harry admitted with a breathless laugh. "But it hasn't really sunk in. I can't really believe it actually happened,"

"It will feel like that for a while," Hermione smiled at Ron throwing her arm over him.

"Two weddings," Ron smiled. "Are you planning on having yours soon?" He asked curiously.

"I don't know really, I think we both want to be married sooner rather than later, I know you guys are happy waiting for a year or two but we're pretty agreed on not wanting to wait," Harry sighed.

"Everyone goes at their own speed, you know what's right for you. Besides it gives me a chance to dry run with your wedding before my own," Hermione snickered.

"Our own," Ron corrected amused.

"Of course dear,"

"How did Remus, Tonks and Andromeda take it?" Ron asked.

"I told you, I'm traumatized!" Harry huffed.

"That bad?" Hermione laughed.

"I was drilled for every second of the proposal, they pounced on me as soon as I walked through the door, it was scarring!" He groaned.

"They're happy for you," Hermione smiled.

"Yeah, and the Malfoy's are as well, I think Marcus nearly broke some ribs, not to mention how excited Tiberius was when I went for his lesson yesterday," Harry smiled softly.

"And you're moving into the manor?" Ron asked.

"Gregory asked, I like it at the manor, but we are going to get our own place as well, split our time between them," Harry nodded.

"Sounds like a good idea, though I'm fairly sure you could go days without seeing someone else in that place unless you tried to," Hermione smiled.

"Will you be ok visiting there, maybe staying over occasionally?" Harry asked nervously.

"You managed to get over it, and I imagine it feels very different now it's not housing the personification of madness and evil," Hermione shook her head.

"Its…starting to feel like a home," Harry nodded. "As much as here,"

"Should I be worried?" Gregory's amused voice came from the doorway, making them all look from the pile they had been in.

"Yes, we're planning on having a threesome, would you like to make it four?" Harry grinned.

"Harry!" Hermione spluttered blushing while Gregory started laughing.

"No offence to Hermione and Ron but absolutely not. I do not share," Gregory growled playfully reaching into the pile and dragging Harry out, Ron and Hermione laughing as they watched Gregory throw Harry over his shoulder.

"Brute!" Harry yelped through his own laughter.

"I have come to kidnap you," Gregory told him.

"You have have you? For what?" Harry asked curiously while admiring the view that he had while hanging over Gregory's back.

"It's a surprise. Please pardon my kidnapping, I shall return him soon," Gregory bowed his head to Hermione and Ron where they were still comfortably sprawled on the bed.

"It's ok, we're needing to head over to the Ministry to register our new address," Ron shook his head.

"We have a meeting in half an hour," Hermione added.

"Harry told me about you r house, congratulations," Gregory smiled at the two of them.

"Thank you, it's a little in need of work but it is perfect," Hermione beamed happily.

"Enjoy your surprise, and congratulations yourself," Ron clapped Gregory on the back.

"We're happy, for you both," Hermione nodded kissing Gregory's cheek. He blinked before smiling at them both.

"Am I allowed to say bye before you kidnap me?" Harry laughed.

"Sure," Gregory nodded turning so Harry was facing them. Hermione kissed his cheek with a smile and Ron managed to give him a weird hug. "Right, come on then,"

"You're nervous," Harry blinked twisting a little to see Gregory's face as they moved outside and towards the apparating wards.

"A little," Gregory admitted setting Harry down on his feet. He swayed for a second before cupping Gregory's face.

"What's this surprise?" He asked curiously.

"It's a traditional Malfoy present to a future bonded moving into the manor," Gregory told him.

"What sort of present?" Harry asked curiously.

"Come with me to see?" Gregory asked holding out his hand.

"Of course," Harry smiled stepping passed the hand and wrapping his arms around Gregory's waist. The older man wrapped his arms around Harry, burying his nose into Harry's hair and breathing in his scent before he apparated them out and into the entrance hall of the manor. It was suspiciously empty as they made their way directly up the stairs, normally one or a few people would pop up randomly to see who had apparated in. And to his worry Gregory's nerves only seemed to get worse. "You know with how nervous you're getting my mind is flashing to all those rumours about Malfoy ritual sacrifice and such," Harry joked.

"Sorry I just…I really want you to like this," Gregory admitted. Harry jogged a little to fall level with him, wrapping his arms around Gregory's waist.

