The Mark of Athena


I stood against the railing, staring off into the distance, and thinking. Jason was in his cabin, Leo was doing a quick inspection, and Piper and Thalia- who wanted to come see Percy- were talking about…something. Leo suddenly popped out of nowhere, and was looking around deck.

"So….about Percy. What's he like? What'd he do to be, like, the big bad boss?" Of course. He'd been asking about Percy the whole ride.

"He's brave, funny, and good-looking. Well, to sum up everything he's done, he's returned Zeus's master bolt, then sailed into the Sea of Monsters, then rescued me, then went into the Labyrinth to save camp, then took down Kronos in the Titan War and saved the world."

"Oh! Sounds pretty important."

"He is. I hope he's here, or else I'm going to hunt down Hera and-"

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Calm down! He's gonna be here. Jason said so!" I sighed and looked back out over the boat. The wind blew my hair back and a tear was sent down my cheek. What if he doesn't remember me? What if he has a new girlfriend? I shook the thoughts out of my mind, I can't think like that! Leo shouted something like, "Landing in 5! Get your demigod butts up on deck!" I laughed a small laugh and joined Piper and Thalia.

"You okay, Annabeth?" Piper asked.

"She's fine. She's a tough girl, I mean, she did hold up the sky." I rolled my eyes as Thalia continued. "Percy went crazy with worry if you ask me. That was around the time they started to like each other. The lovey dovey-ness of it all made me sick." The ship landed and I was the first off followed by Thalia, Jason, Piper, and then Leo. A girl with brown hair and in a purple bed sheet stepped forward.

"Welcome, Greeks, to Camp Jupiter. I am Reyna, praetor of the twelfth legion." She said all this with disgust; like this was the last place she wanted to be. Then another girl- who looked almost exactly like Reyna- stepped forward.

"I am Queen Hylla, Reyna's older sister, and queen of the Amazons."

"Amazons? I didn't know you were still around!" I said. Hylla and Reyna looked so much alike, it was bugging me. "I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. Umm, I'm actually looking for my boyfriend, so if you've seen him could you-" I spotted him. His messy black hair, his sea green eyes, and his cocky smile, everything I loved about him. He had one of his arms around a girl with darkish skin, and honey-brown eyes. My heart fell when I saw her with him, but as soon as he looked this way it lightened.

Percy ran toward us, leaving the girl and a Chinese baby-faced boy I hadn't noticed, behind. As soon as he got to me I engulfed him in a tight hug, buried my head against his chest, and tears streaming down my face, soaking his own bed sheet. He wrapped his arms around me and it felt like a big piece of me had found its way back to the puzzle. He whispered in my ear, "I missed you so much Wise Girl."

"Don't you ever disappear again Seaweed Brain!" I backed out of his grip and wiped away my tears. He looked at me and smiled.

"I'm not going anywhere without my Wise Girl. How else am I supposed to return home alive?" I laughed lightly and kissed his cheek. My hand found his and squeezed it tight, as so that I won't lose him again.