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Chapter one

"Lucius…dear…is that…I think…" Narcissa's stammering quickly had the attention of her husband, son, brother-in-law and nephew who all looked at her concerned. They were seated outside a little café in Paris having a break from shopping.

"What's wrong Narcissa?" Leon asked his sister-in-law concerned who was looking slightly dazed.

"I think I just saw Harry Potter," Narcissa said getting their attention even more.

"Potter? Here? Would Dumbledore allow his precious weapon so far out his clutches?" Lucius snorted quietly.

"Not only that, I believe he was dressed in proper wizarding robes and was with Neville Longbottom," Narcissa added still sounding stunned.

"Potter doesn't wear anything but school robes and those ghastly muggle rags," Draco frowned.

"Where did you think you saw them?" Lucius asked scanning the crowd.

"By that plant shop there," Narcissa pointed to the shop that like most shops in Paris were muggle and wizarding, though naturally only the wizards could see both parts of the shop. Sharing a look Lucius and Draco both stood and made their way through the crowd towards the shop, literally as they were reaching it Potter and Longbottom stepped out with Potter laughing as Longbottom grinned good naturedly holding a bag from the shop as though it held the most delicate china.

"Neville, that thing was ugly!" Harry chuckled shaking his head. As Narcissa had said he was wearing proper wizarding robes. Because of the summer heat of Paris they were sleeveless, a darker shade of grey with silver fastenings closing them over his chest but flaring out from his waist with silver thread running down the side and the hems, he had a pair of black dragon hide trousers with knee high dragon hide boots with silver fastenings, a black shirt with the sleeves rolled casually up to his elbows finished the look. This also wasn't the skinny, slightly unhealthy looking teen Draco was used to seeing, the shirt and trousers enhanced the firm muscles underneath, nothing too unsightly but clearly strong and healthy as a pureblood should be showing he was capable of battle, he was also a good few inches taller standing at 6,1 rather than 5,5 as he did at school.

"Shush, she'll hear you!" Neville hissed stroking the bag. Harry burst out laughing again as Neville struggled to keep a straight face. Longbottom was looking happier and more confident than Draco had ever seen him, his outfit matching Harry's almost exactly except his robes were a deep blue with a white stitching, black dragon hide trousers and boots but a white shirt with the sleeves down.

"She?" Harry snickered causing Neville to lose it and start laughing as well. They both froze however when they caught sight of the two Malfoy's just in front of them staring shocked. The two of them shared a cautious look before Harry shrugged. "Lord Malfoy, Draco," Harry said politely nodding to them.

"Lord Potter, Lord Longbottom," Lucius nodded back cautiously after a second, trying not to show the confusion on his face.

"Actually its Potter-Black," Harry said pleasantly.

"I thought Sirius had not named a heir!" Lucius said shocked, the loss of the Black fortune to the Ministry had been a huge blow to the Old Families.

"Ah yes, there was a…mix up there apparently. Luckily Phineas Nigellus Black's portrait…ah...reminded Albus Dumbledore that he had signed Sirius's will naming me his hair. After that the will…miraculously turned up just three days later," Harry said it all pleasantly but the undertone and bite was clear.

"That was fortunate. Are you holidaying here then?" Lucius asked politely.

"Yes, we are staying in a hotel here, Neville and myself decided to get away from Britain for a proper holiday this year," Harry smiled brightly motioning to Neville who was looking amused at the exchange. "What about yourselves? Is Lady Malfoy with you?"

"We are holidaying as well. My brother and nephew live over here so we are spending the summer with them," Lucius answered. "Would you like to join us for tea?" He asked suddenly, glad to see Harry start a little before glancing at Neville.

"I could use a break, its getting a little warm," Neville shrugged to the unasked question.

"Then we would be glad to join you," Harry smiled slightly stunning both Malfoy men before they pulled themselves together and led the two over to their table. Leon seeing them coming requested two more chairs while he, Narcissa and Mikhail stood.

"This is my brother Leon Malfoy and my nephew Mikhail Malfoy, you of course know my wife Narcissa. This is Lord Harry Potter- Black and Lord Neville Longbottom," Lucius made the introductions, pointedly when it came to Harry's titles. Narcissa gasped slightly staring at Harry shocked.

