"Here is how you can know the Spirit of God. Every spirit that believes that Jesus Christ has come in the body of a man is from God. And every spirit that does not say this about Jesus, does not belong to God. That is the spirit of the one who is against Christ. You have heard that he is coming. And now he is already in this world." 1 John 4: 2-3

Smoke filled Matt's lungs to the brim and restricted his breathing; if he had use of breathing any longer. The world was set ablaze in fire, and Mail had been the cause of a good bit of it. The ground was cracked and broken, leading down into the dark crevices of our world. Among the piles of bodies, the gallons of blood and the burning flesh was the young red head, looking up at the scene passing him by. The sky was a deep maroon red, stained with the blood of the angels who fought above. He tried to spot Mello but couldn't; the angels were immense in numbers, and the blonde was no where to be seen. Matt gulped, and felt his heart sink: what was he supposed to do now? He needed Mello's guidance.

The sky cracked with thunder from billowing clouds of black above, and Matt watched as the deadly bolts of lightning took out running civilians that he did not know. The bodies smelled rotten, though they had only been dead a few hours at most. The buildings crumbled from impact of angels or the burning influence of fire. Matt stand as a single human amongst a scene of death. Yet nothing was on his mind other than Mello: where was he?

Matt highered himself, feeling as the ground fell away from his feet. He had been dead for a good long time now; or close to dead. Mello had made it clear to him that in order to help him it would be easier without the boundaries of the mortal world: and so he killed himself, to be brought back in a semi-physical body by the blonde. Not that he minded; life had been set into a new perspective since he had been dead. The true monstrosity of the species he used to associate with was revealed to him. They had done this to their world; not he or Mello. This had been coming to them since they were conceived: the end of days.

He was brought amongst the fighting, shots of red and green firing around him. He didn't know quite what they would do if they hit him; he watched as the angels fought and some were hit, and watched as they fell out of the sky. He shuddered, thinking of Mello.

"Mello!" he called out in vain, looking around quickly, "Where are you?"

Silence followed his calls, and he moved about the fighting, looking to the best of his ability. He was scared, not scared for himself but scared for his lover.


"Matt... Matt where are you? I need you!"

He heard the voice in his head, ringing clear and true. He wandered through the clouds, looking around and calling Mello's name. The shots were fired around him, closer and more intense as he got further into the clouds and billowing smoke.

The scene then changed. The smoke blew away and was broken apart by rays of white light. The grey clouds were replaced with white, pristine fluffy wisps. The sky wasn't so dark and red here, and was instead a light pink color. The violence however was only more graphic here, despite the serenity. Angels flapped their black and white wings, feathers flying and blood splashed across the sky. Angels fell, lightning struck, and in the midst of it all was the object of Matt's affections.

"Mello! Are you-"

Mello looked at Matt, his true form having ceased to be disturbing by now, and reached out a hand, beckoning Matt to him.

"Mail, we're losing too many," he began, his voice struggled and strange, "And He won't show his face..."

Matt came to his side, and took his hand in his. Mello looked up to the huge clouds, his huge black eyes reflecting the light pink.

"Anything I can do, Mells?"

"Hmmm..." a small smile formed on his lips, forming before too long into a huge grin, "Was hoping you would ask me that...there is, actually..."

He pointed to the angel across the way, with striking white grey hair and matching wings. He paid little attention to the fact he was being spoken of, and let fires be shot mercilessly.

"That is Near," he began, every word spoken between barred teeth, "I believe it should be obvious what you need to do,"

Of course Matt knew. He placed a small kiss on Mello's lips with a reassuring smile, before making his way to the man.

"Mihael Keehl, you will not lie to this child any longer,"

The voice rang through the sky, and for a moment all the fighting ceased. The angels all had their eyes wide, and were staring up at the source of the voice.

"Mail, I apologize for letting him trick you like this; yet the fates are unchangeable, and your fate had been determined,"

He was before me, normal and human, his black eyes watching me with sorrow. There were no wings on his back, yet he was shimmered in a slight white light. Those angels who had white wings bowed down in mid air, closing their eyes and muttering something in a language Mail didn't understand.

Mello smirked, having let go of Matt's hand the instant he saw Him.

"I was wondering when you would show your face. I've been missing you dearly, my pet," he hissed the words, that smirk still plastered on his face, "Don't you think it's about time you show your face to the few mortals still alive, about time you stop the killing? I would figure you would care about the poor human's plight-"

"Cease, Mihael; I have had enough of you for an eternity. If I could destroy you I would, but I have faith that you can be rehabilitated,"

Mihael didn't get the chance to reply before Matt had pressed his fist to His cheek. There was a silence that draped the red sky, and Mail heard a small gasp next to him.

"Don't you dare tell my Mihael that! He is the most beautiful being that has ever lived, and you have fucked with him for the last time!"

He was neutral as ever, silent as He raised a hand to feel the wound on His cheek.

"Mail Jeevas..."

Matt smirked, looking at Mello for a sign that he had done well.

Hell flared in the blonde's eyes. He approached Him without a word to Matt, and held His face in his hands, Mello placing his lips to His.

"Are you alright, sweetheart?"


