Naruto Sage Legacy Prolog: War is ending finally

The War between the Shinobi alliance and Madara raged for many days now. Many battles were fought and many life's are lost now. Things happened no one understands and no one can explain. Some is still in mystery and others is solved and now that the most part of the alliance rests to heal their wounds the final phase begins. Naruto is after Madara and Itachi aims for Kabuto. Both sides know, if the two heads were taken out it would end this tragedy. Unfortunately they won't meet the person they want to…

Through the search Kabuto Itachi runs into Sasuke. He is surprised, happy and sad of what has become off him. "Sasuke what a surprise to see you here though thinking that you now cooperate with Madara not too much." Sasuke can't believe his eyes and isn't able to say something. It completely throws him over. "… Why are you here brother, you died?" Itachi keeps calm and explains brief. "You were with Orochimaru so you should know about it expect he never talked to you about Edo Tensai." Still of board he speaks on. "Kabuto did some but I don't really know about how it works." Itachi makes a knowing expression since he knew it is like that. "I doubt if I speak to you now it will change anything but I'm happy to see you again but if you really plan to destroy Konoha we will have to battle again because the sole reason I can walk around like this is because I broke free of the Edo control with help of Shisui's Genjutsu, to protect Konoha but this time I have the advantage because I'm not ill and can't be destroyed as a Edo Golem." Sasuke is the first time in a long while hesitating about his revenge plans.

Itachi goes on before Sasuke moves. "As I see now you stole my eyes but refuse to see the world the way I did. It is sad that Madara drove you that far by telling the story as he saw it fits." Now Sasuke firstly talks of all. "He told me the truth; even Danzou who was a responsible one confirmed it. I don't side with you or anyone. I only side with revenge and the dead members of our clan." He shouts at him full off anger. "Danzou wasn't better than anyone, he not just sided with Orochimaru, he also worked with Madara though in the end wanted to get rid of them to protect Konoha. He was a twisted kind of guy." Itachi remains calm but Sasuke isn't. "Who cares about them I killed Danzou and I don't care about Madara though it comes in handy that he wants to destroy Konoha." "Sasuke you misunderstand that. I doubt you care but he just wants the Kyuubi and the Hachibi to rule the world and not want to destroy Konoha so he couldn't rule it." "That's right, I don't care but what he does in the moment still serves me. Konoha were against the Uchiha and sacrificed them in order to keep peace so that means I will let them pay for offending the Uchiha name. They didn't trust them and it just served them that they could sacrifice the Uchiha for their cause. They lived in peace because of the sacrifice of our clan. They life for the so called 'Will of Fire' which only means sacrificing whole clans that they doubt and revolted against this kind of thinking to life in peace." He stops his shout of anger for a moment and Itachi takes the time to take the word again.

"It's ironic; if you knew the whole story of truth you would understand that." Don't give me this crap traitor, you are not my brother anymore and if you still side with Konoha I will get rid of you as well." He forms Susanno and creates an Amaterasu sword to attack. Itachi counters with Tsukoyomi.

"You might have my eyes and my techniques but you are far from controlling them. Their effectiveness depends on your own heart and black as yours their power won't come even close to be true powerful. Each Jutsu can be countered, you just have to know how and who would know that better than the creator of it. I know you try to break free of this Tsukoyomi of me but even with your new powers you can't and now would you be nice enough to tell me what exactly Madara and Danzou told you, I'm curious." He ends in his technique.

"Why should I, you know it yourself the best." Sasuke rejects. "You know, as I am now I can keep Tsukoyomi up forever and ever and it would be useless to try to fend it off. It only would weaken you. You also have no one from the outside that could help you right now and there probably wouldn't be one, even if he passed that would free you after what you caused. So be a nice little brother and explain to me." "…" Itachi shakes his head slow and goes on "Fine if you don't want to it doesn't matter, I already know it can't be true anyway or you would be different." "How will you know, maybe I don't care about the truth and just want to erase the Will of Fire by starting with the likes of Naruto who represents everything it stands for?" He arguments with a mad laugh. "Ironic, as I already said and now listen…" Itachi starts. "I won't." gives Sasuke back but Itachi goes on "… you have no choice anyway." He takes a breather before going.