"Lady Malfoy, Mister Malfoy, Master Malfoy thank you for sharing drinks with us," Neville said nodding to each of them.

"I thought it was completely out of character for Sirius not to have named you his heir. When Lily was pregnant with you he was almost more excited than James was," Narcissa smiled at the memory as they all took their seats. "Your mother and I were at St Mungo's for the maternity slot together, along with Alice. Draco was born on the 27th of July, you Neville on the 30th and you Harry on the 31st," Narcissa told them.

"Wow, so all your appointments were at the same time," Harry said slightly shocked.

"Yes. How are you enjoying Paris?" Narcissa asked.

"Its beautiful, and relaxing," Neville smiled as he and Harry accepted the tea Narcissa poured for them.

"'Av you been eer long?" Mikhail asked softly from where he was seated beside Harry. Harry had been having difficulty keeping his eyes off the younger teen and was glad for the excuse to look at him. He had to admit that Draco was good looking, it seemed to be in the Malfoy gene as Lucius and Leon Malfoy were nothing to scoff at, but Mikhail Malfoy was nothing short of stunning. Wavy honey blonde hair was tied into a side tail and fell partly down his chest, his skin was the glowing Malfoy white but he had flushes of red on his cheeks, full red lips formed a natural pout, a strong jaw line, high slightly angular cheekbones helped draw attention to stormy grey eyes with blue flecks. He was around 5,8 and slender but clearly fit and physically active. He was wearing an ice blue set of long sleeved robes, the sleeves were fitted, a white vest top was underneath the open robes and he was wearing white dragon hide trousers and matching dragon hide boots. Unlike Draco, Lucius and Leon he seemed slightly shy, he still held himself with the Malfoy regality and pride but he was not over confident. In all Harry was struggling not to openly stare at Mikhail Malfoy like an idiot.

"We have been here for two weeks now," Harry answered happy to turn his attention to who appeared to be the youngest Malfoy.

"Are you staying long?" Leon asked looking at Harry assessing and then at his son amused who was blushing slightly and trying to inconspicuously look at Harry.

"We have decided to stay the summer, make the most of being away from Britain while we can," Neville answered trying not to grin at Harry.

"I must admit, not to be insulting, but I was not aware that you had a close friendship," Lucius offered them the chance to answer the unspoken question if they wanted.

"We weren't until fourth year. Then we grew closer and closer. Ron and Hermione are a little…" Neville drew off looking to Harry who grinned as he answered.

"Stifling, smothering, self interested, nagging, nosy, irritating, irrational, annoying, tiring?" Harry offered.

"Trouble in paradise?" Draco drawled before wincing as his father stepped on his foot.

"If you can call six years of being nagged, lectured, sniped at, and constantly huffed at from Hermione while Ron pouted, snapped, sulked and resented anything I had while both worked to make sure I didn't make any other good friends paradise, sure," Harry sighed.

"They stopped you making friends with other people?" Draco frowned.

"Anyone that approached Harry, including the other three of us from the dorm room, we would get daggers and Harry would get dragged off. He's getting better but unfortunately Harry suffers from social obliviousness so it has taken him a little while to realise that other people actually wanted to be his friend," Neville chuckled as Harry blushed.

"But you have realised now what they're doing?" Narcissa asked.

"Yes, they decided to get a little too vocal over my friendship with Neville and it clicked," Harry shrugged.

"Zey do not sound zike zey are very good friends," Mikhail said with a small frown.

"Good job they aren't my friends anymore," Harry smiled warmly at Mikhail clearly to Draco's shock who had been expecting Harry to blow up at his cousin.

"The golden trio has split up?" He asked making sure it sounded teasing as he intended.

"More like I managed to wrestle and claw my way free of the leaches the 2/3 of the golden trio really were," Harry snorted in amusement.

"My, you will have the gossips of Hogwarts frantic when we return," Draco laughed.

"Well we could always throw in that we had tea with you, that would throw them into a mass panic," Neville said thoughtfully before grinning mischievously.

"I think that might just kill them. If your new look Mr Potter-Black does not," Lucius again asked without actually asking looking Harry over.

"I decided to stop caring…or being ordered to care…about thinking about what other people thought of the things I did. I have been largely prevented from buying my own clothes most of my life, Molly Weasley generally picked out anything wizarding for me, hence why my robes for the Yule ball weren't correct," Harry huffed.

