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Chapter 1

Dr Effie Brenner sighed for what seemd like the 50th time that day as she finished writing up her notes on her current patient, eager to shove the file back in its drawer, forget about it and head home.

But then, who wasn't eager to get away from here? Even the criminals wanted out of the hell hole that was Arkham Asylum. They should have just been thankful it wasn't Blackgate.

Then again, she thought, maybe it was better there. Atleast Blackgate wasnt home to almost every Supercriminal in Gotham.

Effie dropped her pen onto the desk as she stood up and stretched, shoulders popping.

"Hey, did you hear? Batman caught the Joker, and he's bringing him here."

She turned to the window, listening as two interns dawdled past her office, speaking in hushed tones so they wouldn't get caught.

"No way? Geez how many more guys do they think we can fit in here?"

The first one chuckled.

"The Joker, of all people. Man that guy gives me the creeps. Their bringing his thugs from Blackgate too."

Effie frowned as their voices faded.

Another Supercriminal? And God only knows how many men Joker has following him! What was Sharp thinking!

Oh God, he'd better not...

As if on queue, the Warden of Arkham Asylum burst through the door, looking none too pleased.

"Ah, good, your still here Dr Brenner. I'm going to need you to stay."

Effie groaned inwardly "But-"

"It's been a long day for everyone, and I realize you have to get home to take care of your sister but I need as many people as possible to stay. The Joker is coming in."

Knowing he wouldn't take no for answer, she simply nodded, frown making it evident that she wasnt happy about it. Sharp seemed to look a little relieved.

"Good. He'll be arriving soon. Make sure your ready."

He left quickly, eager to be elsewhere.

Effie let out yet another sigh, a little frustrated before turning back to her desk, picking up the phone and dialing her apartment, waiting for her sister to answer.

If she had thought the day was long, she was in for a big surprise.

Little did Effie Brenner know, it was about to get even longer.