Harry hummed contentedly as he smiled sleepily, turning his head a little to meet Gregory's. The older man smiled back at him before leaning down and pressing another kiss to Harry's shoulder. He sighed and hummed again stretching slightly as Gregory's hand brushed along his side.

"You're tired?" Gregory asked a little concerned leaning forwards to brush their noses together before kissing Harry.

"A little, I did some work after my lesson with Tiberius, which was no easy task itself. He's getting better every time I see him," Harry smiled proudly.

"You're working hard, I saw some magazines in the kitchen," Gregory said as he laid down next Harry. He shivered at the hum of contentment Harry gave when he realised Gregory was shirtless and stretched against him like a cat.

"I saw them when I was out shopping with Ron...do you mind?" Harry bit his lip nervously glancing over his shoulder at his lover.

"You want to start planning the wedding?" Gregory asked softly.

"I thought we could start looking, what do you think?" Harry asked again.

"I think maybe we could have supper and start looking through those magazines," Gregory grinned wrapping his arm around Harry and went back to placing kisses on the back of Harry's neck.

"Really?" Harry bit his lip to try and hide the growing smile of his own.

"Harry, the sooner I get a ring on your finger the better! I was terrified you were going to want to wait a while," Gregory chuckled.

"You realise that I want a ring on your finger just as much," Harry smiled turning over in Gregory's arms facing his fiancé.

"Really?" Gregory smiled his blue eyes twinkling.

"Really, you are mine Mr Malfoy," Harry rolled to straddle Gregory leaning down to kiss him. Gregory's hands cupped Harry' hips tightly and he rolled his growing erection up against Harry pulling a groan from the younger man. He reached up to twist his fingers into Gregory's hair and pressed down harder into the kiss, rolling his hips in time to Gregory's rhythm.

"I am hungry," Gregory grumbled as he came out the bathroom braiding his hair. Harry looked up from where he was pulling his socks on and had to lick his lips at the sight that greeted only had a pair of soft linen trousers on that he liked to lounge around in, no shirt with water still beading his golden skin."What?"

"Nothing, just looking at you, my fiancé," Harry knew he was smiling like an idiot but he couldn't help himself.

"Is that right," Gregory walked over and gently tugged Harry to his feet, wrapping him in his arms before leaning down to kiss him.

"I love you," Harry said between kisses.

"I love you too," Gregory smiled brushing his lips down Harry's cheek. "So much," They went to go back to their kiss when Gregory's stomach let out a loud rumble.

"Maybe we should feed you before you eat me!" Harry laughed pulling away.

"That could be arranged," Gregory smirked.

"Food!" Harry scolded playfully taking Gregory's hand to tug him into their kitchen.

"Ah Harry, Gregory good evening," They had barely walked into the kitchen when Marcus walked in himself.

"Why does his name come first? I'm your grandson," Gregory snorted.

"Now now don' be petty," Marcus shook his head.

"That means he prefers me," Harry mock whispered making the two laugh.

"Do you mind if myself, Marc, Lucius and Carina join you for supper? The others bar June and Mikhail have gone out and we want to give them a little time together," Marcus asked.

"Of course not," Harry smiled.

"There goes our romantic evening," Gregory sighed.

"Are we interrupting?" Marcus asked concerned looking a little mortified.

"Of course not! You're more than welcome, he's just being grumpy because he's hungry," Harry said firmly.

"And it will take longer to make food for all of us," Gregory pouted.

"I could go for a take away if you would eat it," Harry mused.

"What is a takeaway?" Lucius frowned walking into their kitchen.

"It's a muggle restaurant that you go to to take food home with you," Harry tried to explain.

"Like a doggie bag?" Carina asked curiously.

"Not really, it's an entire meal. And there are lots of different types you can have as well, Italian, Tai, Chinese, Japanese, India, pizza, American," Harry listed moving to turn the kettle on as Marc wandered in.

"Pizza?" Marcus asked curiously.

"It's muggle," Lucius scrunched his nose up.

"Oh Lucius you are not five anymore worried about muggle cooties. This sounds very interesting, I would like to try some of this muggle take away," Marcus said eagerly.

"I do love Tai food but only that small place in Aberdeen does it properly," Carina nodded.

"What is pizza?" Gregory asked curiously wrapping his arm around Harry's waist.

"Oh it's that muggle Italian food!" Marc nodded.

"I would like to try that," Gregory nodded.

"I like Chinese," Lucius muttered looking a little put out for his scolding.

"Shall I go get us supper?" Harry laughed.

"I think that would be lovely Harry dear," Marcus smiled brightly.

"I'll go get it," Harry nodded.

"Do you want me to go with you," Gregory asked unsure.

"Don't worry, I think we need to ease you into the muggle world, a take away is shop isn't it. You set out plates and cutlery and drink and I'll be back in a bit," Harry shook his head.

