Hello, everyone. The Weaver of Chaos is here once again with a new fan fiction. This time courtesy of Rosario+Vampire. This is going to be a Harem Fic starring Tsukune and his girls. Characters from my own books (still working on the publishing part) will be in supporting roles, namely Alexander and Mina, who readers of my other story will recognize. As this is a Harem Fic, there will be Lemons.


That said, I intend to give all of the TsukuneX_ pairings equal time. I will even do separate installations for Inner and Outer Moka. (may even throw in Yukari's oft wished-for three-way) One thing I do not (or at least have not) do is Yaoi, so all you TsuXGin people out there will be disappointed.

*AHEM* Legal disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any character from the Anime/Manga known as Rosario+Vampire. They are the sole property of their creator, and no attempt will be made to obtain any profit from the use of said characters. That said, I do own the rights to Alexander, Mina, and any other character from the Blood Crusade series of novels. Any for-profit use of their likenesses without consent will be met with harsh legal action.

Without further ado, I present to you, Into the Rabbit Hole, a Rosario+Vampire Harem Fic.

Tsukune sat on the cliff overlooking the blood-red sea beside Yokai Academy. His training to control his Ghoulish powers seemed to be at somewhat of a standstill. Even after the events in the human world with San, he could only make so much progress. It seemed Inner-Moka was getting ready to give up on him again. He was even ready to give up on himself.

"Even with all this raw power in my veins, am I still just a pathetic human, doomed to die?" He sighed, absently fumbling with the chain of his holy lock. He looked over his shoulder, expecting one of the girls to pop up out of nowhere. He would always hope for Moka, with her soft face and silky pink hair that seemed to float in an extra-dimensional breeze. Not that he didn't like Kurumu, with her electric blue hair, her sexily innocent demeanor and her killer Succubus body. She just seemed to come on a little too strong for him to really know how to react. Then there was Yukari, the young witch. Her shoulder length black hair looked cute on her, but her age was something that he was still a little uncomfortable with. Not to mention her adamant declarations of a wish for a ménage a trois with him and Moka. And Mizore, though still coming to terms with having so many friends she can confide in, had opened up greatly, and her personality had really begun to shine in Tsukune's eyes. Her violet hair and above average beauty helped the Ice-maiden at times, as well. He knew how to react to Ruby. The older witch seemed to have a sort of masochistic streak that he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to satisfy. The raven-haired beauty swore she would always do anything in her power to serve any need he had. Tsukune gulped every time he heard that word, 'any'. the only time Tsukune worried for his safety when thinking about the girls, however, was when he thought of Kokoa, Moka's younger, fiery-headed (in more ways than one) sister. He was sure that the little typhoon of anger would try to kill him in his sleep one of these days.

He sighed again. "How did I get myself into this mess? I'm never going to be able to choose one of them. I don't want to hurt the other girls anyway." He punched himself in the side of the head. Not hard, just to wake himself up. "What am I thinking about that for? I'm supposed to be thinking about how I can get past this wall blocking my progress. I need to master this blood, and fast. There aren't many fully intact links left, and I can't keep hiding behind the girls. It's not fair to them." He tried to pump himself up, but all he could see in his head was Inner-Moka round-housing him through trees and walls all around campus. "God, I'm hopeless."

"Ah, so you must be the infamous Tsukune Aono." A stern, yet calm voice called out. The voice held a thick western accent, though his Japanese was nearly perfect.

Tsukune tried not to tense up. He had been caught totally unaware by a complete stranger. "If you came to fight me, just go away. I'm not in the mood for any bloodshed. Go find the Karate club if you want that sort of thing."

He could finally feel the presence of this unwelcome visitor. It was no more than five feet behind him. The voice spoke again, "You would find that if I came here to fight, we would fight regardless of your mood."

