Harry stepped into the living room and grinned at the sight that greeted him. Gregory was sitting on the floor with their 9-month-old son William sitting on his chest bouncing happily as he giggled.

Gregory's blonde hair was spread out on the carpet and he was looking a little tired, but the look of love on his face as he gazed up at their son filled Harry's heart. William's blonde hair was getting longer and curlier and Harry could see his green eyes were sparkling as he looked down at his Papa.

"Hey," Harry said softly so as not to startle them as he stepped fully into the room.

"Daddy," William beamed at him, bouncing a little more on Gregory's stomach.

"Hey, Nina woke me up, William was fussing, I think he is teething again," Gregory nodded to their babysitting fairy who was perched on the coffee table nearby sleeping.

"Again? They're all coming in at once," Harry lay down next to Gregory, reaching up to steady William when he reached out for Harry.

"Mmm although the little monster decided to settle down the minute we lay down here. I think that we were just wanting a little attention," Gregory tickled William's stomach getting giggles from him.

"He's missed you the last few days, we both have," Harry leaned over to kiss Gregory softly before snickering against his mouth when a small hand gently hit the back of his head. Turning he grabbed William's pudgy little hand and kissed it. "Jealous boy," He teased.

"I missed you both too, so much, I forgot how difficult it was," Gregory had been away in Greece for three weeks dealing with business that demanded his attention but had been put off after the birth of William.

"Not so long next time," Harry hummed.

"I don't think I will be going away from you all for that long until this one here is at least 18, maybe 30," Gregory grinned at him.

"Sounds good to me," Harry sighed contently resting his head onto Gregory's shoulder and got comfortable as William entertained himself with playing with his Papa's hands.

Harry grumbled to himself as he snuggled deeper under the covers and tried to fight the urge to wake up. It had taken himself and Gregory a couple of hours to get William to sleep the night before, and it felt like they had only just gotten back in bed.

He heard the sound of little whispers from inside their room, and next to him he felt Gregory stirring before he let out a low groan, obviously hearing the whispering himself. All of a sudden there was a battle cry and little bodies collided with them and started bouncing on the bed.

"Daddy! Papa! Come on get up, get up!"



"Daddy I want pancakes!"

"No scrambled eggs!"

"No! Bacon!"

Gregory growled and caused shrieks of giggles and laughter as he grabbed two of the little hellions around the waist and yanked them down, two more shrieks filled the air as Harry dove up and grabbed the other two.

"And who exactly helped you out your bed Mr?" Harry asked Oliver, their three year old giving him a big cheeky grin as he fluttered his green eyes innocently.

"Than," Oliver answered.

Gregory and Harry turned to look at their oldest, Nathaniel had perfected the innocent look now at nine years old, which he was teaching his brother, and he used it now to grin cheekily at them.

"And Olivia and Sophia, you guys had nothing to do with it?" Gregory looked at their daughters in his grip, the 7 year old and 5 year old respectively giggled burying their blonde heads into their Papa's shoulders.

"Daddy, can you make me pancakes?" Sophia asked.

"Eggs!" Oliver argued.

"I want bacon!" Nathaniel pouted.

"Ok, ok! It's as it is Saturday, I will cook whatever breakfast you want," Harry chuckled.

"Me too?" Gregory raised his hand getting giggles from their kids.

"Hmm, I don't know, what do you guys think?" Harry asked the kids.

"No!" Oliver shook his head.

"No?!" Gregory gasped clutching his chest.

"No!" Oliver nodded.

"Wounded! I am wounded!" Gregory dropped dramatically onto the bed. The girls giggled and dropped down on top of him causing him to grunt out a wheeze of breath, and then again when the boys wiggled free of Harry and dropped on top of him as well.

"While you lot squash Papa I am going to go and start breakfast," Harry shook his head amused, climbing out of bed and pulling on his dressing gown.

"Ok, we will be out once we're done," Sophia informed him cheerfully.

Chuckling to himself and ignoring the pleas of help from his husband, Harry made his way down the hallway to the kitchen, stopping in by the nursery to find William already awake and giving him a still slightly gummy smile.

"Da da," He held up his hands to Harry.

"At least you are nice and peaceful for now. Give it another few months," Harry chuckled to himself as he lifted William onto his hip and carried onto the kitchen.

"Nana, nana!" William cheered.

"Oh, you are making breakfast demands now as well are you?" Harry huffed blowing a raspberry onto William's cheek getting a riot of giggles.

"Now that is a sound I never get bored of hearing first thing in the morning," Grandfather chuckled from the table as he placed his newspaper down.

"Here we go," Harry deposited William on the table top in front of Grandfather and bent to kiss his cheek before heading into the kitchen.

