A/N: I know that this is probably so stupid but it takes place in the summer between year 1 and 2. Dudley wants a pet. Short one-shot. More like a drabble really.

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Dudley was walking around the house. Harry was out getting something like groceries or something. Dudley was now walking upstairs and passed Harry's room. For some odd reason he went inside.

Hedwig was sitting in his cage happily asleep until Dudley came in. Dudley was walking around the room as Hedwig continued to stare at him. Finally Dudley's eyes travelled to the animal in the cage. Hedwig wished for everything that he would get out. He was always so annoying.

Dudley walked over to the cage. Harry's door was open and he called to his mother.

"Mum! I want an owl!" Petunia was sitting in the living room knitting.

"Now why would you want an owl?" She shouted. Dudley didn't answer. She didn't care anyway. Dudley reached in his cage to pet the creature. Hedwig opened his beak and bit his finger.

"Ow!" Dudley exclaimed. Harry had an idea though in case Dudley came in his room if he was gone. Hedwig used his foot and picked up the little message and dropped outside of his cage. Dudley was curios of what was written on it. He quickly leaned down and picked it up.

Dear Dudley,

See you soon!

-The Devil

Dudley dropped the message and ran out of the room screaming "MUMMY!" Hedwig laughed inwardly and would have to give Harry less of a hard time from something as great as that.

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