"Be careful,"

"I'm going to a couple of restaurants, I'll see you soon," Harry smiled.

"Ok I have a couple of pizzas, some Chinese, some Tai, a little Italian and American," Harry announced walking into the kitchen and started unpacking his bottomless bags.

"Harry this must have cost you a small fortune!" Carina gasped shocked.

"What? Oh no, muggle food is much cheaper than the wizarding world, and bigger portions, especially take away. This barely came to twenty galleons probably," Harry laughed.

"Oh wow!" Gregory groaned as he opened the pizza box and bit into a massive slice of meat feast pizza.

"Hey! Wait for us all to sit down and unpack," Harry smacked his hand.

"But..." Gregory pouted as Harry snatched the pizza slice and bit into it himself. Harry laughed dodging out the way as Gregory snatched at him, dancing nimbly away from his Malfoy around the kitchen. Gregory finally managed to capture him around the waist smothering slightly greasy kisses all over Harry's cheek before meeting his smiling lips.

"You two are sickening," Hermione snorted walking into the kitchen, grinning when Harry just stuck his tongue out at her.

"Hope you don't mind us joining you for supper?" Ron asked glancing around at the Malfoys in the room, most of which were inspecting their loot.

"More than enough, I'm introducing take away," Harry nodded to the table wrapping his arms around Gregory's waist.

"Oh do you have chow mein?" Hermione asked eagerly grabbing a plate and making her way over.

"I swear that woman can eat more Chinese than I can," Ron muttered to Gregory who was watching with wide eyes as Hermione piled her plate high.

"Oh my, this is delicious!" Carina declared. "What is it?"

"That's a burger, with cheese and bacon I think," Harry smiled.

"It's amazing! Father, here try some of this!" Carina placed another burger onto Marcus' plate who proceeded to take a massive chunk out of it.

"s good," He nodded delightedly.

"Harry you're going to have to cook so more muggle meals for us," Marc said through a mouthful of fried noodles and garlic chicken. Gregory hid a smile in Harry's shoulder as Marc and Lucius started a fork battle over the fried rice.

"Here try this," Harry held a fry to Gregory's lips.

"What is it?" Gregory asked before opening his mouth obediently. Harry couldn't help his chuckles at the expression that crossed his lover's face as the taste hit him.


"Delicious!" Gregory quickly walked them fully over to the table loading his plate up as soon as he was there.

"Oh Merlin I think I might explode!" Marcus groaned undoing his belt with a sigh.

"That was brilliant!" Carina hiccupped slightly as she took the last mouthful of her plate and then slid down in the chair contented.

"We shall have to go and visit a few muggle restaurants if you say they are even better than this!" Lucius nodded.

"Can't...move," Marc groaned.

"I am not heaving your arse to bed, Leander can come and collect you when he gets back home," Gregory huffed poking his cousin in the side with his foot where he was lying on their living room floor.

"Don't, I'm going to throw up," Marc whimpered pathetically.

"Ugh, is it ok if we stay here tonight? I don't think I can make my way home without being ill," Hermione grumbled.

"Of course, I have had the House Elves prepare rooms for all of you, yours is just a little down from here," Marcus perked up happily.

"Oh, thank you!" Ron said surprised.

"Teddy has his own nursery here," Harry smiled softly shifting so he was settled more firmly into Gregory's side.

"Oh what's this?" Hermione pulled a few magazines from the table.

"Just some things I picked up," Harry blushed a little.

"You're starting to plan the wedding?" Carina beamed.

"We both want to start, waiting isn't really something we want to do," Gregory nodded.

"Plus I need to read up on a more traditional bonding, it wasn't something I really spent a lot of time looking into," Harry admitted softly.

"Are you wanting something big or small?" Carina asked flicking through one of the magazines Hermione handed her.

"Small," Gregory said firmly when he felt Harry tense slightly against him. "Family and close friends only, we don't want our bonding day to turn into a circus," Gregory huffed.

"There are so many things to plan," Hermione grimaced flicking through the magazine.

"Don't pull that face, you are going to enjoy planning every single minute detail of our wedding," Ron snorted.

"Probably with colour coordinated notes and several files on everything," Harry nodded. "And I am sure your expertise will be greatly appreciated as my best woman," Harry hurriedly added when Hermione turned the stink eye onto him.

"Best woman?" She asked pressing her hand to her chest.

"Of course, your my best woman, Ron my best man," Harry shrugged before letting out an umph as he disappeared underneath two Gryffindors.

"Oh Merlin Harry!" Hermione squealed.

"Mate," Ron sniffed a little.

"Ron are you crying?" Harry asked amused.

"No! I have something in my eye!"