Tsukune whipped his head around, trying to see this intruder. He saw nothing but the forest behind him. "Where are you? Who are you? If you're from Fairy Tale, just leave now, before my friends get here." There he went, relying on his friends to save him again. 'Stupid Tsukune. Use your own strength for once.'

"Why, I am sitting right next to you."

Tsukune turned back around slowly, his neck feeling like a rusty hinge. The man sitting next to him had to be at least six feet, three inches, and was wearing a black silk shirt with a red cross emblazoned over his heart. The shirt was tucked into a pair of black slacks, and he was wearing a pair of well-polished leather shoes. The man's face was a striking western shape, from the strong, square jaw to his sharply angled nose. His scarlet hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, but a few errant locks had fallen to frame his face. He had a scar running from the right side of his hairline across the bridge of his nose and his left eye, which was the color of rainy mornings in the spring. The scar then hooked under the man's slightly pointed left ear. What caught Tsukune's attention the most about his face was the other eye. Unlike the left, his right eye was like staring into a summer afternoon thunderhead, and Tsukune could swear he could see lightning dancing. He could feel no killing intent from this man, in fact he felt almost nothing that he recognized.

"As for who I am, I am Alexander. Alexander Rosenthal Adelheid III. The new counselor slash advisor to students here at Yokai Academy. And I could tell from a mile away that you, Tsukune Aono, are very troubled over something." He smiled slightly then, and Tsukune could see the barest glimpse of a sharpened canine tooth.

"Are you a Vampire?"

"Now now, Tsukune, you know better than to ask anyone on campus of their true nature. But yes, my mostly human friend, that is what I am." Alexander laughed then, and it was soothing, it almost made him forget his troubles for a moment.

"C'mon you guys, I swear I heard voices over here."


All six of Tsukune's female friends spilled out of the forest. They must have been looking for quite a while, because even Mizore, whose face was normally indifferent was showing her worry. Despite the rush they seemed to be in, they froze once the unfamiliar energy signature registered in front of them.

Tsukune tried to smile and wave to the group. "Hi everyone, I was just taking a break when-"

"Hey, get away from my Tsukune, you big creep!" Kurumu, as always was the first to jump, not only to the wrong conclusion, but to a fight, as well. Her wings, tail and nails had all manifested and the raging succubus charged the seated Vampire.

She neared the older man and was ready to claw his eyes out when he suddenly disappeared and she went hurtling over the edge of the cliff. She would have, anyway, if her target hadn't grabbed her tail to stop her from taking a free-fall.

"Let go of me, you big baldy!" She screamed as he pulled her back to solid ground.

"I will once you calm down." he sighed. "If I did not know that you were misunderstanding the situation, I would have disciplined you, not only for revealing your Nature on campus, but also for an unprovoked attack on a member of faculty, Miss Kurumu."

The busty girl quickly reverted upon hearing the word faculty, and proceeded to crush Tsukune's face into her ample bosom. "I was so worried, my Love, we didn't know if Fairy Tale had attacked or anything!"

Tsukune's arms were flailing about as he tried to remove himself from her wonderful attack.

"Oh, Tsukune, if you move like that, I won't be able to control myself for long." She cooed seductively.

Mizore quickly advanced on them, brandishing a literal handful of sharp ice-blades. Back off, Balloon girl. Tsukune's mine. He and I have to make lots of little snowflakes."

Ruby and Moka grabbed hold of Tsukune's arms and pulled him away from the Succubus, only to begin a tug-o-war with him as the rope.

"Tsukune!" Moka whimpered. "I'm soooo thirsty!"

"My Tsukune is not some kind of blood bank." Ruby screamed. "I would never do anything to you, Darling. But you could hurt me if you wanted to."

Yukari cheered Moka on, while Kokoa tried to look as irritated at the whole scene as possible.