"I'm sure I will," Harry assured him. "It's in your bedroom?" Harry asked confused when they came to a stop outside the now very familiar room.

"Yes…close your eyes?" Gregory asked softly, licking his lips nervously.

"I'll love whatever it is," Harry leant up on his toes to kiss Gregory, slowly and teasingly while running his fingers through the blonde hair he loved to touch. When he pulled away Gregory was looking a lot more relaxed and had a soft smile on his lips.

"Thank you," Gregory sighed leaning down to kiss Harry softly, licking into his mouth and deepening it more than the previous kiss before pulling away leaving Harry to lean after him with a whine chasing his lips. Smiling at the glower he got Gregory took Harry's hands. "Close your eyes,"

Trying to push down his own nerves now - and dear Merlin please let him like whatever this was - Harry allowed Gregory to tug him into his bedroom. Once he was standing in what he reckoned to be the middle of the room they stopped and he listened to Gregory take a deep breath before he was encouraged to open his eyes.

What he saw took his breath away. Gregory's room had changed. There was now three doors leading off from the bedroom instead of the one door that had led to the bathroom. The colour was a soft pastel green with grey carpets, sheer silver curtains hung covering the windows - which were now French windows leading to a small balcony, silver hangings surrounded the bed - the same one as before Harry was happy to see - and white, grey and black covers were on the bed.

"What…" Harry blinked looking at Gregory.

"Come look at the rest?" Gregory took his hand again and led him through the first door, this one led through to a living room a crimson red carpet on the floor, a black three seater and two seater sofa in front of a fireplace with a gorgeous coffee table in the centre. There were bookshelves lining the walls, which were done in a deep grey and red colour. And then Gregory led him through into the last room making Harry gasp at this room, it was a massive kitchen, a range cooker stood in the centre of a U shape of the counter which were a white marble, a huge window looked out over the orchid that Harry loved, a dining table stood passed the counters. Harry moved forwards running his hands reverentially over the counters in what was his dream kitchen. Looking along all the utensils and equipment Harry could see that he had everything that he could ever possibly want in the room.

"This is…"

"Yes?" Gregory asked nervously.

"This is my present? All of this?" Harry spun around to stare at him wide eyed.

"Yes, its traditional when someone is joining the family and moving into the manor to change or make rooms for them and for the new couple to make them feel more at home," Gregory nodded.

"This is…"

"Yes?!" Gregory gritted out, nervous clearly getting to him now.

"Too much, Gregory this is completely amazing but it's too much," Harry shook his head even as his eyes drifted over the kitchen again.

"It's for both of us technically so you can't grumble too much. for example I know you enjoy cooking and that you would want a kitchen of your own, while I get to benefit from having you cook for me," Gregory smiled walking over to him. "Do you like them?"

"I love them. Its…us," Harry smiled into Gregory's shoulder.

"I know that we said we would buy somewhere, a home away from here, but while we are here we need somewhere separate from the others as well if we want it, this is for us here," Gregory explained.

"You know we still sleep separately half the nights," Harry said.

"We do," Gregory frowned looking confused.

"We should probably practise living together before I move in here," Harry offered.

"You want to…"

"I'm not ready to move out of Andromeda's just yet, soon but not right now. But to be honest the nights that we aren't together I hate, like you said you have ruined me for sleeping alone," Harry pressed his lips to Gregory's as he smiled happily.

"That sounds amazing," Gregory hummed. "I feel lonely without you in my arms,"

"There is a muggle tradition you know," Harry said pulling away from their kiss to look at Gregory with twinkling eyes.

"A tradition?" Gregory asked pouting slightly even as he tried to lean in to kiss Harry again, growling when Harry leant back.

"Yup, when they move into a new place together or get a new place together," Harry nodded.

"Alright, what's this tradition?" Gregory asked with a sigh seeing that he wasn't going to be able to carry on the kiss.

"It's called christening the place. You…celebrate the new place by enjoying each other's company in the place,"

"Enjoying each other's company? You mean…" Gregory looked down at Harry with eyes that darkened like a storm. Harry barely finished nodding when he found himself slammed against the counter and his mouth with devoured in a searing. Groaning loudly he wrapped his arms around Gregory's neck when the older man wrapped his hands around Harry's thighs and lifted to set him on the edge of the counter.