"Ah ha. You realise I am putting you in charge of making sure the Twins don't slip anything into any of the food, drink or just generally guests right Hermione?" Harry smirked at the determined look she got.

"There sounds like there is a story behind that," Marcus asked, always endlessly amused by the Twins antics. And Harry was not sneaking him parcels of their products.

"They turned Fleur's mum into a giant canary at their wedding, and they slipped her ex a puking pastel," Hermione shook her head.

"Actually," Harry coughed blushing.

"Harry!" Hermione and Ron exclaimed.

"That would have been me and Charlie for the ex," He confessed. "What he was totally drooling all over her! And he made a comment about Bill's scars, bastard deserved it," Harry huffed.

"Remind me never to upset you," Marc drawled amused as Hermione and Ron leant against each other laughing.

"That is a good theory to live by," Harry nodded before grinning.

"Oh, I like this," Harry looked up to see Gregory looking over his shoulder at the page he was on in his magazine. He had been flicking through them for the last hour getting some ideas while everyone chatted softly among themselves. Marcus and Hermione were in a deep conversation about spell crafting, which Marcus was apparently very skilled at much to Hermione's delight. Ron, Marc and Carina were discussing the current Quidditch league table and Lucius Gregory had been chatting softly about some renovations to the manor.

"That one?" Harry pointed.

"Mm, what do you think?" Gregory asked.

"That it's a good thing we have similar taste, I was having a look at that myself," Harry nodded.

"Maybe some different colours, but that I like that cake," Gregory leant forwards to kiss Harry softly.

"I was thinking maybe different types of cake for each tier though? Not everyone likes the same cake, so maybe a plain sponge, chocolate, fruit cake and lemon?" Harry suggested.

"It's sort of traditional for a Malfoy wedding cake to be quite large, normally around 5 tiers," Lucius offered hesitantly.

"We could come up with a couple of different types," Harry nodded. "Actually gives everyone a better selection,"

"You don't mind?" Gregory asked.

"You have your traditions, I want them to be a part of it," Harry shook his head.

"Well my apologies, but I cannot stay up as late as I used to," Marcus said heaving himself to his feet.

"I should probably get to bed as well, I have an early morning," Hermione pouted.

"If the party is dispersing," Carina nodded.

Harry and Gregory stood to see everyone out, getting plenty of hugs and kisses before they were alone. Harry squeaked when he found himself pressed against the door to their rooms and kissed thoroughly, moaning and gripping onto Gregory's golden hair when he pressed a knee between Harry's thighs and pressed upwards.

Panting into Gregory's mouth Harry tilted his head back and groaned when lips continued to kiss and nip down his chin and to his neck. He could feel the bruise that Gregory was worrying onto his skin, and he could feel the tingles shooting down from their connection there to where he was rocking his hips against Gregory's firm thigh.

"Come, bed," Gregory said huskily, his blue eyes looking like a storm as they roved over Harry.

"Most definitely," Harry licked his lips hungrily and followed quickly after his fiancé to their bedroom.

"Oh good Merlin! I am so sorry Gregory!" Harry sat up blinking at the shriek that went through the room. Blinking sleep away he quickly wrapped his sheets around his waist and shuffled to the bedroom door to investigate. What he found had him laughing. Hermione was blushing furiously and facing away covering her eyes and still stammering out apologies, while Gregory was blushing furiously and trying to cover himself with a tea towel.

"It's ok, I'm not used to anyone else being up this early so I...erm," Gregory started to try and crab walk around the island even though Hermione wasn't looking, giving Harry the perfect view of his bare bum.

"I'm so sorry! I heard someone moving around in here when I came to get my bag and I thought it would be Harry so I came in to say goodbye and you were...I am so sorry!" Hermione babbled.

"Its fine really," Gregory assured to mortified girl.

"Sorry," She whimpered.

"You can stop laughing as well, cruel!" Gregory nudged Harry as he shuffled passed into the bedroom.

"Harry, I'm so s..."

"It's ok, no harm done, and you can see I'm not bragging now," Harry winked walking over to her.

"I shouldn't have just barged in, this is your home," Hermione sighed.

"Mione, if we had a problem with people coming in we would use locking charms. It's ok, you didn't do it on purpose," Harry smiled hugging her. "Now you're going to be late. I shall see you tomorrow for lunch?"

"Yeah, I'll floo call tonight and let you know how it goes," Hermione hugged him and kissed his cheek before hurrying out, still doing an impression of a tomato.

"Let you know how what goes?" Gregory asked walking out in a pair of silk blue boxer shorts.

"Molly has a few tests being done today, Hermione, Ron and Bill are going and then to speak to the Healers about where to go next with her care," Harry sighed reaching out to press himself in a hug.

"You should have told me," Gregory said softly as he hugged him tightly.

"Sorry I just didn't want to spoil everything," Harry admitted.

