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At a motel out on Route 16, Gibbs and his team drew their guns and approached room number four on the ground level. But before they could knock, the door opened and Donna Packard walked out with a small satchel in her hand. Her face did not show any surprise.

"Drop the bag, step out here and get down on your knees," Ziva instructed.

"Knees," Packard mumbled as she complied.

"You can stop the act," Ziva responded and handcuffed her behind her back. "You are under arrest for the murder of Special Agent Derek Moen."

Three hours later, Gibbs entered the interrogation room at NCIS Headquarters to get some answers from Donna Packard. He and his team had just finished processing the motel room where she had stayed for the past week. In a dumpster near the motel, they had found a blond wig. Inside her room, were numerous bottles and bags of illegal drugs along with over-the-counter medications. The motel manager had told them that Packard did not appear mentally handicapped when he talked with her on two separate occasions.

This time when Gibbs sat across the table from Packard, she was clean and well dressed. Only to himself did he acknowledge that she had done a good job with the act she had put on the last time he had seen her. Looking into her cold gray eyes, he asked his first question, "How did you know Derek Moen?"

"That bastard was responsible for my brother getting killed," she spat out, suddenly angry.

Gibbs hesitated a few seconds and saw a icy look slide across her face and cloud her eyes. "I killed your brother in self-defense when he attacked me," he told her. "Derek Moen wasn't there because Scotty had broken his arm."

Packard narrowed her eyes, giving Gibbs a death glare. "He's always been there," she ground out, "ever since high school. Taunting Scotty, instead of helping him. He turned his back on Scotty a long time ago, when he could have helped him."

"They were friends in high school?" Gibbs asked, but Packard only gritted her teeth and looked away without answering. "We know you killed Agent Moen by lacing his food with poison and drugs," he informed her.

Packard shrugged her shoulder. "Whatever," she mumbled. "I'm just glad he's dead."

Gibbs stood up and looked down at the woman. "The food you poisoned wasn't just for Moen. One of our own people was with him that evening." When Packard didn't even look up, he could see that information was of no concern to her. She probably wouldn't have cared if the food had been ingested by a whole team of federal agents.

Without another word, Gibbs left the room, meeting Ziva out in the hall. "Lavey identified her as the woman who gave him the money and took the food to deliver," she said. "Tony is getting his written statement."

Gibbs nodded and was relieved that the case could finally be wrapped up. Actually, it was two cases that they were bringing to a close, since the evidence on Moen's computer definitely identified him as the cyber-stalker. And Abby had pulled numerous emails tying Moen to Jessup Grayson, a kingpin in the drug trade along the east coast. No doubt Moen had been getting ready to leave his life as a special agent and go underground with Grayson. Gibbs was sure in his mind that Moen had been planning on taking Abby with him. It was yet another way he had come close to losing her during this case.

Returning to the bullpen, he knew his team would be up until dawn if he had them write up their reports now. So before he sat behind his desk, he told them to go home and get some sleep; the reports could wait a few more hours. They didn't need to be told twice as they shut off their computers and grabbed their bags.

Once Gibbs was alone, his mind wandered to thinking of Abby. They had started a relationship in the midst of two crazy, twisted cases, and he wondered how things would progress between them now. The last few weeks hadn't been easy for either of them and in the midst of all the turmoil, they had sought one another for comfort and escape. There had been little time for them to actually talk about where they were headed and what they each wanted.

Gibbs knew he wanted more to his relationship with Abby than just a physical one. He was ready to make a long standing commitment to her, but he didn't know if she felt the same way. They needed to talk and he needed to tell her how he felt.

Flicking his desk lamp off, he decided to leave his report until later, also, and he headed for the lab. He knew Abby was still working on logging the evidence found on Moen's computers.

As Gibbs neared the lab, Abby's ear-splitting music bounced off the walls and filled his head. He stepped inside her door unnoticed and his eyes immediately fell to the floor where she was on her hands and knees under a table, the red panties covering her backside staring him in the face. With a little grin, Gibbs tilted his head and felt his pulse rate increase. He was extremely thankful that now he didn't have to look away or interrupt her. Now he could take a leisurely enjoyable look and think of what he'd like to do with her in private. Except that the deafening music was making it impossible to think. Stepping over to the stereo, he pushed the off button and Abby swung her head around.

"Gibbs!" she complained. "I need that music on so I don't fall alseep."

"Your skirt's a little short for you to be crawling around like that, Abbs. What if I had been the director?"

Scooting out from under the table, she straightened up onto her knees. "Director Vance went home a while ago."

Putting out a hand, Gibbs helped her to her feet. "What were you doing down there?"

"Untangling the cables. I'm packing everything up and handing it over to the Drug Enforcement Agency. Orders from Director Vance."

Gibbs wound his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "You gonna be long?" he asked, looking over her shoulder to the table of equipment she was packing into boxes.

"Half hour," she said, spreading soft kisses along his jaw. "You headed home to get some sleep?"

Gibbs closed his eyes and let her beautiful scent wash over him. His fingertips smoothed back and forth across her lower back. "Was wondering how you'd feel about a relaxing bath after you're finished here?"

Abby's mouth fell to his neck and she smiled against his warm skin. "Mmmm, I like the sound of that, Special Agent Gibbs. Your place then?"

"I'll wait for you," Gibbs stated and pulled back, dropping a kiss to her lips.

Abby pulled him into a deeper kiss for several long seconds. "You're going to distract me," she breathed heavily. "You go on ahead and get it ready."

Gibbs nodded and grinned. "I can do that."

