Denmark knew something was wrong.

Although he was known for his infamous obliviousness at times, deep down in his gut he could feel something was terribly wrong with his Norway.

Call him silly but he strongly believed that all those years of being a dual kingdom with Norway, and being in such close relations with the other Nordics blessed, or likewise cursed, them with an intimate connection found in some of the other nation groups. Take the countries that make up the United Kingdom and also Ireland for example. He also believed that it was inevitable for some nations to have such connections with each other due to their densely entwined histories and also their own feelings (like Sweden and Finland or Spain and South Italy. Like himself and his Nor). They were, in more ways than one, human after all. As humans Denmark knew all too well how unhealthily co-dependent the nations were in personal nature because really, when they thought about it, they only truly had each other but in a blink of an eye that could all change. None of the nations had a set reason for being so attached with other nations however and everyone had their own opinions. The nations also took to attachment in different ways too.

So with this belief he felt that the sick feeling in his stomach and the pain that welled in his heart was fully justifiable and had something to do with Norway. And it was with this belief that he made the journey to Norway's house with his axe in tow to help in anyway he could. He didn't even wait to watch the news or even wait for his boss to call first.

He found himself strangely settled as he came up to Norway's quaint country home. Denmark is, by nature, a brash and boisterous individual but being in Norway's home, in his mere presence, was enough mellow him out somewhat. But only by a little mind you. Denmark was often described a formidable force of zealous energy 24/7 after all. A small smile crept upon his face at the age-old thought that the home really suited the owner. It exuded simplicity, elegance but also hidden power. Admiring the house could wait for later though. Denmark found that he was becoming increasingly edgy about Norway's state of being. So without much grace and with a lack of elegance that was a stark contrast to the home, Denmark swiftly dug out his keys from his trousers pocket and unlocked the large, heavy antique door with the keys given to him by Norway himself to use in emergencies. Though he often abused the privilege (Norway was forever complaining about how giving Denmark the keys to his home was, in his words, "The single most stupid and dangerous thing he had ever done in his existence"), he was in actuality forever thankful for it. He went inside and waited in the hallway.

"Norge! Oi Nor, ya there?"

Instead of being met with a sarcastic comment that would ensure the well being of his Norway, he was instead met with a distraught Finland, an anxious Iceland and an antsy Sweden. He dropped his axe when the tiny Fin grabbed him by the lapels of his coat.

"Tanska*, please, please talk to him! He won't come out of his room, not even Ice can get him out!"

The tiny Finnish man was on him, tearful and pleading. Usually the Fin was a very cheerful young man. Always the optimist, he was often likened to a ray of sunshine amongst the Nordics and it was very easy to get along with him, but he looked near hysterical to Denmark. It was both worrying and painful to see. A soft thump-thumping of boots broke him out of his reverie.

"C'mon Fin. Let go of Danmark." The Swede's heavily accented timbre resonated through the quiet hallway as he gently shifted Finland off Denmark, who then sniffed quietly into the all too familiar chest.

Just what on Earth happened to Norge? Denmark looked over to Sweden for answers. He found none. It was clear that whatever happened to Norway impacted on everyone, including the Swede. Despite his intimidating exterior, Denmark could see that he was tired, upset...angry. Finland's distress wasn't helping him either. Denmark knew that the Swede cared for the Fin as much as he cared for Norway and were linked just as closely. In this situation he could sympathize with him. Iceland seemed to be faring no better. His cool and apathetic facade was crumbling. Even Mr Puffin seemed stressed atop his head. It almost broke his heart seeing his friends, his brothers so upset. But it only served to fuel his drive to help Norway.

"Wait, what the hell happened? It'll be easier for me to deal with whatever it is if I know what's happened." He tried to keep his voice steady but almost cringed at the anxious under tone. He expected Sweden to answer him but was surprised when Iceland spoke up.

"...We don't know yet. We only know that Nor's capital and people were attacked."

Iceland's words were spat out with such disgust and loathing it was like he was spitting out venom and his voice was steadily rising, growing more and more upset.

"Norway is hurt...we know that but he won't come out. He's been in his room all day. He's been screaming and crying but we can't get to him. We've been trying to get him out of his room, even Sve tried to ram the door down but it's pretty much useless. ...Brother is hurt and we can't do a thing!"

It was so rare, so very rare to see Iceland that upset despite his somewhat short-temper. It was even rarer for Iceland to call Norway his brother. He himself knew it. Tears welled in his eyes and his cheeks flushed with passionate indignation and he promptly left the hallway to sit in the living room with Mr Puffin in tow.

"What are you going to do Tanska?"

He looked over to the petite owner of the voice, he didn't need to be told twice. With a small, reassuring smile for Finland, a nod for Sweden and a quick, concerned glance for Iceland, Denmark rushed up the stairs to the top floor which contained Norway's bedroom and hopefully the man himself.

Hey guys!

I was sitting down one day and I started thinking about the 2011 Norway attacks and it struck me just how much damage and hurt just one person can cause. What the perpetrator did was absolutely disgusting and I'm sure many people will agree with me on that.

I know it's long after the actual event but over 100 people's lives and even a whole country have been affected forever and have been left behind to mourn. The whole world was also shocked by what had happened.

Hope you like the first chapter and any reviews, comments etc will be greatly appreciated!


Tanska = Denmark in Finnish