Mello was pulled away from Him by two other angels, who held his arms and kept him back, restricting him by some un-seeable force.

The blonde angel ceased to struggle after seeing it was useless, to look at Matt, tears overflowing in his eyes, and his eyebrows furrowed in anger.

"Mail Matthew Jeevas you are the biggest dumbass I have ever seen! You are the embodiment of everything I hate in your detestable species! You simply believe that I loved you? How would anyone EVER love you? No one would ever want to get within three feet of you, which is why you were the perfect puppet for me! You were so lonely, that the moment was perfect. You just happened to meet the man of your dreams who loved you, would die for you; and so you did. You clung to me, and it was only in that single moment when I told you of my story when I had to control you. Love had blinded you, and had it not been for my tears that night you would have left me, and I would never have gotten this far! But you fucked it up, just like you always do! I could have been happy again, confronted Him and let Him see the error of His ways! But you had to hurt him! You had to ruin the face of my darling!"

Mello hissed a curse word in that language of his, and let Hell burn in his eyes. "I never loved you! You were barely use to anyone. Now that you've served whatever purpose you could have had, I release you from your pitiful existence."

Matt felt the wind fly out of him, and he fell. He fell far, he fell into darkness. And as he fell he heard that voice he loved in his head one last time.

"I'll see you in Hell, Matt,"

Then all was dark.

"Mail, open your eyes,"

Matt looked up, seeing nothing but white. He sat up, blinking sleepily, and glanced around for the voice. Standing on a ground of barren whiteness was Him. He took form of a human, His face almost as white as the landscape. Black hair sit atop His head in a mess, and underneath bangs were two black eyes. Black eyes he recognized.

"It's you..."

He smiled widely, and held out His hand to Matt. "Mail, I'm sorry. So sorry."

Matt took his hand without a word, feeling warmth flood through his body. "I feel like I should tell you the truth, as you have been robbed of all else,

"Mihael was not evil from the beginning as many believe; that much he said was true. He had once been my most trusted advisor, my most trusted friend and my first creation in this universe. I gave him all he wanted, and Mihael did everything I asked him to. Yet Near... Near ruined him.

"Near wasn't a horrible angel. He was, and is, a beautiful being with only compassion on his mind. Yet I believe it was this battling of passions, both who loved me more than eternity itself, fighting for my love. Yet it was fruitless; my love was extended to all things equally, which included Mihael and Near did not choose sides."

Matt said nothing, staring off into the white abyss they continued to walk towards.

"Mail, I think in his heart Mihael loved and envied humans; he would spend lifetimes watching their lives unfold in front of him. If there was something Mihael didn't have it was the idea of free will; he was always bound to me by some unspoken law, and he hated the humans for they had something he did not. He begged with me to take this power away from them, telling me it would end in their demise. When I didn't, he took matters into his own hands and tricked them, as if to show me that he knew best. Had it not been for his influence that day with the tree of knowledge...none of this would have had to happen,"

He sighed, brushing a strand of hair behind His ear.

"Mihael had been planning an attack on Heaven for ages now. In fact, you weren't the first mortal he tried to recruit. Some of the stories you hear about Satanists and their crackpot ideas are, in reality, truth. Yet they usually met an early death or imprisonment, and so Mihael would move on to another target. You happened to be the one. You are the most loyal of all the Earth's humans, you who love unconditionally and eternally. You still love Mihael, in fact; don't you?"

It was the truth, and Matt nodded solemnly.

"I had foreseen this happening, as you can imagine. Yet humans are given free will; and in order not to submit to Mihael's scheme I waited and watched as he lied and cheated his way into your heart. I watched as you set fire to buildings, killed high-ranking politicians and recruited armies for Mihael; and now it is gone. The Earth is dried up, depleted, and the dead have been sorted into their proper places."

"Is that why you're here now? To take me to... Hell?"

"Hm..." He thought a moment, looking away from the red head, "It is typically not my decision to say who goes where, but..."

He smiled, looking back up to Mail with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen, "I would imagine you won't be going to Hell,"

"Won't? But... After... Everything I did jus-"

"Mail, the Bible was written by humans, not by me. If everything written in that damn book were true then I would be as deluded as Mihael. No, those who are pure in heart are welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven; not those who necessarily believe in me or who love the right people. And you, my dear Mail are the purest heart. You may have done wrong, but you have suffered through more than enough to suffice. I wish you hadn't have had to suffer in such a manner, but I genuinely hope that you may be happy for eternity. It is all I can give you, and I hope it makes up for it all."

Matt took a moment before answering or looking at Him, his eyes down to his feet. After a moment he looked up at Him, tears sparkling in his green eyes.

"What happened to Mello?"

"Well..." He took a sigh, knowing this question was bound to rise its ugly head, "He is in his own little sort of Hell. A place where he is restricted and tormented by the pain he has caused mortals to suffer through for millennia. There he will remain for as long as I can hold him..." he took a break, looking up, "which won't be very long in a universal standpoint. Long enough to begin the process of life once more. And only that."

"You're bringing them back? After what humans have done?"

"Well of course," He looked to Matt, that same all-knowing smile on His lips, "Every time it's a little bit different, and even I can't predict what will happen. It's sort of intriguing, don't you think?"