Tsukune's shoulders were about to be pulled out of their sockets when he shouted out, "EVERYONE STOP!" two more links on the lock cracked and his aura spiked dangerously, stopping everyone's movements immediately. Well, except for Moka and Ruby, who had been thrown backward by the sheer force of the blast. All the girls stared at their vampire blood-powered love, hoping that he was still in control of himself. "Just… stop. Please. I love you all, for different reasons. So please, stop making me try to choose." He fell to his knees as the silver bled back out of his hair. None of the girls moved. Not one of them had thought about how much damage their little skirmishes might be doing to Tsukune.

Kurumu, Mizore, Moka and Ruby all started at the same time, "Tsukune, I-"

"Don't say anything. Any of you." he said, slightly out of breath from suppressing the Ghoul. 'I can't believe I lost control for a second like that. Two more links, pulverized.' he looked up, a sad smile on his face. "Please give me some time alone with Mr. Adelheid."

Moka heard a voice in her head. "Did he say Adelheid?" 'Yes, I think he did. Why?' Moka thought to her inner-self. "I remember quite some time ago hearing about a western Vampire that went by that name. He's incredibly strong, and he hunts rogue vampires, ones that have gone feral. He could be here in order to examine our Tsukune." 'Did you just say 'our' Tsukune?' "Why would I want to lay claim to that weak human? Now shut up."

Yukari pulled out a book and opened it to a dog-eared page. "Adelheid? As in Alexander Rosenthal Adelheid? Vampire who until recently was only known in the Human World as 'The Crusader'?"

"Yes, my dear witch. That is indeed who I am. You must be Yukari Sendo. So smart for the age of twelve. Your family must be proud."

"Uh-huh!" Yukari beamed, always happy to show off her knowledge.

Kokoa finally stepped forward. "But what is a Vampire of your status doing here at Yokai academy?"

"Kokoa Shuzen, is it? The official reason is for me to be the new counselor. Since the last one, your former art instructor, I believe, was fired early last year." Mr. Adelheid laughed to himself.

"A-and the unofficial reason?" Mizore asked, her lollipop hanging loosely from the corner of her mouth.

"That is between myself and the Headmaster. For now." he said, a stern look crossed his face, and he shared it with all the girls, lingering on Ruby. The others noticed this and formulated ways to get her to spill whatever she knew. "But, at this moment, I believe that Tsukune has asked you all to give him some time alone. So, off you go. I will have him back to the dorms before dark."

All the girls went to the edge of the trees. All of them except for Moka, anyway. Inner-Moka compelled her to walk toward this man. Something was strange about him. His aura was almost unperceivable, but he was so fast. "Whatever you do, don't hurt Tsukune. He means too much to me to lose."

"I only wish to speak to this fine young man, young miss Moka." He bowed low, and Inner-Moka was unsure if he was mocking her or not, but she was sure that she had seen a golden crucifix spill out of his shirt. He quickly hid the chain as he straightened up. "Mention that to nobody, childe."

"As long as you keep Tsukune safe, I will keep your secret safe." Moka whispered, a spark of determination in her eyes.

"You have my word, girl. Now go, Tsukune and I need to speak."

She nodded and joined the rest of the girls. She did not like leaving Tsukune in the hands of someone she didn't know. "Don't worry. If I know anything about western vampire culture, there's a really good reason he's hiding that cross. He won't do anything as long as we know his dirty little secret." Inner-Moka reasoned. It made Moka feel better, but she was still worried. Once she had rejoined the others, they began to walk back to the dorms.

Once they were some distance away, Kurumu decided to break the silence. "What's the big deal about this Crusader, guy? I didn't sense a single bit of aura from him. Hell, I'm getting a bigger reading from you, Moka."

"You airhead." Yukari snorted. "He's an elite warrior for the Western Vampire Council. I heard that a few years ago, he not only destroyed an entire army of vampire hunters, but single-handedly killed a member of the Western Vampires' Elder council who had gone rogue."

"There's no way that could have been easy." Mizore laughed nervously, trying not to think about what someone like that would want with her Tsukune.