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo licked the tips of his fingers after polishing off the last slice of a large pizza he had picked up on his way home. It has been too many hours since his last meal and even longer since the last time he had slept. But crawling into his own bed and actually falling asleep was going to be a problem. The apartment above his was under renovation and the construction workers liked to start at 0500 hours. Looking at his watch, Tony saw he only had an hour of peace and quiet left before the hammering and scraping and power sawing would start. If he crawled into bed now, he would just be drifting into a deep sleep when the noise started.

Grabbing his bag, he headed out the door feeling relatively assured that he could find other accommodations at his boss' house. He hadn't actually asked Gibbs if he could crash on his couch, but he hadn't expected to be going to bed at this time of the morning. Lately, he had been using the arrival of the construction workers as his alarm clock to get up for work. Besides, he knew it was highly probable that Gibbs wouldn't even go home for sleep, so he would have the house to himself.

Not finding a parking spot in front of Gibbs' house, Tony parked two blocks away, and before going inside, he noted Gibbs' pickup truck parked in the driveway. As usual, the front door was unlocked and Tony walked into a very quiet atmosphere. Walking through the kitchen, he opened the basement door and could see that the room was dark and he didn't hear any noises that might indicate that Gibbs was working down there.

Returning to the living room entrance, he stopped at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the bedrooms. At the moment, he couldn't hear anything and he figured Gibbs was already in bed, sleeping. In which case, Tony reasoned it would be no big deal to help himself to the couch.

But as Tony turned away from the stairs, he heard a muted clanking noise from above and decided he better go up and ask Gibbs for permission to stay. Taking the steps two at a time, he found the door to one of the rooms slightly open and he peeked inside. A flowery fragrance wafted into his nose and he wondered what heck his boss was up to. Once again he heard the clanking noise and it was definitely coming from a room adjoined to the bedroom he was looking into.

Pushing the door open a bit wider, Tony stepped into the bedroom at the same time he called, "Boss, you in here?" Another door to his right was open half way.

"DiNozzo?" Gibbs responded from the ensuite bathroom.

Three steps and Tony was looking at his boss sitting on the edge of the tub with lit candles flickering all around him. Water was streaming into the tub that was already covered in heavy white soap bubbles. "What the hell?" Tony asked with surprised confusion.

Immediately, Gibbs was on his feet and pushing his agent backwards. "You better have a damn good reason for being here," he demanded in a low growl.

Tony realized he had interrupted something and felt nervous, even a little bit scared. "Hey, no big deal," he responded, holding up his hands as he stepped back towards the bedroom door. "I had no idea... I mean, who would. Not that it's a problem. You're a mean tough agent, boss, and if you wanna take a bubble bath, then more power to ya." The glare from Gibbs had Tony almost withering in his shoes and he continued to stammer, "I'm... going to go now. I was never here, and... I didn't see anything."

Tony had just turned towards the door when Gibbs commanded, "Stop!" His foot froze in mid-stride. "This isn't what you're thinking," he continued and hastened back to the bathroom to shut off the water. When he returned, Tony was looking nervously at his escape route. "I'm expecting company, DiNozzo," Gibbs told him.

If Tony could have, he would have head slapped himself several times. "I knew that, boss," he said, embarrassed. "Of course I didn't think the bubble bath was for you," he tried to joke. "Didn't know you were seeing someone... not that you usually tell me." He glanced towards the doorway. "I'm going."

But once again his stride froze in mid-step as Abby came through the door, smiling and saying, "Where's my loverboy?" Her blouse was pulled loose, unbuttoned, with her hair falling in long thick waves upon her shoulders.

In an instant, Tony's eyes widened, Abby squealed and pulled her blouse together, and Gibbs mumbled, "Ah, crap."

Quickly, Abby moved to stand behind Gibbs, peeking over his shoulder at their visitor. "What's he doing here?" she whispered.

"What the hell?" was all Tony could come up with once again.

Gibbs reached behind his back to grab Abby's hand and hold it tightly. "We've been seeing one another," he confirmed.

Tony's voice and eyebrows rose in surprise. "How long?"

"A few weeks."

"Is it serious or are you just..." Tony started.

Gibbs cut him off. "Damn right it's serious. Abby has been the only one for me for a long time. I just never thought she would be interested."

Tony didn't speak as Abby moved around to stand in front of Gibbs. Her green eyes searching his blue ones. "You mean that?" she asked softly. "You're in this for the long haul?"

Lifting a hand, Gibbs cupped her cheek and dropped his voice. "As long as you'll have me, Abbs. Does that scare you?"

Her arms lifted and wrapped around his neck as she shook her head. "No, Jethro. I'm yours, too, as long as you'll have me," she whispered.

Leaning forward, Gibbs nuzzled his nose along the side of hers. "I wanna make this work between us," he responded in a soft husky voice.

"Me, too. You're all I've ever wanted, Gibbs," she mumbled against his lips.

Tony could see where things were leading and cleared his throat. "Alright... well, that answers all of my questions."

Abby turned and smiled at their friend. "Don't say anything to the others, okay, Tony? We'll tell them ourselves."

With an imaginary key, Tony locked his lips, smiled, and left the room.

Abby turned to face Gibbs once again. "You okay with telling the others about us?"

His arms wrapped around her middle. "Kinda wanted it to be just you and me a little while longer."

"I know, me, too."

"That's okay, though. We won't have to sneak around anymore then."

Abby gave a teasing grin. "I rather liked sneaking around."

"We don't have to tell the others right away," Gibbs offered. "I'd like to see how long DiNozzo can keep his mouth shut."

"It would drive Tony insane," she grinned. "But it would be fun."

"We'll give him a week."

Abby giggled and pressed her lips to his. "A week... maybe two."

The End.

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