"Are they squashing Gregory again?" Grandfather asked cheerfully as he tickled William's tummy.

"Yup, they missed him," Harry said as he started putting the different breakfasts together.

"We missed him too, I take it we won't be seeing him for a little while?" Carina sat next to Grandfather and started pulling faces for her grandson.

"Not likely. We're having a selection today," Harry said tilting his head to accept a kiss on the cheek from his mother in law as she came over to make herself a cup of tea.

"Morning!" Fred and George called as they bounced into the room.

"Good morning lads, what time did you two get home last night? It must have been late," Grandfather asked curiously as they settled at the table.

"We didn't get in till around 0300 in the morning. The cinema has been an absolutely massive success though, it has been packed out every single night for the last 4 months since we opened. We had a huge group from America yesterday who came to view it, which is why we were open so late. They want to invest in it and help us open a cinema in New York," Fred grinned.

"Congratulations!" Harry hurried over to hug Fred, George, and Grandfather, Carina following him.

The three of them had worked tirelessly over the last few years to figure out to make muggle ideas work on magic. It had been hard work and taken a lot of mistakes and explosions for them to perfect their work. The twins had even moved into the Manor seven years ago, and Grandfather had set aside 3 rooms for them to use as workshops.

But now they had a massive line of products that people could not get enough of. Mobiles, cinemas, TV's that could play the films that they were making, and they were working on more. It was quite often that the three of them disappeared into the muggle world to get ideas.

"What are we congratulating?" Ron asked as he, Hermione, Hugo, and Rose came in.

"Uncle Harry!" Rose beamed as she and her brother raced over to him. Scooping them up he hugged them as he listened to Hermione and Ron congratulation the troublesome trio as they family called them.

"The others are squishing uncle Gregory if you want to join them," Harry grinned.

"Yay!" He watched as the kids ran off down the corridor and then blinked when he realised that there had been a blonde head in amongst the red hair. Turning he grinned as Draco and Astoria walked into the room.

"Where is Scorpius?" Draco frowned looking around.

"He ran on ahead to help squash Gregory," Harry laughed hugging Draco and then Astoria. "You guys haven't been around for a while,"

"The business is keeping us busy. Neville is complaining that I keep emptying his greenhouses of ingredients to use in my potions before anyone else can buy them," Draco rolled his eyes.

"We told him it was family prerogative," Astoria sniffed flipping her hair before bending to hug Hermione.

"You're all cruel," Gregory grunted stumbling down the hall with what looked like all the children clinging a limb. Oliver was on the floor wrapped around Gregory's leg and giggling as he was dragged along.

"Uncle Harry!" Teddy pounced on him from behind.

"Bloody hell Teddy, you get bigger and bigger every time I see you!" Harry laughed hugging his godson tightly. He was home for the Christmas holidays from Hogwarts and Harry was enjoying spending as much time as he could with him.

"All we get is grunts and mumbles and glares, you get hugs and smiles," Remus huffed as he and Tonks sat down, baby Kelly was perched on Tonks' knee and grinned toothlessly at everyone.

"Don't ignore me," Gregory whined draping himself over Teddy and hugged both he and Harry getting laughter from the near teenager.

"See!" Remus whined.

"That's because we're the cool uncles!" Gregory grinned.

"You and daddy aren't cool," Sophia laughed.

"Hurt! Wounded!" Harry groaned. "How can you say we're not cool?" He pouted.

"Dad!" Nathaniel groaned.

"I think you're really cool uncle Harry," Rose assured him.

"That's because he's not your dad, he's just embarrassing!" Sophia rolled her eyes.

"Thank you, Rose, at least you have good taste, I don't know what happened with our kids dear, somehow we managed to produce them with bad taste, hopefully, Will will at least have some taste,"

"Dad!" All four of his older kids groaned while William just giggled and bounced in Grandfather's arms at the sound of his name.

"I am a cool father Potter-Malfoy, you are not," Draco sniffed.

"No your not dad," Scorpius snorted causing an uproar of laughter from around the table.

"I am a cool Grandfather though, right Scorpius?" Lucius snatched his grandson up from behind hugging him tightly.

"Of course Grandfather," Scorpius beamed.

"Charming," Draco pouted.

"There there Draco, we can start a club for uncool fathers," Harry laughed as he waved some of the plates and bowls of food to the table. He shook his head as he watched the kids cheer and descend on the table and the food, the adults wading in to try and gain control of the situation.

Harry started and then smiled as arms wrapped around his waist and a strong, warm body pressed against his back. He hummed and dropped his head forward as lips pressed to the back of his neck and round to his jaw.

He sighed contently and pressed back against Gregory's chest, lifting his own arms to Gregory's, linking their fingers together. Automatically his thumb went to the ring on Gregory's finger, rubbing the now time-worn metal.