Stripping their clothes off was done quickly and while with not much finesse they were both more than content when their bare skin pressed against each other. Gregory kissed down Harry's neck, pausing to suck a love bite onto the tender skin of Harry's neck while his hand moved around to cup Harry's arse.

The groan Harry let out was embarrassingly loud and dirty when he thrust their hips together for the first time, even more so when Gregory's teeth dug into the skin of his neck before he started moving with Harry. It took them barely seconds to fall into a rhythm with each other, their bodies moving in sync as they rocked their bodies together, clinging tightly while their lips found each other again, the kiss this time messy and slightly distracted.

Harry panted into Gregory's mouth trying to fight off the orgasm that was rapidly approaching, not wanting this to finish too soon, but the feeling of Gregory's heavy and hot cock brushing against his own swollen and sensitive one was sending his head spinning, the feeling of it brushing against his stomach, leaving a trail of pre cum made his body tremble. Groaning louder in response to the panting moan Gregory was letting out Harry wrapped his legs tighter around the strong waist of his lover, of his fiancé, of the man that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And with that thought Harry cried out and held tightly onto Gregory as he tipped over the edge.

He was barely coming back to himself when Gregory thrust hard against him three more times before spilling over himself, making Harry whimper a little pitifully as the feeling of Gregory's hot cum hitting his stomach and spent cock, but he held on tightly to his golden haired lover, rubbing his back and kissing him gently as he came down from his high.

"Wow," Gregory breathed out when they pulled away from exchanging lazily kisses.

"Oh yes," Harry sighed knowing he had a stupid smile on his face and not caring.

"I think we should go and take a bath before we stick together," Gregory snickered making Harry grimace before nodding when he shifted.

"We're also scrubbing this counter," Harry snorted. "I can't move," he groaned dropping his head onto Gregory's shoulder.

Eventually Harry managed to convince Gregory to carry him through to the bathroom and they had sat soaking contentedly together for the last half an hour, Harry sitting in front with his back pressed against Gregory's chest. He was lazily brushing his hand up and down Gregory's thigh, soaking in the presence of his lover while they were in their rooms.

"Hermione and Ron asked something today," He said softly, not really wanting to break the peace between them.

"Hmm?" Gregory opened his eyes.

"They were asking if we wanted to get married sooner or later, I guessed what you would want but well, what do you want?" Harry asked softly, focussing on the golden thigh underneath his fingers.

"I would prefer to be bonded to you sooner love," Gregory said softly tightening his arm around Harry's waist. "That way you can't escape me!" He added teasingly into Harry's ear getting the laughter he was looking for.

"And where am I going to be running to?" Harry asked amused.

"I don't know, somewhere away from my mad family," Gregory laughed.

"You have met my lot haven't you?" Harry snorted.

"Point. I like this," Gregory sighed.

"Talking about our families while we're naked in the bath?" Harry turned his head to grin at him, squeaking when he got his side pinched in retaliation.

"Getting to relax and hold you against me, though the nakedness is definitely a plus," Gregory smirked as his fingers brushed dangerously low on Harry's stomach.

"I like it to," Harry admitted, all teasing gone as he rested his head back against Gregory's shoulder.

"I love you," Gregory said softly kissing Harry's cheek.

"I love you too, always," Harry smiled turning to meet his lover's lips for a slow and luxurious kiss.

"Is this Tiberius' lesson plan?" Marcus asked pulling some parchment towards him. Harry looked up from where he was behind the counters of their new kitchen making cinnamon buns.

"Ys, I have had to change it around a little," Harry nodded.

"Oh, is everything ok?" Marcus asked concerned.

"Don't worry, I just forgot to factor in pure Malfoy determination, he's been doing his own research and practise so he is further ahead than I originally assessed him to be," Harry laughed.

"He's doing well?" Marcus smiled.

"Very, he'll be more than ready to sit his exams and pass them with flying colours," Harry nodded.

"Wonderful. You seem to be settling well into the rooms here," Marcus added looking around the kitchen which seemed to have somehow unofficially become a Malfoy retreat, he had had to float poor Julia through to their bed when she had come in to get a little respite from Selena and ended up nodding off with her head on the table.