"You know who started that hell at all? It was Madara when he attacked Konoha with the Kyuubi. While the third and the fourth Generation of Hokage, Tsunade and Jiraya and a few renowned but back then very young Jounin like Kakashi, Kurenei, Asuma, Gai, Ebisu and others of the Minato age group always were on the Uchiha side and did their best to don't let the doubt of the Uchiha, that still was around after Madara challenged Hashirama way back then to lower or even delete. Danzou, Homura and Kohaku, the elder of Konoha did the opposite. Especially Minato, the fourth and Naruto's father put effort in it. He even wanted to integrate the Uchiha more in Konoha when he became Hokage."

Sasuke can't believe what he just hears. "You are lying, you must be. No one from Konoha would side with the Uchiha or they had helped revolting.

" … Don't you understand, they worked to make Konoha trust the Uchiha as Hashirama did when Konoha was founded. Anyway back to the true story."

He then goes on with his story and it seems something moved in Sasuke. At least his face tells there must something be going on.

"Sadly just a few days after Minato's election the Kyuubi, controlled by a masked guy, which was Madara attacked the village. He waited for this moment because he knew it was his best chance after the host gives birth that the seal is the most weakened and instable and came to the, for safety purpose distanced place where Kushina gave birth to Naruto. While the fourth tried to take on both, Madara and the Kyuubi the attack happened and destroyed everything in his way. He stopped Madara by stopping the Kyuubi and died in the progress. Kushina who was too weakened due the birth and protecting the Kyuubi seal from Madara's attacks and her son also was tempted to die. This event heated the doubt against the Uchiha all of a sudden again, despite many of them fought alongside Konoha and our clan was now further away from Konoha than ever before."

Sasuke is more open now. "Madara caused this?" "You listen after all, this event marked the future. If Madara hadn't moved Minato surely had succeeded and right now you would probably be happy together on a mission with Naruto and Sakura," feeds him Itachi. "… and I wouldn't have this incredible power at my service." In a different tone again Sasuke answers. "At this point I probably had willingly given you my eyes because I love you so much as a brother." Itachi mentions before going back to his story.

"After Minato's death though the others still tried their best but the supporters became less and less so in the end Danzou and the elders won. This doubt made SOME and only SOME of the Uchiha thinking about revolting and our parents were none from them. On a side note, our parents and Naruto's parents were close friends and wanted to take over the guarding of Naruto after his parents death so you are supposed to be like brothers. Kushina with her last words even said *Mikoto, I would be glad if you would guard Naruto so he and your cute Sasuke become real good brothers. Please grow him into a fine Shinobi as well…* you see?" Sasuke is more confused now. "Naruto was supposed to grow up as my little brother…"

"Exactly, but back to the actual story... Later on Danzou and the elders decided to get rid of the entire Uchiha clan and decided I have to do it. He already sent for Madara who helped me but as it later came out, he tried Shisui's Sharingan to 'convince' me of the job because I rejected to kill more than the few planning to attack Konoha. The third generation also was entirely against this kind of action. In the end, Madara killed most of our clan, including our parents but not the revolting, that job was mine. Just before you came I confronted Madara and he explained a bit before using his teleport and you saw me. I had to fast come up with a plan and the rest of the story pretty much should be known to you. I begged the third to look after you and explained what happened and that I will take the responsibility to go after Madara to gather information. To give you a chance against Madara later on I put you up to hating me so you can acquire the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, to be on par with Madara but you turned out to become the next Madara… I failed with you…" He ends the story on a bitter note and takes some heartbeats to let it sink in Sasuke before saying a last sentence. "If one has a right for revenge after all, it is Naruto because he was the first one to be thrown in that hell by Madara's actions. Unlike you though, he was able to climb out of it by himself while you went in deeper and deeper into darkness. That is your weakness that deems you to fail in the end." Itachi ends but Sasuke does obvious get not all of it or at least doesn't react to it in any way.

Sasuke sounds different now. "So the cause of all this is Madara…" Itachi seems to be proud to see Sasuke looks like he realized it. "Do you now understand?" wonders Itachi. "I do, my hate was aimed the wrong way, I have to firstly kill Madara before anything else… He caused the start of this hell." Since Sasuke obvious realizes his fault Itachi releases the Tsukoyomi. "Good, but I couldn't figure out how to get through Madara's teleporting and until that you won't be able to do anything against him without the sage's powers Naruto bears within. But what I learned of, is that there is a retired Ninja that was space-time specialist and he might know how to come by with that but since I already was renowned for being an Akatsuki since years I couldn't get him to talk to me but maybe you can. His whereabouts latle are unknown to me. Last I heard of him was on the east shore but that's it." Sasuke leaves the scene before Itachi could do more though he could follow him but he believes it will be all right. "Now for the other Edo Golems and the search for Kabuto, since Sasuke seem to have stopped his assault against Konoha and bears no danger to it right now it's all right though I hadn't not much of another choice due the Genjutsu that freed me anyway I can leave him be…"

Sasuke though already away knows exactly what to do now. "Myrevenge,firstlyItakedownMadaraandthentheKyuubithatisNarutosincetheystartedthehellIhadtogothroughandthenfinally,IwilltakedownKonohafordoingwhattheydidtotheUchihaafter.Theytemptedustobelikewhatwearenow" With that he vanishes in the shadows.