"When you say care about what people think?" Draco asked.

"I was constantly reminded that I was supposed to be a fore figure of the light, therefore I should express the fact that poor orphaned Harry was a supporter of the muggleborns amongst our society," Harry rolled his eyes.

"And you don't feel that?" Lucius asked dubiously.

"I'm not ashamed of my mother, she was a strong and talented witch. However I am proud of my father's family and being descended from a Noble line and one of the Old Houses. Not to mention I am now the Head of the Black House as well," Harry shrugged.

"Do you know the Old ways?" Lucius asked curiously, suspicion rising in him.

"I have practiced them since I was fourteen with Nev, he was a huge help in understanding them," Harry smiled.

"I ztill cannot believe zat you do not celebrate Yule and zamhain in 'Ogwarts," Mikhail tutted shaking his head.

"What school do you attend?" Harry asked curiously.

"Lumineux academy," Mikhail smiled shyly at Harry.

"Are you younger than Draco, Mikhail?" Neville asked politely while Harry mentally cheered for his friend as he asked the question that had been on Harry's mind.

"Oui, I am just unzer deux years younger," Mikhail nodded.

"So your fifteen?" Harry asked hoping only Neville was able to pick up the hope in his voice.

"Oui. So why did you chooz Paris? Ze Black's and Potter's must 'av lost of propriétés around ze world," Mikhail asked curiously.

"Je parle un peu do Français et moi-même voulu pour rafraichir," Harry said hesitantly but without mistakes. (I speak a little French and wanted to refresh myself).

"Vous parlez Français!" Mikhail smiled delighted. (You speak French)

"J'ai appris quand j'étais petit, je suis un peu rouillé, mais il est pour en revenir à moi," Harry nodded. (I learnt when I was little so I am a little rusty, but it is coming back to me).

"And naturally as I was taught Italian rather than French Harry has been having fun on my behalf," Neville huffed interrupting the speal. Harry's smiled turned devilish catching their attention.

"How so?" Lucius asked amused.

"He told me a proper greeting was 'Je suis un très vilain petit garçon'. I said it for about a week with people giving me funny looks before someone kindly told me what it meant," Neville said mournfully as the five Malfoy's started laughing. (I'm a very naughty boy).

"Oh dear…no wonder you got funny looks," Narcissa said still chuckling.

"I thought it was my pronunciation," Neville huffed getting another round of laughs.

"I was going to tell him after the first few times but it was too funny watching people's faces," Harry snickered.

"I do not zink you should go to Italie wiz him Henri unzil you learn zome of ze language," Mikhail mock whispered. Harry smiled at the French version of his name coming from Mikhail.

"Oh don't worry I have no intention of going near Italy before learning the basics," Harry chuckled. "Oh we are going to have to go we have an appointment in ten minutes," He sighed catching sight of the clock.

"That is a shame, it has been very pleasant talking to you both," Narcissa said honestly as they all stood.

"I'm sure it was an equal shock to all of us," Neville chuckled amused. "Thank you for having us,"

"It was lovely meeting you both," Harry said to Mikhail and Leon, though to Leon's amusement it was mostly aimed at Mikhail.

"It was a pleasure meeting you as well, we will have to meet up again while we are all here," Leon chuckled as they shook hands. Harry looked at Neville and asked a silent question before smiling.

"If you are not busy tonight it would be a pleasure to treat you to supper at our hotel, the restaurant is quite spectacular there," Harry suggested. Lucius, Narcissa and Draco looked stunned at the offer, Leon shocked and amused, Mikhail, Harry was happy to note, looked at his father eagerly.

"That would be lovely thank you very much Lord Potter-Black, when do you want us?" Lucius recovered quickly.

"6:30? At the Prince De Galles, we'll be under Evans," Neville said gathering his plant up.

"Then we shall see you there. Thank you very much," Narcissa smiled as they set off.

"You do realise that you are falling for a Malfoy right?" Neville asked once they were further down the street.

"I'm going to have to crack out the etiquette and traditions books to do this right aren't I?" Harry groaned.

"You would go for the most proud, dedicated purebloods in our society Harry," Neville shook his head amused.

"He was perfect though…" Harry grinned slightly goofily.

"Alright come on Romeo we have a meeting to get to!" Neville laughed clapping Harry on the shoulder.