He remembered the day he slipped that ring onto Gregory's finger, he remembered seeing Gregory for the first time, those intense blue eyes burning into him. He remembered their first date, the nerves and the excitement, and the feeling of rightness.

He doesn't think that he could have imagined that over a decade later he would be here.

He looked out at the moonlight glittering on the sea and the faint lights from land sparkling in the distance. Their boat was bobbing gently with the motion of the waves lulling him into an even deeper sense of contentment as he allowed his head to rest on Gregory's shoulder so he could look up at the stars.

"You're thoughtful tonight," His husband said softly, kissing his neck again, where his chain was sitting, the pendant Gregory had sent him in his courting request still resting safely around his neck.

"Just thinking. Are they all asleep?" Harry asked.

"Yes, William was fighting it, but he conked out. The girls were asleep the minute their heads hit the pillows," Gregory chuckled. "What are you thinking about?"

"Having a mad and passionate affair with someone else," Harry grinned.

"Really? Do you have anyone in mind?" Gregory chuckled.

"Hmm, would have to be a blonde, I definitely have a thing for blondes with blue eyes," Harry hummed.

"I may have someone in mind for you,"

"You do realise I can't have an affair with my husband, that defeats the purpose," Harry snorted turning in Gregory's arms and wrapping his own around Gregory's neck.

"I would be worried if I wasn't constantly reminded that we are still sickeningly in love," Gregory snorted brushing kisses to Harry sun-kissed cheeks. "Still so beautiful,"

"I look tired," Harry shook his head.

"No, beautiful," Gregory smiled.

"You haven't changed since that morning I walked into the dinning room and saw you sitting there," Harry tilted his head as he brushed his fingers over his husband's cheeks.

"I've gotten old," Gregory shook his head.

"You have not," Harry laughed pulling him down for a kiss.

"So what were you thinking about?" Gregory pressed making Harry laugh again.

"If you must know, how happy I am. We have five amazing children, I have a husband I love with all my heart and who loves me the same, I have amazing if slightly mad family who are always around, we have a beautiful home, I am just happy, so happy,"

"I had thought I wouldn't get to have this. I thank mother magic every day for what I have been blessed with," Gregory sighed. "You know…"

"What is it?" Harry asked curiously, pulling back from resting his head on Gregory's shoulder to see his husband looking a little embarrassed.

"I've never told you this but...the night before we came back to Britain, I was out here on the sea on this boat, and I was thinking about our future in Britain. I was sure that it was a mistake and we were just going to bring darkness and disdain on the whole family. I went down to the bedroom and cast my tarot cards,"

"What did it tell you?" Harry asked curiously when Gregory paused again.

"That there was a massive possibility of love and a lifetime of happiness in my future if I took the chance on it," Gregory smiled fondly. "It's the first time that I haven't fully trusted in my sight, I thought it was meant for someone else in the family, but it was enough to convince me to go to Britain. And then you walked into the room and...I hoped that it had been me. If I hadn't had that reading, I probably wouldn't have taken the risk to try,"

"I am glad that you did, I can't imagine any another life,"

"Me either. I love you Mr Malfoy-Potter,"

"I love you too Mr Malfoy-Potter," Harry grinned. "I never get fed up of saying that,"

"Me either," Gregory laughed dipping down to kiss Harry sweetly. "Happy anniversary my love,"

Harry and Gregory looked around the nursery trying to spot the elusive teddy bear that William was demanding. Both were sure the last place they had spotted it was in here, but they couldn't find it.

Harry paused when he came across something shoved into the corner of the cupboard and his snickers of amusement drew Gregory to his side, who after peering over his shoulder and spotting the item himself started laughing too.

"Do you think we should actually ask Fred and George what it is?" Harry asked staring at the object in the corner of the cupboard.

"It has been over 9 years, maybe we should," Gregory hummed.

"Or you could poke it," Harry shrugged.

"I'm not poking it, you poke it," Gregory huffed.

"I'm not poking it, it could be dangerous, you poke it," Harry protested.

"As I have told you a million times they wouldn't hurt you, you poke it,"

"So you're going to make your poor pregnant husband poke it?" Harry raised his eyebrow.

"Yes, there will be a failsafe I am telling you, you poke it," Gregory waved at the mysterious object.

"I am not poking it, you poke it,"

"I am not po….wait did you say pregnant?" Gregory blinked as his brain caught up with him.

"Yup," Harry grinned.


"Again," Harry nodded.

"Oh, Merlin!" Gregory laughed wrapping his arms around Harry and kissing him sweetly as he spun them around.

Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse - millions of tiny moments that create your love story