Naruto on his part encountered not Madara but Kabuto.


"If this isn't Naruto that just run into me, saves me a lot of trouble. Now would you quietly follow me." Naruto reacts angry to this command. "Why would I follow someone like you who abuses the death as his slaves. I'll beat you up good and make you to set all of em free." Naruto attacks Kabuto but he easily defends at them. "You can try but it will be fruitless. Once they are unleashed the only thing I can do is control their movement and Jutsu. Even if I wanted to, which I do not. The only way to stop them is either rip their souls out of this generic body or to seal them away along with it." Unimpressed Kabuto goes on calm. "Besides that, if you don't cooperate, your precious girl Hinata will die…" Naruto stops in his attack. "What?" "You hear right but let me explain since you can't know. Way back, just before our attack at the Chunin exam I was with the viewer of the stadium where she was as well. Her wounds from her fight with Neji re-opened and I was around. Here I could plant, you could say small bomb next to her heart unsuspected while healing her entirely. If I activate it, it is bye-bye and she is done for and it wouldn't be a nice dead. I can assure you that much. " He ends with evil laugher. Naruto just is about to again lose control. "You did what? You…" "Exactly, of course if Tsunade would have known about it or were near her right now it would be of no use but how would you know. Are you willing to risk it?" he asked sure of himself, Naruto won't. Naruto brief answers, "where to?" "I knew it, it is always good to have more than just one trump in the sleeves. You can be glad though, we go to Madara and depending on his reaction you might even be allowed to go at him…" They walk off now. "And Hinata?" asks Naruto concerned. "Heh, heh. My knowledge of humans is indeed good. Back then you where too young but I could see you will eventually grow to each other. Don't worry, I may look like a monster and sometimes have to act like one but I'm not. If everything goes my way I will disable it entirely but you probably will be dead or close to be it then. However, you at least die knowing she will be fine, from my part on. Everything else doesn't concern me." Kabuto victorious laughs after his explanation. "?" Now the go of in direction of the hideout.

The battles on the field go on. The new six paths of the sage Madara created the former Jinchu Edo's fight mightily against the rest of the army. It's a tough battle and the alliance has it hard to act. Atop his elevation Madara looks down and laughs. "You can't beat me, just give in and hand over the Kyuubi and the Hachibi. I already won. It is just a question of time at this point. Most of your army is either dead or seriously wounded and my army still grows, even at this point. You simply can't win, why this useless struggle. It just annoys me but won't change the outcome." And indeed he is right. The alliance was barely able to hold off two of them. And without knowing it Naruto who could help is on a different way. "Where is Naruto? Without him we can't beat this demon…" "We don't know. He already should be on the way here but there is no one near him to contact. No one could keep up with him anyway. There ain't any other chance than to tell him the way and send him off…"

"(AssoonasIcanconfirmhereleaseditIwillact.ThereisnowayIwouldabandoneveryonejustforoneperson,evenifitismydearestfriend.Iwillsaveboth) Naruto and Kabuto already reached the hideout. "Now Naruto I must just contact him to come here. You wait here and don't dare to rescue Tenzou to stop the Zetsus spawning. I will be back soon." Kabuto leaves for now and he is sure Naruto won't run, he has his trumps at hand. "(Whyisheleaving?HeisprobablytoosureofhisplanandheisdamnrightwithitButjustknow,didhegivemeatiptostopMadara?Butwhywouldhedoit?Whatexactlyisheplanning?" Wait,wasn'tTenzoucaptainYamato'srealname.Ikindofrememberhavingbychancehearditbefore.)" He looks around a bit, nothing suspicious around. Kabuto really did let him move freely. "(What is he planning, damn it. I can't stand here doing nothing. I just check around what he meant. I now venture in this ominous looking cave and act if I can.)" He carefully looks around and spots the Zetsu production statue with Yamato connected to it. "(Noway,sothatiswhereallthesethingscamefrom.IhavenocluehowthisworksbutImuststopitandfreehim.)" He changes into Sage cloak and mows through the spawning Zetsu before they notice what hit them. Soon he somehow manages to free Yamato as well and in the same moment the spawning stops and everything goes quiet. The remaining that lurk immediate go at him but are blown away faster that they can act. Everything is empty now and he is all alone. Fating Yamato gets a last glimpse at Naruto. "Na… ruto…" and falls unconscious. "Damn it, if I leave here Hinata's life will be at stake but he needs immediate treatment or he's gonna die. What should I do…" He looks around helpless while thinking about his possible actions.