"Here's the real question, though;" Kokoa interrupted their trains of thought. "What is the Headmaster doing bringing someone like that in to our school? And as an advisor, no less."

Everyone's gaze shifted to Ruby, who just so happened to be the Headmaster's assistant. "Wait a minute! All I do is the paperwork, you think he's going to tell me anything that would jeopardize my ability to think objectively with regards to Tsukune?"

They agreed that that would have been kind of stupid. They were almost back to the dorms when they noticed a rather thin girl that didn't seem much older than Ruby. She was just over five feet tall, and wore a tight black button-down shirt and a black, knee-length skirt. Her red fishnet hose led to a pair of nice leather shoes. Her hair was tied up into tails that matched Kokoa's, only hers were black and red instead of fire-orange. Yukari felt a pang of jealousy when she noticed that despite how petite this new girl was, she still had a solid C-cup.

Moka put her best smile on and walked toward the girl. "Hello there. My name's Moka. Are you new here? Do you need help finding something?"

The girl stuck out her right hand and smiled broadly, revealing a pair of narrow, sharp fangs. "Pleased to meet you, Moka. My name's Mina. Yes, I am new here. Just got here today, actually. I'm a little lost, I think. I know I'm at the dorms, but I can't remember where I was supposed to go after that. I'm the apprentice of Master Cha- I mean Mr. Adelheid. Have you seen him? He's the new guidance counselor." her voice was pleasant, if only a little hyper-active.

"Wait, you came here with that Baldy?" Kurumu spat, only to get backhanded by both Ruby and Mizore.

"What did you say about my Master?" Mina growled, eyes sparking wildly.

Moka's smile strained as she put a hand on the girl's shoulder. "She didn't mean anything by it, I swear. We're all just a little upset right now because we didn't realize we'd been hurting someone we all love."

"Oh, you're the ones that the Headmaster told us about?" Mina paused, a thoughtful expression on her face. "This Tsukune must be pretty awesome if he's got the six of you wrapped around his little finger."

Moka ignored the last bit and tried to keep her smile up. "We all think he is, anyway. Why did you two come here, does it have something to do with Tsukune?"


"I think I see at least one of your problems, Tsukune. Or should I say six of them?"

"I don't want to hurt them, but I'm not sure how long I can keep from making a decision. Mizore and Kurumu are counting on me to keep their races alive, and the other girls are just so fun to be around. I don't know what to do anymore, Mr. Adelheid." Tsukune sighed, shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Please, I am not a teacher, I am a counselor. Alexander is fine."

"I'm sorry." He said, automatically. "On top of that, I'm running out of time to master my Ghoul powers. Over half of the chain has cracked, now, and I've hit a dead-end in my training. I'm supposed to use my emotions to draw out my strength, but I'm so conflicted. I hate this!" Tsukune cried out, slamming his fists down on the rock he was sitting on. The rock was suddenly little more than dust, and Tsukune fell flat on his back. "Ouch."

"Well, Tsukune, I believe I might have an answer to every one of your problems." Alexander looked down at the boy. "Perhaps not every problem."

"What do you mean?" Tsukune asked as he wiped himself off.

"I mean, the Headmaster has brought me here to train you." the older Vampire laughed.

(Author's note: I began working on my books in January of 2007, and though I knew that R+V existed, I did not begin to read it until October 2011. I was amazed when I found an explanation for a vampire wearing a cross similar to mine. It was then that I decided to begin writing this fiction. I will explain the differences between what I will call 'Eastern' and 'Western' Cross-binding in later chapters.)

A Noted Vampire-hunting Vampire is going to help Tsukune past the walls in his training? Will he be able to help him traverse the walls in his relationships as well? And what if he fails? Will Tsukune simply be another body? Hoping to start the Lemons in the next Chapter. Please R&R, and I am open to suggestions as to which pairing will go first; Outer-Moka, Inner-Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Kokoa, Ruby or Yukari. Best reason wins.

Until next time, Kitties.