Athurs note:

Sooo I'm going to be Re-doing this whole story starting with chapter's one and two and adding a third one this weekend! Its a personal thing for me to do this cause I love this story line I had created for these characters. And Just so you all know what is what and such here is the whole family tree of sorts

Minerva McGonagall and Richard McGonagall in my story line have two children. A son, George McGonagall and a daughter, Stella McGonagall.

Rolanda Hooch as a daughter, Miranda Hooch who marries George McGonagall.

Dolores Umbridge has a daughter,Correna Umbridge.

Miranda and George have three children together, Zane Malcom, and then their twin daughters Thalia Grace and Annie Athena.

George was also right after the twins where nearing one a few months old away on a mission for the ministry (he worked as a liaison) and was sent to a remote area of Russia.

Let it be known Correna had always wanted George as her own, so with the help of her scary mother she tricked and spelled George into having a one night stand with Correna that she thought would break up his marriage with Miranda.

Instead the fighting between the couple that ensued only proved to make them stronger and leave Correna with an unwanted baby girl, enter Fionnula Alba.

Long story short was that Miranda accepted and ended up adopting Fionnula and accepts the child as if she had the girl herself and she is very close with her family except for her biological mother and grandmother.

As far as fun helpful facts go:

Thalia and Annie are Ravenclaws as was Miranda and Rolanda. Both girls are also only a year older then their little sister and are co-head girls by some stroke of luck. Annie is also the the quidditch team's Keeper and Captain and head of the dueling club at hogwarts. Thalia is the Ravenclaw Seeker and is Rolanda's dark haired mini me as well as being the older of the two.

Zane was a pure gryffindor like his father and paternal grandparents. He is a wild and crazy young man who can't seem to ever hold down a job unless he's got a skirt to chase.

And the essential main(ish) character of the group Fionnula is a hufflepuff Metamorph who loves Care of magical creatures but has trouble with anything DADA and Charms related. She although is much shorter then her half siblings and minus her natural hair and eye color seems to take after her biological mother's side heavily although she is a tad more fit then the Umbdrige women. She also has a good taste for pink but doesn't over do it at all to much.

That should be it for now and any questions do come and ask me!