Kabuto on his part closed in to Madara unseen from the rest and reports it. "Tobi, I got my hands on Naruto and he is currently on our hideout waiting." You did? Then why are you here to tell it to me and not guarding him until I'm back?" "I just wanted to report it personally and besides that, I have him in my hand. He won't do anything stupid. If we seal him now you can speed up the progress of getting the Hachibi as well. That was my thought in it." "Fine, I get tired of watching this flees biting my paths. Gakidou and Ningendou should suffice here and the rest will come along for the sealing. Will you join as well?" "I would love to but unfortunately, despite all my knowledge and might I never learned about this sealing Jutsu but I gladly watch, besides that, there are other things to… talk over for this price." He is suspicious now and the sound of Kabuto's words he does not like." So you want more, I thought we had an agreement over Sasuke." "This agreement was over the forces I throw into this war to help you win. Bringing the Kyuubi was an additional service that costs more and besides of that, I had to use more Golems then just the former Akatsuki and additionally lost Itachi. This all caused me to re-calculate the price. Of course, if you disagree, well let's just say there is more to come and further I will not stop him from rampaging all over your face, with some support of course…" "You dirty snake…" That's me for you…" "Fine, let's talk about this more on the way." His mask hides it but he certainly is displeasured about the way this all went. He now shouts down the ranks to the army. "Well, it was fun watching you struggle but I have to go now. Business awaits me." The paths stop at once and the surprise announcement of him made all of them look up with an asking face. "Well, it seems I got my hands on the Kyuubi already and now have to go sealing him away. But don't worry Human and Hungry Ghost path will stay here playing with you. Bye…"

The expression of all is incredible horror. They can't believe He got Naruto already and their moral gets down to zero. Despair murmurs through the lines. Most of them lost their spirit to fight on. They know, if he got capture everthing is lost. Even amongst the Konohans who know him the best all goes black.

"No this can't be…" "If we lost Naruto we lost everything." "Most of the enemies could only be stopped with his assistance." "If Madara was able to catch him, there is no way we could stand the slightest chance." "Is it really true? Naruto you lost? …" "Naruto…" "No, not Naruto…" "Naruto?" NARUTOOOOOOOOOOOO…" "Could he really have gotten him? I can't believe it not Naruto…" Madara just laughs loud while leaving and just after this moment when every spirit seems to be lost the fighting continues with less gut. But then Itachi appears on the field. Doubt comes up. "No, not him as well, this is Itachi, another summoned dead fighting for Madara." Most of the people already are on the retreat. He approaches Kakashi and he goes in defensive position. "Kakashi-sensei, it's been a while now…" He now attacks Itachi already. "Don't worry Kakashi; I'm not under Kabuto's control anymore. Shisui's power I implanted in Naruto way back freed me. I'm now here to protect Konoha. What happened here, everyone acts strange here?" "You probably parted from Naruto a while back. Madara" Kakashi hesitates a second while saying his name "just announced he could secure the Kyuubi and is about to seal him away." "Is this true?" "We don't know but how he acted he probably spoke the truth though we have no means to proof it." "I see but even if he did, he will probably get out of it somehow. Within Naruto slumbers a power beyond all understanding and comprehension. He has the tools to stop him and the courage to do it. It will all be all right but here our turn is to hold the line and support him our own way. I know he will be able to change reality. He never gives up and we may neither. So keep on fighting and won't let him do all the work." While talking he gets increasing louder so all may hear him and it worked. The stop fleeing and stand tall against the attacking Zetsu. "We should take care of this two here." He points to the two remaining paths and the fight begins. The chance are equal and more and more Zetsu vanish without new ones substituting it. Also the battle between the stronger Shinobi and the two paths goes smooth though their won't be a winner for a while. However, at one point Itachi is falling prey to the Human path and his soul is ripped out. It decreases the chance of the others but in the end their victory is imminent.

