So, yeah, this isn't a part of my Lunar-Verse Series, it's just something that I thought of. ^^


I stood there, looking about thirty feet up. At a certain angle, it would look as if I was star-gazing, but if that was true, then why would I be screaming, shouting, and jumping up and down?

From that reaction alone, you can tell that I am a Transfan. Bumblebee, Prowl, Jazz, and the twins, to be exact, are my favorites. Even when I didn't see them on screen, and in their place another character, I would still squeal the bot's name. I'm not completely nuts for Optimus Prime (even though I constantly look for him on the highway), but here I am, going crazy in front of the majestic, Autobot leader himself. How did this happen?'s kind of a long story, so I'll just paraphrase it:

Me. Crazy idea. Research. NASA. Sector 7. Sneaking in. Getting caught. Saved by my favorite yellow and black Camaro, and BAM! Here I am. Funny, right?, not really.

More like totally fragging EPIC!

After a debriefing with Lennox, I was accepted there on base. Just this morning, I was walking around the hallways after sneaking out of a security meeting. No offense to any of the Red Alert fans out there, but MAN!

That bot is so PARANOID!

Anyways, I was casually strolling by a room with my iPod on when something inside caught my attention. I went in through the human-sized door, using the all-access pass that I was given, and I found myself standing in front of the bodies of those fallen. Jazz, Jolt, Que, Arcee, Chromia, Elita-One, Skids, Mudflap, Ironhide, Brains, and Wheelie were all in this one room.


So, now, I am currently yelling at THE Optimus Prime. Why? Because a few minutes after finding that room, I also found another slaggin' piece of the Allspark!

Man, what would this place do without me?

Although right now, I'm not exactly winning the verbal match...

"But Optimus! Come on! Don't you miss them? All of your friends? Heck, even Elita's down there! And you don't want them back?" I argued.

He sighed. Wow, I must really be a pain in the aft when I want to be... "It is not wise to revive those who have sacrificed their sparks for the sake of others. The shard may not be powerful enough, and even if that is so, the radiation of power from their sparks would then carry the Allspark's signature, making them a target of any Decepticons that may be left." he told me gravely.

"Uh...hello! You're the one with the Matrix of Leadership in you spark!" I pointed out to him. He seemed to contemplate this as I continued, "If you would just be a leader (ooooh, I'm gonna pay for that one later. ^^') and give the shard a boost, then all would be good! And as for the different energy signature, Ratchet could make a cloaking device! And I'm sure that he would need Que's help in order to do that..." I hinted in a sing-song voice.

Another sigh came from my current adversary.

"Fine, but if this goes wrong, then it's you fault," he face palmed and looked at me through his digits.

I smirked at the un-Prime like thing that he said, before walking away with my head held high. Now, to go find Bumblebee...;)

Wadja think, hm? Tell meeeeeh~! :D