Soooo. Brain child of mine that I've been working on for a while, ever since the idea popped up when I wrote a corresponding drabble for the LJ community "ygodrabble".

Obviously this is AU, set in medieval times, and there will be eventual Polarshipping. Also, because this is the first time I've ever written something so blatantly AU I'll be updating weekly, depending on my schedule, to make sure I get everything right.

All sorts of characters are going to pop up in this little fic, but please don't make requests as to who you want to see. I already have decided on the cast and their roles—barring unforeseen circumstances, that list won't change. Oh, and surprise—most of the characters have their dub names (cue wide-eyed disbelieving stares: "KoK, you're using dub names?")

On a final note, sorry to leave this chapter on such a cliff-hanger. Then again…aren't all prologues meant to be just that?

Mai had not entirely resented the request from the neighboring kingdom when it had arrived. Her parents had been after her to marry and settle down and this seemed like a good opportunity as any to do as they asked; compared to her passive parents she was bolder and more inclined to speak her mind (as had been the case with her real name—which she still refused to divulge). Then again, Mai also understood that this was so her parents would not have to deal with her anymore—even as a child Mai did not fit the role of a traditional princess and they'd tried to marry her off before, though it had been to lesser kingdoms and none of the princes had ever caught her eye.

…And to an extent she could not blame her parents in wanting to marry her off. She'd nearly caused two wars because she had driven off her suitors unmercifully—but what could she say? She was picky, for heaven's sake! She wasn't going to marry some run of the mill prince whose kingdom could be conquered in a heartbeat!

This time, though, she had gone voluntarily. Unlike the other kingdoms this one was more prosperous and its prince was a daring and brave man, not to mention that she'd heard rumors he was also quite handsome. She figured that it would at least benefit her to go see this prince; if nothing else, she could get away from her somewhat overbearing parents for a while. She'd arrived to that kingdom that morning and the prince had been there to meet her at the drawbridge.

It had only taken her five minutes to realize that Prince Jean Claude was an idiot. The man was too full of himself, even for her tastes. Nonetheless, he was prosperous, rich, and good looking to boot—all criteria that Mai needed to live a comfortable life. First appearances weren't everything, right? She had decided to give him a chance and see where it went from there.

But now, looking back on it all, she realized that none of that mattered any more.

Because being carried off by a dragon in the middle of the night, with high chances of being eaten later, tended to put things in perspective.