During all that Madara and Kabuto close in to the hideout. Naruto for his side is still clueless what to do with Yamato. Until he gets the idea of using his Kuchiyose and the frogs transport him to safety before Madara arrive. "So, you say, as soon as I succeeded with the Moon Eye I have to transfer the Juubi to Naruto? This is ridiculous." "Well, it's not like it would cause you any trouble anymore when you succeeded. You want to control this world and I have my own plans. Don't worry though, they don't cross with yours, I'm just interested in the research. I don't care about the world, It's just my personal intention and once you achieved it, you don't need the spirit of the Juubi anymore, you will have the strength and the body, even without it. So why hesitating?" "You know you know way too much from things you shouldn't…" "As I told you, I was spy and I am researcher. The best in both I would say. Of course I know many stuff…" "Ack, it's not like I'm in a possision to reject it but you probably know about this already." "Exactly, so are you okay with it? And to top, that I throw in that I will organize the Hachibi to you as well, for the same price this time." "OK, (IjustactafterIcan.Heiswaytoodangeroustoberoamfree) I'll take that offer so let's get to business." Madara sees Naruto waiting for him and the Zetsu fabric having stopped. He is not amused about it. "Youuuuu…" "Hey, don't look at me like that, I didn't tell him about it. He must have figured it out how to enter by himself…" "(Hemusthavepreparedthisbeforehandtoputmeinanevenworseposition.Hewillgetitforthatlater)"

"Ahhhh, the Kyuubi brat… Glad you were wise enough to come here by yourself to end this war we had won anyway. Good boy, as Tobi muhahaha…" "You, Madara. The one that made Sasuke to what he is and caused this war and all deaths…" "Oh, wanna attack me?" In Naruto's eyes this urge is clearly visible. "Think at the girl Naruto. As soon as the progress started and you can't act anymore I will release her," warns him Kabuto. "What?" But before Naruto could act in his already really weakened state Kabuto does and paralyzes him. We shouldn't waste any more time, eh Madara?" "Good, the other paths will soon be here so we can start this. Since we all are strong and only half of the Kyuubi is within him, though fairly enough for the cause we should finish this fast and then finish the alliance off." "Wha… argh…" Naruto is prevented to now. Soon the progress of extracting the Kyuubi starts. Naruto goes through lots of pain and regrets while he gets weaker and weaker. His will is fighting but he pretty much lost the battle now. He can still hear Kabuto and Madara. "Well Naruto, though you go through hell just now I know you can still hear me pretty clearly. As I promised, I just disabled the bomb besides Hinata's heart so you at least have one worry less though, this doesn't include an assurance that she doesn't dies in the next battle of this war but you can't do anything about it know. Idiot, Ahahaha…" His remaining power vanishes and his life fates but he is still struggling. Somewhere in the later in this battle he can't win he often gets a strange feeling of unimaginable power and something unknown slumbering within him, something that reacts to the Jutsu cast on him. His body reacts to it and flashes through it and only Kabuto can see it and he knows exactly what it is. The power that will assure his survive in any case, a power, he wants to have at his service for his own cause. He knowingly keeps his distance and expects something to happen soon. He lifted a barrier to get out of it unharmed. Then, a sudden light explodes from Naruto. It throws off Madara and destroys his paths and slingshots him away. The Gedo Maso vanishes and the glow covers more and more of the area. All remaining Zetsu vapor in chakra and then just vanish. Only a few can get through it along with the original. Even Kabuto realizes he underestimated this outbreak of power and high tails.

"Magnificent, even better than I expected. I can see it already how this will help to bring forth my cause but it is too much to be controlled just like that. First he must learn to control it and while that I must get back my full strength as well and proceed with my plan. Right now I can't do much and must let him be but it weren't me if I couldn't achieve what I want somehow. It just will be a bit more difficult to do so now but nothing too major…" and off he is. The battlefield is clear now and all that they see is the light glowing from Naruto. It is so powerful, even many of the fallen come back, though not all. The early victims are lost forever but this is better than anyone could expect. The wounded hell a important chunk and the dark clouds, created through all the bloodshed release a shining rain that heals the battlefield to an small extent. All who witness this wonder believe they dream. "What a wonder, what happened here, have the gods come to help stopping the catastrophe?" "What ever happened, it stopped this madness and I want to never have such a slaughter again…" The warriors are all relieved and fall down thanking it ended. "I don't know what just happened but I bet Naruto has something to do with it. Every enemy vanished and supposedly dead recovered. It appears Itachi was right. Boy, what achieved you here…" Kakashi is overwhelmed as well. And the others agree with him. They can party now but no one besides Kabuto knows what dwells in the shadow of this war now. "This should have be enough to open it enough to come through here partly and it steady grows. A few more months I think and I should head there to get it and some helper. The worst is yet to come. Party alliance, party as long as you can because soon you will learn true terror…"