"I'm here to share these things with you and to try and make them a little easier," Gregory scolded gently. "And here was me trying to spoil you a little this morning,"

"Spoil me?" Harry asked.

"I was making you breakfast in bed," Gregory motioned to the work space he had been at.

"Breakfast?" Harry asked a little hesitantly.

"Hey I can't do much, but I make a mean scrambled eggs and toast," Gregory grinned.

"Mmm, love you," Harry reached up to wrap his arms around Gregory's neck and press their lips together.

"Mr Potter! Mr Potter! Is it true that you are engaged to Gregory Malfoy? Mr Potter! Mr Potter! You were seen buying wedding magazines, were they for yourself? Mr Potter! Mr Potter! How do you feel about marrying into a family with such strong ties to You-Know-Who? Mr Potter! Mr Potter! What have you to say about the fact that Molly Weasley has been put into St Mungo's and is being treated by mind healers, and the accusation that you cheated on Miss Weasley before leaving her for Gregory Malfoy?! Mr Potter! Mr Potter! Are you under a love potion?" The questions were endless as he tried to make his way through the crowd.

Two pairs of hands gripped his arms making him start and begin to fight, until he met the eyes of a determined Oliver and Katie, Angelina, Fred, George and Lee surrounded them and they quickly made their way down the street to the safety of the twins shop.

"Oh for..." George growled and spun around to face the crowd as the others got Harry into the shop. "Look you pack of nosy, interfering, insensitive vultures! Harry is a eighteen year old men who has sacrificed enough for you people, he does not need you constantly hounding his shadows and thinking that you have any right to make his decisions for him, or judge him. Harry has given and lost enough for you ungrateful cretins, and now you are seriously wanting to judge him for taking the chance at being happy, for falling in love. The only people who have any rights to raise concern over Harry's relationship is his family, and we can all see how much Harry and Gregory clearly love each other. And we are more than happy for them. So you lot can just butt out and leave things well enough alone. Oh and whoever asked the question about the love potion, you are the biggest moron out of this entire gaggle, including the moronic moron who asked if Harry was spying on the Malfoy family. If he was under a love potion, he wouldn't be able to tell you he was, idiot!" George spat out.

"What about your mother and your sister?" Someone shouted from the crowd.

"I love my mother very much and I always will. However she is not well and she is currently in the best place for her right now, getting the help she needs. And as for my sister, Harry never cheated on her, they have been broken up nearly a year and a half now. She is just bitter because Harry has moved on and is happy! Now, you will all move off my premises!"

"Thank you, you didn't need to do that," Harry sighed from where he was leaning against a stand in the shop rubbing his temples.

"No it had to be said. Wait until Marcus hears about this he will be furious," Fred snorted.

"Never mind Grandfather," Lucius drawled as he stepped out of the fireplace behind the twins counter. As he watched Lucius metaphorically roll up his sleeves and glide across the shop, Harry absently wondered when they had linked up all their floo systems under a family connection, meaning they could floo into any space owned or frequented by any member of their family.

"Excuse us," Fred and George nodded before stepping outside with Lucius.

Changing Times

I think all readers can agree that within the last months since the end of the war, many things have changed within our world. People have pulled together to repair and rebuild, everyone is taking a step forward and our community appears to be closer than ever. There have been a few unusual examples of these changes, but I think that we can all agree that the image of Lucius Malfoy standing strong and proud in front of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes defending Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, standing shoulder to shoulder with Fred and George Weasley (Owners of the aforementioned Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, the fasts growing business recorded in the last fifty years) and lecturing the crowd about Harry Potter's right to freedom and privacy, has to be one of the most unusual sights many of us have seen for a very long time.

One of Messer's Weasley had not long stood on the steps of his shop after he, his brother and some friends escorted Lord Potter to safety after a crowd formed around him. Messer Weasley then proceeded to 'tell off' the crowd about their treatment of the saviour. (For the exact speech see page seven). Before Lord Lucius Malfoy then stepped out of the shop and in spectacular fashion lectured the crowd about their hassle of the young man who had merely tried to shop in the alley.

It is safe to say that the crowd felt suitably cowed and guilty for their swamping of the young man, and all the reporters, myself included, had the fear of Merlin, Morgana and Circe put into us with the threats of invasion of privacy the Malfoy Lord threatened us with. The golden haired Lord stood in vehement defence of his soon to be brother-in-law.

That's right, Lord Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, seems to have found true love and happiness with Gregory Malfoy, and they plan to be wed as soon as possible. This we found out from a short to the point letter from Lord Potter, who stated that he was proud of his fiancé and very much in love with him, and a request to allow them to plan and enjoy this important time in peace.

I think I speak for us all when I say that we will be eagerly watching this pairing, from afar, and what the future holds for them.