"I love them," He admitted. "I've never really had a home you know, Hogwarts was something like one for a while but it was a school and with everything that happened there it was never a proper home. The Burrow felt something like a home as well I guess, I have happy memories of being there but that was more because my family was there. Andromeda's is the closest I've had to a real home though, and we always knew it wasn't going to be for long, especially when things were obviously becoming serious with me and Gregory,"

"But here?" Marcus asked hopefully.

"Honestly, I expected not to relax properly or feel at home here after everything that happened. But it is, its somehow become home to me along the weeks I've spent here," Harry smiled softly looking around the room Gregory had made for him.

"I'm glad, having you here makes it feel as though I finally have my whole family together again," Marcus admitted his eyes far off and a little sad in a way that always reminded Harry of the fact that this man had had to live through his son splitting up his family and trying to ruin his Grandsons, and his great Grandson's lives.

"You just want to keep me around for my cooking," Harry teased kissing Marcus' cheek as he placed a cup of blackberry tea and one of the still slightly cooling cinnamon buns he had been defending from the old man in front of him. Marcus started but smiled as he met Harry's eyes, reaching out to squeeze his hand before picking up his tea gratefully.

"Harry you have to hide me!" Fred groaned stomping into the kitchen and flopping dramatically at the table.

"What have you done this time?" Harry asked amused as he started putting together a cup for the twin.

"We only blew off his eyebrows!" Fred pouted.

"Have you left George behind then?" Harry shook his head.

"No we split up. He will probably get here soon,"

"Whose eyebrows did you blow off exactly?" Marcus asked, looking unsure as to whether he should be concerned or not.

"Charlie's," Fred whimpered.

"Oh dear, you're a dead man walking," Harry stifled his laughter.

"It's worse, it was meant for Bill," Fred whined.

"Ah that's why you needed to split up," Harry nodded.

"Harry!" George's whine preceded him into the kitchen where he wrapped his arms around Harry.

"You two are such drama queens," Harry shook his head trailing back to his kitchen area, trailing George behind him as the twin seemed to have decided to make a limpet impression.

"Last time we caught them both they cast that waxing hex on us that waxed every single hair from our body," Fred yelped.

"Every hair Harry, every hair!" George nodded against his shoulder.

"They turned them into really bad drag queens for 48 hours, no one could undo it," Harry told Marcus whose eyebrows were nearly on the top of his head now.

"We may have overdone the strength in the potion a little," Fred nodded thoughtfully.

"They're going to kill you two you know," Ron said cheerfully as he strolled into the kitchen.

"We know!" The twins sobbed.

"Tea?" Harry asked.

"Please, oo what are you making?" Ron asked eagerly sniffing the air.

"Cinnamon buns," Harry answered.

"The gooey ones?" George asked hopefully lifting his head.


"Surely you wouldn't deprive condemned men a last meal?" Fred fluttered his eyelashes.

"Or your best friend!" Ron grinned.

"Oh help yourselves, the second batch is out of bounds though," Harry said firmly going back to his mixture.

"Yes sir!" The three Weasley boys chimed in already descending on the plate.

"Harry," Andromeda smiled as she walked into the kitchen with Teddy bouncing happily on her hip.

"Hi Andromeda," Harry grinned moving over to kiss her on the cheek and then Teddy.

"Do I want to know why Bill Weasley just aparated into my house, searched through my kitchen, living room and your bedroom before apparating back out with only a sorry?" Andromeda asked as she moved to sit next to Marcus.

"Oh no, the nets closing in around us!" Fred groaned.

"Guys, you come hide with me whenever you do something to annoy one of the others, you don't exactly make it hard," Harry rolled his eyes.

"This happens a lot?" Marcus asked, looking as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

"Quite yes, you'll regret allowing them access to the wards," Harry smirked at the twins while they pouted at him.

"And here we thought that…"

"You loved us!" They sniffed.

"Oh I do, I just prefer Charlie and Bill," Harry grinned, stooping down to lift Teddy onto his hip where he had crawled over to him as soon as Andromeda set him down.

"FRED! GEORGE!" The shout seemed to echo through the manor and the twin turned pleading eyes onto Harry.

"Oh for, get in the storage cupboard," he sighed motioning to the larger cupboard in the room.