The light now vanished as has most of Madara's powers and forces. He is in no position to do anything for a good long while now. Naruto lies sleeping, dwelling in memories now while trying to come back to life. He needs to regenerate and this will be a long rest. Madara, standing before shattered ambitions tries' to get ahold of him and will use the chance to go on. He does not understand what just happened. He struggles to fullfil his ambitions. "No, oh no, I won't accept this, this won't happen. I will finish this plan. All I had prepared until now all this tricks I played, all what I achived till now, gone, made in vain. I WON'T ACCEPT this. Kuchiyose Gedo Maso. Kuchiyose Gedo Maso? Kuchiose…" but it won't come. "It is no use…" "We should retreat and re-group. This still hasn't ended. I barely made it myself and you look bad as well. Let's come up with another plan. It is no use to keep on gripping at this now. It failed." He looks at Zetsu. "The rest of them soon will arrive here and in our condition we don't stand a chance against an army. I already prepared some dummies to make them think we are dead, of course you have no head on it, and we don't want them to learn who you were anyway. There sure will be another way you can come up with. This time better prepared…" "You are right, it isn't over yet. I will be back and I will have my revenge…" So they get away as well…

This ended the war and after a while Naruto is found lying in the middle of the field that was the hideout, sleeping all calm. At first they are concerned about him but it soon is clear he just needs a loooong, long rest and while everyone waits for his awakening they tidy as much as possible of the battlefield. Roughly two weeks later Naruto wakes up and first thing he sees are the concerned face of all his friends. Sleepy he asks why he is here and what happened. You couldn't remember anything about what happened after he met Kabuto. All he could remember was that he met Kabuto and now lies in here. "What happened and why am I here. "Well Naruto, we can't exactly explain you what happened but the reason why you are here is that we found you lying sleeping in the middle of nowhere and then brought you here." "And the war?" "No clue, we saw a big light in the sky and followed it until we found you just after every enemy has vanished, oh and Yamato is pretty fine as well. Slept nearly as long as you did." "Nearly as long as I did?" "Yeah you sleepyhead. Do you have the slightest clue how worried we were when you wouldn't wake up for roughly two weeks" scolds him Sakura. This caused anyone in the room looking at her with and evil glare that shut her immediately. Kakashi takes the word again. "Well, whatever happened is not so important. What counts is that the war is over and you are all right. When we heard Madara got his hands on you we were really worried until Itachi came and re-assured us you will be all right. Unfortunately he got caught by Madara's Human path and lost his soul but now he should be back in the other world (and eventually he again will be summoned as Edo golem to fight but this time not to be changed through a Genjutsu but I shouldn't tell Naruto that now he wouldn't take it…)" "I see…" he makes a sad face. "What's this face Naruto, this war made you the hero for all villages not just Konoha. You should smile over it and laugh." The words Hinata just spoke lifted his spirits. "Thanks Hinata. What is with Madara and Kabuto?" "…" "I see, you couldn't confirm their dead bodies…" Tsunade comes in to fill Naruto now. "That is not entirely right, we found two dead bodies as well but only one was clearly identifiable, that plant guy. We found his mask besides a headless body. For Kabuto, well, he obvious high tailed in time, I hope he is not planning anything… but he is not the kind of guy that acts on himself. Until another madman appears we probably won't hear anything about him, if at all. But this is nothing we should be concerned of right now. More important is to re-build what was lost and besides that, Konoha is still in bad shape from Pain's attack." After Tsunade ends this Naruto is about to sleep again. "Yawn… That is good and if you don't mind I take a few more hours of sleep before heading back to Konoha. I still feel dizzy and outworn." "WHAAAAT!" This shaked the room but Naruto doesn't care and is already sleeping again. "Well, he deserved it. We should let him rest. The crowd just has to wait another day to hurray him…"

Peace returned and the cooperation between villages and countries is much better after this war, for now…

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