"Thank you!" the twins squeaked before disappearing into the cupboard as footsteps thumped closer.

"And you wonder why they keep coming to you," Ron shook his head laughing.

"Shut up," Harry sighed rubbing his nose with Teddy's and getting a spitty kiss back.

"Hey, dad called me about mum today," Ron said quietly making Harry look up from the book he had been reading. He was sprawled out with his head on Hermione's lap, Ron's head on his in front of the fireplace. He had thought Ron was asleep. Looking up he met Hermione's eyes but she shook her head, Ron hadn't told her what had gone on then. Reaching down Harry ran his fingers through Ron's hair.

"What happened?" He asked.

"The mind healers are in agreement that there is something wrong but they also agree it's not anything to do with any spells or curses. She's still obsessed over the fact that you're going to marry Ginny, and she's trying even from St Mungo's to have it proven that Gregory has done something to you. She won't listen to reason. The Healers have stopped dad, Percy and Ginny from being able to see her, they said that they're just encouraging her, they won't see that there is anything wrong with what she's saying and doing," Ron sighed.

"Muggles call it enabling I think, when family or close friends just encourage the delusion that what they are thinking is right," Hermione nodded.

"I'm sorry mate, after everything you've been through I wanted this time, when you have everything ahead of you to be happy, but I couldn't not tell you," Ron patted Harry's leg.

"I wanted to know. I tried to visit but the Healers said that it wouldn't help her, that it could just make her worse right now," Harry admitted.

"I bet Gregory loved that," Ron smiled slightly.

"It was like having a grumbly, overprotective bear following me," Harry rolled his eyes fondly.

"I like Gregory," Hermione said dropping her head onto the sofa behind her.

"So do I," Harry laughed when she swatted his shoulder.

"No, he is just right for you, you fit together. Like me and Ron do," Hermione carried on, looking fondly at her own fiancé who beamed back.

"I love him," Harry said simply.

"Hey Harry do you mind if I sit and read with…oh sorry I didn't realise you had…I'll just…" Draco started backing out the room.

"Oh come on Malfoy, there's enough space, just don't wriggle too much," Ron patted his thighs.

"What?" Draco blinked.

"He's telling you to come join us, but there are rules!" Harry said seriously. "Reading time is also time for a cuddle puddle,"

"Don't look at me, it is the rules but we did not come up with that name,. The twins called it that when we used to get funny looks when we gathered like this in the common room, the name kind of stuck," Hermione explained when Draco looked at her hoping she would as normal be the sane one.

"One lap left Malfoy…Draco, if you're going to join us," Ron nodded. Draco walked over looking as though they were all going to jump up and laugh at him, but when none of them moved except to pick their books back up he dropped onto the floor and slowly rested his head onto Ron's lap.

"This is quite a nice way to read," he admitted twenty minutes later breaking the comfortable silence they had read in.

"Right? Much more relaxing," Ron agreed.

"Ok, I admit I am slightly worried that you seem to be including my nephew in this now," Gregory said amused from the doorway where he was standing with Lucius an hour or so later.

"We wanted a Malfoy to add to our threesome, you wouldn't join in so we corrupted and coerced your nephew," Harry shrugged.

"Harry! We weren't! it's just a cuddle puddle!" Draco spluttered blushing darkly.

"A…" with that the two Malfoy brothers in the doorway burst out laughing.

"Why does it nearly always get that reaction?" Harry sighed, trying to stifle his smile at the image of his finance leaning on his brother as they laughed. They looked even more like each other when they were laughing he absently noted. "Alright either join us or go away and laugh somewhere else!"

"What?" That stopped the laughter.

"You either join us or go away, you're braking up the peace!" Hermione nodded.

"Join you in your cuddle puddle?" Lucius raised his eyebrow.

"It's quite nice actually," Draco added as he got comfy again. The two brothers looked at each other before shrugging.

Carina was more than a little bemused when she came up to tell them supper was ready and found her sons, grandson, future son in law and his two friends lying in a strange twisted pile with their heads on each other's laps read quite peacefully. And she never really expected to hear the words 'cuddle puddle' coming from Lucius's mouth in all her life. Shaking her head she just passed on the information of supper and turned to head down herself, thinking that Harry had made a much much more interesting way of life in the manor and he had not even fully moved in yet.